Getting Creative With Ramon Noddle Soup


I have enjoyed Ramon noodle soup since I was a kid and still enjoy it to this day but I have also started getting creative with Ramon noddle soup taken it to a whole new level as well. Years back when I was living in Arizona a friend that I worked with was on lunch at the same time as I was and that day my lunch was Ramon noodle soup and a few other things.  He told me that if I drain the water after I cook it and add sour cream, it’s very good and that was my first time getting creative with it. It was so good and it gave the Ramon noddle soup a very creamy flavor.

Getting creative with Ramon noodle soup can be a lot of fun when you have a very creative mind and you wanna doctor it up. I have also put a bit of ranch dressing in it and that also gave it a very great taste. Most people just enjoy Ramon noddle soup the old fashioned way and I enjoy it that way also but also like to get creative when I am making Ramon noodle soup because with me learning how to cook I also like to get creative when I am cooking in the kitchen. With Ramon noddle soup there are so many ways that you can get creative by adding extra items to your soup after you drain it and add the seasoning that came with the Ramon noodle soup. You may wanna add some extra meat or veggies to it depending on what creative thoughts that you will have in mind when making Ramon.

What I did a couple of times is when the noddles were done cooking, I, of course, drained the water from the pan using a strainer. I added the seasoning and added a pack of the tuna creations along with a small drop of mayo and mixed it together. I sat down to enjoy and it was very tasty. One of the best Ramon noddle soup creations I came up with at home and also there may be other ideas that may pop in my head the next time I make Ramon noodle soup. One thing I may try down the road is melting cheese and pouring over Ramon after it’s drained and that does sound very good. What also sounds good is spaghetti sauce poured over Ramon noddles and that I also may try as well.

If you wanna get creative with Ramon noodle soup but are short on time, you can also get them for your microwave and pour water in the cup of soup and heat it for a few moments. Then drain it pour it in a bowl and mix in what you want to add along with your seasoning. You can either enjoy Ramon noddle soup the old fashioned way or you can kick it up and come up with an amazing creation that you and others will enjoy. Being creative with Ramon is fun.

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