Having A Great Mindset


It is very wise to have a great mindset when you want to do great things because a great mindset builds a whole lot of confidence. You need to believe in yourself and realize that you can do anything that you put your mind to and don’t let anyone’s negativity destroy your great mindset.strong confidence is the key to success.great things towards you. Everyone that keeps a great mindset are the ones who will live a life filled with happiness. Every day when you start off your day in a happy mood, that is one of the great ways of having a positive mindset and it will give you a lifetime of happiness. when you develop and keep a great mindset not only will you be successful but will also have a great outlook on life. Also, the more of a happy mindset you have the more happy and positive people that you will draw towards you and that’s a step in the right direction. A great mindset will make you a better and stronger person.When you have a poor mindset and have negative thoughts you will have negative results so in order to prevent this always keep your mindset positive. A person with a positive attitude will always have the positive and happy mindset plus no.matter what they face, nothing will bring them down. They are powerful and true champions.



A great and positive mindset gives you a chance to explore new experiences and also meet new people. The ones that are always happy will hang around with the happier and upbeat crowd because they want to avoid all the negativity in life. Every day when I get up and out of bed I always have that positive mindset because not only am I thankful to be alive and breathing but I know that I can do anything that I  have a passion for and one of those passions is cooking. I love doing that and many other things and it all starts out by having a great mindset and that is what I have. The stronger the mindset the more great things that will come your way.

  1. It takes a positive mindset to be successful in everything that you do plus you can also teach others about having a mindset that is full of happiness. You may be with someone who is down and negative on life but you may tell them something that will turn their lives around giving them a positive mindset. They will keep in mind that no matter what they go through, things will always turn out for the better. Many who are successful in different carers always have that positive mindset and never give up on their dreams.

Those who have been a solo artist or those that have been in a successful band for years always have that great mindset.  And famous TV plus movie stars also need to keep that positive mindset as well. A great mindset is what will put you on the right path of life and itgreat things towards you. Everyone that keeps a great mindset are the ones who will live a life filled with happiness. Every day when you start off your day in a happy mood, that is one of the great ways of having a positive mindset and it will give you a lifetime of happiness




Finish What You Started


It’s always important to finish what you started because if you just do things halfway and stop, you are not being serious about it. Some that start on a project or a plan they will get it started but won’t finish it plus what that is showing is a lack of self-discipline that they have. Those that are serious and want to be successful in anything that they do will get things started and will keep on going and will stick to it and finish it. The only way others will take you as a serious successful person is when you get yourself moving on your business and stick with it all the way.

Some that know that they need to work on something important will only work on it for a bit but will not finish it and then go to other things and will not finish them. This can leave a person with many unfinished projects and can take them a long time to play catch up. But if they are better organized they will finish each project and finish it in a timely matter. The ones that start and get things finished shows how serious that they are in being very successful.

When you finish what you started you will be able to stay on top of things and that’s a very important thing to do. Let’s say that you are gonna get your place more organized because it’s messy and things are scattered all over the place. But if you don’t get it done not only will you have more of a mess to take care of but it will take you longer to get your place in order. If you get started on it and finish, you will have your place organized in no time at all. People that want to make sure that things get done don’t wait around and waste time and they finish what the started to work on because they know how much important it is to get completed. You can either be a half the way or an all the way meaning you can start and not finish or you can get started and keep on going to be successful in your plan.

You want to make sure that you got enough fuel in your automobile if you want to make it to the destination of greater things otherwise if you don’t put in enough gas you will not finish what you have started to work on. The more fuel you put into your automobile of success the further and faster you will go. People that don’t waste time will always finish what they started each and every single time because they are showing true passion in what they do. A person who is dedicated will start and finish the race and will keep on going beyond the finishline as well.  Whatever you are doing in life you need to finish what you started and be consistant about it. When you finish what you started you are showing true determenation .

Making And Posting Videos On The Go


With today’s technology and the internet, many people are making and posting videos on the go so they can quickly share them with all of their family members and friends.  We all remember back in the day when you wanted to make a video you had to carry a big clunky video camera with you where ever you went. If you wanted to make and send copies to family and friends you would have to have 2 VCR’s  or connect your video camera to a VCR and let it play while you were copying the video. Since the internet was not around at the time you had to ship out each videotape by mail. That took a lot to do back in those days and myself I even remember these days as well.

Today we are now able to make a video and post it online where ever we are at and instead of having to carry a clunky camera we now have smartphones when making and posting videos on the go. There are many that go on vacation and while they are making videos or taking pictures they can share them in an instant and that’s one of the coolest things about today’s world. Also, there are those who will also do live broadcast via  Facebook YouTube and other sites that have the live broadcast feature. I have also made plenty of videos and have taken pictures on the go and have posted them to the internet and this way you can share them with everyone in seconds.What is nice is that you can make these videos in HD  and send them to your family and friends plus if you have a great smartphone the video and sound quality is amazing. Over a year ago I went to Disney Land with my brother-in-law and Disney California Adventure and took plenty of photos and video plus posted them online.One of the things I got on video is The World Of Color show which was breathtaking and  when I played it back on-line it was so great that you thought a professional   film and sound crew made the video.  It’s amazing that no matter where you are at you can make a video and simply post it online for others to see anywhere. This makes it so simple to share videos compared  to how it was done 30 plus years ago. A lot of people that are successful and make money online will make videos of them on vacations and will tell you that you can be that same person that can be successful. They will also do live broadcast when they are on the go and they can reach many people while doing live video broadcasts online.

From vacations to get toghters many people are making and posting videos onlne when they are on the go. Lets say that you are a parent and your child is about to take their first steps and you get it on film.when you put it on the internet and want your family that lives several states away to see it, they will be able to once you got it posted. Being able to make and send videos on the go is one of the amazing things in today’s world.


Be Ready Ahead Of Time

There are those who wait until the last minute to get ready to go someplace while others that have been ready have to wait so in order to prevent from holding other people up, it’s best to be ready ahead of time.  It’s very important to make sure that when someone gives you a heads up to get ready you need to be on the ball and it someone in the household says if you wanna go out to dinner we are leaving at 6.pm, you may wanna start getting ready ahead of time and be ready to go 10 minutes before heading out. This way you will be ready and set to head out the door.

Another reason why it’s best to be ready ahead of time is that you may have a flight to catch at the airport that leaves at a certain time and with how tight security is in the airports, you gotta get there a couple hours ahead of time. Also, when you have a doctors appointment you need to be there 15 minutes early or 30 minutes early if you are a new patient and you may need to leave from your place a few minutes or about an hour ahead depending on the distance that you have to travel to get there. You don’t wanna wait until the last minute to head out to the doctor.

The ones that are responsible will always make sure that they are ready ahead of time and not wait until the very last minute. But there are those that just take their own sweet time and are not being consistent when it comes to needing to be ready ahead of time. Others that are waiting may just go without you if you are taking too long or wait until the last minute to get ready to go somewhere. Being ready ahead of time is important and it can be where it’s a sense of urgency where you need to be ready in plenty of time. Being ready ahead of time comes in handy.You may have a job where you need to be there at a certain time and if you wait until the last minute to get ready, you will end up being late.If you are late for work all the time or call in sick too many times chances are is that they are gonna let you go. So if you are serious about being at work on time be ready ahead of time prior to heading out.

There may be one of your favorite bands coming to town and you plus other friends have tickets for the concert. The night of the show comes and you and everyone else knows that it’s at least a 30 minute drive so if the show starts at 8pm you wanna be ready by 7pm to head out or even earlier because you will have to wait in line to get in.when you are getting ready ahead of time and are ready to go that is being well prepared.




Wasting Your Time Complaining

There are those who complain about every little thing and do when they don’t get their way but when you are wasting your time complaining you are showing a negative attitude. Complaining will do you no good at all because all it does it fills you with negative thoughts and all you are doing is griping about every little thing.

When you are wasting your time complaining you don’t realize how it will affect you and others. You may be around people who hear you complain may end up telling you to just let it go because they don’t want to hear it. We all may have to do things that we don’t wanna do but it’s a part of life and there is no use in complaining about it. You may have a job where you will have to work different hours and although you may like to work the mornings you may have to work later shifts at times. You may not like it but it’s best to not complain and just do what you gotta do. There are some that just keep on whining about every little thing when they don’t get what they want or when they need to wait for something when they know it takes time to arrive. People that complain most likely have a lack of patience because not only are the complaining but on top of that, they are also being impatient on top of that.

When people waste their time complaining it shows that it’s the only thing in their lives that they are focused on instead of more positive things in life. There may be those who go to their local food store to buy one of their favorite types of flavored oatmeal but the store is out and that person will get upset for no reason and would keep on complaining but that person should know it’s not doing them a bit of good.  Besides, they can always come back when the store gets it in again or they can try another alternative and that’s a whole lot better than griping about it.

Some will complain when a line is long at the bank or a food store and any other places where you need to wait in line but it’s a part of life. We don’t always get in and out in a flash and the same thing goes when you are going to one of your favorite places to eat because you may need to wait a while before getting a table. There are those that may let people know if something is wrong and when it’s corrected they are thankful but some they will just keep on complaining no matter what others do for them because you can’t please everyone on this planet. Either way, when you are wasting your time complaining you are also holding yourself back from happier things. It’s simply best to not complain and be happy with what you have and what’s coming to you. Also when you stop complaining better things will come your way.


Changing Up Your Routine

Changing up your routine every now and then can be a good thing because not only will it help you grow but it can get boring doing the same old thing from day to day.We all enjoy certain things on a regular basis but it’s also good to change it up every now and then and do some different. A change up can be a good thing to do.

When you are changing up your routine, you are also getting the chance to experience new things that can not only be fun but can help you grow as well. You may be someone that goes to the same place to eat a few times a week  and you have been used to it for years. One day you hear of a new place to eat in your town and try it out. You end up liking it and decide to experiene different places when you go out for a meal.plus you decide to experience new foods on top of that.

Changing up your routine will help you step out of your comfort zone and explore new things that you have never done before. Nothing wrong with the things we enjoy but it’s also a good thing to change it up from time to time. You may also be used to driving the same way to work everyday but there are times where you can change it up and drive a different way to work plus it can also be quicker and save you time. There are some who come home from work and watch the same ol shows over and over plus they are episodes that they have seen a million times. We all know how boring that can get after a while so we know it’s time to see what else is on that we have not seen before. Time for a new episode which means time for a change.Adding a mixture of flavor to your routine will do you good instead of the same old boring rut. Me I used to be in that comfort zone where I did the same thing every day and after a long time, I had to change it up and I am glad that I did.

Some of us that get up in the mornings may have the same thing for breakfast every morning but a day comes that we decide to have something different because it’s good to change it up and have something new for breakfast each morning and the same for lunch and dinner. You and your friends that you have known for years would end up going to the same hangout every week  but then you all decide it’s time to do something new and find a new place to hang out. Also, you find new things to explore and you learn that there is more to life then doing the same thing day in and day out. When you are changing up your routine you open your mind up to new horizons.




Showing Your Appreciation To Others

Showing your appreciation to others can be done in so, many ways when you want to show them how thankful you are. When [eople do nice things for you out of the kindness of their hearts, you also show your appreciation by doing things for them in return. You may be someone who is going through some hard times and needs help so your family and friends help you out in your time of need. After a while when you are back on your feet you will pay back by helping them when they need you or you will just do something nice for them to show your appreciation. There are many out there who show how thankful they are by giving back and helping as well.

When you are showing your appreciation to others it proves that you are thankful for the ones who have helped you out in your hard times. You may show it by taking someone or a bunch of people out for a meal or just about anything to show how thankful you are for their help. Many people that are thankful for what people have done for them also not only help them in return but will also take the time to help others and donate their time and some money to certain causes. There are some that have volunteered that have been in hard times and they show their appreciation by helping out others that need help. When you are showing how thankful you are you are showing the true kindness of your heart. Showing how much you appreciate others that have helped you in hard times goes to show that you wanna do something nice for them. There are many ways that you can show your thanks to people.

There may be someone that you know who is down on their luck and has been laid off from their job and has tried to find work but has no luck. You know that this person is hard working and would be great working for the same company that you are working for so you tell your boss how hard working this person is. They interview this person and that person ends up getting hired on the spot. That person will show you how thankful they are by either taking you out for lunch, dinner or may buy you a little something when they get their first paycheck. Also, someone may have lost their home in a fire or other disaster and you know that they need a place to stay until they can get a new home so you put them up for a while. The person that you know who is living with you will also show thanks by helping out around the house and paying their share of the bills even if you make more then enough to cover them.

People show their appreciation in so many ways when they are thankful for what others have done for them in times of need. When you are showing your appreciation to others it displays the gratitude that you have in the world.

Taking A Stand Against Viloence


There are those who do not solve issues in a friendly matter and think that viloence is the only way but when we are taking a stand against viloence we will find peaceful ways to resolve issues. Fighting and other types of viloence does not solve anything it only makes matters worse and can land you into a whole lot of trouble.

There are also many victims of domestic viloence and are living their lives in fear but when they decide enough is enough they will stand up against viloence.There have been many who have got into public fights and where not only put in jail ,but were ordered by the court to attend anger manegment classes. After they take those classes and pass, they realize that there are better ways to resolve their issues. They Will also educate others on how to fix things without being viloent.

When you are in a intence situation with people you may get to the point where you are about to loose it and go off but you need to think of the consequences if you make the wrong choice. It’s better to resolve things in a peaceful matter and trust me anger gets you no place. I used to be like this and after a long time I realized that going on a rampage and being angry was making matters worse. I changed my ways for the better and since then been solving things in a peaceful matter.

There are those that run with the wrong crowds and get into all sorts of viloent troubble and sadly it has cost someone their life. Many places of employment will not tolarate any type of viloence and if an employee is caught using any type of viloence will be first giving a few warnings and if they keep it up will end up being fired.

We all must stand up and put viloence to a stop because there are better ways to handle a situation. If you are in a situation with someone find a way to talk it out  but if that person is being viloent and you feel you are in danger it’s best to walk away plus if you need to contact law enforcement.

There are many groups that meet on a regular basis and talk about ways to put an end to viloence.These groups will talk about certain issues and will share ideas on how to resolve them as well. There may be some in these groups that use to be viloent but have changed their tune and wanted to join a group to make a difference in their community and it gives them a sense of peace. It also gives them a sense of hope.

  • When you are taking a stand against viloence you are showing a better way in this world plus others will also learn from you. You may end up being a mentor for others and can show them a better way. There are better ways to fix things in the world.



Giving Back During The Holidays



Giving back during the holidays is one of the things that can put a warm feeling in your heart because it makes you feel good when you are helping others. There are many who are less fortunate the others that have no home or food to eat and have been homeless for a long time but if we all chip in a little bit here and there it can make a huge difference. When we give back on the holidays or any time of the year, we are making a great chance for the better.

Giving back during the holidays can be done in so many great and wonderful ways and some have either donated money, food items or have also donated some of their time as well. There are some who are struggling to make ends meet because they got laid off from a great paying job and the only thing that they can find is a job with minimum wage and only get part-time. When others help them out not only does it take a heavy load off of their shoulders but, it also gives them hope and a future to look forward to. There are many places that have the Salvation Army volunteers outside that are collecting donations to help others in need. People that donate give what they can.

There may be someone who is making a lot of money and may be out and about plus see a person or a bunch of others down on their luck and that person that’s making so much money decides to make a difference so that person gives them each some money to get something to eat, a place to stay and a future. That can be the best gift that anyone can receive and the ones who were once down on their luck now have a great paying job and hope for the future. Giving back during the holidays make all of us feel great because we know that we made a difference.

One year I did the Christmas angel donation where you select a name from The Christmas tree in the store and get what item that child is asking for Chriatmas. It gave me a great and happy feeling knowing that I am making a difference in a child’s life. In the past, I have also purchased a few can goods and donated them to a canned food drive during the holidays. That also put one of those great feelings inside my own human heart. There are many kind and caring people who give back during the holidays and any time of the year plus have also helped others with no hesitation at all. There may be someone in a food store that’s paying for their food items and other things but their credit card is being rejected and they are about to cancel their order and then the next person in line offers to help that person out. That is showing the true kindness of the heart. Giving back is a great and wonderful feeling.


Eating On A Budget



When it comes to cutting food costs, eating on a budget can be helpful in every single way when you want to stretch your dollar.The reason why some are on a food budget is that they have other things to pay for and their job may not pay as much so they find the cheapest prices on food that they can feed themselves and their families without going broke. Most people that eat on a budget will buy the store brand items because they are cheaper.

Also, when you are eating on a budget you can do the same thing when you are going out. Many well-known places have popular menu items that are low priced and the same with many fast food places as well.When you are going out by yourself or with family, you can feed yourself and your whole family while staying within your food budget. Even when you order a pizza you can get a great deal when you don’t wanna spend so much on pizza and you can do that by using coupons and looking on the website to see if that pizza place has a deal that is going on at that time. There are so many ways to shop for food and go out for a meal plus have plenty of money left over.

Even when you are planning a get together with family and friends, you can find many ways to feed everyone and keep on your budget. During the holidays you can get deals on a food platter from your local deli. Not only would it be low priced but it can feed plenty of people and of course you would have to order it a few days in advance. Some that live alone and are on a budget will buy the ramen noodle soup because it’s very low priced and there are many low priced foods in the store that you can purchase. The single microwave ramen noodle soups are like $.25 each and will fill you up without draining your bank account. There are also places that sell the cheap frozen microwave burritos for a low price of $.44 depending on the store you are shopping at. This also comes in handy when you work a full-time job and don’t wanna spend money every day on lunch.You can get enough things for your lunches that can last you until the next payday. But if you decide to go out for lunch once in a while you can still do it on the cheap. There are so many ways to eat on a budget and make your dollars last longer. That will surely help you out.

Many people that go on road trips will also buy food ahead of time so they don’t have to spend money every single night at a restaurant. They will buy cheap price foods to take with them and put them in a cooler plus the hotel or motel that they are staying in may have a microwave and refrigerator in their rooms. Some may even have a kitchen as well so you can cook a full meal. Some places may offer a free breakfast and that’s another way of eating on a budget. When you stretch your dollar and eat on a budget, you can make your money last a whole lot longer.