Making And Sticking To A Schedule


In Order to stay on top of your daily routine. making and sticking to a schedule is a very important key role to have in your life. When you are planning your schedule you need to first figure out how much time you will need to do every task throughout the day and some task s you may do on a daily basis or your schedule can change from day to day. Let’s say that you are either on your day off, vacation or you work from home and have things to do during the day and you wake up at the same time every single day. For example, 6:00 AM-6:30 Am wake up and meditate, 6:30,7:00 Am, breakfast, 7:00 Am,9:00 Am online work, 9:00 am -9:30 Am workout and other things as well.

Making and sticking to a schedule shows the self-discipline that you will have to be consistent and follow though o what you need to do every single day and if you are someone that runs a business you will also need to make a schedule for your employees to follow daily and sometimes you may need to change the schedule from time to time. It’s very important to stick to a schedule and stay on top of it otherwise if you don’t stay on top of it, you can throw yourself off and if you are not consistent on following your schedule that can also show a lack of self-discipline.

If you are working a job you will also have a schedule that is made for you for the week that you will need to follow and depending on when it’s posted weekly or bi-weekly, you will need to check it because it can change from time to time and let’s say that you are in charge of an event where different activities are scheduled you will also need to make sure every acivity is scheduled accordingly. Also, if you make a schedule that you need to follow on the go, you can also use the notepad on your smartphone plus there are also apps that you can also download and easy make and keep track of your schedule. When you make and stick to a schedule that will also show the importance of being efficient and that it’s important for you to stick with that schedule every day and change when needed to do so.

On a schedule, you may have a short amount of time to complete each task and will need to get each task done as quickly as possible because other things on your schedule will need to be started and finished up by a certain time. So let’s say that you are doing a workout around 5:00 Pm and you are gonna meet family and friends for dinner at a restaurant at 7:00 pm but the restaurant is a half hour drive from where you live. You would need to be done with your workout by 5:30 or before 6:00, shower, get ready and leave your place by 6:30 to make it to the restaurant on time. When you make and stick to a schedule every day,  it will make your routine stay on track in everything you do.



















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