Protecting Your Information


With the ongoing events of identity theft, protecting your information is very important so this way no one can get to your account or try to buy something in your name. When you get statements in the mail for your bills, bank statements or anything that has your name or any information on it, You don’t wanna just toss them in the trash because that will be an open invitation to thieves so what you wanna do is run it through a shredder.

Anything that has your name on it that’s not shredded and in the trash can easily be used for anyone to get your information and it can even be an old report card from school years ago. All they would have to do is go online  type in your name and the name of the school they would get your social, security number and use that to like get a credit card in your name or if they were able to access your bank account then everything you had saved in your account would be sucked dry and then you would have to do what needs to be done to get everything back the way it was and it can be a headache to deal with. This is why that protecting your information at all times is very important no matter where you are at or wherever you go in the world.

Also, online information needs to be protected as well and having a good virus protection will help prevent any hackers from getting your information and also on some online shopping sites you wanna make sure it’s a legit  site otherwise if you order something without checking the site, you may either get ripped off and not get the item you paid for or they will end up getting all of your money because they now have your card on file. I almost made a big mistake last week and not thinking about it by tossing out old mail and other things with my information on it and lucky for me my brother saw what was in the trash and told me so, we went through everything that was to be shredded and took care of it and it took one day and a half day to do it. So now I make sure anything that has my information on it that’s to be tossed out I make sure it’s shredded up really well.

There are many ways to protect your information while out and about or online plus when out in public, you wanna be aware of any prying eyes because if you are using your credit card at the store and have it visible someone can take a quick picture of it without you knowing, go online and have a shopping spree at your expense. You need to be careful where you are at plus if you enter a pin at an atm while getting, money out shield the keyboard so no one sees what your pin number is. When you are protecting your information, you will save yourself from a whole lot of problems.

Remembering Great Times

Remembering Great Times

When you are remembering great times that you have had over the years it fills your heart with some much wonderful and happy memories that you will always remember for many years to come.  These good times can also be something that has happened a few years back or recently but either way looking back on great times in life is like going back in time and remembering all the fun that you have had when those fun times took place.

I also remember many great times myself as a kid growing up and as an adult plus the times are memories that I will always treasure. Back in January of 1980, we took a trip to California with our Grandparents our Mom etc and went to Disneyland and just had the time of our lives and again in July 1981. The second time we went it was me, my oldest brother, Grandparents, Aunt and Uncle and some cousins. When we went the second time to California we did other things also and went to Universal Studios for the day and had a blast plus the last day we were in Burbank.This is one vacation that I will always remember because it brings back so many great memories and the great times that we have had with our wonderful Grandparents.

Going back 15 years, I had a surprise party for my 30th birthday and had no clue about it. My youngest brother wanted to take me out for a little bit and my mom was saying a few friends are gonna come over and play some board games and I was like OK sounds like a fun evening. When we got back to the house this is how they got me the plastic doors we had the closed off the back room of the house is when mom asked if I could go in there and get the games out I said sure. When I opened up the door to the room all of the sudden everyone yelled surprise and I see like 20 plus people plus my brother was getting it all on video. They all got me good that day plus it was a wonderful way to celebrate my 30th birthday, great times indeed.

Back in November of 1986 was our Grandmothers last  Thanksgiving with us because she was fighting cancer during that time.For this most of the family flew in from out of state and our Grandparents had everyone over at their place for the big family Thanksgiving gathering plus there was also plenty of turkey and lots of other great food to go around. That was a great Thanksgiving and one that will always remain in my heart forever. So may memories of great times that I have had over the years have been not only with family but also with some of my best friends as well. When you are remembering all the great times that you have had over the years in life, it just brings you back to the great times that you will always remember.

Coming Across Old Stuff

Coming Across Old Stuff

When you are coming across old stuff it can bring back so many memories of your childhood from years ago to a recent event. You can come across things such as an old photo from 20 plus years ago from some friends party or a family gathering and you take yourself back to that day or sometimes you will come across old family videos to watch. When you are looking back on them it feels like you are going back in time to those days and in these family videos from years ago some may still be living and some may have passed on but you still have those great and wonderful memories that you will always remember.Coming across old stuff from time to time is like reliving the good times that you had in the past.

Myself I was going through some things in my room and came across some old things including a birthday card when I was 2 years old plus other birthday cards as well from when I was a child plus came across so many other memories that I have had saved from all of these years. I have also come across some old 45 R.P.M records cassette albums and cassette singles that I remember having from many years ago and that just took me back to them days. Also, there were some posters that I came across that I have not seen in quite some time that I have had stored away for a while.

When you are coming across old stuff it’s like you are reliving those great memories so as you go through your old chest of treasures and close your eyes you can just picture yourself back at the time as a kid growing up reliving the fun time from that event that was a  Holiday party with family and friends or whatever event that took place during that time. There are those who have old 8 mm film reels of family movies which of course was no sound but now those can be put on DVD and if you wanted to you can add music to it depending on where you go and what service a photo lab has available. We were given a VHS tape of old 8 mm family movies that was like six hours worth but I came up with an idea to add music to it. Back then I had a VCR/DVD Recorder connected and what I did was took connector that was a part mini headphone plug and part RCA Jack hook ups and plugged one part into the PC and one part in back of the audio inputs on The VCR/DVD Recorder. I was recording different sections from the tape to DVD while adding music from the 1960’s and 1970’s and the way the that it turned out when I played it back was amazing plus I made a copy for the rest of the family to see and they just loved it.Coming across those old memories just take you back to the good old days that you remember.