Overcoming Difficulties



We all have hard times that we go though every now and then but if we all have a positive attitude, overcoming difficulties is possible. You may be someone who has worked at a well paid job for many years where a day comes where the boss will have to tell you that the company is being downsized and that have to let you go so now this leaves you in a position on how are you going to pay for rent,bills, and food or if you are married and have kids you gotta find a way to make sure that they have food,clothing, and shelter. You may have to work 2 jobs to make ends meet and pay for everything but always stay positive no matter how difficult things can get during that time. A day can come where you are either able to find a new full time job where you have a decent check or you may be very successful by working from home which will give you a lot of income and more time to spend with family and friends.

There may be a time where someone in your family may be fighting a very serious illness such as cancer,or any other illness that can be life threatening and that can be a difficult time that you and your family can be facing because you don’t know if that family member is going to make it or not also you may have a very close friend that has a life threatening illness as well. Being positive and being there for the ones that you care about is the way to overcome this type of difficulty and no matter how things turn out, you will all get through that hard time that you may face.

Overcoming difficulties is possible when you have faith and believe that things will get better. Some difficulties that we may face can also be personal and we all know some of us had personal challenges that we have all faced from time to time plus I have gone through some personal issues myself but have managed to get through them because I always knew that as long as I thought positive that things would turn out for the better and be able to move forward. Moving can also be a difficulty depending on how many trips you gotta take from your old place to your new place,how much stuff is being packed and moved and the distance you need to travel. And trust me moving is not easy and can be very stressful but when you get out of the area that you don’t wanna live in and move somewhere where there is more to do and it’s also a safer area, then it was well worth it going through that situation. I moved from Phoenix Arizona to San Diego California with my brother and brother in law October 2017 and yes it was a lot of work packing, and all that but it was worth every moment. When you have a positive attitude you can overcome any difficulty that comes your direction and the more of the great attitude that you have the better things will be.


The Importance Of Avoiding Distractions




When it comes to getting tasks done,the importance of avoiding distractions is a very important key to live by otherwise if you are constantly distracted, you will either be behind on your priorities or won’t get them done.  First what you wanna do in order to avoid any type of distractions is find a quiet area to work in where you will not be disturbed and will be able to get the things done that are important to take care of such as doing online work,paying your bills or any thing else that takes full focus. Also it’s best to not be distracted by leaving the TV off as well.

There are so many things to keep in mind when remembering the importance of avoiding distractions so you can stay on the ball during the whole task. A clean working area is also important when you are getting tasks completed because a messy work area can cause a huge distraction and cause you to loose your focus and we all know that in order to fully concentrate, we need to nit only have a quiet working area but also an area that’s neat and tidy and free from any type of clutter. If you are doing something that takes a lot of focus such as writing a post that’s written or a video, make sure that you have your cellphone on silent so that it will not keep distracting you when working. Plus what can help is if you have your windows closed so that you won’t be bothered by any type of outside noise as well.

If you listen to music while working it can distract you depending on what task that you are trying to complete. If you are doing surveys, or traffic exchanges listening to music won’t be a distraction because those tasks don’t take a lot of focus but it also may depend on the person. If you are writing a post and listening to music, that can cause you to loose your train of thought of what you wanted to write about so, that’s when you need full 100 percent focus. Depending on the time of the year if it’s winter or the summer months you wanna make sure that the area that you are working in is not too cold or too hot because if the area that you are working in is too hot or cold that’s going to be a major distraction so make sure that the area that you are working in is at a comfortable level to work in.

Distractions can be caused in so many ways that can make us loose focus on any type of tasks that’s important and it also includes if you are also working a full time job and your boss may have you on a job that’s very important and requires a lot of concentration to complete. If you want to be successful in what you do in life, avoiding distractions of any kind is very important and the more you avoid any distraction the fully focused that you will always be.

Being Aware Of Your Healtht



When you want to live a longer and happier life,being aware of your health can really come in handy.  Doing work outs daily and mostly sticking to a healthy eating lifestyle can make a huge difference because doing this will give you the energy that you need and although having sweets once in a while is OK you don’t wanna make a habit out of it and have them everyday or make a meal out of it. Also when eating it’s best to have smaller portions.

Being aware of your health can do wonders for you and doing this and taking your health on a serious level will prevent future health problems that could lead to a heart attack, stroke, or other health issues.  There are those that have not taken care of their health and now either have many health issues or sadly are gone way too soon and there are those that used to be overweight and a day came where they decide that they were sick and tired of being sick and tired and wanted to make changes. So now since they made changes they are now in better shape and slimmer plus workout every single day and mostly eat healthy and less. They are now feeling better then they did in many years.

Years ago I was overweight and weighed 260 pounds and was in really bad shape plus could not reach to tie my shoes and had to rock back and forth to get out of a chair and my eating habits were out of control. I would eat when I was also board or stressed out or if someone was eating something I had to have the same thing or whatever I could grab and then a day came where I realized if I don’t change I won’t be around much longer. I had ups and downs but am now under 200 pounds and my weight has now been between 165 and 170 pounds which is good but still gotta get my body toned up. My day starts out with a protean shake and half of a grapefruit with coffee and although i work a full time job,I still find time to squeeze in 30 minutes of working out a day. I also admit my eating habits are not perfect but they are better then they were in years. To me my health and taking care of my body is very important.

Many people who live out here in San Diego and many other parts of California live a healthy lifestyle and many will either go out for walks or hit the gym to workout and some work out at home. These people that stay active are young and also young at heart. I have seen many people from young kids to senior citizens riding bicycles around  San Diego and it shows that age is only a number when staying active and being aware of their own health. When you are 100 percent aware of your health and stay on top of it, you will have many more years of life ahead of you to enjoy.

Why Specifics Are Important



The reason why specifics are important is when someone is asking you a question it’s best to be specific and give them the right answer instead of doing a runabout. When it comes to things like when someone is asking you a very important question  and needs to know where a certain item is located being specific is the important key and this could be something that’s urgent and you can’t be playing guessing games. Having specifics is the important key.

Also,there may be a time where you are in a situation where someone may be missing or in danger  and this can be a serious reason why specifics are important. There can be times where you witnessed a crime such as a back robbery or someone being assaulted and if the police are talking with you they will need specific information of what you saw,the person who committed the crime and what they were wearing plus skin color and height. The right specifics will bring this person to justice before they can harm other people and you being specific can make a big difference.

When it cones to being specific, you can’t just do a runaround when someone asks you something that’s important and needs to know the exact details.Let’s say that you work for a company and somehow the computers system gets hacked and all the information including employees information has been stolen and when you notice it it’s important to let your boss know and give them specifics so he or she will know how to resolve the situation. When you are wanting to learn many things in life you gotta make sure that you are specific in what you want to learn and make sure that others are being specific with you as well. If you are someone that’s a cook and they want to know how to prepare a certain dish, you gotta be specific and tell them step by step on how it’s done because if you are not specific that dish can turn out wrong or be overcooked or not cooked long enough, you need to be exact at all times.

There are many reasons why specifics are very important and how it can be helpful in many type of situations. Let’s say that you owe someone money and you are going to transfer some money that you owe them from your account to theirs and you will need to make sure that you have the specific details on where to send the money and make sure you have the right account number that you are sending it to plus it’s also best to check with that person to see that they got the payment that you owed them. Even though that some things that you are asked may not be very important, being specific is still the number one key. This can be handy if you are having a party and if you are ordering food from a company you gotta be specific when you know how many people are gonna show up and how much food and drinks that you need to order. When it comes to specifics it’s a key that plays a very important role.

Getting The Proper Information



When it comes to finding about certain things that you wanna know or learn about, getting the proper information is the most important number one key. Getting the exact details is what is needed otherwise if you get the wrong information or not all of it, you may not get the right information that you need. Let’s say that you wanna learn how to cook,so what you would do would either look online for videos that will teach you the basic cooking skills or if you wanna learn hands on, you can find people that are teaching cooking classes that are in your area.

Getting the proper information is the important key to find out anything that you want to know about any type of skill or any other thing that may be important. Proper information is also required if you are in a life or death situation and if you don’t give or get the right information about the situation that’s going on, the situation can become fatal but when you have the right information in an emergency situation, that persons life will be saved. You also may be working at a company and there is a meeting that’s coming up that you need to attend because there may be some new changes that you need to be aware about and don’t wanna miss out on. In that important meeting there may be things like new training that you will need to learn about and sometimes work hours can change as well.

Also, you may have to see your doctor for a condition that you are suffering from and he or she will have to put you on medication and you will need to clearly listen to your doctor about how many times to take the medication and to make sure that you follow the directions fully to make sure that you are getting the right information. The information can include important details such as take with food or drink, avoid Alcohol and other information. It’s very wise to make sure when it comes to taking medication that you have all of the proper information needed.

There may be times that severe weather such as a tornado or hurricane may be hitting your area and you need the proper information to keep you and others safe. The best thing to do is to watch the weather report on TV or online to find out if you need to take cover of leave the area. During a hurricane a mandatory evacuation may happen in your area and you will be notified plenty of time in advance to get out of the area and get you and others to safety plus this information can also save your life and everyone’s as well. You also may not live in this area but wanna get the proper information to send donations to help those who were effected by these storms so that they can get back on their feet and be able to rebuild their community’s. From the simple everyday things to things that are very important, it’s always very wise that you are always getting the proper information each and every single time.

Keeping Out Negative Energy



Sometimes we may have one of those days when things can get to us but we all must realize that keeping out negative energy is very important because all it does is brings you down and others down around you.Negative energy is what holds you down and brings you into a a world of always being down and out and also angry because you think that there are no good things in the world. If you live that way it’s a waste of time and is not good for you.

If you are the one who is keeping out negative energy by having a positive vibe in life, you will have a heart full of happiness and will not let things get to you. When you and others that work together and think positive that shows that all of you will have no time for any type of negative energy and positive energy is all that you will allow into your life and others around you will also only allow positive energy flow as well. We all have  two choices, we can waste away with negative energy that will brings us misery or we can have positive energy and make the best of it. Those who complain all the time have negative energy but the ones who look at the bright side of life, have positive energy vibes. When you block out all negative energy and let positive energy in, great things in life will happen for you.

There are those who used to be negative and complain all of the time plus had many years of living in anger but someone can end up turning that persons life around for the better and will no longer  be angry and negative,they will be happy and positive. When you push negative energy away and block it, you will have a positive feeling of energy and happiness that will not only make you happier but will draw a crowd of happy people around you.

I also use to waste a lot of time with negative energy and anger which was not good for my health and now I think positive and have a happier attitude no matter how things get in life. Everyday I start off with meditation that puts me in a positive mood which helps block out any negative energy that may come my way. When you live a life of negativity not only does it make you miserable it may also cut your life short unless you decide to change and block out any type of negativity that comes your way. Blocking out all negative vibes will give you a longer happy life.



More To You Then You Know



There are some who think that they are only good for one thing just because they are from a low income family that does not have much but no matter where you come from, there’s more to you then you know. If you have a dream of anything that you want to do,it can be done and you can learn how to do anything that you set your mind to,no matter where you come from. There have been those who used to be homeless and on the street and had no idea where they or how they were gonna get their next meal or have a place to sleep. But they found a way to get themselves out of that situation and now either have a job and a place to live and have food or are very successful.

There are even those who have a disability such as being in a wheelchair,etc are still able to do the things that they want to do and refuse to be held back by turning the word disability into ability plus I have seen many out in public that are in wheelchairs etc that are able to manage to work or do the things in life that they enjoy and it shows that there is more to them then just wasting life away. You may see some person working in a grocery store bagging groceries and think that that’s all there is to them but let’s say that you go to a bar that has a live band and that you see that same person on the stage that can not only play guitar very well but also  sing, your view well change very quickly. Plus you may get a chance to know that person who can end up being famous and touring the world.


When you realize that there is more to you then you know, your entire mind opens up to so many new horizons that you never thought were possible. You may be a person who never thought that they would be having success and doing things like,skydiving, zip line, travel etc but when you open up your mind and do the work and know that you are able to do all of this, it will surprise you. Never underestimate the power of your mind, you can have success.

Myself I still work a full time job and I also know that there are more things that I can do because my mind is unstoppable. And yes I have been in special education classes and am also overcoming a stutter but I know that if  I wanna learn something I can do it. I have been learning how to work online,cooking and so many other things because there is more to me then just pushing carts in a retail store. I can and will be that person who makes a several figure income and if I know I can do it, anyone can do it. To you there is more greatness then you know.


On The Sidelines Or In The Game


When you are either on the sidelines or in the game it’s gonna show if you just wanna let things pass you by or if you are wiling to take the proper actions to be successful. Staying on the sidelines means that you are staying in your comfort zone and missing out on a lot of great experiences in life but if you decide to get into the game,there are so many opportunities that you can have in your life. The reason why some stay on the sidelines is that they may have very low confidence or if they wanted to learn something and find out it’s hard to do, they simply give it all up.

Depending on what you wanna do in your life and of you wanna just stay on the sidelines or in the game is 100 percent up to you. There are some that may try to talk you into staying in your comfort zone and staying on the sidelines while others have the success that they worked hard for and wanted. Don’t let others make you stay on the sidelines if you don’t want to because if you wanna take the action and get into the game of success  go for it. Getting and being in the game is gonna take a lot of work,time,patience and self discipline as well in order to become successful and have the happiness that you want. But, we all know that it’s gonna be well worth it in the end.

Those who just let everyday life pass them by stay on the sidelines because they are afraid what others will say or think but those who get into the game don’t ever let that effect them no matter what happens. There are many well known successful people that are out there from making music and touring the world to having a multi billion dollar business because they worked hard to get to where they wanted to and refused to stay on the sidelines,they got into the game. The ones that are successful have also showed others how to get and stay in the game plus the ones that they have taught have passed on their knowledge to millions of others around the whole entire world as well.

Nobody says that it’s going to be easy because we all know that being successful takes a lot of work plus you are gonna have bumps in the road here and there but never give up by going back on the sidelines,be a champion and stay in the game because when you do and your ship finally comes in, you know that it was well worth it. The sidelines is where nothing happens and you just miss out on so much greatness so if you wanna be a part of that greatness and do the things that you wanna do such as travel, buy a home or the things you wanted, spending more time with the ones you care about etc, you gotta stay off the sidelines and get all of the way into the game full force!


The Benefits Of Waking Up early


With the benefits of waking up early, you can get a early start to your day and get plenty of things done.  There are those who need to be up early because they work a full time job and need to be there at a certain time and those that either are retired or work from home like to be up early because if they sleep in late they are gonna miss out on the day. There are so many ways that early risers get their day started from morning meditation to going for a morning walk and getting a work out in. Most will also start the day with a healthy and hearty morning breakfast.

Those who wake up early can get a lot done and that’s one of the great things about  the benefits of waking up early.Those who wake up in the morning and do their monthly grocery shopping prefer to do it in the morning while the stores are not as busy because they don’t wanna fight the crowds later on in the day plus may also have other things that they need to do. Waking up early every day gets and keep you motivated and their is no longer a snooze button, it’s now a get up and get going button  because we all know for sure that life is way too short to miss out on. Also those who are cooking a meal that’s gonna take most of the day to prepare need to be up early as well.

I am an early riser myself and for me getting up early gets me off to a fresh start every single morning and since I work morning hours I am up at 6:00 am but on days off sleep until 7:00 or 8:00 am but either way I prefer being up early. Back when I was in my teens and 20’s and did not need to be up early the next day I would be up all night watching TV,movies or listing to music and also at times be out late with family and friends and not go to bed until 4:00 or 5:00 am and sleep in until noon or 1:00 Pm. Now as I am older I prefer to be in bed early and up early although I may stay up a little late from time to time but when I do it’s not past 1:00 AM. My early morning starts out with meditation, and then I have my coffee plus a healthy protean shake and workouts in the morning when I am off  or later on when I get home from work. I really enjoy waking up early every single day it fills my life with energy.

There are those who like to be up before sunrise because they wanna see the sunrise in the mornings and we all know how beautiful a morning sunrise can be. Listening to fun upbeat music is also another great way to get your full day off to an amazing start. With the everyday benefits of waking up early you have progress so much things as well.

The Path That You Follow



The things that you decide to do in your life is gonna depend on the path that you follow. We all make choices in our lives on where we want to be in the next few months or 2 years depending on what dreams that we have and want to accomplish.We all have things that we wanna do and we can either stay on the same path and be in the same old rut, or we can take a different path and have the success that we want to have. There are 2 paths in life the path that holds you back and the path that leads to success and great things ahead.The path you choose is up to you.

The path that you follow and decide on is what choices that you will make in your life. If you are low on confidence and stay in the same old job that does not pay much you are on the path that goes nowhere but if you have high confidence,you can have a high carer ahead of you and a full lifetime of happiness. Also if you are on the path to success you may also experience many more great things that you ever expected and for example you may be someone who is very well known and someone may ask you to speak at a local event and share the experience that you have with others. You also may working for a great company that you plan on staying with for a long time and a day may come where your boss will call you into the office and will offer you a higher job with a lot more pay.

You can either have a path of failure or you can have a path of success and it will depend on the path that you are gonna follow. It will also depend on your everyday attitude that you have and we all know having a great attitude is the number one key to being on the path of happiness. You also may be someone who wants to get in shape and loose weight and or tone up your body but if you are just talking and not doing anything you will be on the path that is holding you back plus will be in bad shape and face a life of health problems and won’t be around for long. If you are taking the actions to drop the pounds and get your body in shape by working out,eating healthy and not as much you will be on a successful path to walk on. Being on the path to greatness will open up the doors to great experiences.

It takes a whole lot of hard work to stay on the path to a great future and you can have a many years of success if you follow the right path and avoid the path of negativity. The  path that you follow is gonna depend on what you want to do in your life and what plans that you have for the future.The path that you follow is entirely up to you 100 percent.