Many Ways To Make A Difference


When you want to do good in this world, there are many ways to make a difference and show the kindness that you have in your heart. You may be watching TV at home and when an ad comes on it may be about those who are less fortunate and are on the street or it could be about people in far away countries that also have no food and parents have no way to take care of their children or themselves. This can move you into either making a one-time donation or it can move you into donating a certain amount each and every month to help these people out.

With the many ways to make a difference, you can also volunteer some of your time to certain causes in your community as well. Some people will volunteer at their local church with rummage sales and a friend of mine who has passed on I was helping at the rummage sale at his church a few times and it was a lot of fun plus got to meet a lot of nice people. Setting things up was a lot of work but we all had fun and everyone worked as a team.  There are those that do other types of volunteer work such as being a hospital volunteer and my friend also did this once a week at a local hospital in Mesa Arizona. The Holidays is when there are many people who give to different causes and will also give some of their time to make a difference plus some who also may donate food to different types of food drives. A lot of the food stores during this time of the year will have a canned food drive and shoppers who buy canned goods at the grocery store can also take some or all of the can goods that they purchased and put them in the canned food drive box. When shoppers do this they will feel good knowing that they have made a difference.

There are also many telethons that are aired on television including the M.D.A during Labor day weekend. There are many who have donated to this cause over the years and the M.D.A has raised millions of dollars to help those fighting this disease and also other telethons including March Of Dimes and others have also raised money to help those in need. When you take part and you know that you have made that amazing difference you will have a great feeling inside your heart. There are also many retires that do volunteer work because along with making a difference they also want something to do to keep them busy and their minds sharp. There are those who have had bake sales and the money that they made has gone to help others in need such as giving it to a local children’s hospital to help children and their families that are in need. From donating money to donating time, there are many ways that we can all make a difference. When we make a change in the world we also bring hope and happiness to everyone.


The Experience Of Going To The Movies


The experience of going to the movies has been enjoyed for years by many moviegoers who go and see the new blockbuster hits or a movie that has been out for a while. Movie theaters have always been packed when a new blockbuster hit comes out and the night of the premier lines are long and sometimes tickets sell out. When we have the movie experience it’s like we are transported into another world because of the large screen and the surround sound. It can be during a weekend, summer break or even the Holidays when the movie theaters are very busy.

With the experience of going to the movies, the sound systems and screens have changed over the years and so has the seating as well. Plus what had become popular in the last several years are the dinner movie theaters where you can order a dinner and eat it while you are watching the movie and with my brother, brother in law and my cousin I enjoyed that first-time dinner and a movie experience and hope to do it again sometime in the near future. Also, you don’t see many of them around anymore but there have been many people who have gone to the drive-in movie theaters back in the day and you would set the speaker on the window to get the sound from the picture. There are some movie theaters that have the Dolby Atmos sound where the speakers are above you and the sound is all around and above you which give the moviegoing experience something to remember. You can also get this for the home and if you want this for the home and don’t wanna have to put speakers all over, you can get a Dolby Atmos soundbar and there was a Samsung Dolby Atmos soundbar that we heard in a Best Buy store It’s amazing.

When you go to the movies during the day tickets are gonna be cheaper but if you go at night tickets are gonna cost more and that can also add up when you are buying drinks, popcorn, and other snacks. There are many movie theaters that have ways where you can save money by joining a membership club and a lot of movie theaters will offer free popcorn and free soda refills but there also may be a limit. There are many people young to young at heart that love going to the movies to enjoy and transport themselves into another world for a couple of hours and myself I love going to the movies because it’s a great experience and enjoyable. Also, there are the Imax movie theaters where the screen is very large, and you wear special glasses while you are watching the movie. I had that experience one time and although it was just a short documentary on ocean life it was breathtaking. I went there with a friend who has since passed on.  The experience of going to the movies is a pure enjoyment that we all love.

Many Ways To Enjoy Relaxation


When it comes to taking a break from work and any other hectic things in life, there are many ways to enjoy relaxation.  There are times in our lives when we may be burned out on many things and we just wanna get away from it all for a while and when it comes to chilling out that relives a lot of stress and tension that some of us may have. One of the ways to relax is going to a local spa to get a full body massage which can help you get your mind off of the things that are putting so much stress in your life and they also have relaxing music that you can listen to.

Going on a vacation by yourself or with others is also one of the many ways to enjoy relaxation and just have a great time. Relaxing can also be doing things that you enjoy such as seeing a movie, getting together with family and friends, having a nice evening out with the love of your life or anything else that can help you relax and unwind. Meditation is also another way that you can relax and it will also help you clear your own mind plus meditation has also worked for me when I have been stressed out about things. Also watching a funny show or movie is another way to relax because humor can also help us to not only relax but it can get us laughing and fill our hearts with a lot of laughs that we all need. Watching a sitcom or a funny movie is a way that I also like to kick back and chill out.

When you are at home and want to relax you can also put on some nice relaxing music while you sit back and just close your eyes and think of good thoughts and many positive things. Doing this will not only help you relax but will help take away all of the negative thoughts that may be in your head. There are many places where you can buy relaxing CDs with instrumental music or you can always find and listen online plus many will listen to relaxing music when they are in bed sleeping and let it play all night long. Relaxing music can also help you concentrate when it comes to certain tasks that you are doing.This is another great way of getting the relaxation that you really need.

Another way to relax is to soak in a hot tub and that has also helped me relax when I needed to get away from it all for a while plus the hot water soothes your muscles. Using a sauna at either a health club or elsewhere is another way to get in the relaxation that you need also relaxing in the sun for a bit is another way to get some relaxation. You can relax in so many ways when you need to get away from all the hectic things in life.When you enjoy the many ways of relaxation you can also a whole lot of happiness that you need in your life. Relaxation can help you out.


Controlling Your Eating Habits


Controlling your eating habits takes a lot of strong willpower to make sure that you are not eating more than you need to.  There are many reasons why some eat more then they should and one of the reasons is that they are bored and are just eating to find something to do or some may be suffering from depression and use food to cope with their problems. Overeating can also lead to obesity and many other health problems that can affect a person’s life.

The reason why controlling your eating habits is important is that you don’t wanna become a slave to food and surrender to it to solve your problems. You should only eat when you need to and also control your portions and not eat too much at one time. Sometimes we may think that we are hungry but we are not so if that happens you can drink a glass of water to overcome that craving. This is something that I am working on because I have this habit as well and doing what I need to do to break it. There are also good eating habits that not only include cutting down on your portions but also eating healthy and cutting back on the junk food. It takes self-discipline and serious actions to keep your eating habits under control and get your life in order. The reason why so many are overweight and out of shape is because of they not only overeat but they eat the wrong kinds of foods and don’t work out.

There are some that go to an all you can eat buffet and will end up going hog wild and fill up as many plates as they can and also go back for several more trips. We don’t need to eat something just because it’s in front of us so we need to be serious when it comes to controlling our eating habits and our lives. Some that have certain issues that they are going through will eat just to escape reality instead of facing those problems and we all know that is not a way to solve your problems. When your eating habits get out of control you are also losing control of yourself.

When you are about to grab a snack or more out of habit you gotta ask yourself do I really need that Am I really hungry or am I just bored?  When you realize that you are not hungry you will put that snack down and not eat it but if you are a tad hungry but don’t wanna eat too much then almost certain you would have something lite. Myself if I get a little craving I will grab a piece of fruit and have that to snack on and that satisfies me until it’s time for lunch or dinner. Yes, there are so many great foods out there that we all love and enjoy but we all need to keep our eating habits under control. The more that you control your eating habits the more that you are in control of your life.


Swimming Keeps You In Great Shape


With many ways to stay active and fit, swimming keeps you in great shape and a great way to get exercise. This is how many people that are in good health keep in shape by going for a swim every day plus also with it keeping you in shape, swimming is also fun. Also while you are swimming, there are many workouts that you can do while you are in the pool and I have done a few myself such as running in place in the water. You can really feel the burn in you.

Swimming keeps you in shape and the more you do it the healthier that you will become. Those who have been living for a long time that are in great health have taken care of themselves all of their lives. One of the ways that older adults keep in shape is by swimming and although they may be passed 70 years of age, they have that young at heart attitude that keeps them going every day. Some may just swim during the warm months of the year but those who have a heated pool will swim year-round plus the are those who have an indoor swimming pool as well.

I find swimming to be fun and also a great way to keep active because although I have lost a lot of weight, I still gotta get my legs and stomach toned up. Swimming laps in the pool are one way to keep in shape along with doing other pool exercises such as running in place, jumping jacks, and if you are by the edge of the pool, pull-ups. Plus you can be creative in many ways when you are swimming to stay in tip-top shape. Those who don’t have any work out equipment at home will either use the swimming pool at their home to keep in shape or will go to a workout club and use the swimming pool there to stay active. Also, swimming is one of the wonderful ways to relieve any type of stress that you have and it has also helped me relieve stress and keep myself in good health. The faster that you are swimming the more calories that you are gonna burn off and that will put a lot of life into your heart.

Those who are early risers that do their workouts will also go swimming depending if they have a pool or go to a workout club.Here in San Diego, there are many beaches that you can go to if you wanna go swimming and stay in shape and going to the beach to swim is what I also love to do. I have been swimming for years and was taught in school and by my Grandfather who has been passed on for about 20 years. Going for a dip in the pool and swimming is a great way to get your heart going and keep your health up and going. When you are swimming to keep in shape you are going to live a longer and healthier life.

Keeping Track Of Your Spendings


When it comes to your money, keeping track of your spendings is very important. Doing this will help you keep track of what you have spent and how much money you have left and where your money is going. Some that keep track of their spendings will either keep it in a regular checkbook or if they have a computer keep a record of things on there that they have spent. There are also programs that you can download to keep track of your spendings and if you create an account for that program you can access it on any other device that accesses the web even your smartphone. Without a way of keeping track of the money we spend,  we would all be off track and totally lost.

Also when it comes to paying your bills keeping track of your spendings is also wise. This way when you are paying bills and keeping track you will know what you have left over and decide if you wanna get something nice for yourself or the family such as a new TV etc or if you need to watch the money in your account. When you are keeping tabs of what you are spending and know what you have left over you are making sure that you are not spending more then you plan into because if you don’t keep track and are spending money like crazy you are gonna end of draining your bank account and end up being overdrawn. Then you will end up with a whole lot of bank fees that you will need to pay off and if you have direct deposit a lot of that is gonna come out of your own paycheck.

Many people who go shopping use a calculator to keep track of what they spend and if they have a budget they will go for the cheaper brands on their shopping list. When going shopping with my brother and brother inlaw my brother uses a calculator to keep track of what is being spent so this way that an idea of the total cost will be figured out before getting to the register.  This is a great way to keep track of your spendings when you are shopping.  Also when you are shopping online and are on a budget you can also find great deals when it comes to keeping track and watching every dollar that you are spending. The more you keep track of your spendings better that you will be.

When you keep track of money that are spending and what you are putting to the side, you will know what you are spending your money on and how much for each thing plus will know what you have left over. Everyone has a different type of system when keeping track of their own spendings so they know where their money is going. Doing this takes the guess of where our hard earned money is going and when we keep track of our spendings we stay on full track. Keeping track of your own spendings and knowing what’s left over makes it easy to stay on budget.


Making A Daily Task Schedule


When you have many things that you need to do at certain times of the day and making a daily task schedule is what can really help you out. This way you can be organized and on top of each and every single task that you need to do throughout the day plus when you have a time each day for those tasks that will also keep you on the track.

When you are making a daily task schedule and each task is at the same time each day you will need to keep on the same bed and wake up schedule. So let’s say that your first task on your schedule starts at 8 Am you would need to be in bed by 10 pm get up at 6 Am, and after waking up and having breakfast get your task started.  Yourougho may have several tasks that you need to do throughout the day and each task is an hour so you will need to work quickly to get each task done.This way you will either be on schedule or ahead of schedule and will have extra time to do the things that you want to do. Also sometimes your daily schedule may change from time to time when you need.  to make adjustments to it. Either way, having a daily task schedule helps you stay on top of the very important things.

I also have a daily schedule of the things I do every day and the first thing on my schedule is my morning meditation which is about 15 minutes then work on speech improvement for a few moments before breakfast, then during breakfast do some work on the wow app. Then, it’s a walk and a workout then work on Inbox dollars plus after that, I do meems and post them on social media sites.Next is working on my posts, live streams and then the final task on my schedule is watching educational videos. When it comes to doing meems I have it set up and made the night before so this way the next day just gotta write a short description and simply post it. A daily task schedule is what keeps you on track of things and it has also helped me as well plus more things will be added when I learn new things because education is forever because you will never stop learning.Without a daily task schedule, we would all be thrown off track and would not be consistent.Having a task schedule is what keeps us on full track all day long.

Sometimes on a schedule, you may have extra things that you will need to do which means either you will need to do what needs to be done to catch up or if you get a task that’s top priority, get that out of the way first. Having a daily task schedule is what keeps us motivated and self-disciplined in every single way. So keep in mind if you want to get things done by a certain time, having a daily task schedule is a very important key to have in your life.

Consistency Is The Key


When we want to strive for anything that we do we need to understand that consistency is the key to get to where we want to be in our life of success. Being consistent takes a lot of focus and dedication to get things off the ground and make your success a reality because sitting around and not taking the consistent action does not work at all, you need to be fully committed and be consistent at all times.  There are gonna be times when you don’t have time to watch TV because you are being fully consistent with making great things happen for you and if you have a family for them as well.Those who have great success and fame have that full consistency.

Consistency is the key to many ways of having the success that you want to have in your life and have many doors of opportunities open up. A person that has strong self-discipline is always consistent in everything that they do and take their work on a serious level. Many famous people that are in rock bands or have a solo carer are always staying consistent and on the go because to keep things going they gotta stay on top of their game and this goes for anyone that’s in any type of profession. To be consistent takes full concentration and you need to avoid all distractions so when you are working you wanna turn off the TV and radio plus if need to mute your cell phone as well. If anyone sends you a text and it’s not urgent you can always reply later because getting the work done is first and foremost, Plus when you are fully consistent and have that drive you will get to where you want to be and the sacrifices that you made will be well worth it. Staying consistent is the important key to your success.

This is something that I am working on myself because in the past I have slacked off on being consistent and I want to do better at my consistency. For those who want to become rock stars in whatever they do, it takes strong consistency to get your plane ready for taking off and to fly high into the clouds. If you don’t put enough fuel in the plane or not at all your plane is gonna be grounded. So if you want your airplane of success to fly high and soar you gotta be consistent and make sure that the gas tank is filled up all the way. The more that you are being consistent the higher that you will grow in the things that you want to make happen for yourself and others. You can also watch many different types of videos online that will talk about consistency and will give you many tips on how you can stay fully consistent and will also explain why it’s important. When we are all being consistent in what we are doing we will have great things happen to us and that will be our celebrating victory.

Having Proper Table Manners


When you are at home with others or are out for a meal, having proper table manners is very important to have because you don’t wanna be sloppy and get messy. We all learn about this and other types of manners when we are growing up and then we also teach others as well plus for those who have children also, teach them proper manners including table manners at home or any place that they are at. It’s important to follow these manners.

Having proper table manners start out by making sure that what you are wearing is clean and presentable for others around you. When going out for a meal you wanna make sure that you take table manners seriously by being polite to others around you and if you are at a restaurant such as a Mexican food place and they have free chips and salsa, make sure that everyone gets a fair share and also when it comes to eating your meal, don’t scarf it down take your time. This is something that I have been told many times and I am still working on it.  Scarfing down your food is not only bad manners but it will cause you to choke so always take your time with your food.

Also, the same thing comes to having drinks and plus with hot drinks such as coffee or tea you don’t wanna gulp them down and this is another habit I gotta break myself. You can end up burning your mouth if you drink a hot beverage to fast. Plus when you are eating you don’t wanna talk with your mouthful because that also shows bad manners so wait until you chew and swallow your food and then talk. At home, you or someone may order a pizza from time to time and one of you gets’ 2 large pizzas with the works and there are 12 pieces in each one.If there are 6 of you that means everyone would get 4 pieces each and it’s important to have good manners and make sure everyone gets their fair share. Hogging a whole pizza to yourself shows very bad table manners.

There may come a time where you and others may go to a high-class restaurant where you need to dress up and look presentable. This is where you really need to use your table manners and kindness to others that are around you otherwise you will look silly if you don’t have great table manners. One of the things you wanna make sure of is that when you are sitting at the table for a meal at home or where ever you may be, make sure that you have clean fingernails and that your nails are trimmed. One thing you don’t wanna do is reach over people to grab stuff so if you need something passed to you kindly ask someone to pass that food item because reaching over people is not only rude but can cause clutter. When you take these steps to heart you will have great table manners.


Taking That Chance


Taking that chance shows that you are not afraid to take on any challenges that come into your life. When you have a dream and want to make it a reality, you will do what needs to be done to make that dream a reality. You may go through bumpy roads and face many rejections but as long as you keep taking that chance it will show that you are not a quitter and will keep on taking those chances in order to have the success that you want to have. The only time that you will fail is if you give up and don’t take that chance but when you keep taken chances a day will come where great things will come your way. You just gotta have faith and lots of confidence in your heart, mind and your soul.

Taking that chance is what helps us grow and take on great experiences that we come across. When you have a fear of taking chances and let that fear hold you back, there are so many great things that you are going to miss out on while others that took chances and are successful enjoy greater experiences. When you decide to hop on and take those chances, you will have plenty of wonderful opportunities open up for you and the more chances you take the more great things will happen for you. Your comfort zone may be cloud 9 and be relaxing but staying in that comfort zone is what keeps you from being a winning champion so if you wanna be that winning champion, you gotta step out of that comfort zone and take actions by taking chances. That will make you a winner and a champion of success.

Many successful people today had to take a lot of chances to make it and yes they dealt with a million no’s but never gave up. Bands and solo artists have also gone through rejections when they were looking to get off the ground but no matter what they kept on taking chances and now they are making music and touring around the world. And a lot of them have done this for 20 plus years and they have never given up on their dreams.The same thing in any other profession and also those who work from home had to take a lot of chances and sacrifices but they made it happen.

We all have two options we can either sit on the side and miss out on greatness or we can all take that chance and grab the success that we want to have and make things happen for us. Whatever you have a passion for, take that chance and make your dreams come to life and never let anyone or anything stand in your way. The ones that are negative will not take chances because they always think the worst the ones that are positive will have the drive to take a billion chances or more until they make it. When you are taking that chance it shows that you are fearless.