Pink Floyd’s 25Th Anniversary Of The Division Bell


This year is Pink Floyd’s 25th anniversary of The Division Bell and for a quarter of a century, this is one of the Pink Floyd albums that have stood the test of time.  I was listening to the radio one evening back in mid-March of 1994 when the Divison Bell was being premiered on a local radio station and a show that was being broadcast from Florida where Pink Floyd kicked of their world tour. There were interviews with the members of Pink Floyd and songs were also being played from The Division Bell album including Keep Talking, Take It back and High Hopes.

The Division Bell was released April,5th 1994 and that day I was working in the morning but had plans to buy this CD after I got off work. The second I got off work I went to the local music store and purchased The Divison Bell on the day it was released and could not wait to give it a full listen.  When I got home I quickly hopped in the shower put some shorts and a shirt on, made myself a nice hot cup of coffee, and took off the plastic wrap off the CD cover. I was like Ok Time to give this album a full listen. With this being Pink Floyd’s 25th anniversary of The Divison Bell time has sure gone by so quickly and it’s hard to believe that so many years have gone by since this album was released.

The day I brought this album I popped it in my CD player that was connected to my stereo unit and then pressed the play button. The album, of course, opens up with the Instrumental “Cluster One” and the way the piece starts out is you can hear what sound like. an old vinyl record being played and then the keyboards come in. a little bass and guitar come in and some light drumming and I was like wow what a great way to start off the album. Then it goes to the second track “What Do You Want From Me?” with a cool drum bass keyboard beat and then Gilmour’s guitar work and amazing vocals. the third track” Poles Apart” which is a 7 plus minute track is also another outstanding song from this album and I just love it how it starts off with the bass and acoustic guitar. Gilmour’s vocals come in about 20 seconds later and then after that, the drums come in.  I also love it how it has the amazing effects in the middle of the song before it goes into a full force rock jam and then it has a bit of old-style Floyd effects at the end of the song. The old effects sound like what you hear from the song “Sheep” taken from the 1977 album Animals.

Track four is another instrumental piece called “Marooned” which opens up what sounds like a Hawaiian Island intro and then Gilmour’s clean guitar work. There is also great keyboard work by the Late Richard Wright and a bit of bass and light cymbal work from Nick Mason.  Two and a half minutes into the piece the drums come in and it’s a mellow rocking jam before it ends and the to the 5th track “A Great Day For Freedom”This track explains about when the Berlin wall was finally knocked down and the words to this track are just beautiful. Track 6 “Wearing The Inside Out” is the song that includes the late Richard Wright on lead vocals and this is one of the Pink Floyd songs to feature him on lead vocals in more than 20 years. Then the next tracks are “Take It Back”, “Coming Back To Life”, “Keep Talking” with voice effects by the late Steven Hawking, “Lost For Words’ and closing with “High Hopes’.

The album cover is also mind-blowing and I also love the inside artwork as well and how each picture matched the song title and words. Here is to 25 years of The Division Bell, a true classic Pink Floyd album of all time.

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