Being Aware Of Your Healtht



When you want to live a longer and happier life,being aware of your health can really come in handy.  Doing work outs daily and mostly sticking to a healthy eating lifestyle can make a huge difference because doing this will give you the energy that you need and although having sweets once in a while is OK you don’t wanna make a habit out of it and have them everyday or make a meal out of it. Also when eating it’s best to have smaller portions.

Being aware of your health can do wonders for you and doing this and taking your health on a serious level will prevent future health problems that could lead to a heart attack, stroke, or other health issues.  There are those that have not taken care of their health and now either have many health issues or sadly are gone way too soon and there are those that used to be overweight and a day came where they decide that they were sick and tired of being sick and tired and wanted to make changes. So now since they made changes they are now in better shape and slimmer plus workout every single day and mostly eat healthy and less. They are now feeling better then they did in many years.

Years ago I was overweight and weighed 260 pounds and was in really bad shape plus could not reach to tie my shoes and had to rock back and forth to get out of a chair and my eating habits were out of control. I would eat when I was also board or stressed out or if someone was eating something I had to have the same thing or whatever I could grab and then a day came where I realized if I don’t change I won’t be around much longer. I had ups and downs but am now under 200 pounds and my weight has now been between 165 and 170 pounds which is good but still gotta get my body toned up. My day starts out with a protean shake and half of a grapefruit with coffee and although i work a full time job,I still find time to squeeze in 30 minutes of working out a day. I also admit my eating habits are not perfect but they are better then they were in years. To me my health and taking care of my body is very important.

Many people who live out here in San Diego and many other parts of California live a healthy lifestyle and many will either go out for walks or hit the gym to workout and some work out at home. These people that stay active are young and also young at heart. I have seen many people from young kids to senior citizens riding bicycles around  San Diego and it shows that age is only a number when staying active and being aware of their own health. When you are 100 percent aware of your health and stay on top of it, you will have many more years of life ahead of you to enjoy.

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