Ghost A very Amazing Rock Band



Ghost is a very amazing rock band from Linköping Sweden that was formed back in 2006 and have gained millions of fans and worldwide success. I have heard of this band a few months ago but have never heard their music and I thought I would go online and watch some of their videos and I came across the video for Rats and decided to give it a view and when I did it just blew me away, amazing drum intro and full force rock. Also the song has such amazing lyrics and great vocals by Tobias Forge who is also know on stage as Papa Emeritus and Cardinal Copia.

I also wanted to give all of the Ghost albums a listen and I started with the 2010 debut Opus Eponymous  and gave it a full listen and thought that it was a very amazing debut album and the songs Stand By Him and Genesis are very amazing tracks .The next one that I listened to was the E.P  If you have ghost and that one also blew me out of the water and the opening title track really gets it kicking into high gear.It also contains a few other great tracks Including I’m A Marionette.The second album Infestissumam  is also another great Ghost album with the amazing tracks Year Zero, Monstrace Clock and other great tracks. This is another amazing album by these great rockers. I have also heard the track Square Hammer from the Pope Star E.P which is a great rocking track but still need to give the E.P a full listen which I plan on doing during the week. Also I have seen live clips of their shows online as well.

The 3rd album Meliora is another great rocking album with the tracks Mummy Dust, He Is, Circe, From The Pinnacle To The Pit, and other great amazing tunes to crank up. The song He is is a great song with a mixture of acoustic and electric guitar work. Now to the 4th album Prequelle and this is the best Ghost album to date. I gave this whole album a full listen and just love it. It opens up with the intro Ashes and then the rocking track Rats. This album also several other great tracks including Faith, See The Light, the instrumental track Miasma, Dance Macabre and Life Eternal. I have also found out that there is a box set of Prequelle that you can order from the Ghost website and the box set contains The CD, Vinyl and a Limited edition 8 Track and cassette format as well. I would also love to attend a Ghost concert because from the live clips I have seen online and all their music I have heard, I have quickly became a Ghost fan. Ghost is one of the best bands out there that know how to make music and entertain the crowd.


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