Audiomack Music Service



I was looking for a site last week for downloading free music and I came across theAudiomack music service which is a website where you can add your favorite songs and add other music files for free.  It was very easy to sign up for and took only a few moments to do plus I was able to find a lot of my favorite songs on here and also added my music files as well. The best part about this site is when you add music you can add as much music as you want to.

There are so many great features on the Audiomack music service website where you can find the most known top songs and albums of today and you can create your own playlist as well. So if you are an 80’s music buff like myself you can create an 80’s music playlist or any type of music playlist that you want to create. I like all kinds of music so I created a list of all kinds of music and I love to listen to music from big bands to the music of today. You can also follow other accounts from other members and listen to their favorites and you will also get notifications when someone likes or plays a song from your playlist. This is defiantly one of the best music sites around today.

If you wanna experience music from other artists around the world check out the  Audiomack world section of the website and you can experience music from many artists around the globe including from The UK, The United States, and many other places around the world. If you also wanna listen to your music on the go you can download the Audiomack app to your phone via Google Play, Apple App Store or you can have the app text to you if you prefer. You can also easily edit song information or you can also delete songs that you no longer want on your playlist.

Let’s say that you are listing to your playlist and there is a song that you wanna play next but you are several songs away from it and don’t wanna wait. While one song is playing you can choose to queue that song next by selecting the queue next function and that song you selected will play next. That’s one of the cool features on the playlist section on the Audiomack website. You can also share songs via social media sites including Facebook, and Twitter plus there is also the Audiomack pages on Facebook and Twitter that you can join and share your thoughts about the website and so much more. If you wanna have free unlimited music at your fingertips then Audiomack is for you.


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