Music For Road Trips


When it comes to traveling having music for road trips is a great way to keep everyone entertained and to also help pass the time. Those who listen to music on road trips will either have A Cassette Deck, CD player, or the newest technology such as their Mp3 players or a satellite radio. Some who have an automobile with Wi-Fi can also listen to internet radio stations such as Pandora, Spotify, I Heart and, many others as they are traveling down the open road.

Music for road trips can also make the trip fun and can make your traveling a whole lot less stressful plus you may catch yourself singing along as well. Those may either listen to a certain genre of music when they travel and others like a mixture of music to listen to on long road trips. Either way music on the road makes the time go by faster. If you are someone who is married and traveling with children, the music that you are listening to of course would need to be kid-friendly and you can either pick up CD’s with kids songs or if you have satellite radio in your car you can find a family music station to listen to  and Radio Disney plays the latest pop hits that are family friendly as well.

Let’s say that you wanna build a custom playlist for your road trip and you have a long road trip that’s gonna take you a few days to get to your destination. There are many types of Mp3 players that you can buy and the more memory storage available on them the more music you can save also the same for smartphones and USB drives. For those who still have A minidisc deck and have a portable MD player, you can buy blank MiniDiscs that are 74   minutes and if you switch the deck to mono you can get more recording time on there with 150 mins of time.

We all have favorite songs that we wanna listen to while traveling and they can be any type of songs from any music genre that we all enjoy. When traveling I like to listen to music from Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, Back Street Boys, Duran Duran, and many others because it makes the traveling time go faster when having music for road trips. Also, let’s say that you have a minivan and traveling with family or friends and you have a DVD player in your minivan with video monitors. While you are driving everyone can watch music videos from DVD’s that they have with them or a live concert on DVD. If you have separate DVD players in your automobile everyone can each watch their own DVD of videos and use headphones for private listening. When you have music for road trips it can really come in handy because in some areas Am And Fm signals may not be as strong plus this is when Satelite radio and other music formats come in handy. So when you hit the road make sure you got plenty of tunes to crank up.

Music Of The 1980’S

The music of the 1980’s is one of the best types of music out there plus it was during my time of growing up. There are many artists and bands that got started in the 80s’s including Madonna, Inxs, Duran Duran, Richard Marx, Def Leppard, and many others. There are also many others from around the world that also got started.

Bands and artists that have been around since the 70’s or earlier have also put out some great 80’s hits including Moody Blues, Yes, Pink Floyd, Don Henley, Journey, Beach Boys, James Brown and many more that are Known. The music of the 80’s is when music videos took off and many who had cable and if it was available would tune to MTV to watch music videos from their favorite artists. Plus those who had a V.C.R would also record their favorite music videos when they aired so this way they would be able to watch those videos any time that they wanted to do so.

With music of the 1980’s CD players, CD’s ‘ and cassette singles came onto the market and became popular selling items. Those who had a huge CD collection of 80’s music would be listening to a CD that came out during that time on either a home, portable or CD player that was installed in their automobiles. Cassette singles that were sold in the 1980’s were sold when either some were on a budget and not able to afford to buy the whole album on cassette or they only wanted the single itself. Myself there are some cassette singles that I purchased years ago and still have them. The 80’s vinyl was still around for a while and many 12-inch remix singles were released and those would not only sell in stores but they would be playing a different dance clubs and many High Schools dances as well. When I was in Highschool back in the 80’s I have attended many High School dances and  I would dance to songs from Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Def Leppard, Tone Loc, and many others that hit the music scene in the 1980’s.

Those who had a dual cassette deck that was either part of a boom box, a component stereo system or a stand-alone that was connected to their receiver would make their own mixtapes by either recording songs off the radio or record songs from other cassettes or other music formats. Christmas of 1986  I got a nice stereo system from one of my aunts and uncles and I would make a mixtape by either recording from the turntable or radio. There were so many 80’s songs that I recorded off the radio and I would play that tape so many times I would wear it out.

Those who want to relive the music of the 80’s can now go on YouTube to watch classic 80’s videos plus many places online sells 80’s box sets. With the booming of Spotify and many other online, music services you can listen to your favorite 80’s music online and make a custom playlist