Get out of Your Comfort Zone

Get out of Your Comfort Zone

There are some who want to do great things in life but don’t take the time to do it because they are used to the same routine day in and day out so if you want to be successful and do the things that you wanna do in life the first thing you need to do is to get out of your comfort zone.  Staying in the comfort zone is also known as the boredom and sleepy zone because all you are doing is wasting your life away sitting in front of the TV watching repeats of shows you have seen a million times before and eating junk food and getting fat. that is surely no way to live that’s cutting your life short.

The way that people stay in their comfort zone is they will just keep on making excuses one after another by saying I don’t have time, gotta go shopping, my favorite show is on or what other excuses that they can come up with. You have to be willing to make sacrifices if you want to get anywhere which means you need to just suck it up and just do it plus if that means you miss your favorite program you miss it besides you can always watch it later. The ones who take it seriously step out of the comfort zone and will take the massive action that needs to be done no matter how much work and how long it takes to have success. They know that there will be bumpy roads and sometimes their cars will stall meaning there may be ups and downs at times but they are gonna keep them cars going and will keep racing until they reach the line of victory and they will not stop there because they will keep on going for more and more success in the race of life. When you step out of your comfort zone you are a true winner.

To make sure that you stay out of the comfort zone is not letting anyone’s negative comments hold you back from doing what you want to do otherwise you just got sucked back into the comfort zone and that’s what you for sure do not want. You need to have the power to stand up, fight for your dreams and tell your comfort zone no and tell it as loud as you can plus you are the master and the commander of your life. Also, you need to have a lot of confidence and dedication to get out of and stay out of your comfort zone so you can do the great things that you want to do in life such as taking vacations when you want to plus also being able to buy what you want without thinking twice about it. Just imagine going to a car dealer and buying the car of your dreams paid in full and this all starts with one simple solution, getting out of your comfort zone and doing what needs to be done.

Protecting Your Information


With the ongoing events of identity theft, protecting your information is very important so this way no one can get to your account or try to buy something in your name. When you get statements in the mail for your bills, bank statements or anything that has your name or any information on it, You don’t wanna just toss them in the trash because that will be an open invitation to thieves so what you wanna do is run it through a shredder.

Anything that has your name on it that’s not shredded and in the trash can easily be used for anyone to get your information and it can even be an old report card from school years ago. All they would have to do is go online  type in your name and the name of the school they would get your social, security number and use that to like get a credit card in your name or if they were able to access your bank account then everything you had saved in your account would be sucked dry and then you would have to do what needs to be done to get everything back the way it was and it can be a headache to deal with. This is why that protecting your information at all times is very important no matter where you are at or wherever you go in the world.

Also, online information needs to be protected as well and having a good virus protection will help prevent any hackers from getting your information and also on some online shopping sites you wanna make sure it’s a legit  site otherwise if you order something without checking the site, you may either get ripped off and not get the item you paid for or they will end up getting all of your money because they now have your card on file. I almost made a big mistake last week and not thinking about it by tossing out old mail and other things with my information on it and lucky for me my brother saw what was in the trash and told me so, we went through everything that was to be shredded and took care of it and it took one day and a half day to do it. So now I make sure anything that has my information on it that’s to be tossed out I make sure it’s shredded up really well.

There are many ways to protect your information while out and about or online plus when out in public, you wanna be aware of any prying eyes because if you are using your credit card at the store and have it visible someone can take a quick picture of it without you knowing, go online and have a shopping spree at your expense. You need to be careful where you are at plus if you enter a pin at an atm while getting, money out shield the keyboard so no one sees what your pin number is. When you are protecting your information, you will save yourself from a whole lot of problems.

Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming Challenges

We all face difficulties in our lives at one time or another but when we are overcoming challenges and not letting anything hold us back, that’s the start of a positive and outgoing attitude. There are some that have been in a bad car accident and have to be in a wheelchair for the rest of their life knowing that they will never be able to walk again but they don’t let it get them down. They will make the best of it and will not let anything stop them from enjoying the great things in life. Many people from young to young at heart will come across different types of challenges every now and then plus it can be a challenge that’s either small or big but when they know how to overcome it, they will take the action that’s needed to do so.

A person who has been very ill goes to their doctor and get tests done and is told that they have cancer and have to go through weeks of treatment and be in the hospital for a long period of time. This is one of those challenges where your life depends on it because if you wanna survive you gotta have a great attitude and keep on fighting. Also, in our family, we have 2 cancer survivors and that is my oldest brother and one of my second cousins. We have two choices in life we can either mope, feel sorry for our selves and let life pass us by or we can knock down that wall of negativity and overcome whatever challenges that we all face in life. As long as you have strong confidence and believe in yourself, you can overcome anything in your life.

Myself I have gone through many challenges in my life and one of them is overcoming my stuttering and this stutter is what kept holding me back and I knew I needed to do something about it. So I have been doing a 90-day  video challenge and I only have a little over a month to go before I’m finished plus I have improved in my speech as well but a little stutter here and there. I have also been in Special Education classes from elementary until I graduated from HighSchool but I graduated when I was 18  then in July of that year got my first job with Mcdonalds being trained through the McJobs program.  The first job I worked part-time but it was a great learning and enjoyed the people I worked with and then the second job was with Smitty’s which was a food store where I worked full-time  but the store no longer is in business and now I have been with Wal-Mart  for 20 and a half years and work there 35 to 39 hours a week. I am also learning new things in life and although it takes me a little longer to learn things, I am still eager and willing to learn them. When you overcome challenges you are not gonna let anything or anyone stop you from doing what you want to do.

Remembering Great Times

Remembering Great Times

When you are remembering great times that you have had over the years it fills your heart with some much wonderful and happy memories that you will always remember for many years to come.  These good times can also be something that has happened a few years back or recently but either way looking back on great times in life is like going back in time and remembering all the fun that you have had when those fun times took place.

I also remember many great times myself as a kid growing up and as an adult plus the times are memories that I will always treasure. Back in January of 1980, we took a trip to California with our Grandparents our Mom etc and went to Disneyland and just had the time of our lives and again in July 1981. The second time we went it was me, my oldest brother, Grandparents, Aunt and Uncle and some cousins. When we went the second time to California we did other things also and went to Universal Studios for the day and had a blast plus the last day we were in Burbank.This is one vacation that I will always remember because it brings back so many great memories and the great times that we have had with our wonderful Grandparents.

Going back 15 years, I had a surprise party for my 30th birthday and had no clue about it. My youngest brother wanted to take me out for a little bit and my mom was saying a few friends are gonna come over and play some board games and I was like OK sounds like a fun evening. When we got back to the house this is how they got me the plastic doors we had the closed off the back room of the house is when mom asked if I could go in there and get the games out I said sure. When I opened up the door to the room all of the sudden everyone yelled surprise and I see like 20 plus people plus my brother was getting it all on video. They all got me good that day plus it was a wonderful way to celebrate my 30th birthday, great times indeed.

Back in November of 1986 was our Grandmothers last  Thanksgiving with us because she was fighting cancer during that time.For this most of the family flew in from out of state and our Grandparents had everyone over at their place for the big family Thanksgiving gathering plus there was also plenty of turkey and lots of other great food to go around. That was a great Thanksgiving and one that will always remain in my heart forever. So may memories of great times that I have had over the years have been not only with family but also with some of my best friends as well. When you are remembering all the great times that you have had over the years in life, it just brings you back to the great times that you will always remember.

Getting The Day Started

Getting The Day Started


When you have had plenty of sleep the night before, getting the day started will be easy for you to get yourself up and moving. For those that don’t get enough rest the night before are gonna have difficulty waking up and being functional because they only had a few hours of sleep during the night. One of the ways that you can be up and ready the next day is don’t have any caffeine a couple hours before bed and set a bedtime and stick to it.

After I have my full nights sleep and wake up in the morning the day starts out by listening to a 15-minute meditation audio that puts positive thoughts into my mind getting the day started on the right track. Then after washing up I grab a cold bottle of water and have that while making my morning coffee plus to get the blood flowing I do some quick exercises  including some stomach crunches and running in place then I’m wide awake to face the day and also a very healthy and hearty breakfast that gives me enough fuel to get my day started  because breakfast  is the most important meal of the day. When you are on the right track to getting your day started you will have energy and great vibes through the whole entire day.

Another way to get your day started by listening to some upbeat music and that will really get your day up and running if you are listening to music in the morning at home, on the way to work, or if you are going out somewhere in the morning. There have been many times in the morning when a favorite tune comes on the radio that you love that’s upbeat and it just gets your day started making you feel great and excited for the whole day. Every morning when I wake up and look in the mirror I always say to myself positive attitude,  positive thoughts, no negativity and I will say it several times in the morning to myself. That is what gives me the drive to get my day off to a good start plus being negative will get you nowhere in your life at all.

There are some that will also go for a walk in the mornings to get the day started plus that’s another way to get the blood going because that will quickly get you fully alert and also you are taking care of your body as well and other ways if working out can also get your day going great. There are many different ways that people will get their days started depending on what they prefer to do to get it started. How the whole day goes is gonna depend on their attitude that they have depending if the attitude is positive or negative. When you follow a good routine and stick to it every day that you kick off will always get off to a great start. When you wake up with a smile and a wonderful attitude it will be the start to a wonderful day.

Coming Across Old Stuff

Coming Across Old Stuff

When you are coming across old stuff it can bring back so many memories of your childhood from years ago to a recent event. You can come across things such as an old photo from 20 plus years ago from some friends party or a family gathering and you take yourself back to that day or sometimes you will come across old family videos to watch. When you are looking back on them it feels like you are going back in time to those days and in these family videos from years ago some may still be living and some may have passed on but you still have those great and wonderful memories that you will always remember.Coming across old stuff from time to time is like reliving the good times that you had in the past.

Myself I was going through some things in my room and came across some old things including a birthday card when I was 2 years old plus other birthday cards as well from when I was a child plus came across so many other memories that I have had saved from all of these years. I have also come across some old 45 R.P.M records cassette albums and cassette singles that I remember having from many years ago and that just took me back to them days. Also, there were some posters that I came across that I have not seen in quite some time that I have had stored away for a while.

When you are coming across old stuff it’s like you are reliving those great memories so as you go through your old chest of treasures and close your eyes you can just picture yourself back at the time as a kid growing up reliving the fun time from that event that was a  Holiday party with family and friends or whatever event that took place during that time. There are those who have old 8 mm film reels of family movies which of course was no sound but now those can be put on DVD and if you wanted to you can add music to it depending on where you go and what service a photo lab has available. We were given a VHS tape of old 8 mm family movies that was like six hours worth but I came up with an idea to add music to it. Back then I had a VCR/DVD Recorder connected and what I did was took connector that was a part mini headphone plug and part RCA Jack hook ups and plugged one part into the PC and one part in back of the audio inputs on The VCR/DVD Recorder. I was recording different sections from the tape to DVD while adding music from the 1960’s and 1970’s and the way the that it turned out when I played it back was amazing plus I made a copy for the rest of the family to see and they just loved it.Coming across those old memories just take you back to the good old days that you remember.

Stop Dwelling On The Past

Stop Dwelling On The Past

There are some out there that keep on past negative things and can’t seem to let them go which holds them back so in order to move ahead you need to stop dwelling on the past and just let it go, it’s just that plain and simple. People who dwell on the past will keep talking about or thinking about bad times that happened years ago or a short time ago and not only is that adding negativity into their lives but, it can also be very unhealthy for them also.

Let’s say that someone in your family or a close friend passes away and years later you or someone in the family keeps dwelling on it plus feeling down all the time well there is gonna come to a point when someone is gonna say to you just move on because that’s what that family member or friend that past on would want you to do, they would want you to be happy and remember all the good times. I know that it’s hard to lose someone you care about because I have been there more than once but thinking about the good times is what makes me a stronger person each and every single day of my great life.

Sometimes family members or friends keep bringing up negative things about who did what and when while others just wanna leave it alone and move on plus sometimes it can be things that are very personal and you don’t want others to know about your own personal business so this is when people really need to just let it go and move forward to the better things into the future.

There may be someone driving with family or friends and someone just cuts them off and that person with family or friends loses their cool and wants to find that person and beat the daylights out of them but we all know that will not solve anything plus will cost you jail time and have to attend anger management classes. If you keep dwelling all day about someone cutting you off your friends or family members are gonna say to you,  we don’t wanna hear it drop it because that is gonna drive them crazy if you keep on it forever.

Sometimes there can be some very rude people that you come across that sometimes run their mouths off and I have dealt with some in my life but you don’t wanna waste your energy on them. It;’s OK  to speak your mind and tell them how you feel but getting into a violent battle won’t do any good just simply say your peace walk away and simply just let go and don’t dwell on it.The main key is to stop dwelling on the past of any bad thing that has happened a few days ago or happened many years ago besides life is just way too short to dwell on past things. Focus on things now and the great future.



Adjusting To Change

Adjusting To Change


Sometimes adjusting to change may not always be easy but it’s something that some of us have to deal with in certain situations. You may have lived in  a town for many years and have got to know a lot of people but with the company that you work for requires that you relocate and you know that if you wanna still be working you don’t have a choice so you make the move to a new town and then start working in that new location and adjust to the changes.

Also, there have been times  when you have had the same hours every day on the job and the same days but sometimes things change so let’s say that you had the same hours Monday Through Friday 7 Am 3 Pm  and the weekends off for a long  time but now you have to work different hours so you learn to adjust to the changes. There may be times where you have to work later hours plus weekends because there are certain times that you are needed to work.

When you have to adjust to different changes at times it can also mean making temporary sacrifices  such as having to give up certain things for a while like not being able to go hang out with friends because you have a sick family to take care of and that’s when you really have to adjust and take care of that family member who is sick. There may be times when money is tight and you have to cut out some expenses because the first priority is taking care of your bills and making sure there is food in your place or if you are married and have kids for you, your spouse and for your children as well.

There are many who have had to adjust to changes at one time or another in their lives and at times it may not be easy they learned to manage and do what needs to be done and even myself I have learned and am still learning to  adjust to change because it’s the only way that you are gonna be able to grow.There may be at times at your job where they may have to cut costs and need to drop  certain things for a while because of sales being down and that can happen at any type of job and also sometimes people may either get their hours cut or face layoffs either a short or a very long period of time and when that happens  they have to adjust by cutting things out and have to find another job but with minimum wage meaning  they will have to get a smaller place or move in with family or some friends for a while until things get better

Adjusting to any type of changes in life takes a whole lot of strength and patience plus the reason why those are two important virtues to have is that the changes can be for a long time when you learn to adjust to any of life changes that you may face now or many years down the road of life.


Be Unstoppable

Be Unstoppable

When you want to have success in your life you need to be unstoppable because you can not let anyone hold you back from doing the things that you want to do in your life. You are the one that decides what path you take and the kind of career that you want to have and you can do anything that you want in your life. When you are unstoppable you can make anything happen.

Whatever you want to do do it and don’t let anyone’s negative words or thoughts affect you just block out that negativity by doing what you wanna do and keep going for your dreams, work hard then they will all come true.  If you want to make music, act, start a home business, or whatever you wanna do go for it and simply make it happen, nothing is stopping yourself but you. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to get to where you want to be in life no matter what dreams you have also daydreaming about it won’t make it happen you need to get in the real game and be that real player in the real game.

The one who just sits around and listens to negativity along with having a negative attitude is just gonna let things go by and waste their life away plus this happens when someone wants to do something with their life and they let the negative side win. They end of sticking to their 9 to 5 job of 40 hours a week for 40 years and only have 40 percent of income to retire on and we all know that’s not really living, that’s what is called simply getting by in life.

The one that takes action will not let anyone’s negative words destroy them and they will be that roaring lion that’s gonna take the action to succeed and be unstoppable in every single way that they are gonna be and will not quit.  These are the ones who will be successful and have the time and money to do the things that they wanna do like go on trips and buy nice things such as a new car, home, plus any other things that others can only dream of buying.

When you are that beast and are being unstoppable you know that you are gonna keep on fighting and not get knocked down because you truly believe in yourself 100 percent. This also means that you are gonna keep on going to make it and you are giving the negative side a message by saying that you have no time, no place, and you have no patience for any negativity at all.  You are the boss of your life and the destiny that you choose and no one is gonna choose it for you and you gotta truly stick to your guns all the way and not give in to anyone no matter what they say, think, or whatever tricks they pull.  Be strong, a winner and the most important step of all in life be unstoppable!


Opening Up

Opening Up

Sometimes we may have things on our minds that we all wanna keep to ourselves but that may do us more harm so opening up to others is one of the best things that you can do. Some have may have some ups and downs in their life but maybe too embarrassed to talk about it and keep it to themselves but sometimes talking about it can help you as well and help you open up more.

Some may also deal with the loss of a family member or a close friend that has passed on plus they may be having difficulty getting past it after several months to a year. Plus when a person is going through that and shows signs of sadness and lack of interest in things that’s a sign of depression and that person will need to seek a specialist to seek the help that they need to get past any hard times that they are facing in life. Opening up to others is the only way that you are gonna be able to move forward and be stronger in your life.

People have opened up in many different ways by either talking with a few or a bunch of people or some have made videos online and other ways of communication to open up about any hard times that they have had in life and what they did to overcome the hard times and how good things are today. Myself I have opened up more about things that are on my mind because I have learned that holding them in and keeping it bottled up inside is not doing me any good so I always make sure that when I need to I open up to people.

It can be a challenge when you are opening up to others and  you may not know where to begin but when you do and  get it out in the open you will be taking a huge boulder off of your shoulders plus the more you open up to others the easier that it will come plus you also may inspire others to open up about any problems that they are facing in life. When you open up it’s best to be truly honest and not hide anything because being honest is the only way that you are gonna heal and get through the hard roads that you will face.

Having the confidence to open up is what can help you overcome any fears of saying what’s on your mind because you don’t wanna keep things locked up forever and that will not be healthy when something is causing you hurt and you decide to keep it to yourself, that can make things a whole lot worse. There are those who are comfortable talking to anyone or only a certain person or people about troubles that they are dealing with but as long as you share and start opening up, that’s a big step in the right and proper direction.