Getting The Best Deals



Getting the best deals can really come in handy when you wanna shop for foods and other items without draining your wallet or bank account. There are many reasons why many of us like to save money on items from being on a budget to also be wise of what we are spending on money on and sometimes we can get the 2 for one deals that can really save us a lot of cash. You can also get great deals by using coupons or finding a store that’s having a sale or shop at your local store because they always have low prices where you know that you are going to get great deals every single day. The best deals that you get can also help you put extra money away and you can save a lot of it.

Getting the best deals comes in handy when you are feeding your family and wanna save money on your favorite food items and other household items. You and your family may be in the mood for pizza one night but you don’t wanna go crazy and spend a lot of money so you go online to find the best pizza places with the best deals. You come across a great deal like 2 large pizzas with the works, soda, wings, breadsticks, and choice of deserts for only $20.00  and that can really save you a lot of money plus you may have some extras left over for lunch or dinner the next day. Also, you can buy a few frozen pizzas at your local food store and can really save a whole lot more on top of that.

The best deals can also come in hand when it comes to the Holiday season and the days where you can really save money is on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Most places that are open on Thanksgiving day will start their sales on Thanksgiving night where people can get half off deals on TV’s, video games systems, and other amazing deals but, if you don’t wanna fight the crowds, you can always do Cyber Monday, and get the best deals without fighting the crowds at the store. Online on Cyber Monday, you may also get a great deal on a game system, PC, or anything else that may include an extra, controller, game or you may also have a chance of getting a rebate on them as well.

You can also get great deals at your favorite restaurants when you are going out for dinner and many places have great deals where you can order off a part of the menu that has a 2 for one deal that gives you a choice or entree, desert, appetizer and make also include a soup and salad so if it’s just you and your spouse, you can really save money on your meal. You can also get great deals on airline tickets, Hotels, car rentals, and much more. The more great deals that you can get, the more money that you can save. Getting the best deals is a true money saver for all.

Making The Right Choices


There are some choices that we make in our lives that may or may not be good but when we are making the right choices we are on the path that we need to be on. You may come across some people who may seem like great people and just wanna get to know you but one day you can all be out someplace and they want to involve you in some type of illegal activity such as selling drugs, shoplifting or cause physical harm to others. You can make the wrong choice by staying with these people that cause trouble or make the right choice by staying away and avoiding these types of people who are up to no good. Plus another right move to make would to report them to the police.

Making the right choices is what teaches us to grow into more wiser people and know what choices to make and which ones to avoid. There are some that are way overweight because they didn’t take care of themselves and ate bad foods and did not stay active. They can either keep making bad choices and risk many health problems or t a day can come when they decide to make the right choices and start to work out, eat healthily, eat less than before they know it they will be slimmed down, happier, healthier, full of energy and will simply live a fuller and longer lifestyle.  They may either enjoy certain foods in moderation or they may decide to cut them out completely and only eat healthily. When you make the choices that are right for you and stick to them, you are sticking to a promise for yourself.

You also may be shopping at a food store where it’s very busy and it’s short staffed but you know you need food items and other things for your home plus when you go to check out you see that the lines are long and are going to be waiting a while. Deep down inside you wanna yell and complain but you know it’s just best to be patient because everyone in there that’s working is doing the best that they can to get customers checked out. When you finally get to the register the cashier will smile, greet you and also will apologize about the wait and explain that they are short staffed. Although you may have not been happy with the long wait you are still making the right choice and being patient and understanding plus they also may offer you a coupon or half off on your purchae on your next visit.

We may face many type of temptations in our lives that we may give into and it may be a choice that we may regret and could land us in trouble. You may be tempted to sneak out of work early because you wanna beat the traffic but you know if you leave early without permission you may have a risk of losing your job. So you decide to talk with your boss ahead of time and ask if you can leave a little early to beat the traffic or you just wait until it’s time to go home and clock out at the proper time. When you are making the right choices, that’s showing very true wisdom.


Blocking Out Negative Thoughts


When you are blocking out negative thoughts, you are refusing to let anything that’s negative to stand in your way because you are showing that you have no time for negativity. When you have a dream that you are passionate about but some still try to put you down and say negative things like you will never make it, you are going to block them out by blocking the thoughts of negativity and keep them positive vibes. But there are those who still carry that negative energy and just give up too quickly on their dreams because of a negative attitude and no confidence.

Blocking out negative thoughts from others and things around you is what is going help you grow and stay confident and consistent in what you want to master in life. One of the ways to block out negative thoughts is to not read or listen to anything that’s going to bring negative vibes into your life such as songs with negative messages, the negative news, or being around those who are always unhappy and are complaining 24 hours a day. The things that you wanna have that will give you a positive outlook is being around those who have a positive attitude and they also have dreams and some of them may also have the same dreams as you and you can also learn from them as well.

Negative thoughts are what holds us down and prevent us from having the greatness that we know that we can have but if we block out those negative thoughts we can have the success that we want and it also takes work to get there. To block out that negative vibe you gotta have a strong shield that no negative vibes can break through and the way to build that strong shield is by staying positive and never giving up. If your thoughts are negative that shield is gonna become weak and negative vibes are going get through but if you stay positive your shield is protected.

When I get up every day I always start it with a positive outlook and I block out all negativity because being negative gets you no place and I don’t have time for it. every morning when I get out of bed it starts with a meditation by either listening to a guided audio or just simply sitting on the front of the bed with my eyes closed and thinking great thoughts and I think about the great things that I wanna do in my life and also am thankful for family, friends and another day. Even if I come across those who are negative I don’t let that rub off on me I just brush it away from me.

You have two choices when it comes to this, you can either be down and out with negative thoughts or you can rise above and have thoughts that are so positive nothing negative can take them away from you. When you are blocking out negative thoughts or any kind, you are proving that you are setting a great example for yourself and others.

Looking Presentable In Videos





When it comes to being on camera, looking presentable in videos is a very important key if you want to have a good reputation for yourself. This is very important if you are starting a home based business or any kind of business for that matter and you want to get people around the world to know you and this is where you need to look and be 100 percent professional because if you are sloppy and talk in circles, no one is going to watch your videos you made.You can  be starting out at this or be a pro, but if you wanna keep your viewers you gotta be presentable.

Looking presentable in videos takes work and you need to be fully consistent when doing so.  The first step that you wanna take is making sure that you have clean clothes on such as a nice shirt that’s free of stains and also having a clean shaved appearance or trimmed beard and mustache is also required.  Make sure that there is no food on your face and your teeth are brushed because nobody wants to see food on your face or see your teeth full of food. Also make sure that your hair is neatly brushed and clean because no body wants to see dirty and ragged hair. Make sure that before you start your video you have enough light in your room and be prepared about what your video is about.

When you start your video first introduce yourself and speak very clearly and this is something that i have been told many times before because I have a habit of talking to fast or slur my words. When you are just making a video and make an error you can always restart but if you are doing a live video steam that will be hard to do since you are doing a live broadcast. Speaking clear and being presentable in videos is one of the ways that you will keep and also grow your audience. There are many people out there that have millions of viewers and are making money as well.

Posture is also important when making videos and make sure that you have the camera at the right angle. You don’t wanna have the camera too close or too far away and make sure that there are no background noises that will distract you. If you make videos on the go presentation is also key because you are live pout in public and on camera. If you are new at making videos you can also watch other peoples videos online and learn from those who have done videos online for a long time or you can learn from others that you know and learn how to develop the good habits that they have when making videos. You may make a few mistakes here and there but as soon as you know it and are presentable in your videos you will soon become a pro. When you are presentable in videos it show greatness.


Don’t Be Afraid To take Chances



There may be somethings in life that you wanna do but have a fear of what may happen but no matter what don’t be afraid to take chances. If you don’t take chances, you will never know what you are going to miss out and the things that you miss out on can be the greatest experiences that you can enjoy in life. Taking Chances and doing the things that you wanna do can open you up to many new exciting things and you never know what you can do.

The only way that you fail, is if you don’t take chances in life but if you take that great chance you will have greatness ahead of you and even if things don’t go the way you want to the first time, just keep on taking those chances. When you are afraid to take those chances you are staying in your comfort zone so to break out of that comfort zone don’t be afarid to take chances. There may be some type of home business that you wanna get into or you wanna start a business of your own but, if you let fear block you, you are not going to take that chance to make your dreams come true. Let’s also say that you wanna learn to skydive or go ziplining but have a fear of heights well, you can either live in fear and hold yourself back or you can overcome that fear and take that chance being that fearless champion.

There are many people who are taking chances of each and every single day to better themselves because they simply want to grow and enjoy everyday life experiences. Also even if things don’t turn out a million times for them they keep on taking those chances because they know that if they keep on taking chances they will get to where they wanna be and taking every chance that they took is going to be well worth it. There are also many famous people from singers to having a business who took a lot of chances, had a lot of setbacks but still took that chance and a day came where they all made it and became successful. Some may have laughed and them and put them down but they were still determined to take those chances and they all came out as true winners because they believed in greatness.

Although it may seem scary at first, taking chances can be a great thing and can open up your eyes to many great experiences.  Taking  Chances shows that you are not gonna be held back and are willing to do whatever it takes to get to where you want to be at now and years down the road.  I have also taken a few chances here and there such as cooking certain foods and although I made many errors I still kept on taking chances because I want to learn and grow. So, no matter what happens be strong, stick to your guns and don’t ever be afraid to take chances in life.

Being True To Yourself



Some will do anything to get people to like them and to pretend to be something that they are not, but being true to yourself is the best way to not only gain long lasting friendships but it will give you a lifetime of happiness. You may have a certain way that you like to dress up and most people may like that style and some may judge you and make very inappropriate comments but,no matter what They say or think, you don’t need to impress them by being something that you’re not or wearing something you are not into. We all have different types of styles we like.

Being true to yourself and being happy is one of the greatest things that can happen in your life and being happy with who you are is what’s important. There are some who are either gay, bi, lesbian, or transgender who are still in the closet because of fear of losing family, friends or what else may happen in their lives then a day will come when they decide to take that big step and come out to family, friends and the rest of the world and that’s a great way to be your true self and being proud of who you are. Never let anyone stop you from being you plus there is this saying that says be yourself because everyone else is taken and that’s a true saying to live by 100 percent every day of your life.

You may into many types of music, TV shows, movies, video games, board games, and other interests that some may either like as well or some that are not into it will make fun and try to tell you what you should and should not like.  There is no need to be afraid of who you are and what you enjoy so if you like a bunch of music including classical, country, dance, rock or a bunch of other styles enjoy to your heart’s content. If you are into many other things such as going to the opera or seeing a live musical and some think it’s silly, just enjoy and just be 100 percent happy.

The ones that are true to themselves gain a lot of confidence and are not gonna be afraid and refuse to let peoples negative words hold them back from what they enjoy or want to experience. Some may like to have their ears, nose, and other parts of their body pierced also, some may like to have short or long hair plus have different hair color and styles and some may make rude comments about them saying that they are trash but no matter what people say if you are into that type of style then go for it. Being fully true to yourself and being 100 percent proud is true pride.

You may also come across someone that’s afraid to be themselves because of what they might face so what you can do is to encourage that person to be themselves and not only can they be themselves they can encourage others to be themselves as well.  No matter what people say, think, or do the number one key is to always be true to yourself.



We Are All The same Inside



In this world there are many different people who speak different languages and are different colors or come from different types of back grounds, but we are all the same inside. No matter where we all come from we are all human and need to love and treat each other with the proper respect because being hateful towards others that have a different color of skin then you, is really hurtful and it does a lot of harm as well. It’s best to be kind to others in this world and it does not matter if they speak or don’t speak the same language as you or if they are black, white, Asian, Mexican, gay,straight, bi, lesbian, transgender, skinny,fat etc, we are all the same inside and we are all human.

The reason why that we are all the same inside is that we all going through different things in life from good times, to hard times plus  if you meet someone who is a different race then you or comes from another country, you can learn a lot from them. You can also teach them as well plus you can both become close friends on top of that and that can show that you have love and respect for people in this world no matter where they come from or color of skin and what ever their body shape or what their sexual orientation may be. Sadly there are some people in this world who are hateful and not only do they say hateful and hurtful things to those who may be different from who they are, but can also be physically violent that can cause serious injury to that person and sometimes can be fatal as well.

I have many different friends of many races that I have got to know over the years and some may not be in the best shape but I strongly believe that everyone needs to be kind to others and give them the same respect as everyone else, I have also learned so much from many people that i have met from different backgrounds and I have learned about different cultures and what their countries have to offer and can also teach others around the whole world.

The more we love and respect each other the more that we will grow and become better people and when we realize that we are all the same inside and open up our minds, we can open ourselves up to new horizons. There are those who were either raised to hate or are just that way period but a day has come where they decide to change their ways for the better and stop hating and start loving. There are also many events where people can gather at such as Pride weekend that happens around the world at different times of the year and here in San Diego it’s every July and it’s a lot of fun. There are many people from different backgrounds, gay,straight, bi, lesbian, transgender, and there are also different types of entertainment,music and lots of great food. All of us in this amazing world are the same inside.

Different ways To Make Money Online



When you wanna make some spare money on the side or just wanna work from home, there are so many different ways to make money online. There are many people around the world that are finding ways to make extra money in their spare time or are dong this full time from home so that they can more time with family,friends, spouses, or time for themselves. Some money making opportunities are free to start and some many have a cost to get started also, you need to be fully dedicated and commented if you want to be able to make money from home.

With the many different ways to make money online, the possibilities are endless and the more things you do the more money that you can make.One of the ways that you can make money online is by doing surveys on many survey sites and most of them are free to get started and some will give you a startup bonus as well. One of the sites  that I do for surveys is Inbox Dollars and it’s free to join and has a $5.00 start up bonus. You can earn money on that site from doing,surveys, watching videos, playing games and so on. You can cash out when you reach $30.00 and can receive payment by mailed check, email, or Visa gift card. Inbox Dollars is also a lot of fun and the money ads up.

You can also get involved in many different types of work from home businesses and many have became very successful and were able to quit their full time back breaking jobs that were stressing them out.  Some online business may be free to start and some will either have a monthly fee or a one time start up fee that you will need to pay but it’s worth the money to spend. You can also find work from home jobs online that can pay anywhere from $30.00 to $50.00 an hour and most of them don’t require any experience and you may have the option to select your own hours. You also may have some items that you wanna sell as well that you no longer use such as a portable CD player, or you may  want to  upgrade your PC to a new PC that you saw in a electronic store that you have been saving for but you are a little short on money. If you sell your old PC online you may have a chance of either  getting enough money to put towards the rest of the money to by that new upgraded PC you wanted or may have more then enough money to either put to the side or you may wanna buy some extra items for your new PC  such as a USB turntable.

You can also make money online by making videos and if you know the proper steps to take and can provide amazing video content, you can earn a great online income. Whatever you wanna do there are so many ways to make money online and you can also earn on the go if you are using your smartphone or any type of potable internet device.


Learning Proper Dining Etiquette



Learning proper dining etiquette is very important if you wanna go to a nice place to eat or a dinner party without embarrassing yourself or others around you. Now it takes proper steps to get all of this down and yes it may take some time to get it down but the more you practice the more that you will become a pro at it. Let’s say that you are either invited to a dinner party or you are going to a high class restaurant for dinner with family and friends but you know you gotta dress the part. Going to a dinner party or high class restaurant in shorts sandals,and a tank top is a major no no. You gotta dress up in the proper clothing when it comes to dinner parties and other etiquette events.

When you are learning proper dining etiquette you are also learning how to be respectful to not only others but to your self as well. One of the best things to do is if you are invited to a dinner party respond if you are going to make it or not and of you are gonna make it be sure to be there a few minutes early but not too early so let’s say that dinner is gonna be served at 7:00 PM, it’s best to get there  around  6:50 pm so this way you have time to get ready and prior to dinner make sure that you silence your cell phone. But if you are expecting an important call let the host or hostess know ahead of time and if you do get that call politely excuse yourself from the table and take the call in private.

I am also learning about dining etiquette myself and have learned a few things here and there but still have more to learn because I have a habit of eating too fast and slopping. I want to be able to learn the proper dining etiquette so I can either attend dinner parties or go to nice places to have a meal at. I was also told that even if I’m by myself  I should still practice proper dining etiquette as if I am eating with a bunch of others that are in the room as well.

When it comes to dinner parties always wait until the host or hostess gives the world and says it’s time to proceed to the dinner table and don’t sit down until the host or hostess has been seated first. Once they are seated then you and others can also sit and the proper posture is the important key when sitting down,you don’t wanna slouch in your chair because it shows bad manners and also a lack of confidence. When you are sitting at the table at a dinner party there are gonna be many types of dishes and silverware being used depending on how many courses are in the meal and spoons would be on one side, forks on the others, and knives depending on what’s being served.With the silverware you are going to start first and then work your way in plus there may also be a butter dish and a few glasses which one may be for water, one for white wine,one for red wine, and also one for having champagne.

If someone asks you to pass the salt, pass the pepper along with it because even though that person only asks for salt, it’s best to also pass the pepper because they also may wanna add pepper to their dish as well. If there is something that you want to have and it’s out of reach ask someone to pass it down to you.Never reach over and grab it. Also when it comes to dinner conversations there are things that you don’t wanna talk about including anything that nay be gross or any other thing that may be considered inappropriate. A dinner party is not the place for that. After words when it’s time to leave thank the host and hostess for a wonderful evening and if you are gonna plan a dinner party down the road and want to invite them get their contact information so you can send them an invitation. When you follow these and many other steps, you will become a true master when it comes to proper dining etiquette

It All Starts With A Dream


There are many great people who have had so much success over the years but for those who want to be successful, there is one thing to keep in mind, it all starts with a dream. You may be someone that has a dream of being a rock star,movie,star or any other type of carer that you wanna get yourself into and after working and being 100 percent consistent your dream will become real and the more you work at it the more the dream will come true.

Anything starts with a dream and after putting in the work,being consistent and following through great things will happen and it may take a short time or a long time but when your dreams come true you will know that the long and hard road was well worth it. There are those who have big dreams and when they get to where they want to be they may be a shock for a while because it will take them some time to realize that the dreams that they have are now the real thing. They will also be able to do the things that they never thought that they would do such as travel the world,go to very nice places to eat, and buy the things that they have always wanted such as a new car,home and be able to pay it fully upfront. Those that have their dreams come true and make a lot of money per month such as seven figures or more are able to pay for a home or automobile in full plus some may have more then one home. Some may have one home in one State Such as California and one in Nevada. Or in other parts of the world as well.

Any carer that we wanna get into no matter what it is,keep in mind that it all starts with a dream because you are creating a vision of what you want to do. You may have more then one dream  so let’s say that you wanna be a singer,actor and you want to also have your own line of clothing. If all 3 of those for you comes true you can have a lifetime of wealth,fame, and success. There are many famous starts that have more then one type of carer because they are showing the world that there is a whole lot more that they can do. Anyone can have more then one carer.

Anything that we wanna do in life starts with a dream and from there that dream will become real right before your very own eyes. Those who have local,national or world wide business’s started with a dream and then that dream was alive in front of them. Some that are C.E.O’s have also been the founders of their companies as well and with the stores, or restaurants that these founders have around the world can be making a very great amazing salary per year.Whatever you wanna do in your life and have that great success that you want to have,it starts with a dream.