Different types of music formats



When it comes to listening to your favorite tunes, there are different types of music formats that are well known. Some are formats of the past and some are here in the 21st century. Whatever format you are using you can be jamming to your music.Back in the day there are many who had a record collection and some still have that record collection today. Although records fazed out for a while in the late 90’s they have now made a comeback in digital format and sound as clear as a compact disc. The reel to reel tape decks were very popular in the 60’s and 70’s and on them you can record a few hours of music. People who had parties back then would have their music collection or a mixture of songs recorded onto a reel to reel deck and let it play during a party. Cassettes were also popular back then and have faded out but I have heard that the cassette tapes are getting popular again and making a comeback.

With the different types of music formats there are many ways to enjoy your favorite types of ,music. The Mini Disc were another way to enjoy music and prerecorded Mini Discs were around with blank MD’s. The MD format of course faded out in the early 2000’s since downloads were becoming more and more popular. 8 track tapes were another format that was around from the late 60’s until the early 80’s plus many teens and young adults that drove would have an 8 track tape deck in their car and plus some 8 tracks you can record on if you had some blank 8 tracks and a 8 track recorder.Some stereo systems had them build in or you were able to buy a single 8 track recorder/player for your sound system. 8 track tapes and machines are no longer made but you can sometimes find them at yard sales and in antique stores. Also you can find them on websites that sells vintage music format items.

CD’s are still being sold in stores but most people now are either downloading music from the internet or they are subscribing to free or paid services such as  Spotify or Pandora. We all love to listen to our favorite songs and who knows what types of music formats that are going to be created 20 plus years from now.Or even a few months from now.




Many people do multitasking when they have a lot to get done in a short amount of time. This makes things quicker to get caught up on and let’s say that you are home cooking dinner for the family plus you have the main dish in the oven and side dishes on the stove. You know that you are gonna have to stay focused to make sure everything is done at the same time. It takes multitasking when making a meal. There are some who can only do one or two tasks at a time and there are those who can do many tasks at one time depending on their speed and experience. It may take time to get your speed up but once you do you will be a great pro at multitasking.

When it comes to multitasking you can get so many things done in a fast amount of time plus this comes in handy when you are on a very tight schedule. Even parents have to multitask when taking care of there children and the parents can be busy getting their kids ready for school while making their morning breakfast and they may both be getting ready for work. Plus of a stay at home, mom is busy watching her kids she will also be busy with other things such as keeping the house clean and if there is a toddler in the home making sure that they are safe at all times.  On some jobs, there are those who have responsibilities that they need to get used to how to do a lot of things at once.

One evening I was working on traffic exchanges and had two sites I had to do them on plus had an hour to get them done and I was thinking how will this get done? I realized that I can open one traffic exchange site on my laptop and one on my smartphone and multitask between the 2 and I got them both done with a few minutes to spare. Since then that’s how I have been doing the traffic exchanges and I also do have a desktop but since we are in a hotel in the meantime it’s in storage until we find a place. But when we do I can work on three traffic exchanges at once on the desktop, laptop, and smartphone. That will make things a whole lot faster to get all of that work done.

When a DJ is spinning music at a party they have to multitask by getting one song ready to play while one is still going plus to keep the mix going start each song at the right time. When a professional Chef is working they are also gonna have lots of multitasking to make sure that everything is going to plan and even more things to manage if they are the head chef such as making out the work schedules and making sure everyone is doing their part. It will take some practice but once you know how to multitask, you will become a true master at that type of skill.




Speaking Up And Saying What’s On Your Mind



Speaking up and saying what’s on your mind needs to be done from time to time when you know when something is not right or you feel that you are being talked to in a disrespectful way.You may also have a different opinion about certain topics which is OK but it needs to be done in a mature way. There are some that may be afraid of speaking up because they think it may get them into hot water if they do.It’s Ok to say what you feel.

You may be working at a job and it’s busy plus you are having a hard time keeping up and to make matters worse your supervisor starts jumping down your back and is yelling at you.What your supervisor did was uncalled for so you know that you need to speak with him/her and tell them how you feel.most likely they will apologize. Let’s say that someone is taking advantage of you by having you do all the work while they sit around and not do their part plus you know that’s not fair.You can either let others walk all over you or you can take a stand and speak up. This can happen at certain jobs where one or a few people are doing the work while one or a few others goof off so if you tell the others that are not helping out that they need to do their fair share but still don’t wanna help sometimes you gotta get the supervisor and tell them what’s going on. We all need to be a team and help each other out.

Speaking up and saying what’s on your mind is a good thing to do but you need to do it in a professional matter at all times because getting angry and losing your cool is no way to get your point across. If you are someone that deals with the public you may have a customer that may get out of control and will start to yell and cuss you out just because if something is out of stock, you are not going fast enough for them or there is something that you can’t do that’s either against policy or you need a managers approval.   As long as you are being professional you have the right to tell that customer to please stop yelling and cussing at you and if they keep it up you can refuse to wait on them by saying something like I’m gonna get a manager were done. My self I had to get firm with rude customers.

With most people when you speak your mind they will give you the respect that you deserve because they know that it’s the right thing to do including when they are in the wrong.  When you say what you feel and get things off of your chest, you are building true confidence in yourself and are showing that you are always willing to speak up. When you speak up and say what’s on your mind it will show that you don’t sugar coat anything at all.

My Weight Loss Success


Today I wanna share about my weight loss success and how I went from being a heavy 260 pounds and after all this time finally getting down to 178.4 pounds. Years ago when I was in my 20’s 30’s and part of my 40’s I was really overweight and out of shape plus trying to tie my shoes was very difficult. I was not taking care of my body plus was not only eating junk food all the time but I was having too much of it. Ice cream, candy bars fast food you name it.

That is what lead me to be obese and out of shape plus when I say that I would take care of myself it would last a short while and then I was back into my old habits. For a period of time, my weight was going up and down like an elevator plus also I was just eating out of boredom or if I was stressed out and was using food as an escape from stress. There were times where I got out of breath from walking and I am shocked that I have not suffered a heart attack while I was very heavy because I was at high risk for having one. I would also make excuses and would say I will start working out soon when I have the time but I did not take the proper actions plus I was called out on it so many times I can write a book. The reason why I was overweight is that I was lazy and did not take care of myself.

There was this one time in the middle of last year when watching different ads on heart attacks, strokes, and many other health issues plus seeing those who are obese and have to use an E.C.V  to get around made me wake up and realize that I had to make a change. I was saying to myself OK David you got two options you can either keep doing what you are doing and end up cutting your life short or you can live longer by making the changes that you need to make.This is when I have decided to get in shape, take care of my body and live a much healthier lifestyle.

My weight loss success means a lot because it took a lot of hard work to make it happen. When we moved out to San Diego in October I was in the low 200’s and after a while got under 200 pounds and just kept at it. I was at the doctor and was about to have my weight checked and was thinking about 186 but when I got on the scale it read 178.4 pounds. I was like yes I did it and although it was a little more than I wanted to lose it was a proud moment. Now the only thing I need to work on is getting my body toned up. This is indeed the best shape of my life that  I have been in since I was a teenager 30 plus years ago. I feel happier and am full of energy and young youth!



Being Safe With Electricity






Being safe with electricity is very important and must be taken very seriously because electricity is nothing to play with. It’s important to make sure that before you plug in anything such as a TV, fan, computer or any other item make sure that the plug is in good condition and not damaged. Plugging in a damaged cord can cause a fire plus lots of money in damages. Also if you are plugging in a 3 prong plug into the wall make sure all 3 prongs are on there and not damaged and if it is damaged it’s best to dispose of the cord and get a replacement for it.

Being safe with electricity is what we all need to take into practice every single day plus let’s say that you are gonna make a pot of coffee you gotta be very careful not to get any cords wet while they are plugged in because that can be very dangerous.If you have little ones running around that are less then 2 years old you also may wanna cover up outlets in your home that you are not using so this way your child will be safe from getting shocked or even worse. When you are using a circuit breaker make sure that it’s also in good shape and you use the proper one for the devices that you are plugging in so if you have a PC you may wanna get a surge protector that’s for PC’s and the same for other electronic and kitchen devices as well.  The key word is comen sense when it comes to electricity.

If one of your outlets or switches in your home are not working properly it’s best to call a professional electrician to fix the problem. Unless you are a trained electrician yourself never try to fix the problem yourself otherwise you will put yourself at risk of electric shock or even death. If you know what you are doing you first wanna go to the fuse that’s either outside or inside your home and turn off the power for that room. Also when you have the fuse box marked you will know what switch to turn off so let’s say that you need to replace an outlet in the guest bedroom you would first go to the fuse box and turn off the power for the guest bedroom plus it’s best to wait a moment before starting. After changing out the outlet and doing all the safety checks then turn the power back on to the room and plus in an item to see if it will power up. Plus always make sure that your hands are dry as well.

Also, you never wanna plug in too many things into an outlet because that can cause an overload and a fire plus almost every day when fires break out in homes or any other places it can be due to  a damaged cord plugged in or too many things plugged in at one time such as surge protectors hooked together and plugged into an outlet. When you are safe around electricity you will keep yourself and others that are around you safe and sound.

Depeche Mode Violator -Classic Albun


Depeche Mode’s 1990 album Violator is indeed a truly classic album with many amazing songs. This album, of course, is still loved by many Depeche Mode fans from the early days to a whole new generation of fans as well and with it including hits such as Personal Jesus, Enjoy The Silence Sweetest Perfection and Policy Of Truth shows how amazing this album is. I have seen the videos for Personal Jesus, Enjoy The Silence and Policy Of Truth many times and they are really great amazing videos that tell a real story. VIolator is one of my favorite Depeche Mode albums.

I remember when my brother had the cassette single of Personal Jesus and when I heard it the first time I was blown away and when I heard the entire album it was like I was taken on a magical journey because the whole album is so moving with great songs. Lead singer Dave Gahan has very powerful vocals on this album and others he has done in the past and prior. Depeche Mode has made so many amazing albums but VIolator is my favorite Depeche Mode album of all time. Depeche Mode’s Violator is indeed a truly classic album with many great creative hits.


Def Leppard- One Of The Best Bands Of All Time


Def Leppard is one of the best bands of all time and I have been a fan for many years. Everything that they have done from their 1980 debut On Through The Night to the latest self-titled album has been pure and amazing creativity. The first time I heard of Def Leppard was when I was in the 5th or 6th grade and the teacher was letting us bring in music to school plus one of my friends had a boom box with her and a cassette tape. I asked her what tape is that? and she said Def Leppard and was showing it to me, it was the album of Pyromania.When she played it I was blown away hearing the songs “Photograph”, “Fooling “Rock Of Ages” plus the whole album for the very first time. A

I became a Def Leppard fan in an instant plus have also seen the video Rock of ages the first time on MTV and this is when MTV was just the 24 Hour station of music videos. The 1987 album Hysteria is a true Def Leppard classic and has 12 songs plus a running time of 63 minutes. The whole entire album is amazing plus the tune “Pour Some Sugar On Me is one of the songs along with others from Hysteria that you wanna crank up at total full blast volume. When one of my brothers got the VHS cassette of Historia back in 1988 this is where I discovered older Def Leppard material. The video Hello America was of course from the debut album On Through The Night and the videos “Let It Go” HIgh N Dry Bringing On The Heartbreak were of course from the 2nd album HIghNDry. Of course on the Historia, there are 2 versions of Bringing On The Heartbreak, the first one is with Pete Willis and version 2 is with Phill Colin plus this version keyboards were added to the mix. The 1984 rerelease of HIghNDry contains this version of heartbreak and a bonus track Me And My Wine. The video, of course, I find it to be very hysterical and a riot.


Def Leppard is one of the best rock bands of all time plus they have been rocking the world and making music for close to 40 years. The line up has changed on and off but frontman Joe Elliot, Bassist Rick Savage, and Drummer Rick Allen, of course, have been in Def Leppard since the start. Lead axeman Phill Collen has been rocking with Def Leppard for over 35 years and Vivian Campbell has been in DefLeppard since 1992. I have seen a photo on the Def Leppard website where Joe Elliot and Rick Savage took a pic with former Lep Pete Willis back a few years ago plus we will always remember Steve Clark 1960-1991 for his amazing and creative guitar work. One of the greatest things in Def Leppard’s carer is when they did Via Hysteria in Vegas. performing Hysteria in full plus other hits. Their latest album that is self-titled has many great songs including Let’s Go and the track We Belong where all  5 members each have a vocal part. Def Leppard is a great band with close to 40 years of rocking the whole entire world.

Giving Your Full Attention


When it comes to learning, giving your full attention is very important plus it shows proper manners when doing so. The reason why you wanna pay full attention is that there may be some very important information that you don’t wanna miss out on.when you give your full attention that is also showing the respect that you have for that person because you wanna catch everything that they are saying to you and others. When talking with someone your full attention needs to be focused on them and to avoid any distractions that may be going on all around you. If someone is trying to tell you something important and you got your nose in your phone that is very rude manners.
 When giving your full attention you gotta keep your eyes focused on the ones that are talking to you plus let’s say that you are at a seminar they may ask if you would either mute or shut down your phones prior to the seminar so that there will not be any type of interruptions that may distract others and make them miss out on important details and if you are talking on your phone during the seminar that is not good mannerism plus you may be asked to leave as well. You may also be in a life or death medical situation and this is where giving full attention really needs to come in handy because certain details need to be heard to know what to do in this type of situation that may happen. Giving your full attention is the very most important key to always keep in mind at all times.

Anyone-Can Have Success



Anyone can have success in their lives and it does not matter what your age, color of skin, male.female, gay, straight, bisexual transgender or if you have challenges that you are facing. There are many who are in wheelchairs or may have an arm or leg missing or no arms and legs at all but they don’t let that stop them because they will find a way to make their dreams a real thing. That is what is called not giving up and not  letting anything stop you

When I was in school I was in special education classes and it took me and it still takes me a little more time to learn things but I don’t let that stop me. I manage to hold down a full-time job and that goes to show I can succeed at anything I put my own mind to. Always keep in mind that you can have great things happen when you believe in yourself and take action. The negativity you gotta block it out of your mind.I have seen this one video online and I don’t remember what state it’s in but this man who has down syndrome has started a business with help from his father and it has made over a million dollars in a year. Now that is showing true dedication and not giving up on your dreams because we all deserve to have greatness in our lives. There have been people who have had successful carers for many years and they are still doing them because they have that passion and they just love to do it.
There may be some that will try to tell you that having the success of any carer is impossible and will tell you to stick with your regular 9 to 5 job. Those people just have negative attitudes because when they don’t take actions they blame their faults on others and try to talk others out of their dreams.  Never let anyone stop you from doing what you want in your life and whatever you want to do you can do it. All you need to do is know that when you believe in yourself and have the confidence plus take the actions that need to be taken, it can be done without fail and the only time that you will fail is when you throw in the towel and give up. When you keep on going and not give up on your dreams you can have a lot of great success for many years to come plus you can also inspire others to be successful.
When people wanna start their own business it all starts with an idea and vision and then it all becomes real plus they do it because they know that it can be done. Whatever your passion is in life, you can make it happen and you are never too young or too old to be successful at anything you put your mind to. We can all be successful in life.

Dyeing Your Hair To Look Younger

When you are dyeing your hair to look younger, it brings out the younger person inside of you. Some that dye their hair will either dye it with their natural hair color or they will go with a different color depending on their mood. I have dyed my hair a couple times and it does indeed take off many years and makes me look 20 years younger. Some of us may end up losing our natural hair color as we age and when we want to bring back our natural hair color, buying hair dye with the color we want is the best way to go. But remember doing that takes time as well.
When dyeing your hair to look younger, there are things you need to remember and if it’s your first time doing it, it is best to have some one help you to make sure that you get every spot covered and using  a gel on your neck will prevent the hair coloring from sticking to your skin. Some you have to leave in your hair from 20 minutes to half an hour depending on the brand that you purchase plus when you rinse out in the shower you gotta keep rinsing out your hair until the water turns clear plus there is a certain shampoo that you gotta use to hold in the new color. It takes time and patience when dyeing your hair so you wanna do it when you are not short on time because it can’t be rushed and if you rush it it won’t work right. It may take time but in the end it’s totally worth the wait.
There are different type of brands of hair coloring kits and also many different styles as well plus you may wanna go with either a different hair color or you may wanna get creative and go with a mixture of hair colors. Some like to have their hair fully colored and some like to leave a bit of grey in also some just like to leave it the way that it is but when you use hair color it will may you look younger. My brother in law has also colored his hair and he looks 30 years younger and people are shocked when he tells them how old he really is. The first time I colored my hair is when we were getting ready to make a trip out to Chicago for my youngest cousins wedding and I looked and felt like a young man in his 20’s. I also dyed it one other time and I am gonna dye it again because when I color my hair it brings it to full life.Even many famous actors and rock stars will also color their hair to look many years younger and sometimes they just do it for a part that they are gonna play in a show or a movie.  When you are dyeing your hair to look years younger some are not gonna know your real age unless you tell them but that can be your secret.