Sharing Your Life Experiences



When you are sharing your life experiences with the world, you are telling them all of the things that have either happened or what you have done in your life. You may have had some experiences that may have mostly been great but you also may talk about hard times that you have gone through and then explain on how you got through those hard times and were able to move forward and this way those that are going through the same things can learn from you as well. When you share the experiences of your life with others, you can really connect with so many people.

Sharing your experiences with people and telling them the wonderful things that you have experienced will also likely want to experience the same greatness as you did. Let’s say that you went zip lining for the very first time and you had a great time and it was very thrilling. So, when you are giving a motivational speech to a large room of people and telling them about that experience, they are gonna be so blown away that a lot of them are gonna go zip lining  and whatever experiences that you have shared with them. The more you share experiences the better.

I have also had many great experiences in my life and some were not so good but those I have managed to get through the bad experiences. Over the course of the last several plus years I have experienced many types of food such as Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese, Indian, Real Mexican, French, Japanese, and a few others but there are still some foods that I need to experience. I have also had many other great experiences such as Disney Land, Disney World and a few years back when to Disney California Adventure for the first time and had the experience of a lifetime.

Each and everyone of us has experiences that we wanna share with the world and so many people  that you meet will also want to share their experiences with you And some of their experiences may also be the same ones that you have had. Some experiences that we can all have is by going to a dinner party for the first time and this is where everyone is dressed up and their are several courses during the meal which can be a total of 2 to 3 hours but it’s about the experience.  Other experiences that others have had can be traveling to another state or country for the first time and getting to experience the culture , food  and so many other great things about the country that they are visiting.

Those have also got the experiences of meeting their favorite TV, movie stars, bands and solo artists because they the either have won back stage passes or have the money to afford them. Some have even got to meet their favorite stars more then once  and sometimes a famous person may even remember meeting that fan before. Sharing your life experiences can be one of the most great things that you can bring to so many people in this amazing world.



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