Learning Proper Dining Etiquette



Learning proper dining etiquette is very important if you wanna go to a nice place to eat or a dinner party without embarrassing yourself or others around you. Now it takes proper steps to get all of this down and yes it may take some time to get it down but the more you practice the more that you will become a pro at it. Let’s say that you are either invited to a dinner party or you are going to a high class restaurant for dinner with family and friends but you know you gotta dress the part. Going to a dinner party or high class restaurant in shorts sandals,and a tank top is a major no no. You gotta dress up in the proper clothing when it comes to dinner parties and other etiquette events.

When you are learning proper dining etiquette you are also learning how to be respectful to not only others but to your self as well. One of the best things to do is if you are invited to a dinner party respond if you are going to make it or not and of you are gonna make it be sure to be there a few minutes early but not too early so let’s say that dinner is gonna be served at 7:00 PM, it’s best to get there  around  6:50 pm so this way you have time to get ready and prior to dinner make sure that you silence your cell phone. But if you are expecting an important call let the host or hostess know ahead of time and if you do get that call politely excuse yourself from the table and take the call in private.

I am also learning about dining etiquette myself and have learned a few things here and there but still have more to learn because I have a habit of eating too fast and slopping. I want to be able to learn the proper dining etiquette so I can either attend dinner parties or go to nice places to have a meal at. I was also told that even if I’m by myself  I should still practice proper dining etiquette as if I am eating with a bunch of others that are in the room as well.

When it comes to dinner parties always wait until the host or hostess gives the world and says it’s time to proceed to the dinner table and don’t sit down until the host or hostess has been seated first. Once they are seated then you and others can also sit and the proper posture is the important key when sitting down,you don’t wanna slouch in your chair because it shows bad manners and also a lack of confidence. When you are sitting at the table at a dinner party there are gonna be many types of dishes and silverware being used depending on how many courses are in the meal and spoons would be on one side, forks on the others, and knives depending on what’s being served.With the silverware you are going to start first and then work your way in plus there may also be a butter dish and a few glasses which one may be for water, one for white wine,one for red wine, and also one for having champagne.

If someone asks you to pass the salt, pass the pepper along with it because even though that person only asks for salt, it’s best to also pass the pepper because they also may wanna add pepper to their dish as well. If there is something that you want to have and it’s out of reach ask someone to pass it down to you.Never reach over and grab it. Also when it comes to dinner conversations there are things that you don’t wanna talk about including anything that nay be gross or any other thing that may be considered inappropriate. A dinner party is not the place for that. After words when it’s time to leave thank the host and hostess for a wonderful evening and if you are gonna plan a dinner party down the road and want to invite them get their contact information so you can send them an invitation. When you follow these and many other steps, you will become a true master when it comes to proper dining etiquette

It All Starts With A Dream


There are many great people who have had so much success over the years but for those who want to be successful, there is one thing to keep in mind, it all starts with a dream. You may be someone that has a dream of being a rock star,movie,star or any other type of carer that you wanna get yourself into and after working and being 100 percent consistent your dream will become real and the more you work at it the more the dream will come true.

Anything starts with a dream and after putting in the work,being consistent and following through great things will happen and it may take a short time or a long time but when your dreams come true you will know that the long and hard road was well worth it. There are those who have big dreams and when they get to where they want to be they may be a shock for a while because it will take them some time to realize that the dreams that they have are now the real thing. They will also be able to do the things that they never thought that they would do such as travel the world,go to very nice places to eat, and buy the things that they have always wanted such as a new car,home and be able to pay it fully upfront. Those that have their dreams come true and make a lot of money per month such as seven figures or more are able to pay for a home or automobile in full plus some may have more then one home. Some may have one home in one State Such as California and one in Nevada. Or in other parts of the world as well.

Any carer that we wanna get into no matter what it is,keep in mind that it all starts with a dream because you are creating a vision of what you want to do. You may have more then one dream  so let’s say that you wanna be a singer,actor and you want to also have your own line of clothing. If all 3 of those for you comes true you can have a lifetime of wealth,fame, and success. There are many famous starts that have more then one type of carer because they are showing the world that there is a whole lot more that they can do. Anyone can have more then one carer.

Anything that we wanna do in life starts with a dream and from there that dream will become real right before your very own eyes. Those who have local,national or world wide business’s started with a dream and then that dream was alive in front of them. Some that are C.E.O’s have also been the founders of their companies as well and with the stores, or restaurants that these founders have around the world can be making a very great amazing salary per year.Whatever you wanna do in your life and have that great success that you want to have,it starts with a dream.

Distance Over Time The New Dream Theater Album


Last week I was listing to Distance Over Time,the new Dream Theater album and once again they put out another rocking masterpiece. First of all I love the album cover that shows a robotic hand holding a skull and the one who created this album cover has a great creative mind when it comes to making album covers. Every song on this album is a true rocker and Distance Over Time really moves you and puts you into the true Rocking music mood.

Distance Over Time, the new Dream Theater album opens up with the track Untethered Angel that first starts out with an acoustic guitar intro for about 40 seconds, then it’s into full rocking business with the entire band and amazing vocals by James Labrie .This track gets’s Distance over time going because it gets the fuel started. The second track paralyzed is another great song on this album I just love the music and the words really give it that great Dream Theater spice. The 3rd track Fall Into The Light, is another amazing track on this album with great instrument work and beautiful lyrics also the video for the song is also just out of this world and mind blowing.

Bar stool warrior is the 4th track on this album and it’s a very powerful rocking song. From listening to this track it’s sounds like that Bar Stool warrior is about addiction to alcohol and that person keeps drinking their life away. The 5th album room 137 is another great track on this album and it has that amazing future feel to it. Every Dream Theater album that has been put out over the years has rocked the top of the charts and with Distance Over Time it still shows that they still rock the top of the charts after 30 years of making great music and putting on great shows.

Other great tracks are the 6th track S-2-N the 7th, track At Wits End which is the longest track on this album with a running time of over nine minutes,the 8th track ,out of reach, the 9th track Pale Blue Dot and the 10th and extra track Viper King. After I listened to Distance Over Time, I was like blown away and so amazed of this amazing and wonderful Dream Theater album. I have also heard that with the upcoming tour they will be playing tracks from this album and will be also be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the 5th album Scenes From A Memory and they will be also be performing this album in it’s entirety. I give Distance Over Time, a triple a plus grade because this is another great album that Dream Theater has worked hard on to keep the Dream Theater fuel going and whenever you hear a dream theater album you know its’s going be a rocker. This album is amazing from the start to the last track.If you have not heard this album yet, you gotta give it a listen its’s another great Dream Theater masterpiece to enjoy.

The Importance Of Family Time



Knowing the importance  of family time and spending as much time as you can with your family should be the most important number one priority. The reason why that this is very important is that you never know how much time that you or any of your family members have on this earth and if you have a job that has you work too many hours per week, there can be so much family time that you can miss out on. During the Holidays is when many family’s spend time together and will have large family get together’s during Thanksgiving and Christmas time.

The importance of family time is also important when it comes to hard times and this is when your family is going to need you. You may be planning to go out with friends a few days ahead and when the day that you are gonna go to hang out with friends somewhere and you get a call from a family member saying that one of your family members is in the hospital because of a heart attack , cancer or any other serious condition. This is when you will have to realize that you will have to cancel plans with your friends and tell them the reason and be with your family. Plus if they are true friends they will understand and you all know that there other others times that you will be able to hang out. This is also important when you have a family member pass on and will need to take time away from work because you will need to be with your family and it will also be difficult for you to focus on your job at work as well.

Family time is the most important thing in life and there may be family members that live out of state that you wanna go and visit so you decide to either fly, or drive out there or they may come and see you. Depending on your budget you may get a hotel,motel close by to your family members that you are visiting or they may offer to put you up so you don’t have to spend any extra money for a hotel or motel. These family members may either take off time from work, work from home or be retired so they can have plenty of time to spend with you which is very important.

I find that it’s very important to spend time with my family as much as I can because we don’t know how much time that we are going to be on this earth and August of last year me and my oldest brother took a trip to Phoenix Arizona for our mom’s 70th birthday and we had a great time with the family and also friends of the family were there to. We may not always are able to get with family cause of work but it’s best to spend time with your family’s as much as you are able to. The more time that you spend with you family’s the more amazing memories that you can all create.



Being Creative With Cooking



Being creative with cooking can be so much fun and rewarding and it’s also fun when you are learning how to cook. Many that know how to cook very well have also created their own dishes that either was loved and enjoyed by family,friends or if they are famous many fans around the world. Creative cooking is also about the presentation of the dish that you are cooking. Many chefs that work or own a restaurant also come up with creative dishes of their own which get so well know that word spreads like wildfire and many wanna go and experience those creations.

When you are being creative with cooking you are showing that there is so much that you can do and have a creative mind when it comes to food. You may have some food items in your home and you are about to cook dinner and you get a creative idea and decide to come up with an amazing dish and your whole family and they may ask for the recipe. Others may follow in your foot steps and will want to be creative in the kitchen when they are cooking. When you get creative with cooking you will never know what you can come up with when you are cooking up a storm.

My brother in law has been cooking since he was 3 years of age and he still loves to cook when he gets the chance to and one of the dishes that he has created is a pizza casserole. The first time I had it I was like wow this is amazing plus he has also got very creative with many other dishes that he has made. He has also made a taco salad and that I also have learned how to make as well. It’s very easy to make and it does not take long to make at all,very simple.

I also like to get creative with cooking myself and one weekend I was at a friends place and I made eggs and tilapia. I cooked  them both on separate pans and when they were both done I cut up  the tilapia into small pieces and mixed them into the eggs. It was very good and my friend loved it. He has also passed on since then but I can still remember how much he loved that dish I came up with plus he also taught me how to cook tilapia and how to make a salad.

I have also got creative when cooking my own breakfast and when I cook oatmeal there have been times where I have added some fruit such as apples, bananas,blueberries, and also have added some peanut butter or peanuts to it as well and it’s very good. I have even cooked bacon and eggs on one pan and add the eggs when the bacon is done and have added the eggs and mixed them in together.It does not matter if you are young or young at heart, there are so many amazing ways that you can be creative with cooking and come up with a dish that will blow peoples minds.


Sharing Your Life Experiences



When you are sharing your life experiences with the world, you are telling them all of the things that have either happened or what you have done in your life. You may have had some experiences that may have mostly been great but you also may talk about hard times that you have gone through and then explain on how you got through those hard times and were able to move forward and this way those that are going through the same things can learn from you as well. When you share the experiences of your life with others, you can really connect with so many people.

Sharing your experiences with people and telling them the wonderful things that you have experienced will also likely want to experience the same greatness as you did. Let’s say that you went zip lining for the very first time and you had a great time and it was very thrilling. So, when you are giving a motivational speech to a large room of people and telling them about that experience, they are gonna be so blown away that a lot of them are gonna go zip lining  and whatever experiences that you have shared with them. The more you share experiences the better.

I have also had many great experiences in my life and some were not so good but those I have managed to get through the bad experiences. Over the course of the last several plus years I have experienced many types of food such as Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese, Indian, Real Mexican, French, Japanese, and a few others but there are still some foods that I need to experience. I have also had many other great experiences such as Disney Land, Disney World and a few years back when to Disney California Adventure for the first time and had the experience of a lifetime.

Each and everyone of us has experiences that we wanna share with the world and so many people  that you meet will also want to share their experiences with you And some of their experiences may also be the same ones that you have had. Some experiences that we can all have is by going to a dinner party for the first time and this is where everyone is dressed up and their are several courses during the meal which can be a total of 2 to 3 hours but it’s about the experience.  Other experiences that others have had can be traveling to another state or country for the first time and getting to experience the culture , food  and so many other great things about the country that they are visiting.

Those have also got the experiences of meeting their favorite TV, movie stars, bands and solo artists because they the either have won back stage passes or have the money to afford them. Some have even got to meet their favorite stars more then once  and sometimes a famous person may even remember meeting that fan before. Sharing your life experiences can be one of the most great things that you can bring to so many people in this amazing world.



Easy ways To Make Extra Income Online


There are those who still like to work their jobs but still need some extra money and we all know that there are many easy ways to make extra income online. One of the ways to make extra cash is by doing surveys and some surveys may pay a small amount like $.25 or $.50 per survey and some pay more then $10.00 per survey and most survey sites are free to join but some may require a fee to join and those are the ones that may also pay more. There are also apps that you can download to your smartphone so that you can earn some extra money on the move.

With the many easy ways to make extra income online there are many great things that are possible and if you have some items that you no longer use, you can sell them for extra cash as well. You may have an old portable CD player,camera, headset,cell phone and other things that you no longer use and if you sell those you can have a chance to make some extra money. The possible ways to make extra money online are 100 percent endless and you never know what you will find on the internet when you wanna make some extra dollars when you need some extra income. Also you can join an online business to make extra money or if you want do that as a full time carer.

for you music lovers out there, you can make some extra money by listening to music and although it’a a small start the money will ad up plus you can make extra money by making videos and posting them to sites such as You Tube and other video sharing sites. That takes skill but it can be done as long as you know the ways to get that up and going. Other ways are getting involved in stocks and also getting into bit coin  and other types of cryptocurrency.

You also may have a CD Collection that you want to sell online but you wanna be able to save your collection on your computer but don’t have enough space. You can purchase a external hard drive and the more memory the more you can save and then you can sell the CD’s online since you have all the music saved but if you forget to save some you can find them on sites such as  Spotify, You tube music and others if you want to listen to them.  Some who have also brought an anniversary edition of an album that comes in a box set would end up selling the original album because the box set is not only the album it self but contains bonus material such as live tracks,unreleased songs and remixes.

There are also some online games that you can play to make some extra dough and when you have enough points you can choice to trade them in for cash or gift cards. With the world wide web there are many ways to make extra cash.


Health And Success go Together


One of the main reasons why health and success go together is that many people who are successful are also in great shape. From rock stars to very well entrepreneurs that are known keep fit by doing various workouts daily and mostly watching what they eat. The more successful people take care of themselves The greater the success that they will have in their lives plus it will continue to build up their confidence each and every single day of their lives.

Those that don’t keep in shape and are unhealthy also may not have that much success and they would stay on the sidelines and also eating the bad foods that can give them a massive amount of health problems. Health issues that they can face is heart disease which can lead to a massive heart attack and that can also be fatal as well. It can also lead to obesity and myself I was almost 300 pounds 13 years ago and that was not fun because I had a hard time breathing and getting around. To be successful not only do you have to work at it you also gotta take care of your health because health and success go together and it’s the most 2 important things for having a great long life.

To have the success that you want and to maintain that success it’s also very important to live a healthy lifestyle every day. There are many motivational speakers that host seminars that are in very great shape and have a youthful attitude and some who are older also appear to look younger then they are because they took the steps to take care of themselves. The main key to having success is also taking care of your body and keeping it in the best shape possible.

Very well known bands that have been around for a few years or 20 years plus also have to stay in shape and it’s very important when they go on tour and perform around the world. They are successful by working hard in their carers and making sure that their health is up to date. This and many other carers is what health and success go together in the same field. Without health in our lives great success would not be possible and bad health is what holds us back.

Having health and success goes together in many ways that are possible plus other will notice how you look. So if you are overweight and people see that it will show a lack of confidence and will show that you are not fully focused on the things you wanna do but if you are in great health, it will show that you have confidence and will follow through in your dreams to make them a reality. Only you can decide your fate and take the path that you want to walk on.

We all have a choice to make we can either live a cut short life of bad health and no success or we can live a long life of health and success. For great health and success those are the two things that go together and go together well.




























Ghost A very Amazing Rock Band



Ghost is a very amazing rock band from Linköping Sweden that was formed back in 2006 and have gained millions of fans and worldwide success. I have heard of this band a few months ago but have never heard their music and I thought I would go online and watch some of their videos and I came across the video for Rats and decided to give it a view and when I did it just blew me away, amazing drum intro and full force rock. Also the song has such amazing lyrics and great vocals by Tobias Forge who is also know on stage as Papa Emeritus and Cardinal Copia.

I also wanted to give all of the Ghost albums a listen and I started with the 2010 debut Opus Eponymous  and gave it a full listen and thought that it was a very amazing debut album and the songs Stand By Him and Genesis are very amazing tracks .The next one that I listened to was the E.P  If you have ghost and that one also blew me out of the water and the opening title track really gets it kicking into high gear.It also contains a few other great tracks Including I’m A Marionette.The second album Infestissumam  is also another great Ghost album with the amazing tracks Year Zero, Monstrace Clock and other great tracks. This is another amazing album by these great rockers. I have also heard the track Square Hammer from the Pope Star E.P which is a great rocking track but still need to give the E.P a full listen which I plan on doing during the week. Also I have seen live clips of their shows online as well.

The 3rd album Meliora is another great rocking album with the tracks Mummy Dust, He Is, Circe, From The Pinnacle To The Pit, and other great amazing tunes to crank up. The song He is is a great song with a mixture of acoustic and electric guitar work. Now to the 4th album Prequelle and this is the best Ghost album to date. I gave this whole album a full listen and just love it. It opens up with the intro Ashes and then the rocking track Rats. This album also several other great tracks including Faith, See The Light, the instrumental track Miasma, Dance Macabre and Life Eternal. I have also found out that there is a box set of Prequelle that you can order from the Ghost website and the box set contains The CD, Vinyl and a Limited edition 8 Track and cassette format as well. I would also love to attend a Ghost concert because from the live clips I have seen online and all their music I have heard, I have quickly became a Ghost fan. Ghost is one of the best bands out there that know how to make music and entertain the crowd.


Even When You Feel Like It Don’t Quit


There may be times when you find that learning a new skill can be overwhelming and you just wanna admit defeat and throw in the towel but no matter what and even when you feel like it don’t quit. You just need to hang in there and believe in yourself because although the skill that you are learning may be a major challenge,it’s best to stick it out and see it through. If you just quit not only are you giving up on your dreams but there are so many great things that you are going to miss out on. A true champion hangs in there and does not quit they keep on going.

It’s always best to keep in mind that even when you feel like it don’t quit because you have so much potential in your life and you can take it to newer heights when you give it all you got and become unstoppable.  Some have giving up too easy and have missed out on so much great success due to a lack of confidence and not believing in their visions of greatness.Others that went through ups and downs just kept hanging in there because they knew that their dreams will come true as long as they did not give up and quit. Then their dreams have finally became a true reality.

Another reason why some just quit is that others will tell them that they are wasting their time and should simply give up and stick to the 9 to 5 work life and they let that control them but the ones that are strong, refuse to give in and don’t want to be stuck in the 9 to 5 work life they want to be successful and be able to do the things that they have always dreamed off such as buy a new home, a new car, take a vacation but most importantly full free time with family, friends or themselves. They got to this point because they did not quit they kept on being power champions so they can have the success that they want to have. To them the 9  to 5 work life is for sure no life to live by.

Now just picture yourself on what you would miss out on if you quit and when you quit all the things that you wanted to do are now thrown away and you are just existing. But if you change that picture and keep on working at your dream and not quitting, the things that you wanna do are most of all going to happen when you have strong confidence and you keep on going and don’t quit no matter how hard the skill may be to learn. There are also many famous stars out there that have had a struggle in the beginning of their carers but they  did not quit and have massive fame and success. They can now be making several figures or even more then that and  some may even have homes in different places around the world. No matter what you face and even if you want to don’t quit.