Getting Creative With Ramon Noddle Soup


I have enjoyed Ramon noodle soup since I was a kid and still enjoy it to this day but I have also started getting creative with Ramon noddle soup taken it to a whole new level as well. Years back when I was living in Arizona a friend that I worked with was on lunch at the same time as I was and that day my lunch was Ramon noodle soup and a few other things.  He told me that if I drain the water after I cook it and add sour cream, it’s very good and that was my first time getting creative with it. It was so good and it gave the Ramon noddle soup a very creamy flavor.

Getting creative with Ramon noodle soup can be a lot of fun when you have a very creative mind and you wanna doctor it up. I have also put a bit of ranch dressing in it and that also gave it a very great taste. Most people just enjoy Ramon noddle soup the old fashioned way and I enjoy it that way also but also like to get creative when I am making Ramon noodle soup because with me learning how to cook I also like to get creative when I am cooking in the kitchen. With Ramon noddle soup there are so many ways that you can get creative by adding extra items to your soup after you drain it and add the seasoning that came with the Ramon noodle soup. You may wanna add some extra meat or veggies to it depending on what creative thoughts that you will have in mind when making Ramon.

What I did a couple of times is when the noddles were done cooking, I, of course, drained the water from the pan using a strainer. I added the seasoning and added a pack of the tuna creations along with a small drop of mayo and mixed it together. I sat down to enjoy and it was very tasty. One of the best Ramon noddle soup creations I came up with at home and also there may be other ideas that may pop in my head the next time I make Ramon noodle soup. One thing I may try down the road is melting cheese and pouring over Ramon after it’s drained and that does sound very good. What also sounds good is spaghetti sauce poured over Ramon noddles and that I also may try as well.

If you wanna get creative with Ramon noodle soup but are short on time, you can also get them for your microwave and pour water in the cup of soup and heat it for a few moments. Then drain it pour it in a bowl and mix in what you want to add along with your seasoning. You can either enjoy Ramon noddle soup the old fashioned way or you can kick it up and come up with an amazing creation that you and others will enjoy. Being creative with Ramon is fun.

Pink Floyd’s 25Th Anniversary Of The Division Bell


This year is Pink Floyd’s 25th anniversary of The Division Bell and for a quarter of a century, this is one of the Pink Floyd albums that have stood the test of time.  I was listening to the radio one evening back in mid-March of 1994 when the Divison Bell was being premiered on a local radio station and a show that was being broadcast from Florida where Pink Floyd kicked of their world tour. There were interviews with the members of Pink Floyd and songs were also being played from The Division Bell album including Keep Talking, Take It back and High Hopes.

The Division Bell was released April,5th 1994 and that day I was working in the morning but had plans to buy this CD after I got off work. The second I got off work I went to the local music store and purchased The Divison Bell on the day it was released and could not wait to give it a full listen.  When I got home I quickly hopped in the shower put some shorts and a shirt on, made myself a nice hot cup of coffee, and took off the plastic wrap off the CD cover. I was like Ok Time to give this album a full listen. With this being Pink Floyd’s 25th anniversary of The Divison Bell time has sure gone by so quickly and it’s hard to believe that so many years have gone by since this album was released.

The day I brought this album I popped it in my CD player that was connected to my stereo unit and then pressed the play button. The album, of course, opens up with the Instrumental “Cluster One” and the way the piece starts out is you can hear what sound like. an old vinyl record being played and then the keyboards come in. a little bass and guitar come in and some light drumming and I was like wow what a great way to start off the album. Then it goes to the second track “What Do You Want From Me?” with a cool drum bass keyboard beat and then Gilmour’s guitar work and amazing vocals. the third track” Poles Apart” which is a 7 plus minute track is also another outstanding song from this album and I just love it how it starts off with the bass and acoustic guitar. Gilmour’s vocals come in about 20 seconds later and then after that, the drums come in.  I also love it how it has the amazing effects in the middle of the song before it goes into a full force rock jam and then it has a bit of old-style Floyd effects at the end of the song. The old effects sound like what you hear from the song “Sheep” taken from the 1977 album Animals.

Track four is another instrumental piece called “Marooned” which opens up what sounds like a Hawaiian Island intro and then Gilmour’s clean guitar work. There is also great keyboard work by the Late Richard Wright and a bit of bass and light cymbal work from Nick Mason.  Two and a half minutes into the piece the drums come in and it’s a mellow rocking jam before it ends and the to the 5th track “A Great Day For Freedom”This track explains about when the Berlin wall was finally knocked down and the words to this track are just beautiful. Track 6 “Wearing The Inside Out” is the song that includes the late Richard Wright on lead vocals and this is one of the Pink Floyd songs to feature him on lead vocals in more than 20 years. Then the next tracks are “Take It Back”, “Coming Back To Life”, “Keep Talking” with voice effects by the late Steven Hawking, “Lost For Words’ and closing with “High Hopes’.

The album cover is also mind-blowing and I also love the inside artwork as well and how each picture matched the song title and words. Here is to 25 years of The Division Bell, a true classic Pink Floyd album of all time.

Dancing to keep in Shape

When you wanna take care of yourself by moving to the beat, dancing to keep in shape is the best way to go. When you are dancing to music not only are you having fun but you are also getting a workout in and burning off calories as well and when you burn off calories it will help you keep your body toned up and keep you slender. There are certain types of music that you can dance to including rock, pop, country, and many others and also the tempo may be slow or it may be fast. Those who wanna get a good workout in will dance to fast upbeat songs and there are a lot of upbeat dance songs that you can dance to. That fast beat will give you the energy that you need to get down.

Dancing to keep in shape is very good for your heart, mind, and soul plus many people that go out on a Friday night after a long week at work like to go out dancing and let loose. There are many dance clubs that are open late or all night long depending on the area that you live in. Here in San Diego California, there are many places where you can go dancing where some clubs will either play the same type of music or they will mix it up with different styles. If you are in the neighborhoods of Northpark or Hillcrest there are many places where you can go for a night of dancing. I also like to go out dancing from time to time and like to move to a fast song because it fills my heart with joy and keeps me active on top of that. I will dance to any type of music and even if I don’t understand the language I will still dance because the beat moves me.  Dancing is what makes us all feel alive and it fills us with happiness and joy.

Some who have a daily workout routine will also include dancing as a part of it because they wanna add more to their workouts and get into the best shape that they can get into. Many pop stars such as Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson, Paula, Abdul Usher, and many others have great dance moves when they are on stage performing plus will have back up dancers in their shows as well. There are those that are passed on that had great dance moves including the late Micheal Jackson and his dance moves were just mindblowing and he will always be remembered for the moonwalk.

Whatever type of music moves you, dancing to keep in shape can be a whole lot of fun plus many teach dancing as a profession because it’s what they have a passion for. There are also many different types of dancing styles that have been around for a short time and some that have been around for many years including the tango. When you are dancing to keep in shape, you are not only having fun but, you are gonna add more years to the rest of your life.


The Importance Of Avoiding Conflict

There are times when you get into a situation that you don’t wanna be involved in because of it being a hostile situation so if you keep in mind and remember the importance of avoiding conflict, you can get yourself out of those situations you don’t wanna be a part of. Conflict can happen in many different ways at any place and any time plus even in stressful situations when tempers get short conflict can also happen as well. Sometimes a conflict between two or more people can become physically violent causing serious injury or cost someone their life.

The importance of avoiding conflict is very important if you want to be able to walk away from any situation that may be getting violent and you don’t wanna be a part of it. Conflicts happen in many places from fast food places to food stores because someone could cut in front of someone because they don’t wanna wait their turn and when that other person speaks up and says to that person they need to wait their turn that person may get upset and a hostile argument can break out between the two or group of people causing them to be picked up by the police because there are many places of business that don’t tolerate this kind of behavior and these people can end up being banned from that place because of their violent ways.   Walking away is the best thing to do in order to avoid conflict of any kind.

Conflict can also happen in the workplace and you may have a co-worker that causes problems and you just don’t get along with. There are three things that you can do you can choose to make the wrong choice and get into a heated fight with this person causing you both to lose your job or talk out the problem also if you try talking it out and that co-worker is still being hostile towards you it’s best to speak with your supervisor and tell him or her the problem that you are having with that other person that you are working with. They will observe the situation and will have a talk with that person giving them a warning and if the problem continues that person will be let go of their job.

Sometimes conflict can happen in the family between a married couple or other family members and sadly a conflict can get so bad in a family that some family members stop talking to each other. There have been a few times in our family that there were some heated arguments but we did not hold grudges, we forgave and moved on because forgiving each other is what family does.  Conflicts can also happen between friends which can sadly end the friendship but if they forgive and forget they can remain friends and move past that ugly situation.  We all face conflict from time to time and it’s up to us to know the importance of walking away from any type of conflict.


Don’t Take It Personal



Sometimes someone that you know or may not know could be having one of them days and may be short with you but no matter how it comes across don’t take it personal. When you take it personal and get angry you are filling yourself with unhealthy and negative vibes that can also cause very serious health issues as well. That person that snapped at you may be going through some hard times and may not mean to snap so it’s best to not take it personal and be as patient as you can be. When you learn to not take things personal you will give yourself the piece in life.

Some that take things personal will hold a grudge towards that person and no matter how many times that person apologizes they still won’t forgive them and that is just plain silly. It’s best to forgive, forget and move on because we need to all remember don’t take it personal and just keep on living life in a happy and healthy way. Life is just way too short to take things personal and to hold grudges towards others because if you hold grudges towards that person for too long it may be too late to reconcile cause they will be passed on and it’s a regret that you will live with.

This is something that I need to work on myself because I have a habit of taking things personal when someone snaps and I should not be doing that. So I am working on ways to not take things personal and just let it roll off my shoulders because anger does not do any good. The thing to keep in mind is that it’s best to not let things get the best of us when someone snaps and get impatient with us plus it’s best to just give people the benefit of the doubt because that person you know is mostly a down to earth person and you have caught them on a bad day.  The more you let things build up and upset you by taking things personal, the more negativity and health problems that you will face.

One of the things that you can do to change and not take things personal is by meditating every single morning and filling your mind with positive thoughts. You can also watch videos online to learn about not taking things personal and there are also professionals, family, and friends that you can talk with asking for advice on how to stop taking things personally. You can also find support groups and be able to speak with anyone at any time when you have that moment of weakness and feel anger building up after someone jumps all over you. They will let you know that they are there for you and will give you the positive vibes that you will need to help you keep the inner peace that you need. No matter what people say to you or do, don’t take it personal because life is just way too short to miss out on.

It Does Not Happen By Magic



Some people that start a home-based or any type of business expect results right away but we all need to put in the work because it does not happen by magic. It takes work and dedication to get to where you want to be at and have the success that you are searching for otherwise if you think it’s gonna happen by magic you are living in a fantasy world. You need to be serious and not play games when it comes to having the success of any kind that you want. It will take time but as long as you are being consistent and following through you will make it to the top.

There are some that will take it seriously and do what is needed to get to the successful world and some will just sit around and hope for a million dollars to instantly appear in their bank accounts but we all gotta face the facts, it does not happen by magic. If you want to get to where you want in life, not be tied down to a job, and have the money to do the things you wanna do plus freedom, you gotta put in the work and you need to put in the time to do it. So let’s say that you still have a job and you work 9 to 5 Monday through Friday and you are up early at 6:00 am each day and that can give you time to do a little online work in the mornings while having breakfast before going to work. Then when you get home in the evening do some more work online before or after dinner and then have the weekends to fully focus on it. Soon before you know it you will be where you want to be at and be able to quit your job. When you know that it does not happen by magic you are gonna take the actions that are needed to make it.

Some may think when they sign up for a business or make a video and slap it online, they think money is gonna come their way but it takes a lot more work to make that happen. When you join a business that’s online or offline you need to follow directions every step of the way and keep in mind that success does not happen by snapping your fingers, you gotta follow each step if you want the dream to become real. Plus you will also need to make some sacrifices and realize that you are not gonna have time to always watch TV, listen to music, etc, because you are gonna be busy working to make your life better. Once you have the success and the money is coming in on a regular basis then you won’t have to do be on the computer that long. Many that are now successful who work online only have to be doing their online work a few hours a day or less then have the whole day to do whatever they want to do. So always keep in mind that it does not happen by magic and you need to take the actions to have success in life.


Making And Sticking To A Schedule


In Order to stay on top of your daily routine. making and sticking to a schedule is a very important key role to have in your life. When you are planning your schedule you need to first figure out how much time you will need to do every task throughout the day and some task s you may do on a daily basis or your schedule can change from day to day. Let’s say that you are either on your day off, vacation or you work from home and have things to do during the day and you wake up at the same time every single day. For example, 6:00 AM-6:30 Am wake up and meditate, 6:30,7:00 Am, breakfast, 7:00 Am,9:00 Am online work, 9:00 am -9:30 Am workout and other things as well.

Making and sticking to a schedule shows the self-discipline that you will have to be consistent and follow though o what you need to do every single day and if you are someone that runs a business you will also need to make a schedule for your employees to follow daily and sometimes you may need to change the schedule from time to time. It’s very important to stick to a schedule and stay on top of it otherwise if you don’t stay on top of it, you can throw yourself off and if you are not consistent on following your schedule that can also show a lack of self-discipline.

If you are working a job you will also have a schedule that is made for you for the week that you will need to follow and depending on when it’s posted weekly or bi-weekly, you will need to check it because it can change from time to time and let’s say that you are in charge of an event where different activities are scheduled you will also need to make sure every acivity is scheduled accordingly. Also, if you make a schedule that you need to follow on the go, you can also use the notepad on your smartphone plus there are also apps that you can also download and easy make and keep track of your schedule. When you make and stick to a schedule that will also show the importance of being efficient and that it’s important for you to stick with that schedule every day and change when needed to do so.

On a schedule, you may have a short amount of time to complete each task and will need to get each task done as quickly as possible because other things on your schedule will need to be started and finished up by a certain time. So let’s say that you are doing a workout around 5:00 Pm and you are gonna meet family and friends for dinner at a restaurant at 7:00 pm but the restaurant is a half hour drive from where you live. You would need to be done with your workout by 5:30 or before 6:00, shower, get ready and leave your place by 6:30 to make it to the restaurant on time. When you make and stick to a schedule every day,  it will make your routine stay on track in everything you do.



















Success Starts With A Positive Attitude



There any many ways to have great success in this world but we all know that success starts with a positive attitude. That positive can-do attitude is what is going to keep us focused on what we want to accomplish in our lives because a positive attitude will lead us to the happiness that we want to have. When you say to yourself that you can do it and anything is possible, that’s the start of a great attitude that is going to push you to do better every day.

Those that have a negative attitude are not going to be successful because they will only fill themselves with negative vibes and will waste time on things that will hold them back.  This type of negative thinking is poison for your thoughts because it’s toxic to your mind so if you want to avoid these toxins of negativity you gotta keep in mind that success starts with a positive attitude. The better the attitude that you have the greater that your success will turn out to be and no matter what others may say or think don’t let any of their negativity ruin the success that you gain.

There are many famous people that have a lot of success and yes, in the beginning, many of them had rejections here and there but they never gave up because they knew that as long as they had that positive attitude and kept on going, they were going to be successful. Now they have the success because they believed in their visions and knew that they could do it. Seeing the vision of your success and taking the actions shows that your attitude is 100 percent possible and you are willing to do what needs to be done. When you succeed, it’s gonna drive you to do a whole lot more.

When people that are successful wake-up every day with a great outlook they know that anything is possible when they put their minds to it. There are those that would give up after one or two times because they kept having failures and that was showing a negative vibe but some can also help them regain their confidence and positive attitude. In order to keep that positive attitude for the success that you wanna have you gotta wake up every single day and tell yourself, I can do anything and say that I’m possible. That will kick start your day with so many positive vibes and the happiness that you will need to be successful. When your attitude is positive your success will soon be real.

With your success or failures, it’s gonna depend on how negative or positive your attitude is and will also depend if you are taken the proper actions or just sitting and hoping for success to happen. We all need to believe in ourselves and be positive to get to where we want to be in life. When you want to get anywhere in your carer, remember that success starts with a great and positive attitude.

Audiomack Music Service



I was looking for a site last week for downloading free music and I came across theAudiomack music service which is a website where you can add your favorite songs and add other music files for free.  It was very easy to sign up for and took only a few moments to do plus I was able to find a lot of my favorite songs on here and also added my music files as well. The best part about this site is when you add music you can add as much music as you want to.

There are so many great features on the Audiomack music service website where you can find the most known top songs and albums of today and you can create your own playlist as well. So if you are an 80’s music buff like myself you can create an 80’s music playlist or any type of music playlist that you want to create. I like all kinds of music so I created a list of all kinds of music and I love to listen to music from big bands to the music of today. You can also follow other accounts from other members and listen to their favorites and you will also get notifications when someone likes or plays a song from your playlist. This is defiantly one of the best music sites around today.

If you wanna experience music from other artists around the world check out the  Audiomack world section of the website and you can experience music from many artists around the globe including from The UK, The United States, and many other places around the world. If you also wanna listen to your music on the go you can download the Audiomack app to your phone via Google Play, Apple App Store or you can have the app text to you if you prefer. You can also easily edit song information or you can also delete songs that you no longer want on your playlist.

Let’s say that you are listing to your playlist and there is a song that you wanna play next but you are several songs away from it and don’t wanna wait. While one song is playing you can choose to queue that song next by selecting the queue next function and that song you selected will play next. That’s one of the cool features on the playlist section on the Audiomack website. You can also share songs via social media sites including Facebook, and Twitter plus there is also the Audiomack pages on Facebook and Twitter that you can join and share your thoughts about the website and so much more. If you wanna have free unlimited music at your fingertips then Audiomack is for you.


Starting The Day With A Great Breakfast



When you wanna be energized the whole entire day, starting the day with a great breakfast is very important in order to have enough fuel to get you going. There are many great and healthy breakfast items to get your day started such as oatmeal, eggs, turkey bacon, fruit, and low-fat yogurts. Foods like doughnuts and other bread and high sugar foods can cause you to be sluggish and will slow you down. So eating a healthy breakfast and having a healthy beverage, such as orange juice or other types of healthy juices will give you that boost you need to be at your best.

Starting the day with a great breakfast can also be helpful on the go when you gotta be at work or somewhere by a certain time and don’t have time to make breakfast. You can take a piece of fruit such as a banana with you or if you have some of that healthy energy bars you can take one of those with you for breakfast on the go plus there are those who have a very busy schedule and have to eat breakfast on the go. Some also have a protein shake in the mornings when they have breakfast and it’s best for those who want to get healthy and build some muscle when they work out.

If you like having toast. muffins, or bagels in the morning but wanna stay away from gluten, you can always get breads, muffins or bagels that are not only gluten free but also low in fat.  You can also buy flatbreads if you wanna really cut back on yeast and have a healthier slice or 2 of toast and if you make french toast you may wanna use flatbread as well. A healthy breakfast gives us the fuel that we need until it’s time for the next meal around the corner. The better the breakfast that you have in the morning the more productive you will be on the job as well.

Myself I am starting to eat a healthier breakfast so I can have the energy that I need to get through the day and have the energy that I need to do my job and live a very active lifestyle. In the mornings I will either have oatmeal with some fruit mixed in and I cook this myself or I will have turkey bacon and eggs. Sometimes I may have a bagel or a couple of pieces of toast but most of the time skip the bread items because too much yeast can really clog you up. Also, I make sure that I have plenty of time to enjoy breakfast so I don’t have to rush because rushing is not good.

Eggs white are also a great alternative if you are someone who needs to get in shape or decide to live a very strict healthy lifestyle. There are many people who choose to not only eat a healthy breakfast but also a healthy lunch and dinner on a daily basis. When you kick off the day with an amazing breakfast you will be ready to take on the day.