Expanding Your Music Tastes

When you are expanding your music tastes it shows that you have an interest in other types of music and this can be music you have never listened to before. Many of us like Rock, Metal Rap, Country and Pop but as we get older we still like our favorite types of music but we expand our tastes in music as well. You may be someone who gets into classical music or gets into the music of different languages such as German, Latino, French, and many others.

Expanding your music tastes can open your eyes and ears up to many new worlds of music. I have also got into more types of music as I got older. I still like the Rock and other music that listened to since I was a kid but now I have got into New Age, Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Electronica, and many other great types of music that are out there. When I was at the pride festival here in San Diego back in July they had some Latino music playing and although I was not able to understand the language I enjoyed it because it had a great beat that you can just dance to the beat of the music.

There are many people out there that like to experience all types of music plus still enjoy the other types of music that they have enjoyed for years. There are many artists who have been around for years have also started to develop different music styles in their albums including Lady Gaga, Kid Rock, Backstreet Boys and many others as well. Metallica is a band that has been around for 35 years and when they were first on the scene they were a thrash metal band that would play music fast and in later years they wrote more simple short songs but still have gone thrash on the new recordings as well. They’re doubled album Hard Wired To Self Destruct is a mix of thrash and mellow tunes.

Many bands have also performed with an orchestra making it a combo of classical and Rock N Roll. Bands such as Metallica, Deep Purple, Moody Blues and many others have performed live with an orchestra and that shows that many of these bands and solo artist are willing to try something new. Some have also recorded albums with many different types of music styles because they may have experienced different music styles and wanted to see how it would fit into there lifestyle of music. Music tastes can grow at any time in our lives opening us up to new things.

There are those who will listen to different types of music in a different language plus  I have also listened to many types of rock, dance and other types of music in different languages. It is true that music is the language that we can all easily understand because it’s the language that brings us all together. When you open up your mind by expanding your tastes in music and give a listen, you may get hooked on that style of music and many others.

pink Floyd Delicate Sound Of Thunder 30Th Anniversary


The live Pink Floyd album, The Delicate  Sound Of Thunder is a true classic live Pink Floyd album that’s celebrating Its 30Th anniversary. This was recorded during The Momentary Lapse Of Reason tour and this was released on a double disc and double cassette in 1988. A live VHS cassette of the concert followed as well which has about the same amount of live songs from the doubled disc and cassette minus a couple tracks and the live version of One Slip is only on the live VHS cassette. This live Pink Floyd album is Pink Floyd performing many well known classic hits.

The album kicks off with Shine On You Crazy Diamond which is taken from the album Wish You Were Here and is the peace dedicated to the late Syd Barret.  The next live track Learning To Fly opens with an amazing drum beat and then the whole band kicks in with Gilmour’s powerful and strong lead vocals and then goes to Yet Another Movie and Round and Around. The next tracks Sorrow, The Dogs Of War and On The Turning away closes disc one of the album. Disc Two Of Delicate Sound Of Thunder opens up with an amazing live performance of One Of These Days and then it blends into Time. Other tracks Wish You Were Here, Money, and Another Brick In The Wall Part 2. The album closes with the classics Comfortably Numb and Run Like Hell. The live video has amazing visual effects including Nick Mason’s glowing drumsticks during Time and also the video effects as well. The Delicate Sound Of Thunder is Pink Floyd live at it’s best. This 30-year-old live album is an amazing true and well known classic.