A Great Experience At The Holiday Inn Express

A couple weeks back we had a great experience at The Holiday Inn Express and enjoyed our 2-night stay. It was me, my brother and brother in law who were staying there for a couple of days and when you first walked into the lobby to check in I was very impressed by how well clean it was I there it looked amazing. The staff there is also great and friendly and are always there for anything that you need to make you stay at the Holiday Inn Express wonderful.

We were on the 3rd floor of the inn and we had a great view from where we were at and the size of the room, breathtaking. Also, the size of the bathroom was huge as well it was like you could have a dance in there plus they have a hair dryer that you can use that’s in each room and also an HDTV so you can watch one of your favorite shows in high definition. Also, another great feature in each room is the single-serve Keurig coffee machine along with some coffee pods so you can have that hot cup of coffee when you wake up in the mornings. Plus if you have your laptop or any other device with you to get on the internet they also have free high-speed internet for guest to use. The internet connection at the Holiday Inn Express is blazing fast and no matter where you are at with your device at The Holiday Inn Express, you will always get a great internet connection with the free Wi-Fi service.

A great experience at The Holiday Inn Express is so amazing that you want to stay there over and over again, it’s that great. There is also the free breakfast with your stay and it’s served Monday through Friday 6 to 9.30 Am Weekends 7 to 10 Am. It’s self-serve and they have so many breakfast items to offer and if you are on a health kick they offer many choices of healthy breakfast items including fruit and of course juice and coffee as well. The Holiday Inn Express is one of the greatest places to stay with you are traveling and it’s a place I strongly recommend.

There is also the pool if you wanna go for a swim and a spa if you wanna relax and have a great soak plus for those that wanna get a work out in, there is a workout room for those who wanna keep in shape and stay active. With what The Holiday Inn Express has to offer it’s no wonder why it’s one of the most popular Inn’s to stay at for business or leisure travel. The beds are also very comfortable to sleep on and each bed has a set of 4 pillows 2 that are firm and 2 that are soft. I used the soft pillows because that’s what I prefer and these are very amazing pillows to sleep on. The Holiday Inn Express is indeed one of the best places to stay and I give it a triple A plus for its great service.



Heritage Inn Budget Hotel

If you are in San Diego and are looking for a place to stay that’s affordable then the Heritage Inn Budget Hotel is the best choice for you. located in The Midway District area  The Heritage Inn Budget Hotel is close to Sea World and many other places in the area. There are many shops and places to eat that are close by to this hotel with either a short drive or a walking distance.A few nights ago me, my brother and brother in law walked up to Red Lobster for dinner from The Heritage Inn and it only took us about 10 minutes to walk up there, it’s very close by to the Inn.

Also, Heritage Inn also has free Wi_Fi for use if you want to go online and surf the internet or watch videos online but there may be times where it may slow down of others are using it but for the most part it works pretty well, Every day from 6.00Am until 9.00Am they have free continental breakfast in the lobby with coffee.This comes in handy for those who want something quick in the mornings because they may have a massively busy day ahead of them.

The beds are very comfortable to sleep on and I get a good nights sleep every night. Most of the rooms have the HDTV”S for guest to use and the picture on it is very sharp. The rooms have other things available including a coffee pot, an iron, and an ironing board and a small refrigerator with a small freezer inside. So if you are gonna be staying here for a while, then you will have a place to keep any cold or frozen foods that you plan on buying. If you got clothes to wash it’s $2.00 to wash and $2.00 to dry plus $1.25 for the laundry soap. In that same room, there is also a microwave if you have something that you wanna heat up and there are also a few vending machines in there including a coffee machine. There is also a soda machine inside the pool and spa area which is open daily from 9 Am to 10 pm at night. Each room also has a desk that you can use for your laptop or anything else that you have.

Also, each room has a clock radio if you want to listen to one of your favorite radio stations or use it to wake up in the mornings. Plus if you have a Mp3 player or a smartphone with your music on it, you can hook it up to the input on the clock radio and play your music through it. For a low priced Inn, the Heritage Inn has so much to offer for anyone who wants to stay at a hotel but don’t wanna spend a whole lot of money. The staff here is also very friendly and upbeat plus the maid service is just outstanding. One day we were having the room cleaned and after they were done I went back inside and was impressed on the great job that was done. The bathroom was also spotless and was very clean.For a great place to stay that won’t drain your wallet, I strongly recommend the Heritage Inn.