Being Young At Heart



We all get older as we age but when we are being young at heart, it gives us a life of everlasting youth. There are many who are up in age that still have that same younger attitude like they did when they were younger years ago plus they still keep active by working out daily and going out plus seeing their family and friends. A lot retired people that are active will do a lot of traveling and lots of them will do very exciting activities such as zip lining and skydiving. When a person has youthful pep at an older age it shows that nothing is gonna slow them down.

Being young at heart is what puts so much joy and happiness into our own lives plus it gives us something to look forward to every single day. Out here in beautiful San Diego California, I have seen many older people that are very active for their ages plus they have the energy of a teenager. Many of them go walking, running, and ride a bike to keep in shape plus there are those that still choose to work because it keeps them busy and active. Those that have the money and wanna do a road trip will travel and visit as many states as they can plus those who have an RV and all the time in the world have traveled to just about every state. That can take a lot of time to do but those who have the time and money are able to do this. Also, many people who are young at heart will also go swimming as well.

Those who have a youthful attitude also like to laugh and enjoy life to the fullest plus they never let any negative feedback get them down.¬† I am still young at heart for my age and yes I am past my 20’s and 30’s but for a guy that’s in his late 40’s, I still feel like a young teen. Also, those who are young at heart may also appear to be years younger and that is done by them taking care of themselves over the years and some have even dyed their hair as well. I have even dyed my hair and what it has done it makes me look 10 to 15 years younger than my age. Many think I am still a young man in my mid 20’s but when I tell them how old I really am they are always in for a big huge shock.

Many music stars that have been around 30 years or more also have the young at heart attitude because they love what they do and playing music is what makes them feel young. I have had some friends that have since past on but when they were still around at the time they were also young at heart plus kept active and one friend of mine that lived to almost 96 years of age did his own laundry, worked out and had lots of energy. When you are happy, active and enjoy everyday life to the fullest, that is one of the greatest ways that you can be forever young at heart.