Taking A Stand Against Bullying


Bullying has been an issue for many years and many have been victims of it so taking a stand against bullying is what we can all do to make a difference. Many have been bullied and it does not matter if you are a child, teen or a grown person it can happen at any time but most of the victims are children. Bullying happens in many ways from being teased to be threatened plus some have been physically assaulted as well. Also sadly there are those who have been bullied so badly that they are so upset and can’t cope so they end up committing suicide and many of them are very young. There are those that are also afraid to speak up because they have a fear of what may happen to them.

Taking a stand against bullying and putting it to a stop is how we can make things better in this world. There are some schools where bullying happens and today sadly nothing is done about it but most schools will not put up with this and the person that’s being the bully will face consequences. Let’s say that you are an 11-year-old kid in the 6th grade and you are the victim of being bullied and you tried everything you can to reason with that bully but they won”t stop. You know the second that you are able to get away is to let any teacher or anyone else know so that they can handle the situation in the proper way and using violence is no way to stop a bully. And if you witness someone being bullied, reporting it to a grown-up is the best and smartest thing that you can do to avoid more problems.

Bullying can also happen on the jobs as well and it does not matter if the person that’s being the bully is an employee or your supervisor, you don”t need to put up with it!  Sometimes you need to be firm and tell them that their bullying you are not gonna put up with and if need be report them to a supervisor. If your supervisor is the main problem and you asked him/her many times to stop and they keep at it this is where you will need to go to the main supervisor.

Those that are gay, bisexual, lesbian or transgender have also been victims of bullying because of who they are. Noone should have to be a victim of bullying because of being gay, bisexual or transgender. We need to put a stop to all types of bullying and be able to love and accept one another and live in peace. Some that are bullies have also been victims themselves or have come from abusive homes and bully others to escape their problems. Some bully’s that have been put in their place because the victims have had enough plus when a bully is given a talking to they will also open up and tell that person the problems that they are going through and why they act this way. That bully can also see the error of their ways and will stop bullying and want to become a better person. If we all stand tall and are strong, we can all put a stop to bullying and make one great amazing change in this beautiful world.

Taking The Correct Types Of Action



We all know that it’s very important to take action in order to be successful at the things we want to do in life but taking the correct types of action is the most important action of all. When you take the correct actions that you need to take in what you do from solving issues to having success great things will turn out for you but when you take the wrong actions or no actions at all you will either face consequences or will still be in the same everyday rut.

Taking the correct types of action is very important because when you are learning a skill such as cooking, working from home or anything that you wanna learn, you gotta pay full attention so you will not miss out on anything important. If you don’t pay attention you will not know what actions that you need to take but when you pay full attention you will know what proper actions that are needed and then put them into the full knowledge that you have. Let’s say that you wanna learn how to skydive and have never done it before so you go and take a class to learn how it’s all done and this is a skill where you really need to pay full attention to make sure you are taking the proper actions that are necessary. This is a skill where taking proper actions is a true matter of safely landing on the ground.

It’s very important that in anything that you are either learning how to do or taking responsibility for you need to make sure that the actions you are taking are the correct ones otherwise if you take the wrong actions you can make things worse.  When it comes to your health and living a long life taking the right actions is a really important key to follow so if you are someone that’s overweight and wanna get slim, you gotta cut out a  lot of unhealthy foods, stay active eat healthy and smaller portions. The wrong actions can lead to obesity, heart problems, and many other health issues. Proper actions will lead to more energy and many more years of a great and healthy lifestyle. myself I had to take the proper actions as well to lose weight and I did that by proper diet and exercise to live longer.

When it comes to admitting your faults, taking the correct types of action is very important as well because when you make a mistake and you know it’s your responsibility to fix it, you take the actions that are needed.  For example, if you borrow money for someone let’s say $100.00 and you tell them that you will pay them back on payday, so when payday comes and you know you owe that person $100.00 you take the action and pay them back because you know it’s the right thing to do and you don’t wanna take advantage of that person. Taking the correct types of actions shows how mature and reliable that we are plus doing that is for sure the right thing that we all need to do.





Winners Are Not Quitters

There are those who give up to easy because they get too frustrated and impatient when it comes to learning something but the ones that stick to it will succeed showing that winners are not quitters. A person that has strong confidence and believes in themselves shows that true winners never give up. But there are those who just give in just because they find something that their learning is too hard for them and that is the easy way out of it.

The easy way out is not the way to go because you just need to stick with the learning and put it into practice otherwise you are gonna miss out on so much. It’s very true when they say that quitters never win and winners never quit because when you quit you will miss out on greatness in life and if you are a winner you will gain that greatness. If a lot of famous people such as many musicians and others simply gave up they would not be where they are today plus they all know that it takes work to be a winner to get to where they wanna be in their careers and to have success.

The reason why that winners are not quitters is that the winners do not give into any negative feedback from negative people. Also, when I started doing posts they were sloppy but I never gave up because I wanted to get better at it and so the more I worked on it the better I got at it. So, if I can write a post and do other things you can also be that winner and have the greatness in your life that you are searching for. You must always be confident if you want to master in life and be a winner and never a quitter because when you are a winner great things will come your way.

You may be learning a skill such as cooking plus you may make a mistake or two or even a billion of them but if you give in and quit you automatically fail. When you keep on going in that cooking lesson or anything that you are learning how to do it you will see great results and will know that sticking it out was truly way worth the work.

When you wake up with that positive attitude and think good thoughts you will have that winning vibe all day long plus it shows that you are not gonna quit no matter what the challenge may bring to the table. There are many ways to be a true winner and not a quitter by staying focused on the positive things, watching educational videos and many other great ways to be a winner and never giving up. Some that find something difficult will just toss in the towel and walk away and some will go all the way no matter how difficult things get and make things happen. So keep in mind when you want to have success winners keep on going and they never give up.

The Importance Of Staying Active


Living a healthy and active lifestyle is the key to living a long and healthy life plus when you know about the importance of staying active and take it into full massive action you are doing yourself a whole lot of good. Living out here in San Diego California there are many people out here from young to young at heart that live an active lifestyle plus many of them go to a gym to work out or at home plus there are those who ride a bicycle to get around or for fun. Plus I have seen many who have gone for a walk or a run and those that are older and have the energy of a teenager. Staying active and moving keeps your heart in shape plus it also gives you a body and mind.

When knowing about the importance of staying active you will be living a longer life and there are many that live past the age of 100 because they took care of themselves when they were younger plus they may also appear to look many years younger then they are. Going swimming is another way to keep active and it’s one of the ways that I keep myself in shape and going plus when you are older it’s very important to take care of yourself by staying active, eating healthy and cutting back on the foods that are not good for you and to be honest I don’t drink as much soda as I used to but may have it every now and then. If you like to dance to your favorite tunes, dancing is another way to stay fit and healthy. By getting down to the music you are dancing your way to a longer life of health and happiness.

Those who are older may still work to keep active and also volunteer because they don’t wanna sit at home all day because they get bored. Some may work or volunteer part time or full time to keep themselves busy and some may do a little bit of both. There are those who have the money and like to do a lot of traveling to many places in the United States or other parts of the world. Traveling I find very exciting because you can also discover many new things as well. Those who are in really great shape will also take place in a marathon and also walk for many causes such as fighter cancer and many other life threating illnesses. Some will also ride their bicycles a very long distance and there are those who have ridden a bicycle cross country which can take months to do but many have made it happen.

There are those who have very great careers that keep them active including being in the fields of acting and music. Those who are a solo artist or in a band that are well known around the world are busy working on music, making videos and touring the world to perform in front of 50,000 plus fans every night. This and there are many great ways to stay active and keep yourself going. Staying active is a whole lot better than staying in one place all day.

Many Ways To Reduce Stress


There are times in our lives that we go through stressful situations and too much stress can be bad for our health and there are many ways to reduce stress. One of the best ways to reduce stress is meditation and this really comes in handy plus it’s one of the ways that I reduce stress myself. When meditating to reduce the stress you can either listen to some calming background music with or without a meditation guide. Plus some do it in complete silence which also helps as well. Also working out is another way to keep your stress level down and your health in check.

With the many ways to reduce stress, you can live a calmer and happier life. Sometimes you need to get away from it all and take a vacation from work and all other worries for a while and taking a relaxing vacation is a great way to relieve stress that you have. There are many places to go to get away from it all Including Hawaii, and many other places and some may just take a staycation and relax at home. Either way, this helps to lower your level of stress.

Another way is to listen to your favorite type of music and dance the stress away. That I have also done many times to reduce stress and I will tell you it really works wonders when I have had stressful days and needed a way to lower it. Watching a funny TV show movie, or going to a comedy club are other ways that you can reduce any type of stress that you have in your life. They do say that laughter is the best medicine when it comes to getting rid of any stress.

You don’t wanna let stress get the best of you because it’s not good for your health and can lead to an ulcer and even a stroke or a heart attack. The main thing is to always think about the good things and block out any type of negative vibes that may come your way. Sometimes you may need to talk with someone and ask for advice on how to lower any stress that you have and you can ask a family member, friend or an expert that knows about stress and how you can manage it. The more you keep your stress level down the happier and healthier you are gonna be in the long run.

You may be working a job that may be too stressful and it may come to where you need to find something that does not burn you out and finding another place of employment may be something that you need to do. There are also those who work from home and don’t need to fight traffic back and forth every day plus can work when they want to and only have to do it a few hours a day. That is also one of the best ways to escape for the 9 to 5 stress grind. When you find many ways to reduce the stress you will live a life of health, happiness and will feel 100 percent better.

Keeping A Positive Attitude In Hard Times



We all go through ups and downs from time to time but keeping a positive attitude in hard times is what will help us get through it. You may be someone who has been at a job for many years and then one day you are called into the office and are told that the company is downsizing and letting people go and you are one of them so now you gotta think how are you gonna pay your bills and rent or if you are married and have kids how are you gonna feed and cloth your family plus keep a roof over their heads. You can choose to either be angry and negative or find a way to get the bills and everything taking care of by either finding a new job or starting a business of your very own.

No matter what you are facing it’s always best to be keeping a positive attitude in hard times.  You may be at your doctor’s office for a follow up for a test that you had done a few weeks back and the test shows that you have a serious illness such as cancer or another illness that’s life threating. This is where you need to be strong and have that positive attitude and do what you gotta do to recover. Many that have had cancer are now cancer free because of having a positive attitude and doing what they need to do also my oldest brother is also a cancer survivor as well.

Myself I have been through ups and downs but have always kept a positive attitude because I always knew that things would get better and they always did. There is this one saying that I have and that saying is there are two sides of a battery the positive and the negative, no matter what you are facing stay on the positive side of the battery. Whatever you are going through and even it may be a hard situation, it’s always best to have a positive and outgoing attitude. The more positive that you are the easier that it will be to get through the hard times that you are facing.

There are those who are on the streets and are doing what they need to do in order to survive and make it. Many that are on the street that have a positive attitude knowing that things will work out plus many that were homeless have now got jobs and a place to live. Also, there are those that used to be on the streets have become very successful by starting their own business and the first key that they turned is a key to a great attitude that got them past the hard and painful times. A person that is strong and had a great outlook on life will always have that positive attitude even when battling hard times plus will never give up and quit. Being positive in hard times will make you stronger.