Dancing to keep in Shape

When you wanna take care of yourself by moving to the beat, dancing to keep in shape is the best way to go. When you are dancing to music not only are you having fun but you are also getting a workout in and burning off calories as well and when you burn off calories it will help you keep your body toned up and keep you slender. There are certain types of music that you can dance to including rock, pop, country, and many others and also the tempo may be slow or it may be fast. Those who wanna get a good workout in will dance to fast upbeat songs and there are a lot of upbeat dance songs that you can dance to. That fast beat will give you the energy that you need to get down.

Dancing to keep in shape is very good for your heart, mind, and soul plus many people that go out on a Friday night after a long week at work like to go out dancing and let loose. There are many dance clubs that are open late or all night long depending on the area that you live in. Here in San Diego California, there are many places where you can go dancing where some clubs will either play the same type of music or they will mix it up with different styles. If you are in the neighborhoods of Northpark or Hillcrest there are many places where you can go for a night of dancing. I also like to go out dancing from time to time and like to move to a fast song because it fills my heart with joy and keeps me active on top of that. I will dance to any type of music and even if I don’t understand the language I will still dance because the beat moves me.  Dancing is what makes us all feel alive and it fills us with happiness and joy.

Some who have a daily workout routine will also include dancing as a part of it because they wanna add more to their workouts and get into the best shape that they can get into. Many pop stars such as Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson, Paula, Abdul Usher, and many others have great dance moves when they are on stage performing plus will have back up dancers in their shows as well. There are those that are passed on that had great dance moves including the late Micheal Jackson and his dance moves were just mindblowing and he will always be remembered for the moonwalk.

Whatever type of music moves you, dancing to keep in shape can be a whole lot of fun plus many teach dancing as a profession because it’s what they have a passion for. There are also many different types of dancing styles that have been around for a short time and some that have been around for many years including the tango. When you are dancing to keep in shape, you are not only having fun but, you are gonna add more years to the rest of your life.


Health And Success go Together


One of the main reasons why health and success go together is that many people who are successful are also in great shape. From rock stars to very well entrepreneurs that are known keep fit by doing various workouts daily and mostly watching what they eat. The more successful people take care of themselves The greater the success that they will have in their lives plus it will continue to build up their confidence each and every single day of their lives.

Those that don’t keep in shape and are unhealthy also may not have that much success and they would stay on the sidelines and also eating the bad foods that can give them a massive amount of health problems. Health issues that they can face is heart disease which can lead to a massive heart attack and that can also be fatal as well. It can also lead to obesity and myself I was almost 300 pounds 13 years ago and that was not fun because I had a hard time breathing and getting around. To be successful not only do you have to work at it you also gotta take care of your health because health and success go together and it’s the most 2 important things for having a great long life.

To have the success that you want and to maintain that success it’s also very important to live a healthy lifestyle every day. There are many motivational speakers that host seminars that are in very great shape and have a youthful attitude and some who are older also appear to look younger then they are because they took the steps to take care of themselves. The main key to having success is also taking care of your body and keeping it in the best shape possible.

Very well known bands that have been around for a few years or 20 years plus also have to stay in shape and it’s very important when they go on tour and perform around the world. They are successful by working hard in their carers and making sure that their health is up to date. This and many other carers is what health and success go together in the same field. Without health in our lives great success would not be possible and bad health is what holds us back.

Having health and success goes together in many ways that are possible plus other will notice how you look. So if you are overweight and people see that it will show a lack of confidence and will show that you are not fully focused on the things you wanna do but if you are in great health, it will show that you have confidence and will follow through in your dreams to make them a reality. Only you can decide your fate and take the path that you want to walk on.

We all have a choice to make we can either live a cut short life of bad health and no success or we can live a long life of health and success. For great health and success those are the two things that go together and go together well.




























Being Aware Of Your Healtht



When you want to live a longer and happier life,being aware of your health can really come in handy.  Doing work outs daily and mostly sticking to a healthy eating lifestyle can make a huge difference because doing this will give you the energy that you need and although having sweets once in a while is OK you don’t wanna make a habit out of it and have them everyday or make a meal out of it. Also when eating it’s best to have smaller portions.

Being aware of your health can do wonders for you and doing this and taking your health on a serious level will prevent future health problems that could lead to a heart attack, stroke, or other health issues.  There are those that have not taken care of their health and now either have many health issues or sadly are gone way too soon and there are those that used to be overweight and a day came where they decide that they were sick and tired of being sick and tired and wanted to make changes. So now since they made changes they are now in better shape and slimmer plus workout every single day and mostly eat healthy and less. They are now feeling better then they did in many years.

Years ago I was overweight and weighed 260 pounds and was in really bad shape plus could not reach to tie my shoes and had to rock back and forth to get out of a chair and my eating habits were out of control. I would eat when I was also board or stressed out or if someone was eating something I had to have the same thing or whatever I could grab and then a day came where I realized if I don’t change I won’t be around much longer. I had ups and downs but am now under 200 pounds and my weight has now been between 165 and 170 pounds which is good but still gotta get my body toned up. My day starts out with a protean shake and half of a grapefruit with coffee and although i work a full time job,I still find time to squeeze in 30 minutes of working out a day. I also admit my eating habits are not perfect but they are better then they were in years. To me my health and taking care of my body is very important.

Many people who live out here in San Diego and many other parts of California live a healthy lifestyle and many will either go out for walks or hit the gym to workout and some work out at home. These people that stay active are young and also young at heart. I have seen many people from young kids to senior citizens riding bicycles around  San Diego and it shows that age is only a number when staying active and being aware of their own health. When you are 100 percent aware of your health and stay on top of it, you will have many more years of life ahead of you to enjoy.

Getting Checkups On A Regular Basis


Getting checkups on a regular basis is very important to make sure that are health is in the best condition and also to see if there are any health issues that can be detected earlier in life. Going to your doctor for checkups is very important and it’s even important if you are feeling any type of pain or notice something on your body that’s does not seem right. Getting to your doctor for this checkup right away can catch things early and of course save your life.

Getting checkups on a regular basis needs to be done a few times a year plus a full physical needs to be done once a year to make sure that we are healthy otherwise if we don’t we can have health problems ahead of us. Getting checkups is a great way to detect things such as cancer which can be early detected if you see your doctor right away if you notice any lumps in the breast area or anywhere on your body. Getting it checked out and removed can save your life plus your doctor may also wanna see you for any follow ups to make sure the cancer has not come back and to also make sure that there are no other future problems to worry about.The earlier you take action the better.

Several years back I had a cyst on one of my fingers on my right hand that had to be removed and I am lucky that it was removed just in case but it was not cancerous but either way I was not gonna take the chance and ignore it because my health is very important to me. This is why it’a very important to get with your doctor for a checkup as soon as possible if you notice anything that’s not right and to also get checkups on a regular basis when needed.

If you are someone who is on medication may be required to see your doctor every 6 months to see if they need to make any adjustments to your medication by either raising or lowering the dosage per day. It can be to where you will have to be on this medication for the rest of your life or slowly be taken off it to where you will no longer need to take it. Depending on your health you may need to see your doctor for checkups once or a few times a week and those who are fight cancer and other serious issues will not only have to see one doctor but others as well a few times a week. Those that are healthy and have no issues will only need to see their doctor a few times out of the year.

Getting regular checkups when needed is what makes sure that we are in the best shape of our lives and we can do this by taking care of ourselves every single day by getting plenty of rest and staying active. When you are getting checkups on a regular basis, you are going to have many more years of your life to enjoy with great health.



The Importance Of Staying Active


Living a healthy and active lifestyle is the key to living a long and healthy life plus when you know about the importance of staying active and take it into full massive action you are doing yourself a whole lot of good. Living out here in San Diego California there are many people out here from young to young at heart that live an active lifestyle plus many of them go to a gym to work out or at home plus there are those who ride a bicycle to get around or for fun. Plus I have seen many who have gone for a walk or a run and those that are older and have the energy of a teenager. Staying active and moving keeps your heart in shape plus it also gives you a body and mind.

When knowing about the importance of staying active you will be living a longer life and there are many that live past the age of 100 because they took care of themselves when they were younger plus they may also appear to look many years younger then they are. Going swimming is another way to keep active and it’s one of the ways that I keep myself in shape and going plus when you are older it’s very important to take care of yourself by staying active, eating healthy and cutting back on the foods that are not good for you and to be honest I don’t drink as much soda as I used to but may have it every now and then. If you like to dance to your favorite tunes, dancing is another way to stay fit and healthy. By getting down to the music you are dancing your way to a longer life of health and happiness.

Those who are older may still work to keep active and also volunteer because they don’t wanna sit at home all day because they get bored. Some may work or volunteer part time or full time to keep themselves busy and some may do a little bit of both. There are those who have the money and like to do a lot of traveling to many places in the United States or other parts of the world. Traveling I find very exciting because you can also discover many new things as well. Those who are in really great shape will also take place in a marathon and also walk for many causes such as fighter cancer and many other life threating illnesses. Some will also ride their bicycles a very long distance and there are those who have ridden a bicycle cross country which can take months to do but many have made it happen.

There are those who have very great careers that keep them active including being in the fields of acting and music. Those who are a solo artist or in a band that are well known around the world are busy working on music, making videos and touring the world to perform in front of 50,000 plus fans every night. This and there are many great ways to stay active and keep yourself going. Staying active is a whole lot better than staying in one place all day.

It’s Not A Meal Race


There are some that sit down to a meal and have their plate of food gone in 2 minutes because they are eating too fast but we gotta slow down because it’s not a meal race. It’s very important to slow down and enjoy our meals instead of rushing through them plus if you rush through a meal it can cause you to choke or you may end up with an upset stomach. Also, those who eat too fast can end up putting on weight and then being obese. Even when it comes to drinks we need to take our time with them and also if it’s a hot drink, you don’t wanna gulp it down.

When people gulp down a drink that’s hot, that can cause you to burn the inside of your mouth plus these hot drinks can be a very high temperature so it’s best to sip and take your time with them.  We all may be on a tight schedule and feel that we need to bolt through breakfast every morning before heading to work but if we all get up in plenty of time we will not have to have a meal race every morning. This will give you time to enjoy your breakfast before having to leave for work in the morning. There are those that rush through a meal will keep on going back for more and more and soon they end up overstuffing themselves. This is why we need to take time and enjoy our food.

When you are eating breakfast in the morning it should take you 15 to 20 minutes to eat when you are taking your time and knowing that it’s not a meal race. Lunch and dinner should take at least 30 minutes to finish without rushing through and getting overstuffed. Food is meant to be enjoyed so you gotta take your time and savor the flavor.You get a much better experience with taking your time with a meal instead of going 1000 miles per hour by eating way too fast. This is a habit that I have had in the past and have been working on slowing down on my food and drinks. When it comes to frozen treats such as ice cream you wanna take your time otherwise you will end up with a massive ice cream headache and believe me those are not fun to have. The reason why some eat too fast is that they want to quickly get the flavor down and then they end up craving more food and putting on the weight.

There is no need to rush through a meal and as long as you plan things ahead you can have plenty of time to sit down to dinner with the family and enjoy a nice cooked meal plus if you are going to a high-class restaurant  that has a 5 course meal at dinner time, you are going to be spending a few hours there and it’s not for the in a hurry type. So keep in mind that it’s not a meal race and we all need to slow down and enjoy every single bite.

Seeing Your Doctor On A Regular Basis


When it comes to your health seeing your doctor on a regular basis is a very important key role to have in your life. It’s important to see your doctor from time to time to make sure that you are in good health and there are no issues to worry about. It’s best to see your doctor a few times during the year to make sure you are a great health.

When you are seeing your doctor on a regular basis it shows how serious you are about your health and want to make sure that all is well. Also, every year we all need to get a complete physical from head to toe because it’s very important to check and see if we are still in good shape or if there any type of health concerns to worry about. For those who are on medications may need to see their doctors every few months when they need to renew their prescriptions and to see if there are a change in their medications that the doctor needs to make. With medications, your doctor may have to change your dosage from time to time by either increasing or lowering a dosage and may also take you off the medicine if the doctor feels that you will no longer need it. Plus when it comes to taking your medication make sure that you are following the directions carefully and take it at the proper times that are needed.

A time may come where you may not be feeling well and you may be getting some bad pains in your arms, chest and also there may be something on your body that’s out of the ordinary such as a rash or a lump. That’s when you wanna get into your doctor right away and because if it’s a lump chances are it may be cancer and catching it early is very important. You don’t wanna wait too long when you have a lump on your body otherwise if it’s cancer it can spread throughout your entire body but if you get it checked out ahead of time and get it taken care of, you will end up saving your own life. Some people that have serious conditions such as asthma epilepsy,  or other serious health conditions that they are living with will need to see their doctor more times during the year then other patients do.

Also, when you go and see your doctor from time to time you may have questions and or things you may who to tell them and what you wanna do is write everything either on a pad of paper or if you have a smartphone with a notepad use that as well. This way in case if you forget what you are gonna ask or explain to your doctor, everything will be on a note that you can tell and ask them about. Those who are older and in great health have always taken care of themselves and always see their doctor on a regular basis and doing that is very important for a long life.

Get On With Your LIfe

There are some that get so down and out about every little thing and they think it’s the end of the world but, you don’t wanna fall into that category because it’s best to get on with your life and move forward, If You let things bring you down and it’s not healthy to keep dwelling on bad things all the time because that is what can lead to sadness and depression, Yes we all go through hard times and it can include the loss of a loved one or a very close friend and we may be sad for a while but we know that we will need to move on. Things do get better,

Those who focus on the negative things in life are missing out on great things because they are letting sadness and negative things hold them back When some people think negative things that’s what they are gonna draw into there lives.unless they change their tunes and start to move on with their lives and think positive things. When you are moving on with life and stop dwelling on the negative things that have happened in the past, you will have a life full of true happiness. Dwelling on negative things is what holds you back and being positive in life moves you forward.

The reason why it’s important to get on with your life is there are so many great things in this world to discover. Also, if you are having issues with moving forward there are friends, family, and even professionals that you can talk with and they can help you move forward and live the rest of a happy upbeat life. I have had ups and downs in my life and have had a couple great friends passed on this year but I know that things are gonna be OK because things do get better as soon as you know it. Moving on with your life shows the power and strength that you have for yourself.

The lesson here is that it’s important to get on with your life and move forward to the great things that you can experience. There are also many people out there with a positive outlook on life and they don’t have any time or patience for anyone’s negativity and constant dwelling on negative things. That positive person may end up telling that negative person to either knock off the negative attitude or go home. That may make that negative person change their ways and move on with their lives because they realize it’s best to move on and think positive things.

I have had plenty of ups and downs plus plenty of family members and great friends have passed on over the years but I have gotten past those tough times and moved on with my life. You just gotta keep on running no matter how slippery your road of life may be. When you stay strong and move on with your life, you are living a life of happiness.


Knocking Out A Cold Early

Knocking out a cold early can be very helpful so it does not get worse later on. There are many ways that you can knock out a cold in its early stages and what can help is drinking plenty of orange juice because it contains plenty of vitamin C that’s very good for your immune system. Cough drops can also come in handy when you feel a cold coming on and when you knock out a cold early you can most likely get rid of your cold quicker then you think.

There are some that wait too long to take care of a cold and when the wait too long their colds can get a whole lot worse and can take weeks to get rid of, Me I used to have a bad habit of waiting until the last minute to knock out a cold and then I have to fight it for a few weeks plus being sick and having a cold is not fun at all. Another thing that you wanna do is get plenty of rest when you are sick and what also helps is plenty of chicken noodle soup.

For knocking out a cold early there are certain cold medicines that will help including cold tablets and other types of over the counter medications. There is also this drink called Emergen C that I have used plenty of times and it really works wonders, Also other ways to get rid of a cold is by drinking water with apple cider vinegar and using a cold vapor rub as well. One time I had ginger in a cup of hot water and had ginger tea and within a day or two, I had that cold knocked out. My brother was the one that suggested the idea and I felt 100 percent better in no time at all.

Also if you have a cold you wanna make sure that you take every precaution to make sure that you don’t spread your cold to others and that means you will have to get plenty of rest and drink plenty of liquids. Most jobs require that if you are sick you need to stay home and rest so you don’t get other employees on the job sick. Taking care of your cold in advance is what will prevent you from coming down with a serious case of the flu that you will have to fight for weeks. We all know that when we have the first sign of a cold it’s best to take care of it as soon as possible.

During the winter months is when many people suffer from a cold and a lot of then stock up on cold and flu medications. It’s a wise idea for that because if you live where it snows it may be hard to get out due to the roads being slippery and the temperatures being below freezing, Taking care of your cold ahead of time and knocking it out early will help you prevent from getting the flu that can last for weeks at a time.It’s best to knock it out early.


A Healthy Eating Alternative

When you are at home or going out to your favorite restaurant there is a healthy eating alternative to your favorite foods if you are trying to cut certain things out. Many people nowadays are very cautious of what they put in their bodies because they want to live a long life and avoid as much health problems that they possibly can.

A lot of these foods that people are either cutting back out certain foods have a chance of living longer and a lot of these high calorie and fatty foods have so  much sugar and other things that are not good for us plus can cause us to become overweight if we have too much of it and don’t stay active, When you are cooking breakfast at home instead of having eggs have the egg whites in place of them and the egg whites are just like having regular eggs but without the yolk that can be high in calories and fat. I have had egg whites plenty of times and they are very good.

When you are doing a healthy eating alternative you are cutting back or cutting out so much sugar and other things that are not good for your heart. For those that don’t cut back or cut out risk themselves having a heart attack and if they survive they will be forced to change their eating habits for the rest of their lives. A healthy bowl of oatmeal with a little bit of fruit or plain is a healthy alternative to having high sugar cereals and some of them contain a whole lot of sugar in them. You can add a pack of a low calorie or zero calorie sweetener to your oatmeal if you want to add a bit of sweetness to it. There are many great ways to healthy eating and have a long and productive life for yourself.

Last night when we all went out for dinner I had egg whites with whole wheat pancakes bacon and sausage. Instead of regular syrup, I had sugar free syrup and no butter but I made one goof I forgot to tell the server that I wanted turkey bacon and sausage. But I ate it anyway but just have to remember next time since I am being careful about what I am putting in my body. To me eating healthy and taking care of my health is very much important.

There are many restaurants and fast food joints that offer a  healthy eating alternative for those who wanna stay in tip-top shape. Many that go out to a fast food place will order a healthy chicken salad or any other salad that’s healthy and they will have either water, juice or iced tea by itself of with lemon instead of soda. Those who like to have bread but want to avoid all the high calories and fat there are plenty of wholegrain wheat breads that are a better way of eating. When you choose a healthy eating alternative you are going to have a long life ahead of you.