The Benefits Of Waking Up early


With the benefits of waking up early, you can get a early start to your day and get plenty of things done.  There are those who need to be up early because they work a full time job and need to be there at a certain time and those that either are retired or work from home like to be up early because if they sleep in late they are gonna miss out on the day. There are so many ways that early risers get their day started from morning meditation to going for a morning walk and getting a work out in. Most will also start the day with a healthy and hearty morning breakfast.

Those who wake up early can get a lot done and that’s one of the great things about  the benefits of waking up early.Those who wake up in the morning and do their monthly grocery shopping prefer to do it in the morning while the stores are not as busy because they don’t wanna fight the crowds later on in the day plus may also have other things that they need to do. Waking up early every day gets and keep you motivated and their is no longer a snooze button, it’s now a get up and get going button  because we all know for sure that life is way too short to miss out on. Also those who are cooking a meal that’s gonna take most of the day to prepare need to be up early as well.

I am an early riser myself and for me getting up early gets me off to a fresh start every single morning and since I work morning hours I am up at 6:00 am but on days off sleep until 7:00 or 8:00 am but either way I prefer being up early. Back when I was in my teens and 20’s and did not need to be up early the next day I would be up all night watching TV,movies or listing to music and also at times be out late with family and friends and not go to bed until 4:00 or 5:00 am and sleep in until noon or 1:00 Pm. Now as I am older I prefer to be in bed early and up early although I may stay up a little late from time to time but when I do it’s not past 1:00 AM. My early morning starts out with meditation, and then I have my coffee plus a healthy protean shake and workouts in the morning when I am off  or later on when I get home from work. I really enjoy waking up early every single day it fills my life with energy.

There are those who like to be up before sunrise because they wanna see the sunrise in the mornings and we all know how beautiful a morning sunrise can be. Listening to fun upbeat music is also another great way to get your full day off to an amazing start. With the everyday benefits of waking up early you have progress so much things as well.

The Path That You Follow



The things that you decide to do in your life is gonna depend on the path that you follow. We all make choices in our lives on where we want to be in the next few months or 2 years depending on what dreams that we have and want to accomplish.We all have things that we wanna do and we can either stay on the same path and be in the same old rut, or we can take a different path and have the success that we want to have. There are 2 paths in life the path that holds you back and the path that leads to success and great things ahead.The path you choose is up to you.

The path that you follow and decide on is what choices that you will make in your life. If you are low on confidence and stay in the same old job that does not pay much you are on the path that goes nowhere but if you have high confidence,you can have a high carer ahead of you and a full lifetime of happiness. Also if you are on the path to success you may also experience many more great things that you ever expected and for example you may be someone who is very well known and someone may ask you to speak at a local event and share the experience that you have with others. You also may working for a great company that you plan on staying with for a long time and a day may come where your boss will call you into the office and will offer you a higher job with a lot more pay.

You can either have a path of failure or you can have a path of success and it will depend on the path that you are gonna follow. It will also depend on your everyday attitude that you have and we all know having a great attitude is the number one key to being on the path of happiness. You also may be someone who wants to get in shape and loose weight and or tone up your body but if you are just talking and not doing anything you will be on the path that is holding you back plus will be in bad shape and face a life of health problems and won’t be around for long. If you are taking the actions to drop the pounds and get your body in shape by working out,eating healthy and not as much you will be on a successful path to walk on. Being on the path to greatness will open up the doors to great experiences.

It takes a whole lot of hard work to stay on the path to a great future and you can have a many years of success if you follow the right path and avoid the path of negativity. The  path that you follow is gonna depend on what you want to do in your life and what plans that you have for the future.The path that you follow is entirely up to you 100 percent.

Having a Great Appearance


When you are going out and about having a great appearance is very important because the way that you look is gonna reflect on what others think. First of all you wanna make sure that any clothing that you are wearing is clean and there are not holes or rips of any kind plus wearing wrinkled pants and shirt in public does not look good. Having clean fingernails is also important and let’s say if you meet someone with a great appearance that will give that other person a great value of yourself. A great appearance can help you in so many ways that you will know.

Having a great appearance is also important when going to a job interview because you wanna show them how serious you are about wanting the job that you applied for. If you go for a job interview with bad body odor, dirty clothes and looking sloppy, chances are you will not get hired but if you have a great and professional appearance you will have a better chance of getting that job and depending on your experience may be offered a higher skill.

You may also be invited to certain parties and events where dressing up is required and you wanna look your best. You also may be someone who is single and wanting to meet somebody and if your appearance is bad it will show a lack of confidence but a full confidence will show if you have a great appearance and take it on a serious level. You also may be at a business seminar and wanna meet others to join their business or have them join yours and it is also gonna depend on your appearance. If you  are messy no one will want to join your business or have you join theirs but if you are neat,clean and have a great appearance that shows that you care, you have a higher chance of them joining your business,you joining theirs, or both. The better that your appearance is the stronger your confidence.

Shaving daily is also required to have a clean and great appearance. Clean shaved or having your beard and mustache trimmed is what will make you have a great facial appearance because being unshaven and having straggling hair on your face is gonna be a complete turn off.. If you have a better facial appearance you will look better and will draw more people towards you. To keep a great appearance, you need to follow through on it each and every single day.

Having clean teeth and fresh breath is also a very important part of your appearance because having bad teeth and bad breath will not only cause others to flee away from you but it’s also bad for your health as well. If you have clean teeth and fresh breath as part of your professional appearance you will not only be talking with others but it will show the true confidence that you have. From having clean clothes to being clean is important to a great appearance.


Keeping Your Focus



When it comes to being successful in everything that you do,keeping your focus is the most and important key in our lives. We need to make sure that we don’t have any distractions of any kind when it comes to being focused on the things that we want to master in life otherwise we will keep on falling back into the same old habits as before.

There may be something that you are doing where keeping your focus is very important and you can’t let anything distract you because the task you are doing is very important and needs to get done. You may be a cashier that has to count your drawer at the start and the end of your shift and you need to have full focus on what you are doing otherwise you will have to keep starting over and over which can get you behind on getting ready to ring up customers. Also, if you are a manager and are counting money you also need to have complete focus as well.

You also may be someone who wants to work from home and there are many things that you need to learn and focus on if you want to be successful. There may be some videos that you need to watch on what to do plus any business that you join will have step by step directions that you will need to follow and put your full focus into because if you don’t do it right or not at all,you are not going to get the results that you want to have. So if you want to have success in any home business or anything that you do in your life,you need to keep your focus 100 percent and sharp.

If you are writing posts each day you are gonna need to have full focus and can not have any noises that may distract you in any way. Listing to music,watching TV etc,can cause you to loose focus on what you are wanting to write about and yes some tasks you can have music or TV on and still be focused but when it comes to blogging,you need to be fully focused 100 percent. Also  finding a quiet area to work in will also help you keep your focus so you can get your work done without any interruptions that can hold you back. Having a clean work area will also help you keep focus because if you have a cluttered or dirty work area it will be very hard to concentrate on your work causing you to loose focus. Also you wanna make sure that the work area that you in is not too hot or cold depending on weather.

Doing a meditation is one way that you can keep your focus because it clears your mind and gets you ready to focus on the tasks that you have at hand. If you are doing something like,installing a ceiling fan or any Electrical item this is where being focus is fully required otherwise if you make a wrong move you will get a shock that you won’t forget.. So always keep in mind that keeping your focus in what you do, is the most important number one key to live by.


Doing Meditations Every Morning



Doing meditations every morning is a great way to get your day off to a good start because it can fill your mind with positive vibes all day long.You can meditate by either listening to relaxing music or a guided meditation plus if you prefer just sit on the edge of your bed or in a chair with your eyes closed for a few minutes or more. Guided meditations can be short such as 20 minutes or less and some that are longer can last 30 minutes or more so depending on how much time you have in the morning you may end up doing a short meditation that day.

Doing meditations every morning will help you stay focused and to have a great outlook on life plus if you have plenty of time in the mornings, you may end up listening to a longer meditation that can be more then 30 minutes. Finding a quiet place to meditate is what can help you stay focused and avoid any type of distractions that can make you loose focus. Some that have a hot tub at home will soak in it and will just lay back close their eyes and start meditating  or can do it if your apartment complex has a hot tub as well.  Over a year ago I moved to San Diego with my brother and brother in law and have been staying in a hotel until we find a place and I have also used the hot tub to relax and mediate in. after that I feel great and can take on the day with a wonderful smile and attitude.

There are many famous people from music stars to business people that do meditations every day and some may do more then one meditation per day to get more focused because their carers require a lot of consecration. Doing meditations everyday can be a great stress reducer when you had a rough day and need to find a way to relax and unwind. When listening to a meditation audio it may tell you to think of a happy place and picture yourself being there and meditations can help for those who want to be successful and have a better life ahead of them as well.

You can also go to a meditation center in your area every morning and do a group meditation  where you may have to pay for a session or if you wanna join pay a monthly fee but, if you are short on funds you can find group meditations online. Although most people do meditations in the morning there are some who do it later on in the day depending on what their day is like because they need to either get to work by a certain time or take care of their kids and don’t have time to mediate in the mornings. When I meditate in the mornings I will either listen to a meditation audio or just close my eyes for a few minutes and think of happy things to start my day. Morning meditations work wonders.



Getting Checkups On A Regular Basis


Getting checkups on a regular basis is very important to make sure that are health is in the best condition and also to see if there are any health issues that can be detected earlier in life. Going to your doctor for checkups is very important and it’s even important if you are feeling any type of pain or notice something on your body that’s does not seem right. Getting to your doctor for this checkup right away can catch things early and of course save your life.

Getting checkups on a regular basis needs to be done a few times a year plus a full physical needs to be done once a year to make sure that we are healthy otherwise if we don’t we can have health problems ahead of us. Getting checkups is a great way to detect things such as cancer which can be early detected if you see your doctor right away if you notice any lumps in the breast area or anywhere on your body. Getting it checked out and removed can save your life plus your doctor may also wanna see you for any follow ups to make sure the cancer has not come back and to also make sure that there are no other future problems to worry about.The earlier you take action the better.

Several years back I had a cyst on one of my fingers on my right hand that had to be removed and I am lucky that it was removed just in case but it was not cancerous but either way I was not gonna take the chance and ignore it because my health is very important to me. This is why it’a very important to get with your doctor for a checkup as soon as possible if you notice anything that’s not right and to also get checkups on a regular basis when needed.

If you are someone who is on medication may be required to see your doctor every 6 months to see if they need to make any adjustments to your medication by either raising or lowering the dosage per day. It can be to where you will have to be on this medication for the rest of your life or slowly be taken off it to where you will no longer need to take it. Depending on your health you may need to see your doctor for checkups once or a few times a week and those who are fight cancer and other serious issues will not only have to see one doctor but others as well a few times a week. Those that are healthy and have no issues will only need to see their doctor a few times out of the year.

Getting regular checkups when needed is what makes sure that we are in the best shape of our lives and we can do this by taking care of ourselves every single day by getting plenty of rest and staying active. When you are getting checkups on a regular basis, you are going to have many more years of your life to enjoy with great health.



The Best Ways To Reduce Stress



We all go through stressful situations every now and then but if we let it get to us it can cause major health issues so that’s why it’s very important to find the best ways to reduce stress. We all may have jobs that require a lot of responsibility and things we have to get done with a certain amount of time and there are jobs such as E.M.T’s or any other medical job can be stressful when dealing with a life of death situation and this is where you need to be cool under pressure because that person is depending on you to save their life. This is one of those jobs where you can’t let the stress get to you because your focus is the number one key to saving lives when you are in this field.

One of the best ways to reduce stress is by doing meditations everyday and this will help you have a clear mindset on what to do if you face a stressful situation and know how to overcome it. Working out is another way to reduce your stress and also listening to music that you like can also reduce that high level of stress that you have. Sometimes we also need to get away from our jobs and take a vacation with family, friends, our spouses or even by ourselves to clear our minds to reduce that huge stress level that’s burning us out. Some that let the stress build up overtime will end up exploding  at others around them unless they find a way to reduce the stress level and not let it get to them.

Watching one of your favorite sitcoms or a funny movie is another way to lower stress because when you are laughing it will help you forget about your troubles for a while and laughter is one of the things that I use to keep my stress level down because I don’t wanna get sick from being stressed out.  Many of us that had a stressful week just wanna go out and have fun by either going out for a nice meal and a night on the town with people that we care about and just wanna enjoy life plus not focus on any stressful situations at that time,we wanna just have fun and enjoy life.

When you go to your doctor and if they take your blood pressure that turns out to be high they may ask you if you have been stressed lately and if you tell them that you are,they will give you advice on how to lower and avoid any stress that comes your way. What can also help is that you can talk with others such as a friend or family member and tell them that you are going through a stressful time and they will be there to support you and will give you tips on how to make your ordeal a whole lot less stressful. When you find the best ways to reduce stress and put them into a consistent practice every single day, you will have a healthier life headed towards you and be happier.



Having A Positive Outlook On Life



We all go through challenges from time to time that may be difficult to deal with but the best way to overcome it is by having a positive outlook on life. Being positive and having a good attitude on life and anything else is important because you don’t wanna fill your heart,mind,or soul with any type of negative thoughts and negative thoughts you don’t wanna speak of either,otherwise you are gonna fall into the negative section of your life.

There are those who are just down and upset every single day and waste their time complaining and being negative and think that if they come across one mean person that everyone in the world is gonna be the same way. The ones that have the positive outlook will have a different point of view and will realize that just because they come across one mean person it does not mean everyone is gonna be the same way because they know that there are more kinder people in the world. There are those also that used to be negative but after a while had a change of heart by opening up their minds and knowing that things will get better. A positive outlook give you the true power of happiness.

Having a positive outlook on life is what helps us grow and to be better people so that we will focus on more of the positive things and block out all things that are negative. You may be someone that is working a job which you may not like but if you are negative that will effect your job performance and they may end up letting you go but if you just make the best of it and do your job with a  positive outlook they may end up keeping you on and you will realize that things are not bad after all. Also you may decide to either stay on or you may start to look for another job or wanna start your own business even of you like your job and have that positive outlook your everyday life as well.

Back when I was younger I had a negative outlook on life and would just complain and dwell on negative things and if I dealt with one mean person my whole day was gonna be bad and that’s what I used to focus on. Now I always look at things in a positive way no matter what comes my way and I start my day off every morning with a meditation by either listening to an audio or simply sitting on the edge of the bed with my eyes closed and it really puts a positive outlook to not only my day but to my everyday life. We all have 2 choices we can either drown ourselves in a pool of negativity or we can rise above the water and swim towards the best positive outlook in our lives. When you have a positive outlook on life you will have a brighter future ahead of you now and for many year down the road.

The Importance Of Kitchen Safety



When it comes to cooking, the importance of kitchen safety needs to be taken on a serious level because safety is first and foremost. First when you are cooking at home in your kitchen or if it’s a a restaurant where you work at,manage,or own, you first need to make sure it’s free of any type of trip hazards that can cause accidents and make sure that the floor is not slippery otherwise if you are carrying a hot dish and slip you can burn yourself or others.

We all need to know the importance of kitchen safety if we want to be safe in the kitchen at home,work or if were at someones home. When it comes to using knives for cutting, you need to be safe and use extreme caution in order to prevent any accidents or injury because, if you are not careful you can either accidentally cut yourself or others that are around you. So always be careful when you are using a knife or any type of sharp item in the kitchen. If you have something on the stove cooking , make sure that the handle is not sticking out over the edge of the stove and this is important if you have children in your home. Some small child can grab that handle and cause hot water to spill on themselves causing serious burns to the body and this is why you wanna keep the handles turned inward.

One of the things that you don’t wanna do is stand behind someone if they are multi tasking with hot food items when cooking because one mistake can cause an accident that can end up causing you both to be injured. There are also some restaurants that have a strict policy where only the ones preparing food and only a manager is aloud in the kitchen for safety reasons. If a server, or anyone that’s in the kitchen that’s not aloud to be in there and gets in the way can end up causing an accident because someone can be doing several things at once and will be moving fast.

If you are at home, or at work and are bringing dirty dishes into the kitchen and if someone is washing the dishes, you wanna not only put the sharp knives to the side but let the dishwasher know as well. Never put sharp knives in the sink otherwise you can cut yourself very badly. Keep the sharp knives outside,wash the items in the sink first and then wash the sharp knives last. You also may have something baking in your oven and we all know that the pan that’s being used to bake that item is gonna be very hot. You don’t wanna remove that pan from the oven with bare hands because that pan can be 400 plus degrees and can burn you so in order to protect yourself from being burned,always wear oven mitts. It’s always best to be safe when you are in the kitchen cooking at work or home.


Ways To Avoid Clutter


Sometimes we may get a little unorganized and we may have our items all over the place but there are many ways to avoid clutter and have things neat and tidy. Having a messy work place can not only be cluttered but can also be a safety hazard plus if you have a bunch of papers on your deck and they are on a computer or on a heater, a fire can break out so this is one of the reasons why avoiding clutter is very important. A cluttered work space can also make it hard to find things that you need for a task or let’s say you wanna cook a meal and the kitchen is messy that can be a challenge as well. When you keep things in order you will be able to find those items that you wanna use at ease.

Let’s say that you work at an office Monday-Friday 9 Am to 5 Pm and are working but have a messy work station and if the boss sees that he or she may speak with you about it and if they need to speak to you more then once, you may end up getting a warning or being let go so in order to keep your job, neatness is the number one priority plus of you are organized and don’t have any clutter you may be able to move up and others can also learn form you as well. It is very true when they say that neatness counts because being neat and clean shows the confidence that you have but if you are disorganized and have clutter it shows not only that you’re being lazy but have a lack of confidence.

A friend of mine that passed away over a year ago had a habit of having clutter all over his place and on my days off I would help him get things organized because with his health issues it was hard for him to get things done. I would help him with cleaning, and organizing items such as DVD;s CD’s and any other items that he had in his home and although it had to be done several times, I did not mind because I knew that it was hard for him to get things done.

Let’s say that you have a huge CD, DVD, or video game collection and everything is scattered all over the place can make it hard to keep track of what you have. A easy way to keep those things organized is by putting your CD’s on one shelf, your DVD’s and video games on other shelves and putting them in A.B.C order making them easy to find.Also if you wanna know where things are at at all times, such as your wallet,keys cellphone etc keep them in the same place so this way you will always know where there are located. I keep my wallet and phone in the same place at home so I know where it’s at. When you find many ways to avoid clutter you will make things easy on yourself