Dancing to keep in Shape

When you wanna take care of yourself by moving to the beat, dancing to keep in shape is the best way to go. When you are dancing to music not only are you having fun but you are also getting a workout in and burning off calories as well and when you burn off calories it will help you keep your body toned up and keep you slender. There are certain types of music that you can dance to including rock, pop, country, and many others and also the tempo may be slow or it may be fast. Those who wanna get a good workout in will dance to fast upbeat songs and there are a lot of upbeat dance songs that you can dance to. That fast beat will give you the energy that you need to get down.

Dancing to keep in shape is very good for your heart, mind, and soul plus many people that go out on a Friday night after a long week at work like to go out dancing and let loose. There are many dance clubs that are open late or all night long depending on the area that you live in. Here in San Diego California, there are many places where you can go dancing where some clubs will either play the same type of music or they will mix it up with different styles. If you are in the neighborhoods of Northpark or Hillcrest there are many places where you can go for a night of dancing. I also like to go out dancing from time to time and like to move to a fast song because it fills my heart with joy and keeps me active on top of that. I will dance to any type of music and even if I don’t understand the language I will still dance because the beat moves me.  Dancing is what makes us all feel alive and it fills us with happiness and joy.

Some who have a daily workout routine will also include dancing as a part of it because they wanna add more to their workouts and get into the best shape that they can get into. Many pop stars such as Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson, Paula, Abdul Usher, and many others have great dance moves when they are on stage performing plus will have back up dancers in their shows as well. There are those that are passed on that had great dance moves including the late Micheal Jackson and his dance moves were just mindblowing and he will always be remembered for the moonwalk.

Whatever type of music moves you, dancing to keep in shape can be a whole lot of fun plus many teach dancing as a profession because it’s what they have a passion for. There are also many different types of dancing styles that have been around for a short time and some that have been around for many years including the tango. When you are dancing to keep in shape, you are not only having fun but, you are gonna add more years to the rest of your life.


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