Twisted Sushi Restaurant


Last week we went to the Twisted Sushi restaurant here in the Claremont neighborhood of San Diego and we all had a great first-time experience. First of all the cleanness and atmosphere of the restaurant, I was very impressed with and when we were greeted we all felt welcomed and were taken to our table.  The one that took our order answered any questions that we had and then we placed our orders in. Our food came within in a  few moments.

At the twisted sushi restaurant the food there was amazing and great. The dish that I had that evening was the teriyaki chicken that came with vegetables, steamed rice, miso soup and 5 California egg rolls.  The presentation of the food was amazing and when I took that first bite I was blown away. My brother in law had the same thing as me and my brother had the spicy dragon shrimp which he let me sample a piece of. It was very good and had that kick I just love. Sitting there and enjoying our meals and conversation made the evening very enjoyable plus also the decor of the restaurant I also loved. This is right next to the hotel that we are staying in until we find a place of our own.

The booths were very comfortable to sit in and everyone there was just very friendly and made the experience a great one and one that we will never forget. If you are in the Claremont neighboorhood of San Diego and our craving great food, stop by the Twisted Sushi restaurant and get ready for the best experience of your life.

Low Cost Dining Out

When you wanna go out for dinner but not spend a whole lot of money, there are a lot of low cost dining out places that you can go. When you or others wanna go out for dinner, you don’t always have to spend a fortune when you are dining out plus those who are on a budget find the low-cost places when eating out.Also, there are many fast food joints that have a value menu that offer items for a dollar or less and there are restaurants that also have a selection of low-cost meals.  This is a way to have a nice meal out without emptying your wallet.

Low-cost dining out is offered at so many places and a lot of mom and pop restaurants may also offer some low-cost items on their menus.  Buffets are also another great way for low-cost dining out because you pay one price per person and it’s all you can eat. There are even many pizza places that also have great deals as well. When I go out for dinner with my brother and brother in law we find things that are low cost because we don’t all wanna go broke in an instant. When families go out for a meal that are on a low budget they can save money by using coupons that offer half off a meal or a 2 for the price of one. That will really save that family a lot of money to put in the bank.

You can find many places that have low-cost food items when you are dining out and want to be smart about what you are spending.  You can even go online to find places that offer low-cost dining and there are many places that have low-cost items such as Denny’s. McDonald’s, Wendy’s and many other places that are around your area.

Even if a person is making a whole lot of money, they don’t always wanna keep spending a lot of money on a meal. They may have a lot of money that they make on a weekly basis but they don’t always wanna go out for a high priced steak dinner and just wanna go to one of the fast food places to have a low-cost meal. When someone moves out of the nest and being on their own they also look for low-cost places to eat out at because they need to have money for rent and other things plus save what they can from each check that they make at work. Many of them that go out for a meal will go to someplace low cost where they can get something to eat and have plenty of money left over plus a lot of them may also be going to school and working a full-time job on top of that.  There are many restaurants around you that offer low-cost dining plus will also offer many great deals that can save you even more money. When you find a low-cost place to dine out at, you are putting more money into your own wallet.