Making Temporary Sacrifices

There have been times in our lives when making temporary sacrifices had to be done. When it comes to certain things sometimes we need to give up certain things for a while and need to do without and plus at times like that we must have patience because it’s only temporary. You may like to go hang out with friends a few times a week but someone in your family is seriously ill and your family needs you. So you would need to tell your friends that you need to be with your family at this time and it may be sometime before you are able to get together again.

You can also be moving with your family to a new state but don’t have a place to move into so you will need to put things in storage and stay in a Hotel or Motel for a while.This is what me, my brother and brother in law are doing until we are able to find a place here in San Diego.Plus we also had to put our things in storage but just have our clothes and laptops with us. Also, we either eat what we have at the motel or find a cheap place to eat if we wanna go out once in a while. It’s gonna take time and patience but a time will come when being able to get a place.

Some temporary sacrifices may be for a  short or a long period of time depending on the type of situation. I am also making some temporary ones my self by staying away from junk so I can get in shape and need to drop 20 pounds. This is when making a temporary sacrifice is very important because it’s all about your health and that you can not mess with.hen you make this type of sacrifice you will be living longer because you made the right choice.  When you also make a temporary sacrifice it;s what will help you grow and become a  stronger person and soon you will be able to go back to the things that you enjoy. Those who are working from home and making several figures had to make a lot of long temporary sacrifices for a while. Even in many types of professions, people had to make temporary sacrifices to get to where they want to be. They also knew that later on, it paid off in the end.

We know that giving things up for a while may not always be easy but when we get used to it making a short sacrifice will become a whole lot easier. There also may be more than one time in life where you will need to make another temporary sacrifice but when you have done it plenty of times in the past you will be able to work through it. You may also need to temporarily cut back on certain things if money in the household is tight. When you make a sacrifice for a short or long period of time, it will show and prove how much patience that you have.


Avoiding Distractions

When you want to get a certain task done that take a lot of concentration avoiding distractions is very important.  To be serious in anything you do you must not let anything distract you from doing what needs to be done. The way that people get distracted can happen in so many ways and that will cause them to lose complete focus in what they are doing. Someone can be working on something important and can get distracted by either messing with their phone or music can cause distraction when they are working on something very important that takes full focus.

People that have things throw them off when doing something needs to be done has a lack of concentration and does not take things seriously. Those who are fully focused are locked into what they are doing and they do not let any distractions get in their way. They Pur their noses to the grindstone and keep on doing what needs to be done. When they are fully keeping their minds on their work, they will stay on the task and make sure that it’s completed.

There are many ways to avoid distractions when you want to get something done that’s important. First, find a quiet area to work in where you will not be disturbed and make sure that there is no nose to bother you. Second keep music turned off and turn off your phone or any device that may distract you. Also, time yourself to see how fast you can get the task or a number of tasks done. The More you are fully focused on it the better you will be succeeding.

You can’t let anything throw you off from your work because you can be doing something that’s very important and if you get distracted you may lose focus and will need to start all over again. The more you get distracted the longer it;s gonna take to complete the work. This is why that you need to be fully focused each and every single time. When you keep on task and avoid all types of distractions you will get things done on time or get them done ahead of time. A focused mind is a clear mind when it comes to taking things to a very serious level of getting things done.

Somethings take a little bit of concentration and others take longer to get done. It’s very wise to avoid any type of distractions that may come your way if you want to get things completed on time. Keeping yourself away from anything that’s gonna make you lose focus on what you are doing is what is important so you don’t lose sight of what needs to be done. Staying on top of your game is what you need to do so you are not getting distracted in any type of way. It takes a lot of drive and self-discipline to take things seriously and stay on task, Staying fully focused and avoiding all types of distractions of all kinds is a very important thing that needs to be done to be successful.


Having Strong Confidence


When it comes to believing in yourself, having strong confidence is very important. You need to have true faith in yourself if you want to be successful in anything that you do and don’t let anyone or anything stop you. People with a lack of confidence give up very easily because when they are told that they can’t make their dreams come true they fall into that negative trap and give up. That can cause someone to miss out on my great things that they can do.

The ones who have confidence will keep on pushing and doing what needs to be done to be successful. They will keep on working at their dreams come true and keep going to make them a reality and when they do they will have great things happen for them. You must be the one that needs to be confident when it comes to mastering anything in life that you want to do and no matter what others say don’t let them destroy your confidence, you can do it.

I do admit that I need to push myself more to be successful in everything that I wanna do. I have made so many excuses and that needs to stop. Every day I need to keep confident and have belief in myself and those who feel that they can’t be successful, they need to take a look inside themselves and search for their confidence. There are some that have lost their confidence for a while but after sometime they either had someone help them regain it or they have regained it on their own. That is what will put a happier and great feeling inside of their own human hearts.

As long as you have faith and believe in yourself, you can do anything that you want, you just need to put your mind to it. The stronger your confidence the more passion and drive that you will have when you do the things that you want to become successful at. Let no one or anything stop you from doing what you wanna do, believe in yourself. There may be times when someone’s confidence may go up and down but the more positive energy they have the higher the confidence level. You may also come across someone with a lack of confidence and they may feel that they have failed and think it’s best to pack it up and quit. When you talk with that person and give them hope chances are that you can help restore their confidence and have greatness for them to look forward to.

Being strong and having faith in what you do is very important to have a high level of confidence and to have passion in everything that you do. A true winner does not throw in the towel no matter how many times they get knocked down in life because they will get back up and keep fighting.  So always keep in mind you can be successful in everything that you do as long as you believe in yourself and have a strong power of confidence.



My Brother in Law’s Passion For Cooking

My brother in law has a strong passion for cooking and has been doing it for many years, The first time he started to cook is when he was only 3 years of age and the first thing he cooked was bacon and eggs and the way he did this was pull a chair up to the stove then started cooking. He said he got a few grease burns but was very proud of what he had accomplished. After that first time cooking, he knew that this was his true and creative passion,

He was also in the navy and did a lot of cooking in the kitchen plus has also been to culinary school to learn more about cooking. He has also made plenty of dishes and has created some of his own as well including a pizza casserole which is very good. He has also done baking as well and during the holidays he gets very creative when it comes to making desserts. His pumpkin cheesecake is off the chain and is very great tasting. He has even made a whole entire meal by himself and I have seen him at work when it comes to cooking and I can see the true passion that he has. One of the dishes that he cooked was an Indian dish called chicken tandoori which takes time to prepare and need to put it in yogurt overnight. This dish has a lot of spice to it which I love and when I took a bite of it for the very first time I was blown away. That is one of my favorite dishes and love to have it again sometime.

He has also made taco salad which I have learned to make and it;s very easy to prepare plus he has also made chili, soup, and so many other great dishes. When it comes to cooking he prefers to cook on a gas stove because you can easily adjust the flame to the right temperature and gas is a lot quicker than an electric stove. Lasy week I asked him what is his favorite type of food to cook and he mentioned that gourmet is what he likes to cook the most,

One time he made me and my brother gumbo plus spiced it up very good with many spices that gave it that extra kick. Me and my brother have also helped him at times when it comes to cooking and have learned how to prep and when you help with that it cuts the time in half. There have been many of times when going out for dinner when after having a dish he figures out what’s in it and will cook it at home. Being in the kitchen cooking baking is what he loves to do because it’s his true passion. He also said he would love to open his own restaurant one day and I even told him if you had a restaurant it would be busy because of the great food, He just loves cooking and enjoys it.





Overcoming Stutter

I have been stuttering on and off since I was growing up and overcoming my stutter I have been working on a daily basis. Many times in the past there were times where I would try to say something but could not get the words out and for those who have stuttering issues, we all know how frustrating that can be for anyone to deal with in life,

I had this since childhood and part of my adulthood and there have been plenty times when I got angry at myself because I kept stuttering and was embarrassed about it.  Even a long time friend of mine has also worked with me to overcome this issue and would have me read things to him to practice and even told me about this device that helps people with stuttering but it’s high priced. I have just been working on overcoming my stuttering to get rid of it.

I have also taken speech therapy a couple of years back for a  few weeks and it was done every Monday afternoon. They would also give me words and sentences to practice with at home and then when I go back the following week I read it back to see how I am doing.  It got me off to a great start to get my stuttering under control so I can speak clearly and not slur my words. I still stutter from time to time but don;t do it as much as I use to years ago. I have even come across others that have a stutter as well and I tell them that I know what it’s like and how frustrating it can be. I will also tell them that you can overcome it and beat that stutter and be able to talk clearly at all times.

Every morning when I wake up I will look in the mirror and say I always speak clearly and eloquently plus this helps me throughout the day and I will even say it a few times a day. I keep putting this into practice every because I feel that getting this stutter to be gone is very important to me. So it’s my passion to speak clearly and be stutter free.

I will even read things to others to practice and doing that is what helps me get it under control. Sometimes I still need to be told to slow down and think about what I want to say and when I do that it works for me. I am very determined to overcome this stutter and look forward to the future but it will take a lot of work and patience to overcome it. I have been also doing a 90 day speak cleary challenge that will be completed in less than three weeks and it’s been motivating me to work on my speech. I have a lot of bright days to look forward to and this stuttering of mine will be eliminated for good. I have strong faith and lots of high hopes to overcome and beat this.


First Time Living Away From Home

I have lived at home since being born and have lived with my mother for years but this is my first time living away from home. With my brother and brother in law, I have moved out of Arizona after living there for 38 years and have moved to San Diego California so I am getting the first time experience of what it’s like to live away from home and having full responsibilities.  I am learning that taking care of important things first is the number one priority.

This is something that I have never done before so leaving the nest is a first for me but I know that if I can do anything else I can do this plus I have been getting used to it every day, Here I am learning what real life is when living away from home meaning you gotta make sure that you have food, shelter, and clothing, We are in a Motel temporary but when we get a place  we will all have to have money for the rent and other bills when that time comes around. Plus what I am learning to is to be more responsible with money and not spend it on every little thing I see.

Since we are in a Motel for a while a lot of our things had to be put in storage until we get a place and so some things you have to do without for a while. Since living away from home I have learned a lot and am still learning what it’s like to not be living at home. I am a survivor and no matter what the challenges are I can do this, Usually when someone is 18 years old and out of school moves out on their own and some wait a few years but here I am at 45 years of age and am flying on my own away from the nest but live with my brother and brother in law.

When you are living away from home on your own or with people you know, you are in the real world and this is what I am learning. Doing this is what’s making me stronger and with moving out of state that was good for me because after being in Arizona for so long I needed a change plus since I love San Diego moving here was just perfect and I know I am gonna love it out here. Living away from home for the first time can be a challenge and you may have butterflies in your stomach but after a while when you get used to it you will be doing great.

So far  I have been doing good for living away from home for the first time and I do admit it did take a little time to get used to it but I know that the more you get used to it the easier that it will get. This new adventure in my life is a great new change for me and it is helping me grow more and more each and every single day with confidence.


Cousin With Down Syndrome


I have another story I would like to share about my cousin with down syndrome and how he has that amazing attitude of life, He was born 4 years after me in 1976 and at birth was diagnosed with down syndrome plus was in special classes throughout school.  My cousin has always have had a great outlook on life and has a great sense of humor and does not let his disability get in his way because he knows that have a positive attitude is the best way.

He still lives at home because he is not able to live on his own but he also had two part-time jobs for a while but at this time he is not working. He lived in Illinois since he was born than for a short while he and his family lived in Little Rock Arkansas and then Illinois again. A couple years ago my cousin Aunt and Uncle moved to Bandera Texas to get away from the cold winters and since my Aunt and Uncle were now retired they were finally able to make the move.

I have learned so much from my cousin and why it’s important to always make the best of everyday life and always have a positive attitude. He enjoys so many things in life and he loves pizza as well plus also loves to dance and sing karaoke. Back in 2007 when I was spending a couple of weeks in Illinois I was spending time over at my  Aunt and Uncles place me and my cousin was listening to music and singing along. We both sounded off key a bit but had a good time hanging out. He is just one of those great persons that you can get to know and enjoys talking with just about anyone that he comes across. My cousin wakes up every single day with a smile and a great attitude.

He can do just about what any other person can do and has proved it each and every single time. He knows that he will be dealing with this condition for the remainder of his life but he refuses to give up and get down because he believes that the positive outlook on life is the best to have. He also has a lot of friends that just love to hang out and talk with him plus when it comes to parties and music my cousin has a great time. Back in April, my youngest brother got remarried and there me and my cousin had a dance-off when music was being played. My cousin has come a long way in his life and has overcome any challenge that he has come across. My cousin still has that I can do anything I set my mind to attitude and he shows it consistently.  He is also into sports and is a fan of baseball, football, and other sports. My cousin does not let anything hold him back and I have witnessed that when getting together at family events. He is a true winner through and through with that attitude of pure greatness.

Cousin Living With Multiple Sclerosis

A Cousin of mine has been living with multiple sclerosis for over 20 years but with everything that he has been through his attitude has been positive and upbeat. He was born the same month and year as me but was born the day before I was and when we were kids he was very active and healthy plus when he was older worked a few jobs and drove. He worked at Mcdonalds for a while and a soup and salad place. He also was in the Navy for a few years as well. My cousin also has one sister that’s the oldest and one sister that is the youngest in the family.

The way I found out that my cousin had M.S is I believe it was one day I was coming home from work and was told that morning when my cousin woke up, he could not move at all and so my aunt and uncle had to take him to get checked out and that’s when they found out that he was in the first stage of multiple sclerosis and hearing about this just absolutely  broke my heart. This is one of my cousins that means a lot to me and hearing about this was tough.

When my cousin was in the early stage of this disease he was still walking but had to use a cane to get around because he could not walk far without the use of it.   later on, he had, to use a wheelchair because he was no longer able to walk and a wheelchair was the only way that he was able to get around and had the only way he was able to go anywhere with family or friends is in a van with a wheelchair lift. Now at this time he is unable to move at all and needs to have care 24 hours a day 7 days a week and when his wife is working someone is there to care for him and his wife helps take care of him after work and on her days off. Plus they both have a 21-year-old son as well,

My cousin has been through so many battles fight M.S but no matter what he had to go through or still has to go through he still has that amazing and positive attitude and does not let this get him down. He can barely speak but he is still enjoying life and always has a smile no matter what. The reason why he is still here today is that he did not and still will not let this get him down plus so many can learn from him. yes, he could have just given up and quit but he refused to give in and decided to fight. He is still going to this day and he makes the best of every single day that he has plus has a loving family that is there for him. He may have M.S but M.S does not and never will have him.


Cancer Survivors In The Family

Wanna share a story about a couple of cancer survivors that we have in the family and how they beat the odds.They both got through it with an amazing and positive attitude plus did what needed to be done to become cancer free. They both had a long road to battle but they both beat cancer and came out of it as true champions.

The first one I am gonna talk about is my oldest brother’s story. The kind that my brother had was lymphoma and this is one of the very serious types of cancers. He had to have a few surgeries on top of that plus was in and out of the hospital many times. When in the hospital there were times when he was in there for a month or longer so he was away from home a lot and for a while, it looks like he was not doing well and we were preparing ourselves for the worst.My brother in law came to the hospital to surprise my brother and he told him I’m not done with you yet and basically told my brother you can beat this. My brother fought to beat this with a great and positive attitude,

He had to go through many treatments and once a year has to go back to make sure he is still in the clear and so far for the past few years he has been cancer free. He is now healthy and full of energy plus is thankful for every single day that he has plus there is so much that I learn from him every day. He was not gonna let this get him down because he refused to give in and so he is still here with us today and is living a happy and healthy life.

Another person in the family I wanna mention is my cousin’s youngest daughter which is my second cousin.  I don’t remember the type of cancer she had but she still had that amazing and positive attitude the whole entire time. She went through many treatments and hospital stays but was determined to beat this. She is doing a lot better and so far is still cancer free and a very active and happy teenager. She has also been involved in many events and she is just an inspiration to so many people and she has also inspired me as well. She is enjoying her life to the fullest and is doing great due to having that great attitude through and through. This goes to show you can beat anything.

I also have another cousin that’s been fighting throat cancer and from what I understand she has gone through all her treatments. Hoping with her we will hear some good news but with the technology and medicine that’s out there today, I know she is gonna beat this. With the other 2 members of the family that beat cancer, it’s a blessing that they are still here today and I know my other cousin is gonna beat it as well. They are all true fighting champions.

Making Lifestyle Changes

When you want to get healthy and live a longer life,  making lifestyle changes is what you need to do in order to get in shape and live longer. You may be someone who has not been in great shape because of the bad foods that you have been eating and also a lack of exercise that can lead to serious health problems and will shorten your life.

If you are gonna take this seriously, you need to stick with it by cutting out certain foods, eating healthy and smaller portions and you need to exercise daily. It’s also very important to see your Doctor for regular checkups to make sure that you are healthy and if he or she gives you a  diet you need to stick to it and follow through with it.  Your Doctor will also tell you what kind of foods are Ok to have and what type of foods that you need to avoid.

Myself I have been overweight and out of shape for years plus at one time I was 260 pounds but am now down to 200 pounds. I had a Doctor’s appointment a couple days ago and was told that I need to do a serious lifestyle change and which means for me no sugar plus there are other foods and drinks I need to cut out. Also, I was told that I need to eat healthy, smaller, portions, 3 meals a day and need to workout every day including cardio 3 days a week. This I started yesterday and yesterday morning was just a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but lite on the jelly and a couple cups of coffee. That day was 45 minutes of working out so I did what needed to be done because if I don’t take care of myself now, I’m not gonna be around much longer and this time I am gonna stick to this change.

Hoping that A time will come that I can enjoy some of my favorite foods in moderation and smaller portions but for now I need to cut them out. My brother and brother in law are making sure that I stick to this and work out daily and I understand why they are doing this. Another thing I can’t have is salt and anything with a lot of salt in it so if grabbing a bit or peanuts I need to make sure that they are salt-free. Plus I wanna get my health in order as well.

Sticking to a healthy change takes a whole lot of dedication and a whole lot of self-discipline to make it happen. It’s very simple, either you can eat junk and not work out which will lead to obesity and other health problems or you can make a change and be healthy and the choice is up to you.  When you are fully determined to get in shape and show it you will increase your energy level and live a longer life. A lifestyle change can do wonders for anybody.