Why Specifics Are Important



The reason why specifics are important is when someone is asking you a question it’s best to be specific and give them the right answer instead of doing a runabout. When it comes to things like when someone is asking you a very important question  and needs to know where a certain item is located being specific is the important key and this could be something that’s urgent and you can’t be playing guessing games. Having specifics is the important key.

Also,there may be a time where you are in a situation where someone may be missing or in danger  and this can be a serious reason why specifics are important. There can be times where you witnessed a crime such as a back robbery or someone being assaulted and if the police are talking with you they will need specific information of what you saw,the person who committed the crime and what they were wearing plus skin color and height. The right specifics will bring this person to justice before they can harm other people and you being specific can make a big difference.

When it cones to being specific, you can’t just do a runaround when someone asks you something that’s important and needs to know the exact details.Let’s say that you work for a company and somehow the computers system gets hacked and all the information including employees information has been stolen and when you notice it it’s important to let your boss know and give them specifics so he or she will know how to resolve the situation. When you are wanting to learn many things in life you gotta make sure that you are specific in what you want to learn and make sure that others are being specific with you as well. If you are someone that’s a cook and they want to know how to prepare a certain dish, you gotta be specific and tell them step by step on how it’s done because if you are not specific that dish can turn out wrong or be overcooked or not cooked long enough, you need to be exact at all times.

There are many reasons why specifics are very important and how it can be helpful in many type of situations. Let’s say that you owe someone money and you are going to transfer some money that you owe them from your account to theirs and you will need to make sure that you have the specific details on where to send the money and make sure you have the right account number that you are sending it to plus it’s also best to check with that person to see that they got the payment that you owed them. Even though that some things that you are asked may not be very important, being specific is still the number one key. This can be handy if you are having a party and if you are ordering food from a company you gotta be specific when you know how many people are gonna show up and how much food and drinks that you need to order. When it comes to specifics it’s a key that plays a very important role.

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