Overcoming Difficulties



We all have hard times that we go though every now and then but if we all have a positive attitude, overcoming difficulties is possible. You may be someone who has worked at a well paid job for many years where a day comes where the boss will have to tell you that the company is being downsized and that have to let you go so now this leaves you in a position on how are you going to pay for rent,bills, and food or if you are married and have kids you gotta find a way to make sure that they have food,clothing, and shelter. You may have to work 2 jobs to make ends meet and pay for everything but always stay positive no matter how difficult things can get during that time. A day can come where you are either able to find a new full time job where you have a decent check or you may be very successful by working from home which will give you a lot of income and more time to spend with family and friends.

There may be a time where someone in your family may be fighting a very serious illness such as cancer,or any other illness that can be life threatening and that can be a difficult time that you and your family can be facing because you don’t know if that family member is going to make it or not also you may have a very close friend that has a life threatening illness as well. Being positive and being there for the ones that you care about is the way to overcome this type of difficulty and no matter how things turn out, you will all get through that hard time that you may face.

Overcoming difficulties is possible when you have faith and believe that things will get better. Some difficulties that we may face can also be personal and we all know some of us had personal challenges that we have all faced from time to time plus I have gone through some personal issues myself but have managed to get through them because I always knew that as long as I thought positive that things would turn out for the better and be able to move forward. Moving can also be a difficulty depending on how many trips you gotta take from your old place to your new place,how much stuff is being packed and moved and the distance you need to travel. And trust me moving is not easy and can be very stressful but when you get out of the area that you don’t wanna live in and move somewhere where there is more to do and it’s also a safer area, then it was well worth it going through that situation. I moved from Phoenix Arizona to San Diego California with my brother and brother in law October 2017 and yes it was a lot of work packing, and all that but it was worth every moment. When you have a positive attitude you can overcome any difficulty that comes your direction and the more of the great attitude that you have the better things will be.


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