Getting Creative With Ramon Noddle Soup


I have enjoyed Ramon noodle soup since I was a kid and still enjoy it to this day but I have also started getting creative with Ramon noddle soup taken it to a whole new level as well. Years back when I was living in Arizona a friend that I worked with was on lunch at the same time as I was and that day my lunch was Ramon noodle soup and a few other things.  He told me that if I drain the water after I cook it and add sour cream, it’s very good and that was my first time getting creative with it. It was so good and it gave the Ramon noddle soup a very creamy flavor.

Getting creative with Ramon noodle soup can be a lot of fun when you have a very creative mind and you wanna doctor it up. I have also put a bit of ranch dressing in it and that also gave it a very great taste. Most people just enjoy Ramon noddle soup the old fashioned way and I enjoy it that way also but also like to get creative when I am making Ramon noodle soup because with me learning how to cook I also like to get creative when I am cooking in the kitchen. With Ramon noddle soup there are so many ways that you can get creative by adding extra items to your soup after you drain it and add the seasoning that came with the Ramon noodle soup. You may wanna add some extra meat or veggies to it depending on what creative thoughts that you will have in mind when making Ramon.

What I did a couple of times is when the noddles were done cooking, I, of course, drained the water from the pan using a strainer. I added the seasoning and added a pack of the tuna creations along with a small drop of mayo and mixed it together. I sat down to enjoy and it was very tasty. One of the best Ramon noddle soup creations I came up with at home and also there may be other ideas that may pop in my head the next time I make Ramon noodle soup. One thing I may try down the road is melting cheese and pouring over Ramon after it’s drained and that does sound very good. What also sounds good is spaghetti sauce poured over Ramon noddles and that I also may try as well.

If you wanna get creative with Ramon noodle soup but are short on time, you can also get them for your microwave and pour water in the cup of soup and heat it for a few moments. Then drain it pour it in a bowl and mix in what you want to add along with your seasoning. You can either enjoy Ramon noddle soup the old fashioned way or you can kick it up and come up with an amazing creation that you and others will enjoy. Being creative with Ramon is fun.

The Passion Of Cooking


The passion of cooking is in many people who love to cook. There are many who like to cook their favorite dishes and also love to be creative and come up with their own ideas, Cooking is a fun passion for anybody who enjoys cooking on a daily basis and many have made carers out of it as well, There are many who just love to cook.

The passion of cooking is what so many people have when they want to learn how to cook and cooking is a passion that I have myself. I am not a professional but I have learned to cook certain dishes and have also gotten creative on top of that, So far I have learned how to make taco salad, mac and cheese and a few other dishes, There is still a lot more that I need to learn about cooking but I know that I can master it and one day hope to cook a full meal.

When people have that cooking passion and love to cook, not only will they make any dish that they know but, they will become creative and come up with some dishes of their own. There are many who watch cooking shows because they enjoy watching them and want to learn how to cook certain type of dishes and some also like to learn how to make many types of deserts. There are many who will also get involved in baking contest and cook-offs to show off their skills that they have.  There have been many of these contests that have also won many types of cash prizes.

There are also many known cooks that also have their own cooking shows and these experts you can truly learn a lot from them. My brother in law went to culinary school here in San Diego and he can really cook up a storm. He has made so many dishes and taught himself to cook at the age of 3 by making bacon and eggs. Since then, that has been his passion and one of his creations is a pizza casserole. One bite of that and you are gonna be in heaven.

If you have that passion for cooking and enjoy it go for it because anyone can learn how to cook and you are never too young or too old to learn. There are also many people that love to cook during the holiday season and many get very creative by cooking many dishes and making many types of deserts. During that time many are cooking either a turkey or ham and sometimes people will both cook both during the holidays. When those who have a passion of cooking and baking they will also bake many types of deserts during the holidays such as pumpkin pie, cheesecake, and many types of cookies during that time of the year. Cooking is a true passion that lives in many that want to learn how to cook or have been cooking for many years. From young to young at heart there is always that true passion of cooking.

Cooking On A Gas Stove


When it comes to making meals, cooking on a gas stove is more beneficial then cooking on an electric stove. The best thing about using a gas stove is that you can adjust the flame to the temperature that you want it to be at. On a regular electric stove, it will take longer for the stove to heat up to do your cooking but, when cooking on a gas stove it will be a lot faster and quicker plus many people who cook at home or professionally prefer using gas.

I have seen a difference between cooking on an electric stove and cooking on a gas stove plus have seen how quick it is to cook on a gas stove. I also prefer to cook on a gas stove and so does my brother and brother in law. I have cooked eggs on a gas stove and have noticed that they cook a whole lot faster than on an electric stove. Water also heats up a lot quicker on a gas stove when you are cooking anything when you need to use water for cooking.

Last night my brother was cooking tortillas on a gas stove by simply putting the tortillas over the flame and the way it turned out was very crisp and tasted very good. I am also going to learn how to do that sometime plus  I have also learned about being safe with gas stoves and why it’s important to be safe with them while you are cooking. Many people love to cook with gas because of how fast and quick it is to get food cooked and ready to eat. An electric stove you would be waiting forever for the stove to heat up and we all know we don’t wanna wait forever.

When you are cooking eggs, bacon or sausage on the stove all you gotta do is get them all prepared and once you have them in the pan and on the stove, turn on the burner and adjust the flame. You will notice how fast these items will cook. Gas Stoves is a great way to do your cooking and it comes in handy when having get-togethers at your home. Food also cooked on a gas stove taste so much better because the flavor of the food that’s cooked on a gas stove is a whole lot better. When I have cooked eggs on a gas stove it gave the eggs a crisper taste to them.

After you have cooked on a gas stove the first time, you will be so amazed and will never go back to using an electric stove. Cooking on a gas stove or even propane for outdoor cooking is the greatest way to go when it comes to cooking. I love cooking with gas and prefer it over electric100 percent. When you are cooking with the use of gas you will notice the difference in not only performance but the taste of food. Cooking with gas is the great way to go.