Distance Over Time The New Dream Theater Album


Last week I was listing to Distance Over Time,the new Dream Theater album and once again they put out another rocking masterpiece. First of all I love the album cover that shows a robotic hand holding a skull and the one who created this album cover has a great creative mind when it comes to making album covers. Every song on this album is a true rocker and Distance Over Time really moves you and puts you into the true Rocking music mood.

Distance Over Time, the new Dream Theater album opens up with the track Untethered Angel that first starts out with an acoustic guitar intro for about 40 seconds, then it’s into full rocking business with the entire band and amazing vocals by James Labrie .This track gets’s Distance over time going because it gets the fuel started. The second track paralyzed is another great song on this album I just love the music and the words really give it that great Dream Theater spice. The 3rd track Fall Into The Light, is another amazing track on this album with great instrument work and beautiful lyrics also the video for the song is also just out of this world and mind blowing.

Bar stool warrior is the 4th track on this album and it’s a very powerful rocking song. From listening to this track it’s sounds like that Bar Stool warrior is about addiction to alcohol and that person keeps drinking their life away. The 5th album room 137 is another great track on this album and it has that amazing future feel to it. Every Dream Theater album that has been put out over the years has rocked the top of the charts and with Distance Over Time it still shows that they still rock the top of the charts after 30 years of making great music and putting on great shows.

Other great tracks are the 6th track S-2-N the 7th, track At Wits End which is the longest track on this album with a running time of over nine minutes,the 8th track ,out of reach, the 9th track Pale Blue Dot and the 10th and extra track Viper King. After I listened to Distance Over Time, I was like blown away and so amazed of this amazing and wonderful Dream Theater album. I have also heard that with the upcoming tour they will be playing tracks from this album and will be also be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the 5th album Scenes From A Memory and they will be also be performing this album in it’s entirety. I give Distance Over Time, a triple a plus grade because this is another great album that Dream Theater has worked hard on to keep the Dream Theater fuel going and whenever you hear a dream theater album you know its’s going be a rocker. This album is amazing from the start to the last track.If you have not heard this album yet, you gotta give it a listen its’s another great Dream Theater masterpiece to enjoy.

Different types of music formats



When it comes to listening to your favorite tunes, there are different types of music formats that are well known. Some are formats of the past and some are here in the 21st century. Whatever format you are using you can be jamming to your music.Back in the day there are many who had a record collection and some still have that record collection today. Although records fazed out for a while in the late 90’s they have now made a comeback in digital format and sound as clear as a compact disc. The reel to reel tape decks were very popular in the 60’s and 70’s and on them you can record a few hours of music. People who had parties back then would have their music collection or a mixture of songs recorded onto a reel to reel deck and let it play during a party. Cassettes were also popular back then and have faded out but I have heard that the cassette tapes are getting popular again and making a comeback.

With the different types of music formats there are many ways to enjoy your favorite types of ,music. The Mini Disc were another way to enjoy music and prerecorded Mini Discs were around with blank MD’s. The MD format of course faded out in the early 2000’s since downloads were becoming more and more popular. 8 track tapes were another format that was around from the late 60’s until the early 80’s plus many teens and young adults that drove would have an 8 track tape deck in their car and plus some 8 tracks you can record on if you had some blank 8 tracks and a 8 track recorder.Some stereo systems had them build in or you were able to buy a single 8 track recorder/player for your sound system. 8 track tapes and machines are no longer made but you can sometimes find them at yard sales and in antique stores. Also you can find them on websites that sells vintage music format items.

CD’s are still being sold in stores but most people now are either downloading music from the internet or they are subscribing to free or paid services such as  Spotify or Pandora. We all love to listen to our favorite songs and who knows what types of music formats that are going to be created 20 plus years from now.Or even a few months from now.

Def Leppard- One Of The Best Bands Of All Time


Def Leppard is one of the best bands of all time and I have been a fan for many years. Everything that they have done from their 1980 debut On Through The Night to the latest self-titled album has been pure and amazing creativity. The first time I heard of Def Leppard was when I was in the 5th or 6th grade and the teacher was letting us bring in music to school plus one of my friends had a boom box with her and a cassette tape. I asked her what tape is that? and she said Def Leppard and was showing it to me, it was the album of Pyromania.When she played it I was blown away hearing the songs “Photograph”, “Fooling “Rock Of Ages” plus the whole album for the very first time. A

I became a Def Leppard fan in an instant plus have also seen the video Rock of ages the first time on MTV and this is when MTV was just the 24 Hour station of music videos. The 1987 album Hysteria is a true Def Leppard classic and has 12 songs plus a running time of 63 minutes. The whole entire album is amazing plus the tune “Pour Some Sugar On Me is one of the songs along with others from Hysteria that you wanna crank up at total full blast volume. When one of my brothers got the VHS cassette of Historia back in 1988 this is where I discovered older Def Leppard material. The video Hello America was of course from the debut album On Through The Night and the videos “Let It Go” HIgh N Dry Bringing On The Heartbreak were of course from the 2nd album HIghNDry. Of course on the Historia, there are 2 versions of Bringing On The Heartbreak, the first one is with Pete Willis and version 2 is with Phill Colin plus this version keyboards were added to the mix. The 1984 rerelease of HIghNDry contains this version of heartbreak and a bonus track Me And My Wine. The video, of course, I find it to be very hysterical and a riot.


Def Leppard is one of the best rock bands of all time plus they have been rocking the world and making music for close to 40 years. The line up has changed on and off but frontman Joe Elliot, Bassist Rick Savage, and Drummer Rick Allen, of course, have been in Def Leppard since the start. Lead axeman Phill Collen has been rocking with Def Leppard for over 35 years and Vivian Campbell has been in DefLeppard since 1992. I have seen a photo on the Def Leppard website where Joe Elliot and Rick Savage took a pic with former Lep Pete Willis back a few years ago plus we will always remember Steve Clark 1960-1991 for his amazing and creative guitar work. One of the greatest things in Def Leppard’s carer is when they did Via Hysteria in Vegas. performing Hysteria in full plus other hits. Their latest album that is self-titled has many great songs including Let’s Go and the track We Belong where all  5 members each have a vocal part. Def Leppard is a great band with close to 40 years of rocking the whole entire world.

X box one s Review

A little over a month ago while we were shopping we purchased the X Box One S system and in this  X Box One S review, I am gonna say that this games and more system are money well spent. This, of course, is 4K bluray so you can watch movies and play games in 4K when you have it connected to an HD 4K television. Loading the games is very quick and the graphics well just blow your whole mind away.What is also amazing about the X Box One S system has Dolby Atmos that will really give you the best gaming and movie watching experience as well.
The X Box One S also backwards compatible that will also let you play the X Box 360 games but with much more sharper video in ultra 4 k Blu ray and also featuring a 1 terabyte hard drive for plenty of game storage space.  Also if you have a TV service such as Satellite cable digital cable or just over the air broadcast TV you can connect your X Box one S to that service and control it with the sound of your voice, So let’s say you had digital cable and you wanna watch  Disney Channel you can say X Box go to Disney Channel and it will automatically go to that channel for you .This is one of the best systems to use for Gaming, movies music and all sorts of entertainment at your fingertips.   Also, you don’t need to worry about having to buy a separate cooling fan because of the X Box One S having a cooling fan built into the unit that always keeps the unit cool and it’s also a quiet fan that does not make all that noise. Plus what is great is that the X Box One S does not take up a lot of space because it’s a small unit with a lot of power packed into it. If you have Skype you can also use  Skype for video chats with your family and friends from the comfort of your couch and what is great about that is you can get your whole self on screen as well.
The day we got this system I was just seeing what it has to offer and was amazed at what was on there plus we got the video game of FinalFantasy XV that my brother has played many times and the graphics on that game are mind-blowing. We are also planning on getting a  4 K HD TV and a  Dolby Atmos sound bar down the road and  I bet this game will look great in 4 K and sound amazing in Dolby Atmos. If you have an XBox live account you have a key to more great entertainment such as game demos and downloading full games. If you have a YouTube account you can install the app on the X Box one S log into your account and watch videos. So if you wanna go on an 80’s video kick, like I do at times you can watch all your favorite 80’s music videos from your sofa. The X Box one S system rocks!

The Experience Of Going To The Movies


The experience of going to the movies has been enjoyed for years by many moviegoers who go and see the new blockbuster hits or a movie that has been out for a while. Movie theaters have always been packed when a new blockbuster hit comes out and the night of the premier lines are long and sometimes tickets sell out. When we have the movie experience it’s like we are transported into another world because of the large screen and the surround sound. It can be during a weekend, summer break or even the Holidays when the movie theaters are very busy.

With the experience of going to the movies, the sound systems and screens have changed over the years and so has the seating as well. Plus what had become popular in the last several years are the dinner movie theaters where you can order a dinner and eat it while you are watching the movie and with my brother, brother in law and my cousin I enjoyed that first-time dinner and a movie experience and hope to do it again sometime in the near future. Also, you don’t see many of them around anymore but there have been many people who have gone to the drive-in movie theaters back in the day and you would set the speaker on the window to get the sound from the picture. There are some movie theaters that have the Dolby Atmos sound where the speakers are above you and the sound is all around and above you which give the moviegoing experience something to remember. You can also get this for the home and if you want this for the home and don’t wanna have to put speakers all over, you can get a Dolby Atmos soundbar and there was a Samsung Dolby Atmos soundbar that we heard in a Best Buy store It’s amazing.

When you go to the movies during the day tickets are gonna be cheaper but if you go at night tickets are gonna cost more and that can also add up when you are buying drinks, popcorn, and other snacks. There are many movie theaters that have ways where you can save money by joining a membership club and a lot of movie theaters will offer free popcorn and free soda refills but there also may be a limit. There are many people young to young at heart that love going to the movies to enjoy and transport themselves into another world for a couple of hours and myself I love going to the movies because it’s a great experience and enjoyable. Also, there are the Imax movie theaters where the screen is very large, and you wear special glasses while you are watching the movie. I had that experience one time and although it was just a short documentary on ocean life it was breathtaking. I went there with a friend who has since passed on.  The experience of going to the movies is a pure enjoyment that we all love.

Days Of The Transistor Radio


A lot of us remember the days of the transistor radio and how many of us had them as kids.These were popular from the 50’s until around the late 90’s and I also had a few of them self and you could either listen through the built-in speaker or use a pair of earphones for privacy. Many of the transistor radios back then had an extended antenna that you can raise to get a clear reception of Am and Fm radio stations plus most of them ran on a single 9-volt battery. These were the things to have back in the day and also a few of my cousins had one as well growing up.

With the days of the transistor radio, a lot of people would take them with them on trips and picnics so they could listen to one of their favorite radio stations. Also, many kids who had transistor radio would listen to them as they were outside playing with their friends. What was great about a transistor radio is that it was small lightweight. and also would fit in your pocket. This was also the days when digital dials on the radio were not around yet and it was only analog dial back in the day. These were also perfect gifts to give during the holidays, birthdays or any time of the year. When I had one back in the day as a child, I would listen to my transistor radio for many hours on end.

There are still being sold today but transistor radios are not as popular as they were years ago but you can get one for less than $20.00.Also, if you are a collector that likes to collect vintage items, you can find many classic transistor radios that are sold in either pawnshops, antique shops or online. There are some of them that are still in good working condition and some that are not people still collect them plus some will also restore them as well.I even remember when we were all kids and going to our aunt and uncles place in Chicago Heights and when we would hang out in the tree house in the back-yard my cousin would have his transistor radio with him and we just listen to whatever was on the radio.  Those were great memories back then and I can just take myself back to those days listening to a transistor radio. There were also many people that would take their transistor radios to the beaches so they could listen to music, news or a ballgame that was on the air. I even remember when I was 10 or 11 years old I would listen to it for a little bit while I was in bed and having one of those transistor radios was so great to have.Today the transistor radios come with a digital dial and where you can preset your favorite radio stations for quick access to them. The Transistor radio has come a very long way in the past 60 plus years of being created.

Making And Posting Videos On The Go


With today’s technology and the internet, many people are making and posting videos on the go so they can quickly share them with all of their family members and friends.  We all remember back in the day when you wanted to make a video you had to carry a big clunky video camera with you where ever you went. If you wanted to make and send copies to family and friends you would have to have 2 VCR’s  or connect your video camera to a VCR and let it play while you were copying the video. Since the internet was not around at the time you had to ship out each videotape by mail. That took a lot to do back in those days and myself I even remember these days as well.

Today we are now able to make a video and post it online where ever we are at and instead of having to carry a clunky camera we now have smartphones when making and posting videos on the go. There are many that go on vacation and while they are making videos or taking pictures they can share them in an instant and that’s one of the coolest things about today’s world. Also, there are those who will also do live broadcast via  Facebook YouTube and other sites that have the live broadcast feature. I have also made plenty of videos and have taken pictures on the go and have posted them to the internet and this way you can share them with everyone in seconds.What is nice is that you can make these videos in HD  and send them to your family and friends plus if you have a great smartphone the video and sound quality is amazing. Over a year ago I went to Disney Land with my brother-in-law and Disney California Adventure and took plenty of photos and video plus posted them online.One of the things I got on video is The World Of Color show which was breathtaking and  when I played it back on-line it was so great that you thought a professional   film and sound crew made the video.  It’s amazing that no matter where you are at you can make a video and simply post it online for others to see anywhere. This makes it so simple to share videos compared  to how it was done 30 plus years ago. A lot of people that are successful and make money online will make videos of them on vacations and will tell you that you can be that same person that can be successful. They will also do live broadcast when they are on the go and they can reach many people while doing live video broadcasts online.

From vacations to get toghters many people are making and posting videos onlne when they are on the go. Lets say that you are a parent and your child is about to take their first steps and you get it on film.when you put it on the internet and want your family that lives several states away to see it, they will be able to once you got it posted. Being able to make and send videos on the go is one of the amazing things in today’s world.


Band Lab Music Creator

If you are looking for a great and easy way to make music online, then the BandLab music creator is your answer.This is one of the great ways to create music online and the Band Lab Music Creator is like having your own recording studio.  When I was doing a search on how to create music online, I came across this site and was amazed by how easy it is to use. Anyone can create music online with this amazing website, it’s very simple to use.

How the Band Lab Music Creator works is that when you are creating a track, you would simply record and play each instrument separately and you can also add vocals if you like. When you do the mixdown it mixes everything together in that track and when you play it back, it sounds like a full band playing together. The only downfall is that it only lets you record 6 minutes at a time per track but other than that it’s a very great way to make music. There are so many instruments that you can select from with many different music styles from Rock To Hip-Hop.

It also gives you the option to connect a guitar or a bass if you wanna use Bandlab as an amplifier. There are many different types of instruments that you can use for recording and also a few sound effects as well that you can use. If you want to create a hard rock track. there are instruments for that and if you want to make a hip-hop track the Band Lab Music Creator has got you covered. Also if you just create a track with different types of music styles, you can also do that as well.  I use the Band Lab Music Creator a lot because I love music and love making my own music and this site is a fun and easy way to do it. This is for any type of person who has a passion for music.

There are many of us who enjoy many types of music and whatever your music flavor is,  you can create anything with the BandLab Music Creator and you can also share with others if you want to through social media sites including Facebook. So many things you can do when you create music with the Band Lab Music creator and it’s so fun and very simple to use. So many features on this music creator and I strongly recommend it for any music lover who enjoys making music. There is also a built-in drum machine if you wanna create some beats and rhythms for your tracks and it’s also easy to use if you wanna create a tune. I have come across many music creations sites and trying to figure them out was just really confusing but when I came across the Band Lab Music Creator and saw how easy it is to use, I Just love this site because it’s a snap making music. The band Lab Music Creator is indeed one of the best and easy ways to create any type of music that you are into, It;s the best.

The Days Of The Portable Boombox

Many of us that grew up during the 1970’s and 1980’s remember the days of the portable boombox and how popular it was back in the day.Almost everywhere you went someone either had a small or large size boom box that was either a single or dual cassette deck and the volume and bass range on these were very mindblowing as well.

Back when I was a teenager, my two older brothers had a boombox that was a dual cassette deck and the cool features it had is that you could detach the top deck and use it as a portable personal cassette player. Plus the speakers you could detach them for home use and then reattach them to take it with you. Later on, boomboxes became available with a built-in CD player plus the also still had the cassette decks on them so if you wanted to, you can make a mixtape from your CD’s. I had a little boombox that was mono and had an Am Fm radio and a cassette deck and I had that when I was a teen. 15 or 20 years ago I purchased a used one at a yard sale for $5.00 and it actually worked very well for a used boombox.It wore out after a while but I got a good use out of it though.

The days of the portable boombox is what many of us from 30 plus years back will always remember and when you saw someone that had one you be saying to yourself I wish I had one of those.So many people in those days would have a boombox no matter where you were at and you would see just about anyone carrying a portable boombox.This is when also rap was starting to take off and many people that had boomboxes also loved rap music because of its funky beats and rhymes.Plus a lot of the old school rap had a lot of bass that you could feel. There were all types of music played on these boomboxes depending on the owner’s music taste and some liked a mixture of music of all kinds. The early days of the boombox are what will live on in many hearts from back in the day.

Of course, boomboxes are still around but have changed over the years and have been more compact size. Most now have a CDplayer and inputs for a Mp3 player and there are some that will read music data CD’s as well. Some even have internet apps for Pandora or other online music sites and plus there are some that have blue tooth also where you can play music from your phone and play it on your boombox. For those of you that are vintage collectors, you can find many of these used boomboxes from the early days sold online and many pawn shops and flea markets may have some used ones that you can purchase. Many have brought the old ones and have also restored them to full working order. The boombox will always live in from the old days to today.Long live the boombox.

The Fever Of Online Gaming


Since the birth of the high-speed internet, the fever of online gaming has really taken off. There are many ways that gamers play online games by either buying games for systems like Play Station and other gaming systems and if those games have online play available they will play that game with others online. Also, there are many online video games for your home computer as well. There are so many great online video games that are out there to play.

The fever of online gaming is also popular on many portable devices that access the internet, Anyone that has a smart-phone can download many online games to play including some classics including Pac-Man. When you are playing games online on your gaming system you can also chat with others while you are playing that video game. You can have it set to where anyone can join in to play with you online or you can set it to where only the people that you know can join and will have to get an invite from you. So many games out there to play online today.

There are so many online games out there plus there are ways to go online and find many of the well-known classics. So, if you an old school gamer, you can play many classics including “Donkey Kong”, “PitFall”, and so many other classics. Online video gaming is also another great way of making many new friends that have the same interests as you do. The fever of online gaming has been in full force since the high-speed internet has kicked into full gear.

At Home or on the go so many people are playing video games online and there are also sites like Pogo were you can play many online games for fun. When you play online video games that are for the game systems or PC, the graphics are just one hundred percent mindblowing and that just makes the video games more lifelike as well.  Anyone from young to young at heart plays online video games because it keeps their minds truly focused and it keeps them busy. I have even played some video games online and have also played some of the classics that I remember playing back in the day when I was growing up, Those games bring back so many wonderful memories.

For those who have accounts for Xbox or PlayStation systems, there are many online video games that can be downloaded and played. Many gamers that play online like to challenge others to see who can get the highest score and it’s all in fun. Some online gamers may use trash talk just to be funny but some things you should not joke about because some things you joke about online can be offensive.

Online video gaming is still in full swing and will be for many years to come because there are so many gamers that have that online gaming feaver. The fever of online gaming is still alive in everyone who loves playing a lot of videogames.