Having Great Humor In Life


When you are having great humor in life it shows that you can laugh at anything and just enjoy the details of everyday life. Humor can come in so many ways from telling jokes and being goofy plus that’s a great way to get others around you laughing. Lots of us love sit-coms.comedy films and watching stand up comics and that is another thing that will tickle your funny bone. Humor fills out hearts with pure joy and the more we laugh the happier we are.

Having great humor in life is good to have plus can also help you get through the hard times in your life. Someone may be going through a hard situation in their lives but when you crack a little joke or do something funny it can get them laughing and make the situation easier to deal with. It’s true when they say that laughter is the best medicine that you can take plus with it there is no prescription, no cost, and the dosage of it is unlimited. There are also many ways to get more humor by going online and reading jokes plus watching funny video clips as well to get a good laugh. You can have humor just about anywhere that you go in this world because laughter is what the world needs.

You can also have humor on the job plus if you are someone who works with the public and you have that great humor, you most certainly will get a lot of customers laughing plus lots of customers like that because it makes their day. Also with people that you work with you may also have a boss that has a great sense of humor and that type of boss is what makes the job a lot more fun to have. Humor is also one of the best ways to relieve stress and trust me I have used humor many of times to relieve stress when I am having one of those days. That has helped out a lot.

You and your family members or friends may be talking about some old times and funny things that happened years back. When you all do you may find yourselves cracking up and talking about those funny times that have happened. If you are a parent or a grandparent your child or grandchild may say or do something so funny it will get you rolling on the floor in stitches. The great thing about humor is that it gives us the gift of great joy and fills us up with happy and wonderful thoughts plus when you have the great humor you have a positive attitude to go along with it.

There are even many songs that have some humor in them plus will get you laughing up the biggest storm ever. If you love music with humor Weird Al Yankovic is one of the best artists to listen to because when he does a parody of a hit song or one of his own, you will be laughing like crazy. Having a great sense of humor brings great laughter.