California Suites Hotel


If you are looking for a nice hotel to stay at for a vacation or extended stay then The California Suites Hotel is just for you. This hotel is located in the Claremont neighboorhood of San Diego and this hotel me, my brother and brother in law are staying in and we just love it. The staff here is very friendly, upbeat and goes out of the way to make sure that all the guests here are taken care of. This is a very wonderful place to stay and relax.

The California Suites Hotel has so much to offer and the type of rooms that you can choose from is A standard room with one or two beds, master suite room and a master suite room with kitchen. even some of the regular rooms have a kitchen. The room that we are in has a kitchen and a small stove to do some cooking. They also have free Wi-Fi access so if you wanna check your emails, watch videos, surf the web or video chat with a friend or family member you can do that while you are either in your room or anywhere on the property. For you early risers they serve breakfast every morning from 6.30 am to 9.00pm Monday through Friday and 7.00 to 10.00 Am on weekends. They have a great variety of breakfast items, including oatmeal, bagels, different types of cereal hard-boiled eggs, coffee and fruit. Plus they also have free coffee and fresh fruit all day long so if you are in need of a cup of coffee or want an apple, they have them free in the lobby all day from morning until they close.

They also offer extended stay as well for those who are going to be in this area for a long period of time and we are staying here until we find a place. If you have clothes to wash during the day there is also a laundry room on site for guest to use and a few vending machines including a Pepsi machine and a couple others. I just love staying here and also what is best is that it’s in a gated community and it’s mostly quiet during the evening plus the beds here are so comfortable to sleep on. Plus if you wanna get a great workout there is a swimming pool for guests to use and if you wanna chill and soak there is also a spa that you can use at the California Suites Hotel.

To get in your room you scan a senior on the door with a card and it lets you in. They also go green so when you want to run the AC unit you need to put the key card in the wall unit that runs the Ac Unit.  If you are staying here for a few days or a long period of time The California Suites Hotel is a great an amazing hotel to stay at. This hotel I  recommend if you are looking for a great place to stay at. It has so much to offer and is in a great part of town.