What’s Your Favorite Disney Movie?

There are many of us who enjoy Disney Land, Disney World and everything that is Disney but my question is What’s your favorite Disney movie? We all have a favorite Disney movie that we love and it can be anything from live action to animated plus we also may have many favorites as well. My very favorite animated Disney film is The Lion King because it is a great movie with great well-known stars supplying the voices. Other Disney movies I love are Marry Poppins and many other Disney movies. My brother in law who is also a huge Disney fan loves a lot of the Disney movies as well including a lot of the classics including Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and the 7 Dwarfs and Peter Pan.Many of the Disney classic movies are also enjoyed by today’s new generation of Disney fans worldwide.
One of the classic animated  Disney movies I love is The Aristo Cats because of how well done it’s created. It, of course, features a wonderful storyline with a lot of humor plus has some great songs in it including Everybody Wants To Be A Cat. Another classic 101 Dalmations is another true classic with a whole lot of humor and fun for the whole family plus I have also seen the live action of 101 Dalmatians and 102 Dalmatians which are also great as well.
There are so many great Disney movies that are out there that I love. Beauty And The Beast is also another great classic but the animated version I only saw parts of but I have seen the whole live action version of the movie and it was mind-blowing with a great cast and many songs. I still gotta see the original animated version of this film. My very favorite Disney movie of all time is The Lion King and this is a movie I can watch over and over. Many great songs and of course featuring the voices of James Earl Jones, as Mufasa Johnathon Taylor Thomas as Young Simba and Mathew Brodrick as Adult Simba. Also the voices of Nathan Lane as Timon and Ernie Sabella as Pumba. The songs I just Can’t Wait To Be King,   Be Prepared and Hakuna Matata are wonderful songs in this 1994 classic.
Aladen is another great Disney movie with great action, humor, amazing songs and including many great actors including the Late Robin Willams doing the voice of the Genie. I love this movie and this I have on DVD plus have watched it so many times. Now my brother in law who loves Disney Movies etc has a lot of Disney movies from animated to live action. He still has a lot of the VHS cassettes and also many DVD and Blu Ray Discs as well. There are so many great Disney classic movies and the latest ones that are out in the theaters and on DVD, Blu Ray, and digital download. Every Disney movie is just full of that pure and wonderful Walt Disney magic that lives on today.

Review On Black Panther

Last week on my brothers birthday me my brother and brother in law went to see Black Panther and my review on Black Panther is gonna explain how awesome and action-packed this movie is. The casting and storyline were well done plus all of the work that went into this movie shows how much hard work was truly put into it.The visual effects and all the fast action scenes had me on the edge of my seat the whole entire time plus there was also a bit of humor added to it. With this movie grossing over 1 billion dollars worldwide we can all see why it’s a big hit.
We have been seeing the preview for this film for weeks and it got all 3 of us excited and we knew we had to see Black Panther. This was indeed money well spent and this is a movie that we will for sure buy when it comes out of Blu-ray or 4K Blu-ray. If you want to see a great action packed movie you gotta go and see Black Panther because you are gonna be in for the most exciting ride of your life and with great stars such as Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, Micheal B Jordan and Chad Boseman playing the lead role puts a lot of spice and flavor into this film. Plus also making a cameo appearance in this film the one and only Mr. Stan Lee who has made cameo appearances in many of the Marvel Films plus for being in his late 90’s he is still going strong and is still active at his age.

Black Panther is a great movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat and it’s a movie that you wanna see again and again and it will have you cheering for more. After you see this for the first time you are going to be blown out of your mind from all of the great and exciting action this movie packs. Black Panther is a movie you gotta see.

Handling Things In A Mature way




There are times when we may face stressful and hard situations but we always need to handle things in a mature way. Getting angry and flying off the handle will only make the problem worse then it is and it will make it harder for others that want to handle it the proper and mature way. When you handle it in a mature way you will be able to work things out with no issues because you are being calm and working with others as a team to solve the problem. Being smart and handling any ordeal in a mature and professional way will make things a whole lot easier for you and everyone else that’s around you. You gotta realize that yelling at others only makes things worse and can lead to health problems that can lead to a heart attack or a stroke plus anger can also land you into a  whole lot of trouble.

When you handle things in a mature way not only will it makes things less stressful but you and your team can get things done in a quick amount of time but if you and others are just screaming your heads off back and forth, you and everyone else are not gonna get anywhere plus name calling and cussing each other out will not help at all. Also, when it comes to moving from one place to another or one state to another that can also be stressful but no matter what you gotta keep your cool at all times. When you and everyone that are moving work together and don’t bicker you will get things packed up and ready to move in no time and the same when you get to that new place you are all gonna be moving into. You may also be a customer that is at a well-known restaurant that ordered a burger with fries and a drink. You take one bite of the burger and noticed that it’s not done all the way. You know that you can either have a fit and yell and cuss people out which would not be a smart choice or you can be calm and explain the situation to your server. When you are calm and kindly tell your server that your burger or anything that you were eating was not cooked all the way, they will make sure that you are taking care of plus may discount your bill.

No matter what we all need to curb our tempers and handle things in the most mature and professional way at all times. You may face many stressful situations plus may deal with people that are rude and impatient but you don’t wanna stoop to their level and be immature so it’s best to be the bigger person and either solve the issue or if need be, walk away. I have learned to handle things in a mature way because I used to get hot headed years back but no longer do. When you handle things in a proper and mature way you will have respect for yourself and for others.


Waking Up With Happiness


Waking up with happiness every single morning is a great way to get your day off to a wonderful start. Doing this every day will put you in a great mood and will increase the happiness of your life and give you great things to look forward to. Those who have a great attitude and outlook on life always wake up happy but those that have a negative attitude will either wake up in a very bad mood or they just don’t wanna get out of bed at all.

Those who are waking up with happiness are always enjoying life to the complete fullest. The best way to wake up with happiness is before going to bed think of all the things that make you happy and block out all of the negativity that you hear. When you are sleeping with those happy thoughts you will wake up in the morning in a happy and great mood. The way to wake up in a great mood is to greet the morning with a smile and doing some quick meditation. Happiness is a part of life and when you wake up with it you are automatically blocking out all negative thoughts and words plus the world will see how happy you are when you walk around smiling and being happy.

When I wake up every morning I wake up in a happy mood and ready to start the day and I start by thinking of all the great things that have gone on in my life such as family get-togethers my favorite types of music, movies, and Tv Shows and always think about the great things to come. I never have any negativity in me at all because there is no room for that when I wake up and am moving around during the day. When you wake up with happiness every single day of your life you have a wonderful and bright future that you can look forward to.


Stop Playing The Blame Game


There are those that don’t take action and blame others for their mishaps instead of admitting fault but we need to stop playing the blame game and take responsibility.  Some that only do things part way and give in will try and point the finger at others and blame them for their mistakes and that is just not the way to go because when you don’t take actions it’s no one’s fault but your own. The thing is it’s better to take full responsibility and take the proper actions to fix your mistakes than to put the blame on others. You gotta stop blaming others for your faults.

The reason why you need to stop playing the blame game is that when you play that game not only are you hurting others but you are hurting yourself by giving yourself a very bad reputation. There are those who blame so many for their own faults that they end up losing respect from others as well. When you don’t play the blame game and take actions on your faults that will gain more respect from others and you will also gain respect for yourself. There have been some who sign up for an online business but either do things halfway or not at all and when they don’t get to where they wanna be the blame the online business and make a lie saying it’s a scam instead of admitting fault.

Those who realize the reason why they did not get to where they wanna be will rethink their steps and will follow through and when they don’t blame others and take charge of their actions they will have the full success that they want to have. Hard working people never play the blame game at all they play the game of being dedicated and following through. Those who still play the blame game are only living in the company of denial because of their stubborn ways. The only thing that the blame game does is brings you down and others along with it as well.

You may run late for work due to oversleeping but you don’t blame anyone because you know it’s the fault of your own for not setting your alarm the night before plus It is best to let your supervisor know that you are gonna be running late. That shows that you take responsibility for the mistake and you are not playing the blame game at all. when you quit playing the blame game and step up that is called being serious about your own actions.





Getting And Retaining Information



When it comes to getting and retaining information it’s very important to keep this in mind. When you are learning how to do a certain skill such as cooking,working from home or anything that you want to learn you need to first get the information and pay full attention and retain that information as well. When you are taking lessons such as learning how to play the guitar there are several things that you need to pay attention to and retain what you are taught and put it into practice every day. When you keep in mind that you gotta retain information you will be set.

Getting and retaining information comes in handy in so many helpful ways. Plus another important reason why you want to get and retain information is that sometime you may find yourself in a life and death situation which you need to have any type of information ready when you call 911 because they are gonna ask you certain questions about the victim that’s suffering from a heart attack, stroke,seizure, or any type of life or death situation. When you are prepared for this and have the information you can actually save someone’s life due to your quick actions.

There are many reasons why it’s important to not only get the information but to also retain it. Let’s say that you have a job where you ship items to different businesses around the world and you need to make sure you know what the status of the shipments are. The reason for that is if their supplies are running late they may call you and ask why the shipment is late and when you look up the status and find out  you can give them the info and tell them what caused the delay and when their supplies will arrive at their businesses, When you get and retain all types of important information you will always be ready for anything that will come your way.


Watch Out For Scammers











Most people in this world are honest and earn their money in the right and legal way but you still gotta watch out for scammers because there are some who are dishonest and will try to fool you in any way that they can. Most of the victims of a scam are the elderly and they may get calls or emails saying that they won or inherited a large amount of money but they are told that they need to give their account information to have the money put into the account. The elderly or anyone else that falls for this scam will end up getting their accounts drained and the money will all be gone.Also, if you give them any information you are putting yourself at risk for identity theft as well.

Other scammers may be going door to door and saying that they are collections for helping the homeless or another cause but they don’t donate the money they just spend it and that is being very shady on all levels.with all of the scams that are out there, we gotta always be alert and aware each and every single time otherwise one of us will be the next victim. To prevent from being a victim always be careful and also warn others of any of these scams.

There are some scammers  that will either email, call or send letters to people telling them that they have an overdue bill  or they owe money on taxes and tell them that they are facing jail time. Don’t fall for this scam call the authorities right away.Sometimes when you go on a dating site to meet someone  you always need to use extra caution because there may be scammers on those dating sites. You may be corresponding with someone on there back and forth and they write you a message saying that they need money for a car repair or something that’s an emergency and they say that they will pay you back. Don’t fall into this trap because it has scam cleary written all over it and it’s best that you stop contact with this person right away and if you need to block them as well.
It’s important to always watch out for scammers and protect yourself plus also if you have children, make sure that they don’t become victims of any type of scam. There are those who don’t fall for these scams and I am one that does not fall for this because I know when someone is trying to pull the wool over my eyes. A long time friend of mine that passed away was very sharp for his age and anytime he got an email or a call saying that someone is gonna send him a lot of money or anything to get his account or other information he never fell for it. If you get an email that may be a scam but you are not sure ask someone and they can let you know if it’s legit or a scam.  When you protect yourself and watch out for scammers, you will always prevent any type of problems from happening.




Experiencing Temporary Adjustments



There  are times in our lives when we may be experiencing temporary adjustments and there are some things that we have to put on hold for a while. This is just a part of life that we all are going to face from time to time and it may be for a while or a little bit longer but not forever and before you know it you will be able to go back into your regular everyday routine. Let’s say that you are gonna remodel your kitchen and it’s gonna take weeks to get done and you know that you are gonna either have to go out to eat or cook on your grill outside. Also if you have a microwave or a new wave oven, you can set those up in another room temporary for preparing meals as well.When the times comes that your kitchen is done with new appliances and a new look the long wait will be well worth it.

When it comes to experiencing temporary adjustments it also requires patience because there are things that we may have to do without for a while. You may be living with family and you all each have your own automobile to get around but everyone but you is having car trouble and you all need to be at work at a certain time. Your job is close by and may take you about 20 minutes to walk but your two other family members that work the same place and same time each day have a further drive which is 45 minutes each way. Knowing that they have a longer way to travel to work and back you let them use your car and you do the walking back and forth until your other family members are able to get their automobiles up and running again.Plus walking is also a great way to stay fit.

I have also been experiencing temporary adjustments my self since October. When I moved to san Diego with my brother and brother in law we had to put most of our stuff in storage because we have been staying at a motel for now so my desktop HDTV, and other items of that I have and my brother and brother in law have are in storage until we find a place. We just have our laptops phones,clothing and other things that we need on a day to day basis. This is also the first time I have experienced this temporary adjustment and I have learned what it’s like to do without certain things for a while plus know that it requires a lot of patience as well. Plus I know that soon enough we will be able to find a place and get our items out of storage but for now I am just glad we have a place to eat, shower and sleep.Experiencing temporary adjustments not only helps us grow but we can share these experiences with others so they can learn this important lesson. Plus sometimes a temporary adjustment can be a good thing and when you get used to them it will give you a great learning experience and can make you a stronger person on top of that.


Learning From Your Mistakes


There are times when we may do or say things that we might regret but when you are learning from your mistakes, it will help you become a better person and not to repeat the same mistakes over and over. One mistake that some people make is when they forget to shred papers that have their information on it and they end up becoming victims of identity theft.That can really make a huge mess of things in your life.When you are learning from your mistakes first you gotta do is ask yourself what happened and why and what do I need to do from that mistake happening again.When you learn not to repeat the same mistakes over and over again you know your lesson was learned.

Learning from your mistakes can teach you how to grow and become a better person. Also, sometimes you may forget to set your alarm before going to bed and you end up oversleeping and being late for work and this I did by mistake a few times and had to call work and tell them I was gonna be running late. So what I have learned is to make sure the alarm is set and loud enough to where I can hear it. So let’s say that you gotta be up at 6:00 AM make sure it’s set for 6:00 Am and not Pm and one day when I had to be up at that time I set it for Pm by mistake and since then I have learned not to make that same mistake again. Although most mistakes may be minor,there are some that can be very major such as in an emergency situation when things are not done the right way it can cost someone’s life. This is where you need to make sure that no mistakes are made in this type of situation you may face.

I have been learning how to cook and there have been some mistakes that I have made but one big mistake that I have made is when I was making this one dish I added oil and was suppose to add meat before adding the water and other items but I added water to hot oil and that was not a smart thing to do. That lesson I learned very quickly and know not to repeat that same mistake and be very careful when it comes to being in the kitchen at home.

Admitting your mistakes and taking the actions  is also another way that you can learn and grow from them. This is another way of showing that you are taking the proper actions to fix the mistakes that you have made and want to fix them. Sometimes people may end up rushing into things when it comes to things such as a relationship and they rush to quickly into it. To avoid this kind of mistake get to know the person first and just start out as being friends and then if you both decide to become a couple take things slow and see where things go from there. When you are learning from your mistakes it will teach you so many important lessons that you will face in life.


Change Of Times With Technology



With the change of times with technology, things have changed over the last 30 plus years. Over the years technology has improved from business to entertainment and it has been improving each and every single day around the entire world and a there is always something new being created. Back years ago when people wanted to watch a program they had to watch it when it was on otherwise that had to wait for a repeat of that show to air again. Later the VCR’s came on the market where people were able to videotape their favorite shows and were able to set a timer to record while they were away or were sleeping. Now today those who have a DVR through Tivo or any other provider can digitally record their favorite shows or movies plus video on demand is also popular as well.

The change of times with technology has also changed with mobile phones since they came out years ago. Mobile phones back then were just used for calling, voice mail and text which took a while to write a message. Today with smart phones there is so much more to them then phone calls, voice messages and texting. With the smartphones, you can download music to your phone to listen to plus when out and about with family or friends you can take photos and video plus since you can access internet on the go you can upload them to social media sites or email them to others to share on the fly. Also with services like Grub Hub you can download this app and order food from your phone anywhere you are at which makes things a whole lot faster than having to call and the line is tied up.

There have been many great gadgets in the past that are no longer being made but sometimes can be found at yard sales and some may sell these vintage tech items online. One of the things that I had 20 plus years ago was a Sony MiniDisc recorder which was one of the coolest things to have because it had so many great features including being able to double the recording time on the Minidisc by switching from stereo to mono. So for example, if you have a minidisc that’s 74 minutes and put the recorder on mono you will still get the great clear sound but will also get 2 and a half hours of recording time and you can always change the song order or more great features as well.

The video gaming systems back then were just for video games and it was just a basic cartridge that you put in the machine and turned it on. Only wired controllers were around during this time. Today gaming systems are more than just playing games and you can now play your CD’s DVD and Blu rays on them plus you can also play online games and so much more you can do on top of that. Technology has changed over the years and there are always new things to come on the horizon. Who knows what technology will bring us in the next 10 to 20 years from now.