My Weight Loss Success


Today I wanna share about my weight loss success and how I went from being a heavy 260 pounds and after all this time finally getting down to 178.4 pounds. Years ago when I was in my 20’s 30’s and part of my 40’s I was really overweight and out of shape plus trying to tie my shoes was very difficult. I was not taking care of my body plus was not only eating junk food all the time but I was having too much of it. Ice cream, candy bars fast food you name it.

That is what lead me to be obese and out of shape plus when I say that I would take care of myself it would last a short while and then I was back into my old habits. For a period of time, my weight was going up and down like an elevator plus also I was just eating out of boredom or if I was stressed out and was using food as an escape from stress. There were times where I got out of breath from walking and I am shocked that I have not suffered a heart attack while I was very heavy because I was at high risk for having one. I would also make excuses and would say I will start working out soon when I have the time but I did not take the proper actions plus I was called out on it so many times I can write a book. The reason why I was overweight is that I was lazy and did not take care of myself.

There was this one time in the middle of last year when watching different ads on heart attacks, strokes, and many other health issues plus seeing those who are obese and have to use an E.C.V  to get around made me wake up and realize that I had to make a change. I was saying to myself OK David you got two options you can either keep doing what you are doing and end up cutting your life short or you can live longer by making the changes that you need to make.This is when I have decided to get in shape, take care of my body and live a much healthier lifestyle.

My weight loss success means a lot because it took a lot of hard work to make it happen. When we moved out to San Diego in October I was in the low 200’s and after a while got under 200 pounds and just kept at it. I was at the doctor and was about to have my weight checked and was thinking about 186 but when I got on the scale it read 178.4 pounds. I was like yes I did it and although it was a little more than I wanted to lose it was a proud moment. Now the only thing I need to work on is getting my body toned up. This is indeed the best shape of my life that  I have been in since I was a teenager 30 plus years ago. I feel happier and am full of energy and young youth!