The Return Of Vinyl Records


The return of vinyl records has gotten very popular with in the last several years and just about every place you go that sells electronics turntables and portable record players are being sold again. When vinyl records first came out years ago, they were in the analog format and if you want a  classic vinyl record today you need to check online because their are many sites where you can find classic vinyl records. The ones that you can find in some of the stores and online are sold in the 180 gram digital format.Vinyl records are on the rise again and are back in swing.

With the return of vinyl records, there are many who are adding to their vinyl collection and there are those who are getting into collecting vinyl records for the first time.There are also many classic albums being remastered in 180 digital gram vinyl plus many new artists and bands today have also put their music on the 180 gram vinyl format. There are also different comportment systems that include A CD player,cassette deck radio, and a turn table included. Plus some of these systems have mp3 inputs and blue tooth features as well. Those who want to take their classic vinyl records and transfer them to CD or mp3 can do that by getting a USB turn table for their home PC.

I also still have some vinyl records myself that I have had since I was a kid. I have a few 45 RPM records  but most of them are 33 RPM records and it would be great to buy a turntable to hear those records again.These vinyl records that I have are some that I have got for birthday and Christmas gifts a few I brought myself and others that were my Grandparents were passed onto me. Some that I have are Dare To Be Stupid By Weird Al  Yankovic,  a 12 inch remix of New Sensation by Inxs and a few others. There is nothing like the great sound of a classic vinyl record on the turntable and hearing that album once the needle touches down on the record. There are some who also have a collection of 78 RPM records and those you would need to find online or in antique shops in order to find them.

Many people who have collected vinyl records over the years and keep them in great shape,these records will sound very good on a real good turntable. With vinyl records becoming popular again there is also this app that you can download for buying vinyl records online and it has a great selection of vinyl records to select from. A lot of dance clubs have used and still use vinyl records to this day plus I have heard a few 180 gram records and some classic vinyl records on You Tube and they sound really good. If you have a good sound system with a turntable and keep all of your records in great condition, they will sound amazing and new just like you got them for the first time. The rebirth of the vinyl record is back in swing in the classic vinyl and the new 180 digital gram format. Long live vinyl.


Going For Daily Walks


Going for daily walks is one of the best ways to keep in shape and keep your heart healthy. This is one of the reasons why many people today are living longer because they work out and go walking on a daily basis plus it gets them a chance to also get out and socialize with other people. I have met people that are older that go walking everyday and have the energy of a teenager because to them age is only a number and it won’t slow them down.

When you are going for daily walks it will benefit you very well and increase your chances of a longer and healthy lifestyle. For those who want to lose weight walking is one of the great ways to do it along with workouts and eating healthy plus smaller portions.This has helped for me also because I used to be 260 pounds 13 years ago and I will tell you that I did not like the way i looked. So I took the steps that were needed and yes overtime I had ups and downs but now I am finally under 200 pounds for the first time in over 20 plus years. I go walking just about everyday and at times I am walking for a few hours and at times it’s just a quick walk but either way it’s getting done everyday.

Many that go on daily walks like to listen to some upbeat music because it gets them going and ready plus some will go jogging or running and that can really make you burn off calories. You will be burning off a snickers bar in no time at all and be in great shape. Some like to walk in the mornings and some like to walk during different times of the day but now since I am living in San Diego I can go walking anytime of the year without dealing with extreme hot weather like I did when living in Phoenix AZ. for many years. A walk a day is what does us good and gives us a longer life plus there are those who go shopping live within a walking distance and walk there and back to shop for things.

I love walking because along with it keeping me in shape it’s good to get out and explore the things around the area I live in. So many stores and places to eat are within a walking distance from where we are at and it just makes things easier. We have a car but only use it if we are gonna be driving further out otherwise if we are going some place that’s in a walking distance we will just walk. There are those from young to young at heart who walk daily.

It takes a lot of dedication to stick with daily walking and other types of exercise to keep your body in shape plus when you are taking care of your body you are avoiding many types of health problems. The more you go walking on a daily basis the longer of a life that you will have. so get your shoes on and get yourself moving and grooving.

Being A Master Of A Skill



Being a master of a skill takes a lot of work and dedication to make it happen. Whatever you want to master in it can be done by first believing in yourself and taking the proper actions that are needed.There are many things that we all want to do in our lives but we need to take the actions first plus some skills may take time to learn. Mastering any type of skill takes patience and with that a lot of determination and self-motivation to make it all happen.

Being a master of a skill in whatever we want to do will take work but it can be done. One of the skills that takes a lot to master is cooking because you need to multitask and pay full attention to everything that you are cooking. This is a skill that I have been learning plus also been learning how to multitask as well. It takes a lot of focus to multitask when you are cooking but it’s a lot of fun. If this is a skill that you want to master in, you can do it.

You may be that person who has a passion of being a famous singer or having any other type of carer in the music field and you know that it will take a lot of work to master that kind of skill. There are schools that you can go to in order to learn about being a recording engineer and how the equipment works When you get the experience and do this job full time you will have the opportunity to work with well-known artists and bands. You may also be involved in recording live albums when an artist or band goes on tour.This can be a fun and exciting passion to get into.

There are some who want to master a mixture of skills because they want to expand their education and learn more things. There are well-known music stars that have also got into acting and other things in life plus those who are famous television and movie stars have also got into directing. There are those that are in movies and shows that have started and directed in the same movie and show as well, There are those who work at home who have multi-streams of income may also have other passions such as running a food store or any other type of business.

There are those who want to open up a restaurant but to do that it takes many skills in order to do so, Not only do you need to learn about cooking, but you need to know the basic steps of running a restaurant and the proper procedures to run it. Working as an employee in a restaurant is one of the ways that you can get the experience so you can open up a place of your own someday. We all have many types of skills that we want to master in but it will take work to do it. When you put your mind to it and work hard, you can master any skill that you want to.

Keeping Your Home A Safe Zone


Keeping your home a safe zone is very important to protect yourself and others from any injuries around your home. It’s also very important if you have little ones in your home because you want to make sure that they are safe as well by keeping things out of reach that can injure them such as sharp objects and any type of items that a child should not put in their mouths. Plus whatever outlets that you don’t use, it’s best to get safety covers for those outlets. To prevent accidents and injuries in your home, taking safety seriously is a very well important key.

One of the things in keeping your home a safe zone is making sure that your home is free of any type of trip hazards that can happen. Picking up items and putting them away is one of the ways to prevent accidents in your home to yourself and others. When you are cleaning you also need to take extra safety steps with certain cleaning chemicals that you are using by making sure that there is plenty of ventilation in the area of your home that you are cleaning. If you are mopping the kitchen floor in your home, you may wanna let others know and tell them the floor is gonna be slippery and will need time to dry.When you let others know this will prevent so many trips and falls from happening.

Also, when it comes to electronics and appliances you need to also be safe by making sure that no cords are damaged before you plug them in.You never want to plug in a device with a cord that is badly damaged and has wires sticking out because doing that can cause a fire and damage to your home plus also when you plug anything in, make sure the plug is pushed in straight and all the way. If there is an electrical issue with an outlet or switch in your house it’s best to call a professional electrician to fix the problem. If you try and fix it yourself and don’t know what you are doing, you can end up getting a bad electrical shock that can either cause injury or even death. It takes many steps in order to keep your home safe in every single way and prevent all types of injuries that can happen.

Even the outside part of your home safety is a very important key. You want to make sure that your back and the front yard is free of any debris and clutter. If you are using garden tools and a hose making sure the hose is wrapped up and put back and all of your garden tools are put away when done. This will prevent others including yourself from accidental injuries.If you own a swimming pool and have children in your home, having a safety fence around your pool is also important plus making sure the gate is locked when no one is using it is very important. Plus if you have little ones that are learning how to swim or are bathing, don’t take your eyes off them for a second because you never know what will happen..Taking steps to keep your home safe is the best thing that you can ever do.

Don’t Only Say It Do It


There are those that say they will take actions in things that they are gonna do but it;s only talk but if you want people to take you seriously when you want to do something don’t only say it do it. You need to take the actions at full force if you want people to know that you are serious and to also be successful in everything that you wanna do.We all know that we need to use actions to get things done because the actions are louder then the words we speak plus we must be very dedicated to those actions as well. When you take the actions you will be successful.

The thing is that if we are gonna talk the talk we need to also walk the walk when we want great things for us to happen so don’t only say it do it and take the steps that are needed. The ones that say that they are going to be consistent in what they do but are not taking the proper actions,it’s all just talk but the ones that put in the effort are being truly serious about their success. It takes more then just talking in order to make the things that you want to happen in life so when you say it and do it you are speaking the words and you are also speaking the actions .

You may be telling people that you know and others that you want to start your own business but all you are doing is just talking about it and not taking the steps which means you are not being serious and people are gonna think that you are just being a person on a sitcom. When you are telling everyone your plans and are showing how serious that you want to be people will see you as an action star.When you start to take one thing seriously you will take more things on a serious level plus there many people out there that want to have many things to be a master in.

One of the things that I have took action in was losing weight and years back I was 260 pounds very heavy and could not breathe and get around. I started to take the actions plus had some ups and downs over a period of time because at times I got lazy, over a year ago I decided to get back into working out and walking  and now I am under 200 pounds and feeling a whole lot better. I just gotta loose a few more pounds and get rid of some flab. The thing is if I was able to get under 200 pounds by talking the proper actions that were needed to make it happen,you can be successful by taking the proper actions that are necessary to be successful. There are those who just talk and those who say it and do it because they are taking the actions all the way. So always keep in mind if you want to have full success in everything that you are gonna do, don’t only say it take massive action and just do it.

Exploring Your City


Exploring your city is one of the great things that you can to to see what it has to offer and it comes in handy when you just have moved into the area. When you are new to a city or where ever that you move to,you wanna find out what’s around you and what’s happening in your area. You can go on the internet for your city,town or where you are and find out what your section has to offer,You may also discover and do things that you have never done before. Getting to know your city will help you get to know what is around you including shops, and restaurants.

When you are exploring your city you get to see and experience so many new things and what you find may surprise you. You may be that person who likes to see local bands perform and you wanna find out places to go so you look online to find out where these local bands are playing at and go see them.They may mostly do cover tunes or some songs of their own and then you like the band so much you go onto their website to find out more about them. Getting to know your city and other sections will give you the experience of a life time and you may be walking around in some shopping center and see a local restaurant  that servers Russian food and that type of food you never had before. So you end up going there and giving it a shot and then you enjoyed it so much you tell others.

Now, I have been here in San Diego since October of last year and of course been here several times and have explored so many great things in this wonderful city..I also have experienced different types of food including French and real Mexican food as well. And by walking around in so many areas of San Diego I have got to experience so many amazing things plus just love living out here. It’s a great city to explore if you make a visit or move here.

When you get to know your city you can find out so much about it and the experiences are endless. Your city may be having some type of festival that’s free and has free food and activities  going on and you wanna go and check it out. you go by yourself, with a group of friends or if married take your spouse and kids along. You and everyone at that festival ends up having a great time that you decide to go again the following year and the year after that, You may also be curious about the history of your city and wanna get to know more about it and where it all began. You can either look on the web and search the history of your city and read up on it or see if there any places to go where you can find out more about your great city. Exploring your city opens up your mind to new experiences.

Favorite Classic Songs That I Love


There are many favorite classic songs that I love from the 50’s to the 80’s and these are songs that stand the test of time. Some of these songs are from my moms era of growing up but I have grown to love them and other songs are from when I was growing up as well. From all different types of music there are a lot of classic songs I love.

One of my favorites is “Jail House Rock” by Elvis Presley and I love the words and beat to it plus it’s a great song to dance to and play at parties. This song and many more from The King Of Rock are true classics. Another favorite classic of mine is “Crocodile Rock” by Sir Elton John and this is a favorite song that I remember listening to when I was little and it’s still one of my favorite classic songs today plus every other song by Sir Elton John is amazing. “Rock Of Ages” by Def Leppard is  a favorite of mine from the early 80’s and of course from their 1983 classic Pyromania. The video for this song is also rocking plus there are many amazing live versions of this song that really rock.

There are so many favorite classic songs that I love and love to turn up the volume and dance away. “Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood is a true 80’s classic and a wonderful song to dance to plus there are two video versions of this song the one that aired on MTV back in the day and the banned video version that is on a 80’s DVD video box set that I own. This classic also had so many remixes done over the years as well. “Money” by Pink Floyd is another favorite one of mine and taking from the classic 1973 album The Dark Side Of The Moon. This tune of course starts out with the cash effects then comes in Roger waters bass and the rest of the band plus the most amazing words that you ever heard in a song. There have been many live versions of this song and I have seen them in concert back in 1994 during The Division Bell Tour. The cash sound effect went for over 2  minutes with other effects added and it went around the stadium. Watching  Pink Floyd perform this and other songs live at this concert was a blast.

There are also some long epic pieces that I enjoy including “2112” by Rush which is a great 20 minute piece with amazing words and music.  “Atom Heart Mother Suite” and “Echoes” both 23 minute pieces by  Pink Floyd are true classics and favorites that I love. Other great long pieces that i love including the 23 minute track “Suppers Ready” by Genesis the 23 minute classic “A Change Of Seasons by Dream Theater and many others. From the days of the oldies to the 1980’s there are so many classic songs that are my favorites  and love to crank them up when I hear them.


Calling A Professional


We all like to be able to do most things are selves and save money but sometimes calling a professional is the best thing to do, Let’s say that you want to install a custom home theater system in your home  but you have never done this kind of work before. So you would set up a day to have everything installed by a professional because they are trained in this field. It may cost you a good amount of money for everything including installation but it’s worth it.

Calling  a professional is needed when we need something installed or fixed but don’t know how to do it. You also may plan on having an in ground swimming pool put in your backyard and you know that it’s gonna be a progress that is gonna take a few weeks to complete and will cost some money to get it done. Soon your new pool  will be ready for swimming and since it was made by professionals, it’s gonna look great as well. There are some things that you should not try to do yourself if you are not trained because you may either make the problem worse or injure yourself. Things like electrical work,pluming, and other types of work need to be done by a trained and qualified professional, There are some things that we may be able to do ourselves but some things take a professional to get it done. Professionals are the ones who have been trained and gone through classes to learn how to do their job.

You can also become a professional as well if you want to be trained in different types of work. You can also learn how to fix electrical wiring, or learn about pluming and any other professions but it takes time and patience to learn. When you are finally done with being trained in any of these skills you can find a job in that skill or start a business of your own. You may want to work as a home theater installer  have a business in that profession. It’s important to know how to do these certain type of jobs but if you are not trained it’s wise to always call a trained professional.

There are those who will try to install a water heater, dishwasher or any other appliance in their homes and if they don’t know what they are doing they can cause damage to the appliance, their home or can injure themselves. Calling a professional is what is the best thing to do if you want something in your home installed or fixed. You also may be someone that wants to have a custom computer built so you buy all the things for it that you need to have it made but not sure how to put it together. Having a person who is trained in computers is who you need to call of you want that custom computer put together. When it comes to having certain things done, it’s always best to call a professional.

Keeping A Clean Household


When it comes to keeping your place free of dirt,dust and other things, keeping A clean household is very important.To prevent any health issues or to prevent any ants or other insects coming into your home,you gotta keep your place clean on a day to day basis.This is is not only keeps your place next but it’s also for your health and the health of others because if your house is filthy and someone is there with a very serious illness it can make it a lot worse. So this is another reason why it’s very important to keep a home clean and free of any dirt or other things.

Keeping a clean household is wise in order to prevent any kind of insect or health problems. Daily house cleaning can be taking care of the dishes after every meal plus making sure that the kitchen is kept clean and floor swept. weekly cleaning can be cleaning the house from top to bottom including vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms.dusting and also if need be yard work front and back. House cleaning is what needs to be done every day for everyone’s health.

If you and a few friends or family members are living together,it’s gonna take everyone to pitch in and help clean up around the place. This is everyone in the household needs to work together as a team to make sure that the house is clean and  when they work together it  can be done quickly. Plus when you and everyone keeps up with it,it won’t take too long to clean up. When you are washing dishes after every meal,it’s important to make sure that they are all clean and free of anything that may be stuck on them. What can help is first put some dish washing soap in the sink with hot water and a little bit of bleach. Soak the dishes for about 15 minutes and when you wash them,your dishes will be sanitized and clean but make sure that you rinse off every single dish very well to make sure that there is no bleach left on any dish. Also when you are cleaning your kitchen but want to avoid using chemicals, getting a steam cleaner is the best way to go. We have the Shark portable steam cleaner and it really gets things very clean in deed.

Let’s say that you are going to have a get together at your place but you know that you need to get your place cleaned up before company arrives. You spend most of the day cleaning and getting things ready because you don’t wanna have a messy home when company is over otherwise that is gonna make you look bad and lazy. When you get done with your house cleaning and have everything ready for your get together everyone will see how well clean your place is kept will be giving you complements left and right. Keeping a clean household is a very important key to your health and the health of others. When you keep your place clean every day it will always look amazing.

Online Music Services


There are many online music services to select from and the most of them are free but there is a monthly fee if you don’t wanna listen to ads or listen offline. The online music services really come in handy because with a site such as Spotify, you can play a whole album and save it plus you can create your own custom playlist as well.

I have Spotify on my, laptop,desktop phone and have it on The PS4 system and I love it. This service is great for those who want to listen to an album or make a playlist without having CD’s all over the place and you can listen to music on Spotify for free but there are a few adds here and there. There is also the $9.99 monthly service that you can subscribe to that lets you listen add free and has a few more features that are not in the free service.

The online music services have been really taken off since the birth of the high-speed internet and music lovers use them every day. You can listen to an album or a song the way that it was meant to be heard on these online music sites but if you have little ones in your home and don’t want them to hear any bad language or anything that their ears should not hear, you can set the feature on these services to block on explicit content. What it will do is either not play that song at all or will play a cleaner version of it.  Some also have music for your little ones to enjoy.

Pandora and  I heart radio are other great music services and you can set up a bunch of stations and can put it on shuffle to play a mix of your stations. You can also get these services on your smartphone by simply downloading the apps for them. There are also many more music services online that you can subscribe to and listen to your favorite tunes.If you have Spotify and are paying the monthly service for add free music and are having a party, you can use the crossfade mix feature and it will do a nonstop mix of your music. I use it and it really comes in handy. So many great and amazing online music services out there for all of us who just love and crave music.

Many of the new automobiles today have Wi-Fi available that you pay a monthly service for and you can listen to Pandora, Spotify etc in your car and it comes in handy on long road trips to pass the time. Also, many of the smart TV’s also have some of these online music apps that will let you listen to your online music from the comfort of your couch. Plus if you have an app on your phone for online music services such as Spotify you may be able to control the functions of that service from your phone.On the PS4 that we have I cam control the Spotify service from my smartphone which makes it easier to play my tunes. The online music services are the best things around.