Distance Over Time The New Dream Theater Album


Last week I was listing to Distance Over Time,the new Dream Theater album and once again they put out another rocking masterpiece. First of all I love the album cover that shows a robotic hand holding a skull and the one who created this album cover has a great creative mind when it comes to making album covers. Every song on this album is a true rocker and Distance Over Time really moves you and puts you into the true Rocking music mood.

Distance Over Time, the new Dream Theater album opens up with the track Untethered Angel that first starts out with an acoustic guitar intro for about 40 seconds, then it’s into full rocking business with the entire band and amazing vocals by James Labrie .This track gets’s Distance over time going because it gets the fuel started. The second track paralyzed is another great song on this album I just love the music and the words really give it that great Dream Theater spice. The 3rd track Fall Into The Light, is another amazing track on this album with great instrument work and beautiful lyrics also the video for the song is also just out of this world and mind blowing.

Bar stool warrior is the 4th track on this album and it’s a very powerful rocking song. From listening to this track it’s sounds like that Bar Stool warrior is about addiction to alcohol and that person keeps drinking their life away. The 5th album room 137 is another great track on this album and it has that amazing future feel to it. Every Dream Theater album that has been put out over the years has rocked the top of the charts and with Distance Over Time it still shows that they still rock the top of the charts after 30 years of making great music and putting on great shows.

Other great tracks are the 6th track S-2-N the 7th, track At Wits End which is the longest track on this album with a running time of over nine minutes,the 8th track ,out of reach, the 9th track Pale Blue Dot and the 10th and extra track Viper King. After I listened to Distance Over Time, I was like blown away and so amazed of this amazing and wonderful Dream Theater album. I have also heard that with the upcoming tour they will be playing tracks from this album and will be also be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the 5th album Scenes From A Memory and they will be also be performing this album in it’s entirety. I give Distance Over Time, a triple a plus grade because this is another great album that Dream Theater has worked hard on to keep the Dream Theater fuel going and whenever you hear a dream theater album you know its’s going be a rocker. This album is amazing from the start to the last track.If you have not heard this album yet, you gotta give it a listen its’s another great Dream Theater masterpiece to enjoy.

Ghost A very Amazing Rock Band



Ghost is a very amazing rock band from Linköping Sweden that was formed back in 2006 and have gained millions of fans and worldwide success. I have heard of this band a few months ago but have never heard their music and I thought I would go online and watch some of their videos and I came across the video for Rats and decided to give it a view and when I did it just blew me away, amazing drum intro and full force rock. Also the song has such amazing lyrics and great vocals by Tobias Forge who is also know on stage as Papa Emeritus and Cardinal Copia.

I also wanted to give all of the Ghost albums a listen and I started with the 2010 debut Opus Eponymous  and gave it a full listen and thought that it was a very amazing debut album and the songs Stand By Him and Genesis are very amazing tracks .The next one that I listened to was the E.P  If you have ghost and that one also blew me out of the water and the opening title track really gets it kicking into high gear.It also contains a few other great tracks Including I’m A Marionette.The second album Infestissumam  is also another great Ghost album with the amazing tracks Year Zero, Monstrace Clock and other great tracks. This is another amazing album by these great rockers. I have also heard the track Square Hammer from the Pope Star E.P which is a great rocking track but still need to give the E.P a full listen which I plan on doing during the week. Also I have seen live clips of their shows online as well.

The 3rd album Meliora is another great rocking album with the tracks Mummy Dust, He Is, Circe, From The Pinnacle To The Pit, and other great amazing tunes to crank up. The song He is is a great song with a mixture of acoustic and electric guitar work. Now to the 4th album Prequelle and this is the best Ghost album to date. I gave this whole album a full listen and just love it. It opens up with the intro Ashes and then the rocking track Rats. This album also several other great tracks including Faith, See The Light, the instrumental track Miasma, Dance Macabre and Life Eternal. I have also found out that there is a box set of Prequelle that you can order from the Ghost website and the box set contains The CD, Vinyl and a Limited edition 8 Track and cassette format as well. I would also love to attend a Ghost concert because from the live clips I have seen online and all their music I have heard, I have quickly became a Ghost fan. Ghost is one of the best bands out there that know how to make music and entertain the crowd.


Music For Road Trips


When it comes to traveling having music for road trips is a great way to keep everyone entertained and to also help pass the time. Those who listen to music on road trips will either have A Cassette Deck, CD player, or the newest technology such as their Mp3 players or a satellite radio. Some who have an automobile with Wi-Fi can also listen to internet radio stations such as Pandora, Spotify, I Heart and, many others as they are traveling down the open road.

Music for road trips can also make the trip fun and can make your traveling a whole lot less stressful plus you may catch yourself singing along as well. Those may either listen to a certain genre of music when they travel and others like a mixture of music to listen to on long road trips. Either way music on the road makes the time go by faster. If you are someone who is married and traveling with children, the music that you are listening to of course would need to be kid-friendly and you can either pick up CD’s with kids songs or if you have satellite radio in your car you can find a family music station to listen to  and Radio Disney plays the latest pop hits that are family friendly as well.

Let’s say that you wanna build a custom playlist for your road trip and you have a long road trip that’s gonna take you a few days to get to your destination. There are many types of Mp3 players that you can buy and the more memory storage available on them the more music you can save also the same for smartphones and USB drives. For those who still have A minidisc deck and have a portable MD player, you can buy blank MiniDiscs that are 74   minutes and if you switch the deck to mono you can get more recording time on there with 150 mins of time.

We all have favorite songs that we wanna listen to while traveling and they can be any type of songs from any music genre that we all enjoy. When traveling I like to listen to music from Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, Back Street Boys, Duran Duran, and many others because it makes the traveling time go faster when having music for road trips. Also, let’s say that you have a minivan and traveling with family or friends and you have a DVD player in your minivan with video monitors. While you are driving everyone can watch music videos from DVD’s that they have with them or a live concert on DVD. If you have separate DVD players in your automobile everyone can each watch their own DVD of videos and use headphones for private listening. When you have music for road trips it can really come in handy because in some areas Am And Fm signals may not be as strong plus this is when Satelite radio and other music formats come in handy. So when you hit the road make sure you got plenty of tunes to crank up.

Music Of The 1980’S

The music of the 1980’s is one of the best types of music out there plus it was during my time of growing up. There are many artists and bands that got started in the 80s’s including Madonna, Inxs, Duran Duran, Richard Marx, Def Leppard, and many others. There are also many others from around the world that also got started.

Bands and artists that have been around since the 70’s or earlier have also put out some great 80’s hits including Moody Blues, Yes, Pink Floyd, Don Henley, Journey, Beach Boys, James Brown and many more that are Known. The music of the 80’s is when music videos took off and many who had cable and if it was available would tune to MTV to watch music videos from their favorite artists. Plus those who had a V.C.R would also record their favorite music videos when they aired so this way they would be able to watch those videos any time that they wanted to do so.

With music of the 1980’s CD players, CD’s ‘ and cassette singles came onto the market and became popular selling items. Those who had a huge CD collection of 80’s music would be listening to a CD that came out during that time on either a home, portable or CD player that was installed in their automobiles. Cassette singles that were sold in the 1980’s were sold when either some were on a budget and not able to afford to buy the whole album on cassette or they only wanted the single itself. Myself there are some cassette singles that I purchased years ago and still have them. The 80’s vinyl was still around for a while and many 12-inch remix singles were released and those would not only sell in stores but they would be playing a different dance clubs and many High Schools dances as well. When I was in Highschool back in the 80’s I have attended many High School dances and  I would dance to songs from Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Def Leppard, Tone Loc, and many others that hit the music scene in the 1980’s.

Those who had a dual cassette deck that was either part of a boom box, a component stereo system or a stand-alone that was connected to their receiver would make their own mixtapes by either recording songs off the radio or record songs from other cassettes or other music formats. Christmas of 1986  I got a nice stereo system from one of my aunts and uncles and I would make a mixtape by either recording from the turntable or radio. There were so many 80’s songs that I recorded off the radio and I would play that tape so many times I would wear it out.

Those who want to relive the music of the 80’s can now go on YouTube to watch classic 80’s videos plus many places online sells 80’s box sets. With the booming of Spotify and many other online, music services you can listen to your favorite 80’s music online and make a custom playlist

Expanding Your Music Tastes

When you are expanding your music tastes it shows that you have an interest in other types of music and this can be music you have never listened to before. Many of us like Rock, Metal Rap, Country and Pop but as we get older we still like our favorite types of music but we expand our tastes in music as well. You may be someone who gets into classical music or gets into the music of different languages such as German, Latino, French, and many others.

Expanding your music tastes can open your eyes and ears up to many new worlds of music. I have also got into more types of music as I got older. I still like the Rock and other music that listened to since I was a kid but now I have got into New Age, Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Electronica, and many other great types of music that are out there. When I was at the pride festival here in San Diego back in July they had some Latino music playing and although I was not able to understand the language I enjoyed it because it had a great beat that you can just dance to the beat of the music.

There are many people out there that like to experience all types of music plus still enjoy the other types of music that they have enjoyed for years. There are many artists who have been around for years have also started to develop different music styles in their albums including Lady Gaga, Kid Rock, Backstreet Boys and many others as well. Metallica is a band that has been around for 35 years and when they were first on the scene they were a thrash metal band that would play music fast and in later years they wrote more simple short songs but still have gone thrash on the new recordings as well. They’re doubled album Hard Wired To Self Destruct is a mix of thrash and mellow tunes.

Many bands have also performed with an orchestra making it a combo of classical and Rock N Roll. Bands such as Metallica, Deep Purple, Moody Blues and many others have performed live with an orchestra and that shows that many of these bands and solo artist are willing to try something new. Some have also recorded albums with many different types of music styles because they may have experienced different music styles and wanted to see how it would fit into there lifestyle of music. Music tastes can grow at any time in our lives opening us up to new things.

There are those who will listen to different types of music in a different language plus  I have also listened to many types of rock, dance and other types of music in different languages. It is true that music is the language that we can all easily understand because it’s the language that brings us all together. When you open up your mind by expanding your tastes in music and give a listen, you may get hooked on that style of music and many others.

pink Floyd Delicate Sound Of Thunder 30Th Anniversary


The live Pink Floyd album, The Delicate  Sound Of Thunder is a true classic live Pink Floyd album that’s celebrating Its 30Th anniversary. This was recorded during The Momentary Lapse Of Reason tour and this was released on a double disc and double cassette in 1988. A live VHS cassette of the concert followed as well which has about the same amount of live songs from the doubled disc and cassette minus a couple tracks and the live version of One Slip is only on the live VHS cassette. This live Pink Floyd album is Pink Floyd performing many well known classic hits.

The album kicks off with Shine On You Crazy Diamond which is taken from the album Wish You Were Here and is the peace dedicated to the late Syd Barret.  The next live track Learning To Fly opens with an amazing drum beat and then the whole band kicks in with Gilmour’s powerful and strong lead vocals and then goes to Yet Another Movie and Round and Around. The next tracks Sorrow, The Dogs Of War and On The Turning away closes disc one of the album. Disc Two Of Delicate Sound Of Thunder opens up with an amazing live performance of One Of These Days and then it blends into Time. Other tracks Wish You Were Here, Money, and Another Brick In The Wall Part 2. The album closes with the classics Comfortably Numb and Run Like Hell. The live video has amazing visual effects including Nick Mason’s glowing drumsticks during Time and also the video effects as well. The Delicate Sound Of Thunder is Pink Floyd live at it’s best. This 30-year-old live album is an amazing true and well known classic.

The Best Live Albums Of All Time



There are many great live albums out there from many well-known stars and here gonna talk about some of the best live albums of all time. One of the great live albums of all time is the 1977 live Genesis album Seconds out and this was recorded during the 1976 A Trick Of The tail Tour. This is after the peter Gaberial era with the band being down to 4 members and Phill Collins doing vocals and drums. Live versions of Ripples, Robbery Assault And Battery and the 25 minute live version of Suppers Ready.  This is classic Genesis performing live during the prog years.

Another one of the best live albums of all time is AC/DC live and there are 2 versions of this album. The single Disc and the 2 disc version as well. This was recorded during the Razors Edge world tour and it has so many live AC/DC classics that we all know and love. The doubled disc set includes the same as the single disc but with some extra live tracks including “Let There Be Rock’, High Voltage and a live version of Jail Break that goes for almost 15 minutes.

101 from Depeche Mode is one of their great live albums that came out in the late 80’s plus I remember this album when it came out. Me and my youngest brother were staying with relatives in Chisago Heights during the summer of 1989 and my Cousin was playing this album on his boom box. The whole album rocked including the live version of People Are People plus after almost 30 years it’s one of the best live albums of all time from Depeche Mode. Pink Floyd has also come out with a few great live albums. Umaguma is a two-disc set part live part studio. This was recorded back in 1969 during some performances and the live disc opens up with an extended version of Astronomy Domine running for over 8 minutes with Roger waters on main vocals. The other tracks Careful With The Axe Eugene, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun and A Saucerful Of Secrets add great flavor to the live disc of UmmaGumma. The live 1988 album The Delicate Sound Of Thunder is another great live Pink Floyd album and this is during the post Waters era. this opens with Shine On You Crazy Diamond and then goes to Learning to fly,   The live versions of Money,and the rest of this 1988 classic are true live rockers. Their 1995 live album Pulse was recorded during The Division Bell world tour and Opens with Shine On You Crazy Diamond.It also includes live tracks from A Momentary Lapse Of Reason and The Division Bell albums including Learning To Fly, and keep Talking. The second Disc includes a complete performance of The Dark Side Of The Moon and with encores Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb and Run Like Hell. More then 20 years later it’s still a great live Pink Floyd CD.

In 2000 was the live Pink Floyd album Is There Anybody Out There, The wall Live. This was recorded back in the early 80’s during The wall Shows in 1980 and 1981 but was finally released to the public 20 years after being recorded. Other great live albums include Def Leppard’s Mirror Ball Live And More, Elton John’s One Night Only,and Genesis the way we walk Volume one The Shorts and Volume two The longs.  These are some of the best live albums of all time plus there are more out there from many great well-known bands and solo artists.

Depeche Mode Violator -Classic Albun


Depeche Mode’s 1990 album Violator is indeed a truly classic album with many amazing songs. This album, of course, is still loved by many Depeche Mode fans from the early days to a whole new generation of fans as well and with it including hits such as Personal Jesus, Enjoy The Silence Sweetest Perfection and Policy Of Truth shows how amazing this album is. I have seen the videos for Personal Jesus, Enjoy The Silence and Policy Of Truth many times and they are really great amazing videos that tell a real story. VIolator is one of my favorite Depeche Mode albums.

I remember when my brother had the cassette single of Personal Jesus and when I heard it the first time I was blown away and when I heard the entire album it was like I was taken on a magical journey because the whole album is so moving with great songs. Lead singer Dave Gahan has very powerful vocals on this album and others he has done in the past and prior. Depeche Mode has made so many amazing albums but VIolator is my favorite Depeche Mode album of all time. Depeche Mode’s Violator is indeed a truly classic album with many great creative hits.


Van Halen 40 Years Rocking


One of my favorite bands Van Halen has been rocking the world for 40 years and has put out many great albums and has made millions of fans around the world. The early days of Van Halen were with Micheal Anthony Bass, David Lee Roth lead vocals, Eddie Van Halen Guitar and Alex Van Halen Drums. I have been a fan for many years of Van Halen plus grew up listening to their great party style music that the made back in the David Lee Roth era of VH,

The debut self-titled album that came out in 1978, of course, has the rocking classic “Running With The Devil” and many other great classics. Also, one of the albums that my brother had on cassette was the album Diver Down which is another Van Halen Classic with their cover of Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman. Every album and hit that Van Halen has released over a 40 year period has been great and amazing pure rock-n-roll.  Songs like “Unchained”, “And The Cradle Will Rock”, “Jamies Cryin”, and so many Van Halen classics are hits that stand the test of time.

With Van Halen doing 40 years of rocking their albums are still cranked up at full volume and is enjoyed by longtime fans and fans of the new generation. The classic album 1984 which is the first Van Halen album to feature the use of a synthesizer that was played by Eddie Van Halen. The intro 1984 opened the album and then went into the song Jump. Other rockers on here include “Panama”  “Drop Dead Legs” and I’ll Wait. This was the last album to feature David Lee Roth on leads and then he started a solo carer after leaving Van Halen. The follow-up album 5150 was the first Van Halen album to feature Sammy Hagar on vocals who has also had a successful solo carer before joining Van Halen. This classic, of course, includes the ballad Why Can’t This Be Love and many other great classics. The next album ou812 contains the rocker Cabo Wabo and the acoustic Finish What You Started. I also remember having a couple Van Halen singles on a 45 R.P.M record and I would play those records over and over when I was growing up.

When they released their 1991 album For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge it sold like hotcakes and of course, when you take the first letter from each word of the album title, you know what word ya get. The song Poundcake, of course, features Eddie Van Halen using a drill on his guitar for the intro to the song plus other songs Right Now, and Runaround are great classics.The last album to feature Sammy Hager on lead vocal is the album Balance which contains the hit I Can’t Stop Loving You which is a great tune with great vocals and instrument work. Van Halen 3 was the only album to feature Gary Cherone of Extreme on lead vocals and the last album with bassist Micheal Anthony. The album A Different kind of Truth that came out in 2012  includes the new line up Eddie Van Halen on Guitar and backing vocals, Alex Van Halen on Drums, newcomer Wolfgang Van Halen on Bass and the return of David Lee Roth AKA Diamond Dave on vocals. The track Tatoo is the cool rocker that opened this album and the video for it is amazing. So here is to Van Halen one of the great bands that have been rocking the world for 40  rocking years.


Days Of The Cassette Singles



Back in the days when you would buy albums on cassette, this is when the days of the cassette singles were in full swing. The cassette singles came in handy when people just wanted to buy the single itself and not the whole album plus on some of the cassette singles, the songs will appear on both sides of the cassette for your convenience. The cassette singles would come in either a small cardboard case or a regular plastic case that would display the artist and the name of the single. On the back, it would say what album the song is taken from as well. Music stores were selling many cassette singles left and right during the days when cassettes were in full swing and a massive hit.

The days of the cassette singles were very popular during the 1980’s and 1990’s. Me and my oldest brother had a lot of cassette singles back in the day and had so many of them when we were growing up. Some of the cassette singles would even have both the original and a remix of the song plus more of the cassette singles may contain a live track of a song to.  I remember this little stereo we had that was an Am/Fm Radio turntable and dual cassette deck plus what was cool about it is that you are playing cassettes in both decks you can start the other one when the other one is about to finish and it would do an automatic mix. It gave the music a continuous mix. I even remember when I graduated from Highschool and there was a graduation party for me at home and my brother was playing cassette singles and being Dj. Playing the cassette singles on that stereo that we had given the party a nonstop fun time.

The cassette singles started to fade out after the turn of the century when the digital age started to take off and music downloads were in full swing. There are those who still have their collection of cassette singles and a cassette deck to play them on. I still have a few of my cassette singles but no cassette deck to play them on. For those who wanna transfer their cassette singles to digital format, there are now USB cassette decks that you can buy for your computer and transfer them to either A CD or an Mp3. If you are one of those vintage collectors you can find many used cassette singles online including E Bay, and many other online sites plus you can find cassette singles at yard sales and flea markets. They may no longer be sold in stores but the memory of cassette singles will always live on.