Starting The Day With A Great Breakfast



When you wanna be energized the whole entire day, starting the day with a great breakfast is very important in order to have enough fuel to get you going. There are many great and healthy breakfast items to get your day started such as oatmeal, eggs, turkey bacon, fruit, and low-fat yogurts. Foods like doughnuts and other bread and high sugar foods can cause you to be sluggish and will slow you down. So eating a healthy breakfast and having a healthy beverage, such as orange juice or other types of healthy juices will give you that boost you need to be at your best.

Starting the day with a great breakfast can also be helpful on the go when you gotta be at work or somewhere by a certain time and don’t have time to make breakfast. You can take a piece of fruit such as a banana with you or if you have some of that healthy energy bars you can take one of those with you for breakfast on the go plus there are those who have a very busy schedule and have to eat breakfast on the go. Some also have a protein shake in the mornings when they have breakfast and it’s best for those who want to get healthy and build some muscle when they work out.

If you like having toast. muffins, or bagels in the morning but wanna stay away from gluten, you can always get breads, muffins or bagels that are not only gluten free but also low in fat.  You can also buy flatbreads if you wanna really cut back on yeast and have a healthier slice or 2 of toast and if you make french toast you may wanna use flatbread as well. A healthy breakfast gives us the fuel that we need until it’s time for the next meal around the corner. The better the breakfast that you have in the morning the more productive you will be on the job as well.

Myself I am starting to eat a healthier breakfast so I can have the energy that I need to get through the day and have the energy that I need to do my job and live a very active lifestyle. In the mornings I will either have oatmeal with some fruit mixed in and I cook this myself or I will have turkey bacon and eggs. Sometimes I may have a bagel or a couple of pieces of toast but most of the time skip the bread items because too much yeast can really clog you up. Also, I make sure that I have plenty of time to enjoy breakfast so I don’t have to rush because rushing is not good.

Eggs white are also a great alternative if you are someone who needs to get in shape or decide to live a very strict healthy lifestyle. There are many people who choose to not only eat a healthy breakfast but also a healthy lunch and dinner on a daily basis. When you kick off the day with an amazing breakfast you will be ready to take on the day.

Being Creative With Cooking



Being creative with cooking can be so much fun and rewarding and it’s also fun when you are learning how to cook. Many that know how to cook very well have also created their own dishes that either was loved and enjoyed by family,friends or if they are famous many fans around the world. Creative cooking is also about the presentation of the dish that you are cooking. Many chefs that work or own a restaurant also come up with creative dishes of their own which get so well know that word spreads like wildfire and many wanna go and experience those creations.

When you are being creative with cooking you are showing that there is so much that you can do and have a creative mind when it comes to food. You may have some food items in your home and you are about to cook dinner and you get a creative idea and decide to come up with an amazing dish and your whole family and they may ask for the recipe. Others may follow in your foot steps and will want to be creative in the kitchen when they are cooking. When you get creative with cooking you will never know what you can come up with when you are cooking up a storm.

My brother in law has been cooking since he was 3 years of age and he still loves to cook when he gets the chance to and one of the dishes that he has created is a pizza casserole. The first time I had it I was like wow this is amazing plus he has also got very creative with many other dishes that he has made. He has also made a taco salad and that I also have learned how to make as well. It’s very easy to make and it does not take long to make at all,very simple.

I also like to get creative with cooking myself and one weekend I was at a friends place and I made eggs and tilapia. I cooked  them both on separate pans and when they were both done I cut up  the tilapia into small pieces and mixed them into the eggs. It was very good and my friend loved it. He has also passed on since then but I can still remember how much he loved that dish I came up with plus he also taught me how to cook tilapia and how to make a salad.

I have also got creative when cooking my own breakfast and when I cook oatmeal there have been times where I have added some fruit such as apples, bananas,blueberries, and also have added some peanut butter or peanuts to it as well and it’s very good. I have even cooked bacon and eggs on one pan and add the eggs when the bacon is done and have added the eggs and mixed them in together.It does not matter if you are young or young at heart, there are so many amazing ways that you can be creative with cooking and come up with a dish that will blow peoples minds.


Crest Cafe In Hillcrest Neiborhood


A few weeks back during pride weekend me, my brother and brother in law went to Crest Cafe in the Hillcrest neighborhood in San Diego. The way we found out about this place is back a few years ago we were watching an episode of Dinners, Drives, And Dives and this is one of the places that Guy Fieri stopped at during a recording of an episode of the show. We stopped there for dinner after spending some time at the Pride festival and we were amazed at how clean the cafe was and the great atmosphere it had as well plus was a great experience.

The staff there was very friendly and answered any questions that we had plus the service there is also fast and friendly. Me and my brother each split the 2 same dishes that Guy Fieri tried which was the Creme Brulee french toast and the Crest burger and they were both very tasty. This is one of the amazing places that we visited and we will defiantly make another visit in the near future so if you are looking for a great place to eat, stop in at Crest cafe which is located in San Diego in the Hillcrest neighborhood. You will have the best experience that you will remember.

Popcorn All Time Classic Snack


Popcorn has been the all-time classic snack that people have enjoyed for many years and is still loved by many people to this day. There are many ways to enjoy popcorn plain, butter, salted plus there are many different types of flavored popcorn as well. When citizens go to the movies, they will also get popcorn soda and maybe a few other things plus you can also add a topping to give your popcorn a little extra flavor to it. That brings out the flavor.

With popcorn being the all-time classic snack for many years it is enjoyed by many around the world.Also, at many parties, and gatherings, popcorn will also be served there for everyone to enjoy plus when it comes to the Holiday season many stores will sell popcorn bins that feature 3  or more types of flavored popcorn including the original. With the flavored type of popcorn, some have mixed it in with ice cream and I have done it a few times and it’s very good. It gives the ice cream an extra flavor crunch to it. Plus there are those who love the popcorn balls and those are very popular during Halloween time also there are those who like to be creative and make them homemade.

Today many who enjoy popcorn at home will get the ones that you can throw in the microwave and heat up plus there are those who do it old school by either using a popcorn popper or simply letting it pop on the stove. There are those who are out and about will go to a nearby store and grab a small size ready to eat popcorn to enjoy or a bigger bag to share with others that they are out and about with. I also remember having popcorn many times as a child and I still enjoy it to this day plus when me, my brother and brother inlaw see a movie we usually get popcorn.

I even remember when my Grandparents had a popcorn maker back in the day and we would watch when our Grandfather would pour in the kernels into the popper and we would watch the popcorn being made and poured into a large bowel. What an exciting time that was and it just brings back so many wonderful childhood memories. A friend of mine that passed away in November would put a few bags of popcorn in the freezer which kept them fresher for a longer time. We would always have popcorn when I would spend weekends over at my friend’s place.

We all at times get that popcorn craving and we may have a craving for the regular type or flavored type of popcorn. Many flavors including cheddar, Carmel, and many other flavors of popcorn that is enjoyed by many people today. Anyone who is young or young at heart still enjoy this great snack that has been an all-time favorite for many years.Popcorn is that one great snack that is still loved and it will be loved for many more years to come



A Healthy Eating Alternative

When you are at home or going out to your favorite restaurant there is a healthy eating alternative to your favorite foods if you are trying to cut certain things out. Many people nowadays are very cautious of what they put in their bodies because they want to live a long life and avoid as much health problems that they possibly can.

A lot of these foods that people are either cutting back out certain foods have a chance of living longer and a lot of these high calorie and fatty foods have so  much sugar and other things that are not good for us plus can cause us to become overweight if we have too much of it and don’t stay active, When you are cooking breakfast at home instead of having eggs have the egg whites in place of them and the egg whites are just like having regular eggs but without the yolk that can be high in calories and fat. I have had egg whites plenty of times and they are very good.

When you are doing a healthy eating alternative you are cutting back or cutting out so much sugar and other things that are not good for your heart. For those that don’t cut back or cut out risk themselves having a heart attack and if they survive they will be forced to change their eating habits for the rest of their lives. A healthy bowl of oatmeal with a little bit of fruit or plain is a healthy alternative to having high sugar cereals and some of them contain a whole lot of sugar in them. You can add a pack of a low calorie or zero calorie sweetener to your oatmeal if you want to add a bit of sweetness to it. There are many great ways to healthy eating and have a long and productive life for yourself.

Last night when we all went out for dinner I had egg whites with whole wheat pancakes bacon and sausage. Instead of regular syrup, I had sugar free syrup and no butter but I made one goof I forgot to tell the server that I wanted turkey bacon and sausage. But I ate it anyway but just have to remember next time since I am being careful about what I am putting in my body. To me eating healthy and taking care of my health is very much important.

There are many restaurants and fast food joints that offer a  healthy eating alternative for those who wanna stay in tip-top shape. Many that go out to a fast food place will order a healthy chicken salad or any other salad that’s healthy and they will have either water, juice or iced tea by itself of with lemon instead of soda. Those who like to have bread but want to avoid all the high calories and fat there are plenty of wholegrain wheat breads that are a better way of eating. When you choose a healthy eating alternative you are going to have a long life ahead of you.

Many ways To Enjoy Icecream

There are many ways to enjoy ice cream and we all enjoy it young and young at heart.This is one of the greatest treats that have been around for many years and served at parties and anytime someone is in the mood for either an ice cream cone or a bowl of great tasting ice cream. Plus with many flavors, the possibilities are truly endless.,

A scop or two on an ice cream cone is the well know classic way to enjoy ice cream and you can either get the traditional cone or one of the waffle cones.  This comes in handy when you wanna enjoy ice cream while you are on the go. Sometimes you may be in the mood for a banana split and you either use the same ice cream flavor or you mix it up which is what I like doing. Topping it with cherries, nuts.whipped topping and chocolate syrup are so good.

An ice cream sundae is another great way to enjoy ice cream and as you top it off with your favorite toppings, it’s pure heaven. With flavors like rocky road, Neapolitan  Chocolate and many others these are great ways to enjoy this frozen snack these ice cream flavors I also love to enjoy every now and then. Ice cream shakes are another way to enjoy ice cream and if you have a good blender at home you can get very creative I have even made ice cream shakes for me and a friend of mine and mixed in some bananas and other types of fruit in them and it was good.

There are now ice cream makers that you can buy in the stores so you can get the ingredients and make your own ice cream. This also comes in handy if you wanna save money plus depending on the ice cream maker that you purchase it can hold a great amount of ice cream and serve a great amount of people that are in the mood.  Ice cream is also enjoyed with cakes, pies, and even some have added ice cream to there waffles. Some people also enjoy the ice cream cakes that they will get for birthdays and other gatherings. Ice cream bars are also a wonderful treat to have and there are so many great ones out there and the snickers ice cream bars are the best hands down.

With all of the ice cream lovers out there and all the great flavors, there are so many great and wonderful ways to enjoy ice cream. Whatever flavor that you are in the mood for you can pretty much find it at the food store or at one of the local ice cream shops. For those who like to ice cream with a little alcohol, there is this place called Bev Mo where you can buy different types of ice cream, with alcohol added. For many years many people have been enjoying ice cream and been enjoying it in many different ways. Ice Cream is one of those classic treats.

A Great And Healthy Breakfast

A great and healthy breakfast is a great way to get your day off to a great start and to give you energy throughout the whole day. It’s very true that they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because you need to have that fuel to get you going. If you don’t have a good breakfast that can cause you to sluggish and worn out.

Also, you don’t wanna be eating junk to get your day started such as a candy bar or other types of junk food. It may give you a burst of energy but will cause you to crash later on so it’s very important and wise to always have a very healthy breakfast.  A good bowl of oatmeal will give you the energy that you will need to get you through the day plus a healthy glass of orange juice will give you a great dose of vitamin c that’s very important for your immune system. You can add a bit of fruit to your oatmeal but you want to avoid sugar if you want to keep it healthy. For those who are watching their weight egg, whites are the best way to go because they are healthier than regular eggs. There are also many healthy kinds of cereal that you can have and a healthy granola cereal is one of them. For those who want to have toast but are watching carbs, whole grain or wheat is the best way to go.

For those who want pancakes for breakfast but are keeping their weight down wheat, pancakes are the best way to go and they are made with wheat instead of flour. For those who are staying away from gluten products, there are -many gluten-free foods that you can have including muffins, breads and many other gluten-free foods available. Every morning it’s very important to have a very healthy and hearty breakfast to  get your day started right.

For those who wanna have breakfast on the go, you can get some healthy breakfast bars for days that you are on a tight schedule and don’t have time to sit down and eat. Also, for a quick breakfast, a piece of fruit is another great way to go as well. But A great breakfast where you have time to sit down and relax is the better way to get yourself energized and ready to go. If you enjoy bacon and sausage but want to go the healthy route, turkey bacon and sausage is a great alternative to eating healthier.  A great breakfast that’s great and healthy will give you a full day of energy that will keep you going. I make sure every morning to have a good breakfast to give me the fuel that Is need to have that will keep me going all day long because to me that’s very important. Every morning it’s very wise to have a healthy breakfast every single morning to start the day off right. A great breakfast gives you a lot of fuel.

My Brother in Law’s Passion For Cooking

My brother in law has a strong passion for cooking and has been doing it for many years, The first time he started to cook is when he was only 3 years of age and the first thing he cooked was bacon and eggs and the way he did this was pull a chair up to the stove then started cooking. He said he got a few grease burns but was very proud of what he had accomplished. After that first time cooking, he knew that this was his true and creative passion,

He was also in the navy and did a lot of cooking in the kitchen plus has also been to culinary school to learn more about cooking. He has also made plenty of dishes and has created some of his own as well including a pizza casserole which is very good. He has also done baking as well and during the holidays he gets very creative when it comes to making desserts. His pumpkin cheesecake is off the chain and is very great tasting. He has even made a whole entire meal by himself and I have seen him at work when it comes to cooking and I can see the true passion that he has. One of the dishes that he cooked was an Indian dish called chicken tandoori which takes time to prepare and need to put it in yogurt overnight. This dish has a lot of spice to it which I love and when I took a bite of it for the very first time I was blown away. That is one of my favorite dishes and love to have it again sometime.

He has also made taco salad which I have learned to make and it;s very easy to prepare plus he has also made chili, soup, and so many other great dishes. When it comes to cooking he prefers to cook on a gas stove because you can easily adjust the flame to the right temperature and gas is a lot quicker than an electric stove. Lasy week I asked him what is his favorite type of food to cook and he mentioned that gourmet is what he likes to cook the most,

One time he made me and my brother gumbo plus spiced it up very good with many spices that gave it that extra kick. Me and my brother have also helped him at times when it comes to cooking and have learned how to prep and when you help with that it cuts the time in half. There have been many of times when going out for dinner when after having a dish he figures out what’s in it and will cook it at home. Being in the kitchen cooking baking is what he loves to do because it’s his true passion. He also said he would love to open his own restaurant one day and I even told him if you had a restaurant it would be busy because of the great food, He just loves cooking and enjoys it.





Getting Creative In The Kitchen

When you are someone that loves to cook, getting creative in the kitchen can be a whole lot of fun. You may be making a dinner or whatever meal that you are making and suddenly you will get an idea and come up with something creative. You may come up with a dish of your own and put that creativity in the kitchen to use,

There are some that are professional chefs that get creative with any type of foods that they either have at home or at a restaurant that they may own. A dish or a dessert that they create cab end up being one of their best and popular selling items that customers will just order again and again. Being creative in the kitchen is not only fun but if you are great at cooking it gives you the chance to challenge yourself.My brother in law also likes to cook and has come up with many great creations including A pizza casserole which is a very tasty dish that I really truly enjoy.

My brother has been teaching me to cook and also I have been getting creative as well. One time I made eggs and tilapia and mixed them together after they were both fully cooked and it tasted very good. I made this when I was spending the weekend with a friend and he also told me it was very great tasting and well created. Also, one time when I was spending a weekend with that same friend his son was in town and I made burgers and added honey into the mix. They turned out very well and was told that they can really taste the honey in the burgers that I had made.

When you know how to cook plus have a verry creative mind, you can come up with any dish or dessert in the kitchen they will bring anyone true amazement. There are also many creative people that will also enter a baking contest to show their skills and there have been some that have won the grand prize in the contest of baking.  Making up certain dishes in the kitchen can be a whole lot of fun that can bring you and others a whole lot of joy. Some of these creations can take time to make but when it is done and comes out right the long wait is really worth it.

Even with healthy foods, you can also get creative by making a salad and adding  a mixture of fruits and vegetables to it.I have also made salads and have got very creative and the mixture of fruits and vegetables in a salad is very good and the next time I get a chance I’m gonna create another one of these salads. There has even been many who have got creative in the kitchen during the holiday season and would come up with one creation after another that’s so good it will blow you away. Getting creative in the kitchen is a whole lot of fun when you are cooking or baking.

Food Safety

When it comes to making food, food safety is an important issue that needs to be taken very seriously. When preparing any type of food or cooking, you must take full safety precautions to make sure that food is cooked all the way through and safe to it. You also need to keep an area clean that you prepare food on otherwise that food will get contaminated which can make you and others very sick. So make sure your food area is clean each and every single time. Many have gotten sick and some have lost their lives due to food that has been unsafely handed and made.

Another very important thing on food safety is to also check the date on each food item that you have or when you are in the store shopping. If you are shopping and grab something that’s out of date you may wanna let someone there know so they can go through those food items and pull anything that may be way past the expiry date.  When you are home and have food that has expired it;s best to toss it out remember better to be safe now than sorry later on. There are also cold and frozen foods that need be stored properly to last longer and prevent things like E-coli and any other types of foodborne illness. If you work in or run a restaurant this is where you need to be big time serious on food safety because you are serving that food to the public and need to make sure it’s safe for them to enjoy.

Sometimes if a food is a few days past the due date it may be fine for a few more days but if it smells and looks funny get rid of it and if it’s something where you are not sure when it dought throw it out. Each time you are done cooking food make sure that whatever you have used, pots, pans, and anything else that you have used are clean and sanitized for the next use. Plus when hand washing dishes adding a little bit of bleach to your soap of water will help get those dishes extra clean and that way they will be clean and ready for the next time you make a meal at home.

When it comes to food safety, you can not cut corners because you need to take it to a serious level so nobody or you will end up paying for it later. Before you put food on a plate, or in a bowel make sure that they are both fully clean and if not wash them both very well before putting food on them.It’s common sense when it comes to food safety and making sure that any type of food is not way past the expiry date and to make sure it’s safe to eat. And there are foods including meat products that need to be cooked fully to a certain temperature.Food safety is a very important key.