The Great Things About San Diego


Everything from year-round beautiful weather to so many things to do are the great things about San Diego. We have been here since October and love it plus this is where my brother and brother in law met almost 26 years ago and I have been out here many times in the past and have fallen in love with this city. Most of the people out here are more down to earth and cheerful plus most of them you can say hello to and they will say hello back or stop for a few moments to have a little talk. San Diego is a wonderful place because it has so many things to offer everyone.

With the many great things about San Diego, there is so much out here that you can do including many types of beaches and when being close to the ocean you get that great cool breeze. We live in the Midway District area and this part of town has many things to offer and where we are at, we are only 5 minutes away from Sea World. This section that we are in there are many shops in the area and plenty of places to get a bite to eat plus we are only less than 15 minutes away from Hillcrest and Northpark. San Diego is a great place to visit and a great place to live. Also, if you are in the Hillcrest or Northpark neighborhoods it always has many active people and the nightlife out there is even more alive. Those neighborhoods have many bars that you can go to as well for a drink, a meal or if you wanna get to make some new friends or find the love of your life. San Diego is the place to be for great weather and fun.

If you are in the downtown part of San Diego, there is so much there to do as well including shopping at Horton Plazza which is a 7 level shopping center. When you are on the top level of the shopping center, you can get a very amazing view of downtown San Diego and the view is just breathtaking. Plus if you live close to the ocean and have that cool breeze, you won’t need to have AC running and since out here you don’t need AC your electric bill will be a whole lot cheaper. Also, once a year in downtown San Diego is Comic-Con and for that, you gotta get your tickets ahead of time because it sells out very fast. That weekend the downtown part of San Diego is very much packed.

Every July there is also Pride weekend which kicks off that Friday night and goes until Sunday evening. The parade is on Saturday at 11 am and runs a few hours but if you wanna get a good seat, you gotta get there early. The festival kicks off at noon on that Saturday and goes until the late hours of the night and then on that Sunday from the mid-morning until 6 pm in the evening. Also, a lot of things happen out here during the holidays as well. San Diego is a great city and I just love it out here.