Crest Cafe In Hillcrest Neiborhood


A few weeks back during pride weekend me, my brother and brother in law went to Crest Cafe in the Hillcrest neighborhood in San Diego. The way we found out about this place is back a few years ago we were watching an episode of Dinners, Drives, And Dives and this is one of the places that Guy Fieri stopped at during a recording of an episode of the show. We stopped there for dinner after spending some time at the Pride festival and we were amazed at how clean the cafe was and the great atmosphere it had as well plus was a great experience.

The staff there was very friendly and answered any questions that we had plus the service there is also fast and friendly. Me and my brother each split the 2 same dishes that Guy Fieri tried which was the Creme Brulee french toast and the Crest burger and they were both very tasty. This is one of the amazing places that we visited and we will defiantly make another visit in the near future so if you are looking for a great place to eat, stop in at Crest cafe which is located in San Diego in the Hillcrest neighborhood. You will have the best experience that you will remember.

The Importance Of Looking Presentable


When you want to make a good impression, understanding the importance of looking presentable is very important. Let’s say that you are going for a job interview and it’s for a very well known company plus not only do you need to be on time but you need to look presentable because if you go into an interview looking sloppy with messy hair, clothes in bad shape or have poor personal hygiene, chances are you will not get hired for that job. When you go into an interview looking presentable, there is a great chance that you will get that job depending on your experience. Plus if you go into work looking presentable every day you could get promoted down the road.

The importance of looking presentable needs to be taken seriously in many different ways. You may be at a very important seminar and wanting to meet other people but if you are messy that will turn others off. Nobody wants to shake someone’s hand if it’s dirty and nails not clean. Plus the worst of all is when they are not clean and wearing dirty clothing. When you are looking presentable and clean you will make a very great impression when you are meeting others. Some restaurants that are high class you also need to look neat and groomed and dressed nicely.

You may also be someone who is on a dating website and you wanna meet that special someone or you are out and about and you meet someone. When you meet this person you wanna make sure that your great manners match your great appearance otherwise if you look all grungey that may make that other person think negative things about you and would not want to correspond with you at all. When you look neat and clean that will give that person a great impression of you and will wanna get to know you and chances are they may wanna see you again and again plus may wanna build a relationship. you may end up marrying that person depending on how things go down the road.

When you are at a business meeting attending or you are running the meeting yourself, it’s important to look the part in order to show how serious you are. No one will take you seriously if you are wearing a wrinkled shirt and pants but if they are both pressed neatly others will take you seriously and will want to learn from you as much as they can. There are more important reasons to look presentable even if you are just going out and about. You wanna make sure that you have no food stains on your shirt and make sure that you check your appearance before you are heading out. When you know the importance of looking presentable and put it into practice every day others will see that and will know how you take it into a serious matter. It’s always important to look and be presentable at all times.




Many Ways To Overcome Obstacles


There are many ways to overcome obstacles that we all face on a day to day basis, Many of us go through many different challenges in our lives from time to time but we can not let it hold us back and stop us from what we want to do. When you are learning something new you may face an obstacle and it may seem difficult at first but once you overcome that and any other obstacles that you may face, you can be a winner at anything that you do in your life.

You may also be facing hard times in your life such as being laid off from work or someone in the family is seriously

ill and you may be the main person that will have to take care of that family members finances and that can be a lot of responsibility to deal with but if you have the confidence you can do it. There are those who were born with no arms and have to use their legs and feet to eat, drive etc and there are those that were born without arms that have overcome any obstacle that they face. They have learned to manage and not let anything stop them plus others may have other health conditions but they are determined to overcome any challenge that they face. Myself I was in special education classes in school but it never stopped me from doing what I wanna do in my life because I take the word impossible and change it to I’m possible. Any Obstacle that you come across you can overcome it as long as you believe in yourself and know that any hard times that you face you can get through. You just gotta be confident.

With the many ways to overcome obstacles, we can all get through any hard times that will come our way.  You may have a certain job where you work at and if you get a promotion you may have to move out of state. This can be a challenge but if you want that promotion you will need to overcome that obstacle and do what needs to be done. When you overcome obstacles you can be successful at anything that will come your way.

Safety In The Kitchen


When it comes to safety in the kitchen when you are at home or working, you need to take it seriously in order to prevent any type of injury. Many accidents have happened in kitchens due to unsafe practices such as not paying attention when you are slicing or cutting and that can cause you to cut your hands or fingers. Slippery kitchen floors can also cause accidents and very serious injuries as well so making sure the floor is dry is very much important.

When you are carrying a knife it’s wise to carry it with your arm to your side and sharp side towards you, You never wanna have the knife in the air or the sharp end pointing out otherwise you can injure yourself and possibly others as well.  When you are cooking make sure  that the handles are facing inward and never outward otherwise if you have the handles sticking out and you have hot water boiling, someone may not see the handle and will end up spilling hot scolding water on them and if you have little ones at home you need to take extra precaution to keep your kids safe.

Working in a restaurant kitchen is where you need to be extra careful when it comes to safety because others will be working in that kitchen with you and if you are working with sharp knives pay extra attention to your surroundings. If you are talking and not paying attention to what you are cutting, you can end up cutting yourself so if you are cutting or slicing food you need to have full focus and no distractions but if you need to ask or answer a question put down the knife when you are talking. If you are washing dishes do not put sharp knives in the sink with other dishes keep sharp knives to the side and wash them separately. If someone at home or work is washing dishes and if you are gonna set sharp knives or objects down, let the person know so that they are aware and don’t injure themselves.

When you are gonna hand someone a knife or any sharp object always give it to them with the handle towards them and never the sharp part. Keeping yourself and others safe in the kitchen will help prevent any injuries and to make it a safer experience and being safe in the kitchen starts with you.  Food safety is also important as well when in the kitchen and you wanna make sure that your food is cooked to a proper temperature to prevent any illnesses. Keep uncooked foods separate from other foods to prevent contamination. When you practice safety in the kitchen and prevent injury you will keep things safe for yourself and others that are around you.