The Fever Of Online Gaming


Since the birth of the high-speed internet, the fever of online gaming has really taken off. There are many ways that gamers play online games by either buying games for systems like Play Station and other gaming systems and if those games have online play available they will play that game with others online. Also, there are many online video games for your home computer as well. There are so many great online video games that are out there to play.

The fever of online gaming is also popular on many portable devices that access the internet, Anyone that has a smart-phone can download many online games to play including some classics including Pac-Man. When you are playing games online on your gaming system you can also chat with others while you are playing that video game. You can have it set to where anyone can join in to play with you online or you can set it to where only the people that you know can join and will have to get an invite from you. So many games out there to play online today.

There are so many online games out there plus there are ways to go online and find many of the well-known classics. So, if you an old school gamer, you can play many classics including “Donkey Kong”, “PitFall”, and so many other classics. Online video gaming is also another great way of making many new friends that have the same interests as you do. The fever of online gaming has been in full force since the high-speed internet has kicked into full gear.

At Home or on the go so many people are playing video games online and there are also sites like Pogo were you can play many online games for fun. When you play online video games that are for the game systems or PC, the graphics are just one hundred percent mindblowing and that just makes the video games more lifelike as well.  Anyone from young to young at heart plays online video games because it keeps their minds truly focused and it keeps them busy. I have even played some video games online and have also played some of the classics that I remember playing back in the day when I was growing up, Those games bring back so many wonderful memories.

For those who have accounts for Xbox or PlayStation systems, there are many online video games that can be downloaded and played. Many gamers that play online like to challenge others to see who can get the highest score and it’s all in fun. Some online gamers may use trash talk just to be funny but some things you should not joke about because some things you joke about online can be offensive.

Online video gaming is still in full swing and will be for many years to come because there are so many gamers that have that online gaming feaver. The fever of online gaming is still alive in everyone who loves playing a lot of videogames.



The Music Of Michael Jackson


The music of Micheal Jackson has touched the hearts of many people around the world. Every song that he has done from being in The Jackson 5 to his solo years is just magical. His dance moves that he had done at his shows and in his music videos are just mindblowing. Fans still love and listen to his music because it touches their own hearts.His 1982 album Thriller is still one of his best selling albums of all time 35 years down the road.

He has made a mixture of dance hits and amazing ballads throughout his amazing career. His album 1979’s Off The Wall spun a lot of great hits including “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough”, “Rock With You”, and “She”s Out of My Life. His album Thriller that was released in 1982 is still one of his best selling albums of all time and is still selling 35 years later. From this classic album tracks such as “Wanna Be Starting Something”, “The Girl Is Mine”, “Thriller”, “Beat It” and “Billie Jean” are well-known favorites. Thriller is one of those amazing Micheal Jackson albums. The video of “Thriller runs 18 minutes long and it’s an amazing video a true amazing classic.

The music of Michael Jackson still brings a whole lot of joy in people hearts and in 1987 his album Bad was released and is still selling millions of copies 30 years later.From this album songs such as “Bad”, “The way You Make Me Feel” “Speed Demon”, “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”, and “Dirty Diana are amazing hits along with every other amazing track on this album.  There have also been a few videos made for “Smooth Criminal including a 40-minute version. Any song that you hear from Micheal Jackson will put a great feeling in your heart and also will make you want to dance. He has also made a difference in this world by donating to many causes and he really loved his fans.Also, the CD version of Bad contains the bonus track Leave Me Alone, and the video of that song is well created as well.

His 1991 album Dangerous contains 14 tracks and runs for more than 70 minutes. The album kicks off with the song “Jam” and it has that fast upbeat that makes you wanna dance and the video for it is just mindblowing. This whole entire album is a true masterpiece and other songs such as “Remember The Time”, ” In The Closet” and “Black Or White” are amazing hits. The 9-minute video version of “Remember The Time”, includes well-known actor and comic, Eddie Murphy and the video for “Black And White features Maculy Caulcan and George Wendt. There have been many more albums by Michael Jackson that have been released including his album called History volume one and two. When it was released in 1995 it was released as a 2 disc set with CD1 having his greatest hits and CD 2 containing new material including the song “scream featuring Jannet Jackson. In 2001 he released his final album Invincible and this album was sold with the same album cover but each CD cover came in different colors for fans to select from. “Unbreakable” “You Rock My World and others are great hits from this final Micheal Jackson release.

There have also been some unreleased tracks that have been released including an album called Xscape and also a tribute show called Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil which is A show being performed to the music of his hits. The memory and music of Micheal Jackson live in every single fans hearts and I am one of those true fans.




Mastering A Skill

When you are mastering a skill you are taking what you have learned into practice.  There are plenty of skills that can take a short time or a long time to master depending on what you are learning to do. When you want to get an experience in any skill you first must learn that skill from the experts before you can master it and do it on your own,

Let’s say you want to become a chef and own your own restaurant one day and the first step would be to learn from a chef that has years of experience so they can teach you what you need to know. First, they will teach you how it’s done and then you put into practice of what you have learned. Soon, you will have mastered that skill and become a well-known chef and will have your own restaurant. Then others can learn the same type of skill from you also.

Mastering a skill and putting it to use shows the passion that people have when they want to learn how to get the experience in anything that they want to achieve. When you are learning how to master any type of skill, you are getting the experience so you can do that skill professionally and have a career. Any skill can be fully mastered.

You may also want to learn how to play the guitar and to do that you will need to take lessons from an expert that knows this skill. They will teach you notes and everything that you need to know about the guitar and soon before you know it, you will master the skill of playing the guitar. You may also want to learn how to sing as well and playing the guitar along with singing takes a lot of mastering to do and many famous people have mastered that skill.

There are so many people that have mastered skills of all kinds and have had very successful carers and have made a great amount of money. It takes hard work and confidence to master any type of skill because you need to believe in yourself when you want to learn how to do something. Once you master that skill the possibilities are endless. To master any type of skill you need to listen and pay attention to everything that’s being taught to you otherwise you will miss out on very important information that you need to know. A skill takes practice and patience to master.

Well, known TV And movie stars had to work hard to master the skill of acting and after all the hard work they have got to where they need to be. They are now in successful TV shows and blockbuster movies and end up making several figures and be living a great life. So many people have mastered skills of all kinds and have done really well plus have taught others those same skills. Anyone can master any type of skill and become very successful.

Be That Go -Getter

When you want to have success in your life you got to be that go-getter and make your dreams come true. Things are not gonna happen by magic and fall into your hands, you need to go and get it by taking the proper actions that are necessary to make things happen. You can’t let an opportunity pass you up, you got to reach out and grab it.

When you know that you need to be that go-getter you will get into action. You may be attending a seminar and seeing a well known motivational speaker on stage that is very successful and is making several figures constantly.  You think to yourself hey I can do that and so you decide to take action and work on your home business before and after getting home from work and are on it all day on your days off. Soon you will be that successful person that’s making a whole lot of money and will be on stage as a motivational speaker. When you work towards your success and put your mind to it, you will be that go-getter that will have great success in anything that you are gonna do.

Being a go-getter also means that when you are on the job you will go above and beyond to help others because you know the importance of being a true team player. You may be at work and notice that a co-worker needs help moving something that may be heavy and so you go and help that person. When your supervisor sees what a true go-getter that you are, chances are you may be offered a higher position with more pay. A go-getter is a person that keeps on going to not only be successful but makes a great difference for themselves and others in this world.

You can also be working for someone at a well-known business and someday you want to be at the top. You keep being that go-getter by working every day and that day comes when you are at the top of the corporate ladder in that company. If you become an owner and operator of a restaurant chain, you can have a chance to buy and own several restaurants in that chain. That is a lot of money to put in your account and making sure every employee including management is paid. When you are that go-getter you are showing the true passion inside your heart.

Being that go-getter is what gets you moving and motivated to do a whole lot more in your life. When you want to do something go for it by grabbing that opportunity when it comes to you and don’t let it get away.  You also see someone that is making music and becoming successful and that same passion falls on your mind. Soon you are doing that same passion by making music and becoming famous and being that go-getter is what got you there. When you are that go-getter you will have great things come into your life. Be that great and powerful go-getter.

The Importance Of Looking Presentable

The importance of looking presentable comes in handy when you are going out and want to take your appearance seriously. You don’t wanna go out with a ripped shirt and ripped pants or have food stains on your clothes because that will turn people off. Also, you don’t wanna go out and wearing clothes that are wrinkled or have not been washed in days because that’s not healthy. Being fully presentable is a very important key role to live by.

When you know the importance of looking presentable you will take every step to make sure you look good. Sometimes you may be invited to a wedding from a friend or you are seeing a family member tie the knot and you want to make sure that you are not sloppy. If you are taking part in the wedding ceremony as groomsmen, brides, made or best man you want to make sure that your suit is clean and free of wrinkles.  If you are one of the bride’s maids you wanna make sure that your dress is not in bad shape because the presentation is very well important.

When you go for a job interview, you also want to be presentable by having clean clothes and great personal hygiene. The more presentable that you are the better chance of you getting that job and if you keep on that great habit of being presentable along with working hard, you may also have a chance for a promotion. You can end up becoming a member of Mangement and also can end up being at the top position in the company yo.u are working for. All of this is from being presentable and taking it at a serious level. Looking presentable makes a difference.

There are those who don’t take presentation seriously and will just go out with ripped and stained clothes and look like they just got out of bed. That is what we call laziness when you don’t look presentable. Some that wear ripped clothes with holes in them may have things showing that should not be seen and needs to be covered. You need to make sure before you head out anyplace you want to make sure that you are 100 percent presentable it’s important.

There are very important steps to looking presentable and the first step is being showered and clean including fingernails and toenails plus making sure they are trimmed. Deodorant is also a must along with being clean shaved or a trimmed mustache and beard. Make sure the clothes that you are gonna wear are clean and not wrinkled and if they are wrinkled either iron them or throw them in the dryer for a few moments to get the wrinkles out. Make sure that your shoes are also clean and polished because from head to toe you need to look and be presentable. However, you dress looking presentable is very important at all times. When you are wearing clean clothes  and looking great that’s the key to amazing and great presentation. People will also take a notice when they see you.


Working Things Out With Others

Sometimes when we get into disagreements with others we may get overheated and hot-tempered but that’s not a smart thing to do but working things out with others is the best thing that you can do. You don’t want to hold a grudge forever towards a person just because of a little misunderstanding and if you keep holding that grudge gonna make yourself sick. Talking things out with that person or a bunch of people is what you need to do,

Working things out with others shows that great care you have in your heart because it proves, that you want to make things right. You may have had a massive spat with a loved one or a close friend but you know that it’s best to get with that person and talk it out. When you do that you will feel better and the other will know that all is forgiven.When you work things out you are first addressing the problem and then you and others find a solution to solve the issue instead of bickering back and forth. Bickering back and forth only makes the problem way worse,

I may have been in situations where I may have got into spats with some people like close friends and a couple family members but I would never hold a grudge towards that person because that’s not me. I believe in sitting down with that person and talking things out and when I do I feel a whole lot better when I do that. When you are talking things out with others you gotta say what’s on your mind and address the problem. Also, you need to have patience when you are working things out with others and let them say what they need to say. When it’s your turn you can say what’s on your mind when you are working things out with that person or a group of people around you. Working things out involves apologizing and admitting fault and then take care of the problem and work things out. A true and caring person will always work things out with others because it’s the best thing that you can do.

Sometimes you may be at work and have a disagreement with a co-worker but you both know that it’s best to work things out because if you are both fighting and if it gets to the point where it gets violent you both may be out of a job. Sometimes when you are working things out with others you may need to say to that person if they are doing anything that makes you upset and they will need to do the same. Then finding a way to solve the issue and moving forward is another way to make things right. When you work it out you make things better for yourself and others.

The lesson here is that it’s important to always work things out with others and never hold a grudge. When you work things out with people and forgive and forget, that will make you a much more wiser person.

There Is No Try In Success

Those who say that they will try are just making excuses and will not take action plus they need to wake up and know that there is no try in success. The word try is a word that people use when they say that they are gonna take the proper actions but they are just wasting time. You need to delete the word try from your vocabulary and take the proper actions if you want to have success, it’s as simple as that. You either do it or don’t do it and the word try in being successful is forbidden. In success try, but, if maybe and what if are considered cuss words that are a no-no.

There is no try in success when you want to make things happen and make it to the top of your game. Many famous people that are either solo artists or in bands and others who are TV and movie stars or whatever profession that they are in, did not say that we will try they said we are just gonna do it. They took the proper actions and have been very successful. A lot of these will know singers have sold millions of albums and have made millions of dollars and they kept on going. When you take the word try out of your vocabulary that is step one of taking massive action.

A person who is very serious and passionate in what they do, they are not gonna say that they will try because they know that is an excuse to not do it. They will do what they need to do in order to have success in their lives and when they want it bad enough they will buckle down for many hours until they have success and they will still keep on going. There is this one quote from The Empire Strikes Back where Yoda says do or don’t  do there is no try and that quote also fits in real life.  People that want to make things happen they don’t say words like try, could, what if, or might. The use words like take action, do it now, and my favorite no excuses and they speak with the actions.

When you say that you are gonna try you are still staying in your comfort zone and that will hold you back but if you wanna break out of that comfort zone, you gotta drop the word try and just go for your dreams full force. A person that does not use the word try in success is that true fighting warrior and does not give up the fight and they will keep fighting to make their success happen. When you tell others that you are gonna be successful and they say will you can try, they are saying that you are wasting your time. Don’t let the word try get in your way of having the success that you want to have. So always remember the word try in success is a word that’s truly forbidden.




The Convenience Of Cyber Monday

The Convenience of cyber Monday really comes in handy for those who wanna get some great deals but don’t wanna fight the crowds and wait in long lines. Cyber Monday got started a few years back to make it easier for shoppers to get online deals and many people today don’t feel like waiting outside in the freezing weather just to save $50.00 off an item. Cyber Monday is what I would do if I want to get the best deals that are out there.

The convenience of Cyber Monday has made shopping a whole lot easy for getting the deals during the Christmas season. Many people take advantage of this every year but if you want to get in on some great online deals, you gotta act fast because just like in the stores these online items go quick.If there is an HDTV online that’s $300.00 when it’s usually $600.00 is gonna sell really fast and any other items that are on sale are gonna go quickly.

Most stores that have their Black Friday sales will also have things online for Cyber Monday as well.Online shopping for the holiday season has made things a whole lot simple for shoppers who don’t wanna have to get in their cars, fight, traffic, and fight the crowds only to find out that gift they wanted to get for someone has sold out, Also, if you are doing Cyber Monday shopping you can have the items shipped to your place, the store, or if they are gifts, you can have them shipped to that person. Many people take part in Cyber Monday every year to save some money.

Some stores will even offer free delivery for their online Cyber Monday sales and that can save a shopper some extra money to put in their pockets. To make sure you don’t miss out on any online deals you may wanna get online in the morning when  Cyber Monday kicks off because supplies are limited and people are gonna grab things very fast. Since Cyber Monday has been taking place the last several years, people have been taking the use of it instead of shopping in the stores because not only will they get great online deals, but it’s also less of a headache and they are not fighting crowds. We all know how people can get in the stores during the Holidays and I have seen it for myself.

Some places may extend their Cyber Monday sales for a day or two but most stores only do the deals for Cyber Monday on that day only. Sometimes with stuff that’s on sale for Cyber Monday, there may be extra things for that item. Some gaming systems that may be online for Cyber Monday may contain extra games, controllers, and a few other bonuses. Cyber Monday is a very great way for getting those amazing Holiday deals without the hassle of the crowds. Every year Cyber Monday has been taking off since it got started. Cyber Nonday is the best way to shop.


The Joyful Christmas Season

The joyful Christmas season is here again and many shops are gonna be busier than normal, This is the time where people that celebrate Christmas get their homes decorated with many things for the Holidays and many will get a live tree because they enjoy the pine smell of a live tree. But there are some that will get what’s called a fake tree,

With the joyful Christmas season, you will hear Christmas music on the radio or in places of business. There also those who will either put on some Christmas music at home by either putting on some records, CD’s or music that’s downloaded from the internet. There are many great Christmas songs that are either upbeat and fun songs or religious Christmas songs. My favorites are Oh Holy Night, Silent Night, and many other great Christmas songs.

There are also so many great foods that are made during the Christmas season and so many sweets as well. Lot’s of people will make Christmas cookies and homemade fudge and my mom makes it every year. She ‘got the recipe from my Aunt and it always turns out very well. It also goes great with a nice hot cup of coffee as well. Also, hot cocoa is really great at this time of the year. Pumpkin pie goes great with hot cocoa or a hot cup of coffee.

There are also Christmas parties that people may have during the month of December for their friends and many places of business will have Christmas parties for their employees and some places of business may have Christmas parties that are open to the public. This is the time of the year where you see great Christmas magic everywhere.

There are also those who will either donate or volunteer some of their time to help out those that are less fortunate and don’t have a place or anything to eat. There are also many food stores that will do a food drive during the Holidays. When people Make a difference that’s the best gift that you can give and the best gift that you can receive

This time of the year I just love and what’s great about it is the nice cool weather and I am now living in beautiful San Diego where the weather is beautiful year round and it has been getting chilly at night but it’s better than the 120-degree heat that I lived through In Arizona for 30 plus years. Getting together with family on Christmas eve is a whole lot of fun and many families will have big Christmas gatherings every year but some may have a just a small gathering. Either way, many out there who celebrate this time of the year has the magic of Christmas inside there own hearts. There are also lots of children that wake up excited on Christmas morning and see a whole bunch of presents under the Christmas tree. Of course, after the kids wake up the parents wake up and join in the celebration and they all open gifts.Also a nice Christmas breakfast and dinner, later on, puts that great touch to the Holidays.

Get On With Your LIfe

There are some that get so down and out about every little thing and they think it’s the end of the world but, you don’t wanna fall into that category because it’s best to get on with your life and move forward, If You let things bring you down and it’s not healthy to keep dwelling on bad things all the time because that is what can lead to sadness and depression, Yes we all go through hard times and it can include the loss of a loved one or a very close friend and we may be sad for a while but we know that we will need to move on. Things do get better,

Those who focus on the negative things in life are missing out on great things because they are letting sadness and negative things hold them back When some people think negative things that’s what they are gonna draw into there lives.unless they change their tunes and start to move on with their lives and think positive things. When you are moving on with life and stop dwelling on the negative things that have happened in the past, you will have a life full of true happiness. Dwelling on negative things is what holds you back and being positive in life moves you forward.

The reason why it’s important to get on with your life is there are so many great things in this world to discover. Also, if you are having issues with moving forward there are friends, family, and even professionals that you can talk with and they can help you move forward and live the rest of a happy upbeat life. I have had ups and downs in my life and have had a couple great friends passed on this year but I know that things are gonna be OK because things do get better as soon as you know it. Moving on with your life shows the power and strength that you have for yourself.

The lesson here is that it’s important to get on with your life and move forward to the great things that you can experience. There are also many people out there with a positive outlook on life and they don’t have any time or patience for anyone’s negativity and constant dwelling on negative things. That positive person may end up telling that negative person to either knock off the negative attitude or go home. That may make that negative person change their ways and move on with their lives because they realize it’s best to move on and think positive things.

I have had plenty of ups and downs plus plenty of family members and great friends have passed on over the years but I have gotten past those tough times and moved on with my life. You just gotta keep on running no matter how slippery your road of life may be. When you stay strong and move on with your life, you are living a life of happiness.