Review Of Text Now App


Today I am doing my review of text now an app that I have come across and downloaded to my phone.  This app is so amazing and very simple to use plus you can also use it to text and make calls from your computer as well plus you can choose your own phone number. With my brother and brother In law, I relocated to San Diego from Phoenix and was going to change my number through the provider that I am with but it would have cost me $15.00 to do.

I still have my old phone number but use the 619 number through Text Now as a second number so family and friends can contact me either way. Text now also has cell phones and plans if you want to switch to a different provider or you can stay with yours if you wish. The  Text Now app is one of the best apps that are out there today.


Change Of Times With Technology



With the change of times with technology, things have changed over the last 30 plus years. Over the years technology has improved from business to entertainment and it has been improving each and every single day around the entire world and a there is always something new being created. Back years ago when people wanted to watch a program they had to watch it when it was on otherwise that had to wait for a repeat of that show to air again. Later the VCR’s came on the market where people were able to videotape their favorite shows and were able to set a timer to record while they were away or were sleeping. Now today those who have a DVR through Tivo or any other provider can digitally record their favorite shows or movies plus video on demand is also popular as well.

The change of times with technology has also changed with mobile phones since they came out years ago. Mobile phones back then were just used for calling, voice mail and text which took a while to write a message. Today with smart phones there is so much more to them then phone calls, voice messages and texting. With the smartphones, you can download music to your phone to listen to plus when out and about with family or friends you can take photos and video plus since you can access internet on the go you can upload them to social media sites or email them to others to share on the fly. Also with services like Grub Hub you can download this app and order food from your phone anywhere you are at which makes things a whole lot faster than having to call and the line is tied up.

There have been many great gadgets in the past that are no longer being made but sometimes can be found at yard sales and some may sell these vintage tech items online. One of the things that I had 20 plus years ago was a Sony MiniDisc recorder which was one of the coolest things to have because it had so many great features including being able to double the recording time on the Minidisc by switching from stereo to mono. So for example, if you have a minidisc that’s 74 minutes and put the recorder on mono you will still get the great clear sound but will also get 2 and a half hours of recording time and you can always change the song order or more great features as well.

The video gaming systems back then were just for video games and it was just a basic cartridge that you put in the machine and turned it on. Only wired controllers were around during this time. Today gaming systems are more than just playing games and you can now play your CD’s DVD and Blu rays on them plus you can also play online games and so much more you can do on top of that. Technology has changed over the years and there are always new things to come on the horizon. Who knows what technology will bring us in the next 10 to 20 years from now.


Making And Posting Videos On The Go


With today’s technology and the internet, many people are making and posting videos on the go so they can quickly share them with all of their family members and friends.  We all remember back in the day when you wanted to make a video you had to carry a big clunky video camera with you where ever you went. If you wanted to make and send copies to family and friends you would have to have 2 VCR’s  or connect your video camera to a VCR and let it play while you were copying the video. Since the internet was not around at the time you had to ship out each videotape by mail. That took a lot to do back in those days and myself I even remember these days as well.

Today we are now able to make a video and post it online where ever we are at and instead of having to carry a clunky camera we now have smartphones when making and posting videos on the go. There are many that go on vacation and while they are making videos or taking pictures they can share them in an instant and that’s one of the coolest things about today’s world. Also, there are those who will also do live broadcast via  Facebook YouTube and other sites that have the live broadcast feature. I have also made plenty of videos and have taken pictures on the go and have posted them to the internet and this way you can share them with everyone in seconds.What is nice is that you can make these videos in HD  and send them to your family and friends plus if you have a great smartphone the video and sound quality is amazing. Over a year ago I went to Disney Land with my brother-in-law and Disney California Adventure and took plenty of photos and video plus posted them online.One of the things I got on video is The World Of Color show which was breathtaking and  when I played it back on-line it was so great that you thought a professional   film and sound crew made the video.  It’s amazing that no matter where you are at you can make a video and simply post it online for others to see anywhere. This makes it so simple to share videos compared  to how it was done 30 plus years ago. A lot of people that are successful and make money online will make videos of them on vacations and will tell you that you can be that same person that can be successful. They will also do live broadcast when they are on the go and they can reach many people while doing live video broadcasts online.

From vacations to get toghters many people are making and posting videos onlne when they are on the go. Lets say that you are a parent and your child is about to take their first steps and you get it on film.when you put it on the internet and want your family that lives several states away to see it, they will be able to once you got it posted. Being able to make and send videos on the go is one of the amazing things in today’s world.


Great Sounding Headphones At Low Prices

For those who want to buy a good pair of headphones but not spend too much money, there are some great sounding headphones at low prices. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a pair of headphones that sound great and have great bass quality because you can get a great pair of great sounding headphones for $30.00 or less. There are many well-known brands that make headphones that sound great and are within a  reasonable price range. and I have purchased many different low priced headphones that sound amazing.

A couple months ago I bought a  pair of earbuds for my smartphone that I can use for phone calls as well. I paid only $20.00 and they sound great plus I did not have to spend an arm and a leg for them. There are many pairs of headphones where you can end up paying a fortune for like $100.00 or even higher. Many that are on a budget that want a great sounding pair of headphones look for the ones that are in their price range and they know that they can get a pair of headphones that’s not gonna drain their bank accounts. There are other headphones where you pay so much money that will do just about the same thing as a lower priced of headphones will do,

There are also many wireless headsets that you can buy that are affordable and many Bluetooth headsets as well. Whatever kind of headphones you prefer you can get many types of great sounding headphones at a low price and they sound great. There are even headphones that cost only $10.00 or under and they sound good and years back I got a pair of Koss headphones that I only paid $10.00 for and the sound qullity on them were just amazing.There are many electronic stores where you get pick up a great pair of headphones that sound good,

Great sounding headphones at low prices you can also find online and they may also offer some great deals where you can get two pairs for the price of one. You may also be at the airport to fly out for a vacation and you realized that you forgot to pack your headphones but there is a gift shop close by where you can buy a pair. And they are not great sounding headphones but, they did not cost much and now you can listen to your tunes during your flight. Getting a great sounding pair of headphones at a low price is a great way to get good sounding headphones without going broke. There are many headphones out there that you can purchase that are low priced and they sound really great. Sometimes you can get a great pair of headphones that are being marked down and our on clearance but when they are you wanna get them while you can before they sell out.So many places where you can get a great pair of headphones that are low priced and last for many years to come/








A Strong Internet Connection

Having a strong internet connection is very helpful when you need to get things done such as your online work or any other important things that you do online. You may also, work somewhere where a lot of work that you do is done over the internet and the connection needs to be strong for you to get your work done. Trying to do things on dial-up or a slow connection, can take a whole lot longer to get done and can take up most of the day as well.

When you are video chatting a strong internet connection is a must for the best video and sound quality.Trying to video chat with a very poor and slow internet connection is very hard to do because the video and sound would be all choppy and also there would be a lot of buffering so for video’s best to always have the best connection possible. When you are uploading or downloading files such as music, videos, and photos you need to have a very fast connection in order to do so.Doing downloads on a slow connection takes forever but on a fast connection you can get it done in minutes and plus internet connections have been improving every day and getting a lot better.

Google has their service called Google Fiber which is available in some areas and is growing to other areas in the future. Google Fiber is a lot faster than cable internet and when you go to a webpage on Google Fiber, the page pulls up in only a couple seconds. From what I understand it’s ready for certain parts of San Diego and we are hoping to get it sometime. It cost a little more a month than cable internet but the price is for sure well worth it. We all need to have a great internet connection to get the things that we want to get done and not waste all day with it.

There are many bands and solo artists that will do a free live broadcast of one of their concerts for fans around the world to see and they will use the best internet connection possible. A lot of these live concerts are on YouTube and as a matter of fact, I watched a live Metallica concert from San Fransisco that was the night before the Superbowl. When it’s for business or for leisure we all depend on that very strong and dependable internet connection.

Your household may be on a Wi-Fi connection but the internet signal is only strong enough for certain parts of your home so you would need to get a Wi-Fi extender to get the internet connection working through your whole house and sometimes you may need more than just one for the best connection possible. We all depend on the best and fastest internet connection that we can get and it’s also recommended if you are watching live internet TV or video on demand.When you have a strong internet connection, it will help you get things done in a quick amount of time.


Great Products From Bose

There are many great products from Bose that have been put out over a long period of time. From computer speakers to home theater Bose has been putting out amazing products since 1964 and the company was founded by Dr. Amar G Bose. The founder has passed on but the name still carries on and Bose is still making great products.

I remember years back seeing the Bose 321 system in one of the electronic stores and this is a surround sound system with only 2 speakers, a sub and the main unit which is small enough to fit on a small desk. I tried it out and was blown away and it was giving the full surround sound from just the 2 speakers plus my brother and brother in law had this system years ago. There were other Bose home theater products that I have also got to experience and I have always been blown away by every great product that this company puts out. My brother in law has a pair of Bose speakers for his computer and I have heard them when he was playing music.They sound amazing and deliver a lot of great bass.Any product from Bose that you try out or purchase is gonna put out great sound quality.

Every Bose product that I have tried out is very well created and the sound is just amazing to the ears. One of the new Bose products that I tried out recently is the new sound wear companion speaker that’s for your music and for phone calls. This new product is amazing and it lets you keep your ears open because you place the speaker around your shoulders and for others around you it minimises the sound.This new Bose product is very amazing and great.

There have also been plenty of their headphones that I have sampled as well in some of the electronic stores and the sound on them is amazing and puts out deep and clear bass. I have even tried out their Bluetooth speakers and they sound very great also. Their Bluetooth speakers are so amazing it’s like having a big sound system in the palm of your hand. Any product that you buy from Bose will not disappoint, it will deliver it’s full and powerful promise.

If you have a computer set up at home and are gonna get speakers for it or replace the old ones, I recommend getting Bose speakers for your computer. With a great sound set up for your PC, there is nothing like a speaker setup from Bose.You can get either a standard stereo set up or surround sound set up for your computer and Bose has so much to offer. Bose also has many different types of home theater setups and sound bars for your HDTV at home.For having music all around your home Bose also has the multi-room speakers that you can also purchase. Bose also has their amazing wave systems for music lovers out there and many other great audio products.

The Old Style TV Antennas

Way back before the days of HDTV, television signals were broadcasted in analog and this is when many had the old style TV antennas in their homes. Some would use a standard indoor antenna and some that wanted to get the best picture possible would get an outdoor antenna and have it added onto their roof with a long cable going into the house and hooking it to their television, But would have to unhook it during a very bad lightning storm,

The indoor ones you would hook onto the back of your TV and then adjust the antenna until you got a clear picture and some had a dial that you can use to adjust it. If you had A VCR and wanted to use it to record and play things back you would need to unhook the antenna from the TV reconnect it to the back of the VCR  and The VCR to the TV. Plus although outdoor antennas cost more a lot of people used those because they always got a great picture on their televisions and the indoor ones you had to keep readjusting and that took forever to do and get done.

Some have even placed their outdoor antennas in the attic where they can still get a great reception but also prevents the antenna from wind damage.  Back when I was growing up and we were living with our Grandparents, their console TV had an outdoor antenna hooked up to it. Many electronic stores that sold outdoor TV antennas back in those days, prices on outdoor antennas would run $50.00 and up depending on the brand and how good of a picture that you wanted.Some that were on a budget would just buy the indoor ones and would just get whatever channels that they could but the indoor antennas did improve as more time went on. If you had cable back in those days you did not need an antenna you would just need a box or a wire by itself if your TV was ready for basic cable.

These antennas were still selling for a while until HD came about. The old style TV antennas were a thing of the past because everything was now all going digital format. This is when HDTV antennas were being sold and for those who still had the old style TV’s they had to get the digital converter boxes because all stations were now broadcasting in digital but if you had cable or satellite TV you were all set. You will still see indoor and outdoor Tv antennas in the stores but they are now all HDTV and the old analog ones are a thing of the past but for those who are collectors you may find some of the old style TV antennas at flea markets, pawn shops, and even online.  Times have come and gone and things have changed with the TV antennas going from the old style analog to the new High Definition.The classic and old style TV antennas will always be a thing of the past that longtime TV viewers will remember.


Balancing Your Time between Technology And Reality

Balancing your time between technology and reality is very important because although technology is a great thing, we need to also remember the important things in our lives. There are times when we are on the internet we get too engrossed in what we are doing and forget about the important things around us like family for example.

There have even been those too focused on their smartphones, tablets and other types of technology and they miss out on the important things that are around them. Now when some families are around the table they are on their devices instead of having a conversation. Nothing wrong with having these devices but you gotta have a balance and realize that when it’s like dinner time at the table that should be time for no phones or any other devices. A text message or anything on social media can wait and time with your family and friends is what needs to come first.

I gotta admit there are times where I am too involved in my phone and should put it away when visiting with people and it’s something I am working on because I don’t need to be on my phone 24 hours a day. When me, my brother and brother in law go out for dinner every now and then I will put my phone on silent and turn off the ringer and I do the same thing when we go and see a movie. Whoever text me during those times I can always text them back later on. There has now been this ad where a family is around the dinner table on their devices and the mom pauses the Wi-Fi and she says I paused it. That was her way of saying this is family time not noses in your devices time.

My brother in law also thinks it’s rude when you have company over or visiting someone and you are too involved in your smartphone or other devices and I agree with him. That time should be family time and the phones and other devices should be put away during that time. Some may just have their phones out for a moment to take some quick pictures and videos at a family gathering and then put them away which is OK but as long as they don’t get too involved in their phones and forget about the very important things that are around in their own environment.

Having a smartphone and other devices technology is great to have but we need to have a balance and make sure that we give our families and friends time as well.  They may be talking to you about something that’s very important and if you have your head stuck in your phone that is very rude because you are ignoring those around you.the polite thing would be to put down your phone and focus on the ones who are trying to tell you something that’s important. Smartphones and any other devices remember to balance it between technology and reality.

Many ways Of Protecting Your Computer

There are many ways of protecting your computer to keep it up and running for a very long time. When you take extra precautions to make sure your computer is working properly and are safe online your PC will last a great period of time. One of the things that you want to do is purchase a very good surge protector to protect your whole computer system including the main unit, printer and any other devices that you have hooked up to it.

Cleaning your computer on a  regular basis is also important to give it a long life. You can get can air for blowing out the dust off of the keyboard and then there is a cleaner you can get for your monitor that has a special cloth for cleaning your monitor.Every once in a while you may have to clean the inside of your computer tower and you need to shut your computer down before doing this type of procedure. After it has shut down turn off the surge protector unplug from the back of the computer tower and remove the side cover and clean with can air to blow out any dust that may be in your computer. Depending on where you live you may need to do this once a month. , After doing that make sure the cover is back on and secured before reconnecting power and turning back on again.

Also, online protection is very important as well and you need to be aware what software that you are downloading, Getting yourself a very great virus protection program is also a very important key to protect your PC from hackers.You can also find free software online for virus protection and also there is spyware protection as well. It’s very important to keep your computer protected to keep it running in full working order for a very long time.

Also. to prevent your PC from slowing down delete things that you don’t need and make sure that you clean out your recycle bin, Cleaning out your browser history before shutting your computer down at the end of the day is very important. Also, if you have too many bookmarks that can slow down your browser so you may want to clear out some bookmarks to keep your browser up to speed, You also may need to do a PC clean up or a defragment to keep your computer running at tip-top speed. Also, being aware of what online software you are downloading is very important and if you are not sure, don’t take any chances it is better to be safe then take any chances.

It’s very important to take extra steps to make sure that your computer is always fully protected at all times, You can also get a dust cover for your computer when not in use to keep it protected from dirt and dust. If you are using a laptop make sure that you have a good cooling fan to prevent overheating. Always protect your computer.

The Days Of The V.C.R

Back in the day when we wanted to record shows or watch movies, it was during the days of the V.C.R. With either a VHS or a  Betamax V.C.R many of us recorded our favorite shows on Television or any movies that were on TV or Cable. Back in those days, the video cassette recorder was very popular in so many homes around the world.

Video rental places were also hopping as well during those times because many were always going there and renting movies on VHS Or Beta videocassettes, A lot of people would rent movies on weekends and watch them on their  V.C, R. A V.C.R was either a 2 head or if you wanted one with the best quality 4 head V.C.R’s were the best ones to get. For those who had a great sound setup, there were also V.C.R’s that were stereotype V.C.R’s that gave out great sound. Also, you can have your V.C.R record one channel while you watch another and watch your recorded show at a later time.You can also set a timer for a certain time you wanted to record a show and you can do a one-touch record when a show comes on and press the time for an hour or more depending on the length of the program.

There are those that also had two V.C.R’s that they used when they wanted to copy home movies for their family and friends or when they playback things that they recorded off of TV they will rerecord onto another videotape and take out the ads. Those that liked to watch movies but did not wanna wait for each videotape to rewind lots r of them would also have a videotape rewinder that also saved a lot of wear and tear on your video cassette recorder. Retail stores have sold so many pre-recorded and blank video cassettes back in those days of the  Video Cassette Recorder.

The V.C.R was still popular throughout the 90’s but started to fade out in the early 21st century. Many stores stopped carrying pre-recorded video cassettes and only had blank videotapes and soon the V C.R;’s were starting to fade out due to DVD players being on the rise.  Some places still had DVD/VCR combo recorders but not many standard V.C.R’s were in the store. By then the video cassette recorder has faded out of the public eye.After that time the only place that you can find a  V.C.R would be at yard sales or pawn shops and sometimes you can find used ones online on such sites including E Bay or Amazon. VCRs got their start in the 70’s and faded out after the turn of the century but for those who still have their V.C.R’s you can still buy the blank videotapes in most stores and plus a long time friend of mine still has his V.C.R after all these years. My brother in law still has his combo VCR./DVD recorder and it still works to this day. The  VCR may be a thing of that past but the memories of it live on.