The Importance Of Avoiding Conflict

There are times when you get into a situation that you don’t wanna be involved in because of it being a hostile situation so if you keep in mind and remember the importance of avoiding conflict, you can get yourself out of those situations you don’t wanna be a part of. Conflict can happen in many different ways at any place and any time plus even in stressful situations when tempers get short conflict can also happen as well. Sometimes a conflict between two or more people can become physically violent causing serious injury or cost someone their life.

The importance of avoiding conflict is very important if you want to be able to walk away from any situation that may be getting violent and you don’t wanna be a part of it. Conflicts happen in many places from fast food places to food stores because someone could cut in front of someone because they don’t wanna wait their turn and when that other person speaks up and says to that person they need to wait their turn that person may get upset and a hostile argument can break out between the two or group of people causing them to be picked up by the police because there are many places of business that don’t tolerate this kind of behavior and these people can end up being banned from that place because of their violent ways.   Walking away is the best thing to do in order to avoid conflict of any kind.

Conflict can also happen in the workplace and you may have a co-worker that causes problems and you just don’t get along with. There are three things that you can do you can choose to make the wrong choice and get into a heated fight with this person causing you both to lose your job or talk out the problem also if you try talking it out and that co-worker is still being hostile towards you it’s best to speak with your supervisor and tell him or her the problem that you are having with that other person that you are working with. They will observe the situation and will have a talk with that person giving them a warning and if the problem continues that person will be let go of their job.

Sometimes conflict can happen in the family between a married couple or other family members and sadly a conflict can get so bad in a family that some family members stop talking to each other. There have been a few times in our family that there were some heated arguments but we did not hold grudges, we forgave and moved on because forgiving each other is what family does.  Conflicts can also happen between friends which can sadly end the friendship but if they forgive and forget they can remain friends and move past that ugly situation.  We all face conflict from time to time and it’s up to us to know the importance of walking away from any type of conflict.


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