The Best Live Albums Of All Time



There are many great live albums out there from many well-known stars and here gonna talk about some of the best live albums of all time. One of the great live albums of all time is the 1977 live Genesis album Seconds out and this was recorded during the 1976 A Trick Of The tail Tour. This is after the peter Gaberial era with the band being down to 4 members and Phill Collins doing vocals and drums. Live versions of Ripples, Robbery Assault And Battery and the 25 minute live version of Suppers Ready.  This is classic Genesis performing live during the prog years.

Another one of the best live albums of all time is AC/DC live and there are 2 versions of this album. The single Disc and the 2 disc version as well. This was recorded during the Razors Edge world tour and it has so many live AC/DC classics that we all know and love. The doubled disc set includes the same as the single disc but with some extra live tracks including “Let There Be Rock’, High Voltage and a live version of Jail Break that goes for almost 15 minutes.

101 from Depeche Mode is one of their great live albums that came out in the late 80’s plus I remember this album when it came out. Me and my youngest brother were staying with relatives in Chisago Heights during the summer of 1989 and my Cousin was playing this album on his boom box. The whole album rocked including the live version of People Are People plus after almost 30 years it’s one of the best live albums of all time from Depeche Mode. Pink Floyd has also come out with a few great live albums. Umaguma is a two-disc set part live part studio. This was recorded back in 1969 during some performances and the live disc opens up with an extended version of Astronomy Domine running for over 8 minutes with Roger waters on main vocals. The other tracks Careful With The Axe Eugene, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun and A Saucerful Of Secrets add great flavor to the live disc of UmmaGumma. The live 1988 album The Delicate Sound Of Thunder is another great live Pink Floyd album and this is during the post Waters era. this opens with Shine On You Crazy Diamond and then goes to Learning to fly,   The live versions of Money,and the rest of this 1988 classic are true live rockers. Their 1995 live album Pulse was recorded during The Division Bell world tour and Opens with Shine On You Crazy Diamond.It also includes live tracks from A Momentary Lapse Of Reason and The Division Bell albums including Learning To Fly, and keep Talking. The second Disc includes a complete performance of The Dark Side Of The Moon and with encores Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb and Run Like Hell. More then 20 years later it’s still a great live Pink Floyd CD.

In 2000 was the live Pink Floyd album Is There Anybody Out There, The wall Live. This was recorded back in the early 80’s during The wall Shows in 1980 and 1981 but was finally released to the public 20 years after being recorded. Other great live albums include Def Leppard’s Mirror Ball Live And More, Elton John’s One Night Only,and Genesis the way we walk Volume one The Shorts and Volume two The longs.  These are some of the best live albums of all time plus there are more out there from many great well-known bands and solo artists.

Keeping Your Mind Focused

Keeping your mind Focused is a very important key when you are learning something or doing a task that takes a lot of concentration.  One of the ways to have a focused mind is to make sure that you get plenty of sleep each night and experts say that getting 8 hours of sleep per night best also, taking care of yourself is another way to have a focused mind and many healthy foods can also help you can a sharp mind as well. Those who have jobs in medical or any other emergency services also need to keep their minds focused because this is where being focused is important.

Keeping your mind focused is also important when it comes to driving because you need to pay attention to everything that’s around you. Plus when you are driving you want to avoid distractions such as texting while driving because not only can that cause accidents but life’s can also be lost. Here in the State Of California, you need to use a hands-free device if you are going to use your cell phone while driving. Those who break this law and get caught will end up paying a fine and from what I hear the fines can run a few hundred dollars or so and that can really add up.

Airline pilots also need to keep their minds focused when they are flying because of the number of people on the plane including passengers and crew. Their jobs take a whole lot of concentration when flying a huge jet plus they also need to be ready if any type of emergency should arise and also use caution when flying in certain types of weather. They also need to make sure that they are well rested before getting ready to make any daily flights.

Other jobs may take a little or a lot of focus depending on the type of job that it may be.  Those who work with electricity including those who work fixing powerlines need to be focused plus they are also trained as well. They also wear safety belts just in case if something goes wrong and the safety belts will prevent them from a serious fall. Meditation can also help you can your mind focused plus it helps clear any negative thoughts in your mind and fills them with positive ones and that can help you keep a very sharp and focused mind throughout the entire day.

When you are learning a skill where you really need to pay attention, keeping your mind at a full focus is a very important key plus you need to pay full attention to every detail that’s explained to you. Not being focused can cause you to miss out on very important information so you always wanna make sure that your mind is on full alert. When you are keeping a sharp and focused mind in anything that you do it shows how well prepared that you are. So getting plenty of rest, meditation and other ways can help you keep a sharp mind for many years to come.


Planning Things In advance

There are those who wanna do things at the last minute that take a lot of planning but they have to rush to get it done making it a huge mess so it’s very important to always be planning things in advance. Depending on what it is some things can take a few weeks, months or even a year to plan ahead because it depends on cost and how much money you wanna spend. Not only is it wise to plan ahead but you also wanna have a backup plan as well.
A wedding is something that takes about a year to plan. Because you both need to decide where you are gonna have the ceremony and reception and also the date. Plus you will need to send out invites to family and friends plus with a wedding, it can cost lots of money depending on where you wanna have the ceremony and reception at. Some will have the ceremony at a church and elsewhere for the reception and some will have both at the same place. My youngest brother got remarried April of last year and the ceremony plus reception took place at a bar and grill restaurant in Scottsdale Arizona. They planed this over a year in advance and we all had a very great time.
When you are planning things in advance you are very well organized and are on top of things. There may be one of your favorite bands coming to town to perform and you plus some family and friends are huge fans of the band and you really want to see them live. First, you will need to find out the cost of tickets plus order them ahead of time otherwise if you wait until the last minute you either won’t get a good seat or a seat at all. Plus also on the night of the concert if you are gonna get some dinner before the show you may wanna eat earlier or stop at a place close to where the concert is being held. So this way you can get there in plenty of time to get in line and catch the show on time.
When it comes To cooking meals during the Holidays that will also take a lot of planning because if you are gonna have family and friends over, you need to know how many people are coming plus if you are gonna do a lot of cooking you may have to be up early to get things done. A Thanksgiving Turkey can take hours to cook depending on the size plus if you are gonna cook it in the oven or deep fry. When you go and shop during the Christmas season that also takes a lot of planning plus some will shop online in order to avoid the crowds during the crazy Holidays.
There are some things that only takes a little planning ahead such as going to see a movie or meeting family and friends for dinner but either way, planning things in advance is always a very smart and wise idea to have in mind.

Being Young At Heart



We all get older as we age but when we are being young at heart, it gives us a life of everlasting youth. There are many who are up in age that still have that same younger attitude like they did when they were younger years ago plus they still keep active by working out daily and going out plus seeing their family and friends. A lot retired people that are active will do a lot of traveling and lots of them will do very exciting activities such as zip lining and skydiving. When a person has youthful pep at an older age it shows that nothing is gonna slow them down.

Being young at heart is what puts so much joy and happiness into our own lives plus it gives us something to look forward to every single day. Out here in beautiful San Diego California, I have seen many older people that are very active for their ages plus they have the energy of a teenager. Many of them go walking, running, and ride a bike to keep in shape plus there are those that still choose to work because it keeps them busy and active. Those that have the money and wanna do a road trip will travel and visit as many states as they can plus those who have an RV and all the time in the world have traveled to just about every state. That can take a lot of time to do but those who have the time and money are able to do this. Also, many people who are young at heart will also go swimming as well.

Those who have a youthful attitude also like to laugh and enjoy life to the fullest plus they never let any negative feedback get them down.  I am still young at heart for my age and yes I am past my 20’s and 30’s but for a guy that’s in his late 40’s, I still feel like a young teen. Also, those who are young at heart may also appear to be years younger and that is done by them taking care of themselves over the years and some have even dyed their hair as well. I have even dyed my hair and what it has done it makes me look 10 to 15 years younger than my age. Many think I am still a young man in my mid 20’s but when I tell them how old I really am they are always in for a big huge shock.

Many music stars that have been around 30 years or more also have the young at heart attitude because they love what they do and playing music is what makes them feel young. I have had some friends that have since past on but when they were still around at the time they were also young at heart plus kept active and one friend of mine that lived to almost 96 years of age did his own laundry, worked out and had lots of energy. When you are happy, active and enjoy everyday life to the fullest, that is one of the greatest ways that you can be forever young at heart.

Review Of Text Now App


Today I am doing my review of text now an app that I have come across and downloaded to my phone.  This app is so amazing and very simple to use plus you can also use it to text and make calls from your computer as well plus you can choose your own phone number. With my brother and brother In law, I relocated to San Diego from Phoenix and was going to change my number through the provider that I am with but it would have cost me $15.00 to do.

I still have my old phone number but use the 619 number through Text Now as a second number so family and friends can contact me either way. Text now also has cell phones and plans if you want to switch to a different provider or you can stay with yours if you wish. The  Text Now app is one of the best apps that are out there today.


Not All People Are Mean


There are times when we may deal with those who are not very polite and have bad manners but we gotta realize that not all people are mean. First of all, if you have that negative attitude and think that the whole world is rude then, that is what you are going to attract in life. That will indeed get you nowhere and it will make it worse. When you have a positive attitude and know that not all people are mean, you will draw a lot more happier and friendlier people towards you. Also never let the ones who are mean and disrespectful get under your skin because it’s not worth it at all. Most of the people that you will meet are gonna be friendly and very much respectful.

There have been times I have run into some people that are not really nice and have negative attitudes but I also know that not all people are mean. If I had that attitude where I thought that everyone was mean and avoided people all together there would be so much I would miss out on. There are those who have some bad experiences with a few mean people and they get so negative with life that they become reclusive and hide from the world plus we all know that’s not healthy. There are also those who don’t let mean people get them down because they don’t have the time to dwell on that plus they also know that there are a lot of down to earth people out there that have better attitudes in life plus are a whole lot happier. There are those that used to be mean and negative but after a period of time they start to change their ways for the better and start to be nicer plus have a better outlook on life.

Those who work with the public may deal with those who may be negative and mean plus I know how that can be because I have been in customer service for almost 28 years and have had my share of friendly people. I used to have that negative attitude where one mean person would ruin my day plus I would waste the whole day dwelling on it and say that all people are mean. Now that I am older and wiser I don’t let the mean and negative people get me down plus dwelling on the negative things is a waste of my time. I am a person that sees the happier things in life.

The more you dwell on mean and negative people the more that you are going to miss out on great things but when you focus on positive and friendly people you will gain a full lifetime of happiness. The key is to always keep in mind that most people you are going to meet are going be cheerful and friendly plus will spend a few minutes with you to have a chat. When you realize that not all people are mean you will have a great outlook and a better attitude.



Whiner Or Warrior



There are those who will just waste time complaining and not taking action and there are those who will do what they need to do to become successful and it all depends if they are a whiner or a warrior. We all know that complaining is moaning and groaning does not do us any good when it comes to the things that we need to do like, for example, some of us have to work different shifts and have different days off and it can change from time to time. We just need to be a warrior and do what we gotta do to get things done, so if you gotta work different hours and have different days off, you just gotta make the best of it and not complain. We don’t always get our way.

The difference between a whiner or warrior is that a whiner will give up and quit and a warrior will never give up the fight. To get anywhere that you wanna be in life you gotta take action and not complain no matter how hard things may be and a warrior does not whine and moan about things that need to be done, they just do it. I may have to work different hours on my job and have to do more things than my job but I do what I gotta do and don’t complain because moaning and groaning does you no good. I am that warrior that does not give up no matter what the challenge may bring.  When you stop being a whinner and become that warrior you can have great success in life.


Block Out The Haters



There may be times where you will come across negative people that will try to bring you down but no matter what they try, you gotta block out the haters. The haters are the ones who are not only jealous but they never take the proper actions plus, blame their failures on others instead of taking full responsibility for the own actions. Haters are the ones who also wanna try every trick that they can to talk you out of your dreams and having a great life.

When you block out the haters you are blocking out all sorts of negative vibes that can come your way plus you are focusing on more of the positive things. There may be someone who is driving a very nice car and is also very successful but some hater is gonna be saying negative things such as or he or she thinks they are better than everyone else just because they have a nice car. That shows a negative attitude and we all know that a negative attitude leads you to nowhere. But if there is a person with a positive attitude and sees that person with great success they will not only think and say good things but they also wanna learn how to be successful as well.

We all have two choices in life, we can give into the haters and let them win or we can block out the haters and become the winners ourselves. We must be stronger than the haters that are out there trying to hold us back because if we give into the haters there are so many things that we can all miss out on. I have come across a few haters from time to time with poor negative mindsets but I don’t let that bother me because worrying about what people say or think is a waste of time. So always remember no matter what block out the haters that hold you back.