Swimming Keeps You In Great Shape


With many ways to stay active and fit, swimming keeps you in great shape and a great way to get exercise. This is how many people that are in good health keep in shape by going for a swim every day plus also with it keeping you in shape, swimming is also fun. Also while you are swimming, there are many workouts that you can do while you are in the pool and I have done a few myself such as running in place in the water. You can really feel the burn in you.

Swimming keeps you in shape and the more you do it the healthier that you will become. Those who have been living for a long time that are in great health have taken care of themselves all of their lives. One of the ways that older adults keep in shape is by swimming and although they may be passed 70 years of age, they have that young at heart attitude that keeps them going every day. Some may just swim during the warm months of the year but those who have a heated pool will swim year-round plus the are those who have an indoor swimming pool as well.

I find swimming to be fun and also a great way to keep active because although I have lost a lot of weight, I still gotta get my legs and stomach toned up. Swimming laps in the pool are one way to keep in shape along with doing other pool exercises such as running in place, jumping jacks, and if you are by the edge of the pool, pull-ups. Plus you can be creative in many ways when you are swimming to stay in tip-top shape. Those who don’t have any work out equipment at home will either use the swimming pool at their home to keep in shape or will go to a workout club and use the swimming pool there to stay active. Also, swimming is one of the wonderful ways to relieve any type of stress that you have and it has also helped me relieve stress and keep myself in good health. The faster that you are swimming the more calories that you are gonna burn off and that will put a lot of life into your heart.

Those who are early risers that do their workouts will also go swimming depending if they have a pool or go to a workout club.Here in San Diego, there are many beaches that you can go to if you wanna go swimming and stay in shape and going to the beach to swim is what I also love to do. I have been swimming for years and was taught in school and by my Grandfather who has been passed on for about 20 years. Going for a dip in the pool and swimming is a great way to get your heart going and keep your health up and going. When you are swimming to keep in shape you are going to live a longer and healthier life.

Going For Daily Walks


Going for daily walks is one of the best ways to keep in shape and keep your heart healthy. This is one of the reasons why many people today are living longer because they work out and go walking on a daily basis plus it gets them a chance to also get out and socialize with other people. I have met people that are older that go walking everyday and have the energy of a teenager because to them age is only a number and it won’t slow them down.

When you are going for daily walks it will benefit you very well and increase your chances of a longer and healthy lifestyle. For those who want to lose weight walking is one of the great ways to do it along with workouts and eating healthy plus smaller portions.This has helped for me also because I used to be 260 pounds 13 years ago and I will tell you that I did not like the way i looked. So I took the steps that were needed and yes overtime I had ups and downs but now I am finally under 200 pounds for the first time in over 20 plus years. I go walking just about everyday and at times I am walking for a few hours and at times it’s just a quick walk but either way it’s getting done everyday.

Many that go on daily walks like to listen to some upbeat music because it gets them going and ready plus some will go jogging or running and that can really make you burn off calories. You will be burning off a snickers bar in no time at all and be in great shape. Some like to walk in the mornings and some like to walk during different times of the day but now since I am living in San Diego I can go walking anytime of the year without dealing with extreme hot weather like I did when living in Phoenix AZ. for many years. A walk a day is what does us good and gives us a longer life plus there are those who go shopping live within a walking distance and walk there and back to shop for things.

I love walking because along with it keeping me in shape it’s good to get out and explore the things around the area I live in. So many stores and places to eat are within a walking distance from where we are at and it just makes things easier. We have a car but only use it if we are gonna be driving further out otherwise if we are going some place that’s in a walking distance we will just walk. There are those from young to young at heart who walk daily.

It takes a lot of dedication to stick with daily walking and other types of exercise to keep your body in shape plus when you are taking care of your body you are avoiding many types of health problems. The more you go walking on a daily basis the longer of a life that you will have. so get your shoes on and get yourself moving and grooving.

The Benefits Of Walking

The benefits of walking can do you good because it keeps you in shape and it’s a great way to start off your day. Many people who get up early in the mornings get their day started by going for a walk either before or after eating breakfast and the morning walks gets your body going and charged up for the entire day. Walking is a great way to keep active and if you are wanting to lose some weight, walking is a very great way to get rid of some pounds.

With the benefits of walking, you are extending your health and are increasing your chances of living a longer and healthy life. There are many who walk for an hour a day or more plus some have walked very long distances as well because they wanted to challenge themselves. One time I took on a challenge by walking from the Northpark neighborhood in San Diego to downtown San Diego which took me about 2 hours each way and of course I did the walk back after looking around downtown most of the day. It was a great walking challenge for me to take on.

There are many healthy older people who go walking every single morning and are in great shape because they have kept themselves in shape by walking and working out since their younger days. Also, when people go out, most would rather walk then try to deal with crazy traffic and most things are within a walking distance. Walking gets your heart rate going and the faster you walk the quicker you build up your cardio and get yourself in very great shape. When people go walking they will either walk the same route or will walk a different route each time depending on what they are used to. Some have even gone walking more than one time per day and have also done a lot of running because they want to keep themselves in the best shape of their lives. Walking keeps us in great health.

Listening to some upbeat music matches very well when you are doing a fast walk, run or a jog because it motivates you to keep moving during your walks. There have been those have taken part in marathons for a great cause and the walking or running in these marathons keeps them active. There are so many great benefits when it comes to walking and staying healthy and I also enjoy walking because not only does in keep me in shape but living here in beautiful San Diego, there is so much out here to offer and most of everything is within a walking distance.

Walking keeps you fit and in the best shape of your life and the morning walking that you do the longer that you increase your chances of living a long and healthy life. Many who have memberships at a gym will walk there, do a workout at the gym and walk back. When you walk on a daily basis, you are gonna be living a whole lot longer.

Following Your Doctors Advice


To live and long and healthy life following your doctor’s advice is very important. The reason for the advice that you receive from your doctor is for your own health and benefit because they have been in their profession for a long time and have experience in their field of work.Some people that need to lose weight will have to be put on a strict diet from there doctor and they will need to workout daily, eat healthily and eat smaller portions as well.

Following your doctor’s advice is what you need to do at all times and go for checkups on a regular basis. You may be someone that has a health condition and are on medication that you gotta take either once, or more times a day. When it comes to taking medication it’s important to follow the directions giving by your doctor. Some meds you will have to take a certain time of the day and some require that you take them with food. Also, depending on the type of medication you may need to avoid all types of alcohol. Always follow your doctor’s advice with medication.

You also may be someone that has broken out from a rash and you tried everything to clear it up but no luck. So when you are seeing your doctor about the rash that you have he or she will look it over and decide on a treatment medication that will work for you. They may have you use a certain cream a few times a day for a week or until the rash is fully gone. Even with external medicine, you need to follow directions and make sure that you only apply the right amount and not too much of it. Also, if you take a shower you need to make sure that you are fully dried off before applying any type of medicated cream or gel to your body. Always be careful with any type of medication.

Making sure that you are also following up with your doctor is very important because they may need to make changes to your medication or diet. There also may be times where you need to get some blood work done and will need to fast the night before meaning after a certain time at night nothing to eat or drink and nothing until after the bloodwork is done. Most places require that you fast and there are a few that don’t require for you to do that.

Following the advice from your doctor at all times is a very important key to my health and it’s something that I need to take action on as well When your doctor prescribes you medication make sure that you are taking it and take it at the exact time every day. What can help you keep track is setting alarms for certain medications that you need to take during the day and having a pill box for pills that you gotta take during the day.So always remember to keep in mind that following your doctors advice at all times is very important for the full benefit of your own health.